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59: Elinor Fish on Mindful Running

Elinor Fish is the former editor of Trail Runner Magazine. She made the leap in 2010 from her career to start Wild Run Retreats with the mission to help people reduce stress and live a healthier life through mindful running. To do this, her business model was tweaked over time, and we’ll talk about that. She eventually found the sweet spot and is now offering retreats to fantastic destinations such as Iceland, the Dolomites and coast of Spain where she coaches the mindful running practice....


58: Katie Adams: About that Dream Trip to Norway

Salomon asked runners from around the world to share their #runningdreamtrip. Over 3000 people applied but only one was chosen. Katie Adams, of Sandpoint, Idaho. Katie took the trip with Emelie Forsberg and Ida Nilsson. They explored the Norwegian fjords and mountains by boat before setting off on foot and spending their days running from hut to hut. Katie joins us today to tell us how, encouraged by her husband Gwen LeTutour, she applied for a won, and what it was like to go on the trip...


57: David Victorson on Re-Entering Life After Cancer Treatment

It can take young adult cancer survivors a decade to get back into life after treatment. David Victorson is the founder of True North Treks. He, along with his family members and team at TNT want to help young adults reconnect not only with themselves but also with nature after the most unnatural of treatