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A show dedicated to garage gym coaches and athletes increase your performance and coaching capacity through entertaining conversations with interesting guests and a variety of formats.

A show dedicated to garage gym coaches and athletes increase your performance and coaching capacity through entertaining conversations with interesting guests and a variety of formats.


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A show dedicated to garage gym coaches and athletes increase your performance and coaching capacity through entertaining conversations with interesting guests and a variety of formats.






Black Friday Special Episode with Coop from Garage Gym Reviews

đź’ĄBLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL EPISODEđź’Ą Coop from Garage Gym Reviews has his finger on the pulse of gym equipment along with the companies who design, manufacture, and sell them. For years now, he has been providing home gym users his opinions, testing data, and reviews to help you understand the pros and cons of gym equipment for the home. He does this through written and video mediums consistently and should be someone you look to before buying your next piece of equipment. Check out Garage Gym...


Coach Yourself Better with Erika Snyder

Erika has been a part of the CrossFit community for a long time. She was, at face value, in a perfect position, but with many things in life, they are not what they seem. Erika was stuck and in a place of conflict, and it affected her mental health. She has since realized how to resolve her issues and is helping others do the same. During this episode, Erika was strikingly honest about chasing the accolades and cheers of others. Though fulfilling at that moment, it made her keep chasing...


Going HAM with Austin Malleolo

It's rare to find a CrossFit Games level athlete who is also a Certified CrossFit Coach, aka CFL4, and a CrossFit Seminar Staff member, but that's what you'll find with Austin Malleolo. For more than a decade, Austin has been competing, traveling the world teaching the CrossFit methodology, and coaching athletes in the New England / Boston area. On this episode, you'll hear how Austin helps coaches understand some advanced coaching concepts, strategies for local throwdowns, and how to break...


Functional Bodybuilding with Marcus Filly

A six times CrossFit Games competitor, Marcus Filly is merging concepts and philosophies of bodybuilding with functional movements. Appealing to a broad range of fitness enthusiasts, Marcus wants clients to understand that simply adding more volume isn't going to cut it and that application of intensity is earned. His unique perspective on fitness and health run deeper than the gym and carries over to many different aspects of your life. How to find...


Living the Dream with Frank Rhea

What does the highest form of dedication look when it comes to a sport? It looks like Frank Rhea. Frank is 62 years old and trains at home to be the best bodybuilder he can be. That's why they call him #RippedRhea ! Now close to forty years into the sport, his journey has helped him realize some things and shaped his body and mindset. How to find Frank: Instagram @ttfrhea #rippedrhea Garage Gym Life Media:


Tenacious Health with Heather Breen

Heather Breen from Tenacious Health is a mentor of movement and intuitive nutrition. She is a graduate of the Level 1 Precision Nutrition certification course and a CrossFit Level 2 coach who is helping clients understand that fitness should be fun and the way we view nutrition should be from our core values, priorities, and goals. During the the episode, you’ll hear how we connected, why she has coaches, and how she helps facilitate her clients to make better choices when it comes to...


Answering Your Questions with Smitty

Sometimes producing and hosting a podcast can be difficult, especially when it comes to securing guests and working around schedules and different time zones. Well, the old saying is that necessity is the mother of new podcast formats. I think that's how that goes. For this episode, I recorded the show live, along with a mic mess up, so the audio isn't the best, but you get the gist. For this episode, I asked social media to provide questions you wanted answered on the show. Some themes...


Creating Strong, Real, and Empowered Women with SheStrength's Anna Woods

For the past 16 years, Anna Woods has been helping females understand they are strong, worthy, and they are enough. Her mindset first approach helps females permit themselves to be a priority. As a wife, mother of three children, two with special needs, and a busy businesswoman, the pressures of deadlines and taking care of others could get in the way; but she purposefully sets boundaries and makes training a priority. She does this because she knows when she takes care of herself, its...


A Road to a Better Place with Landri Deur

Sorry gents, but Landri Deur is probably stronger than you. She is an up-and-coming powerlifter about to enter the scene with a big first meet. Her path to this first meet is almost unimaginable. Landri comes from a rough upbringing and has intimately experienced the devastating effects of PTSD, depression, addiction, and domestic abuse for those she loves and within herself. Now, she is on the road to a better place through Powerlifting and CrossFit, and she shares her journey in this...


Underground Strength with Zach Even Esh

Zach Even-Esh, the Underground Strength Coach, writes books, produces a podcast, and operates two brick and mortar performance centers in New Jersey. He started in his parent's garage and has gone through several iterations and learned a lot along the way. Just like many very successful people, he has found a way to leverage his time to be super productive and still make time to hang out with the family. With that, he was able to talk for 35 minutes, and we are going to have to have a part...


I am the kind of person that... with Patrick Cummings

If you have spent more than a few years in the CrossFit community, Patrick Cummings has been positively influenced you. His videos have inspired many, and his way with words make you feel empowered. Shortly after finding CrossFit through his friend, Jon Gilson (The founder and former owner of AgainFaster), Patrick helped Jon build the brand to notoriety as well as being one of the first CF Media team members. Pat is now the co-host of Chasing Excellence Podcast with Ben Burgeron, which just...


Garage Gym Powerlifting with David Hensler

Just over a year into creating GGPL, David and his wife Chari have created a fast-growing community of powerlifters dedicated to training out of the garage. Along the way, they have learned some lessons about lifting and life. While I wouldn't consider this podcast to be in the inspirational category, today is different because of David's perspective on strength, what's important about life, and his idea that the end goal of powerlifting is to help create real, authentic, confident, genuine,...


Joe Gray - GML

Blending structure and creativity, Joe Gray from Gray Matter Lifting has and continues to build community and produce opportunities for those who love to train out of their garage.


The Whiteboard Daily with Karl Eagleman

The whiteboard is a staple for CrossFit'ers across the globe in both garages and registered affiliates. It's a quintessential piece of our community, and Karl Eagleman of CrossFit NapTown in Indiana is using it and simple drawings to help coaches deliver messages and coaching content. He is on a mission to help raise the tides of coaches everywhere by providing content through his Instagram account Whiteboard Daily. His posts are regularly shared in CrossFit boxes around the world, and he is...


Make WOD's Great Again with John Wooley

Happy 4th of July if you are here in the United Staes. I honestly hope you’re out having fun with those you care about most celebrating our great country and the men and women who sustain our freedoms and keep us safe every day both at home and abroad. So, if you see a someone in the military, police, fire, or ems; please, let them know you appreciate them. Especially If they are on duty because they’re sacrificing spending time with their friends and family so we can enjoy the holiday. The...


Concept2 is not your average company with Greg Hammond

For the program this week, I got to talk to Greg Hammond from Concept2. Greg has been with Concept2 since 1996 and works very closely with the growing motocross and mixed martial arts markets as well as with CrossFit, Police and Fire departments, what he calls the cool kids. Through the conversation, it was clear that Concept2 is not your typical corporation, and they do things the right way and on their own terms. That includes manufacturing every piece of equipment right here in the...


The Garage Gym Lab with Adam Hensley

Adam Hensley of Garage Gym Lab based out of Charlotte North Carolina. I found him on Instagram checking out the photos he posts of some pretty sick garage gyms. I checked out his website and found he is doing a lot more than that. HIs goal is to provide Reviews, Advise, and Inspire home gym Owners. The guy is a barbell connoisseur. The same way a sommelier can detect the finest points and nuances of wine; Adam has the same talent for when it comes to barbells. The most innovative ways he...


The Dad WOD with Ben Barker

This weekend is Father’s Day and its time to celebrate the guy in our lives with the awful, eye-rolling jokes that you love to hear, your dad. A father of three, Ben Barker understands first hand the importance of staying healthy and fit to be the best dad you can be. With his project The Dad Wod he is providing simple but highly effective workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment. Ben has an educational background in Kinesiology and is a former colligate athlete and...


The Garage Gym Experiment with Jake Jaworski

Jake Jaworski is the creator behind the Garage Gym Experiment Instagram and Facebook accounts, which provides equipment reviews and inspiration photos of garage gyms. He's incredibly busy with family, career, and side hustle. He is a former collegiate athlete who believes the garage gym is a fail safe for ensuring the average person can stay healthy and fit with a hectic lifestyle. During the episode, Jake outlines what he believes is the real value of a garage gym, especially for busy...


You Own The Best Gym in Town with John Greaves III

John Greaves III has steadily pushed the home gym movement and culture forward through a journalistic approach to gathering information around topics related to home gyms and then disseminating it via an unbiased delivery. In his own words, "I'm doing it differently than others." He certainly has the pedigree to do so. He has spent more than two decades covering the subject, making his experience as unique as it is broad. Through his company Garage Gym Life Media, he has interviewed...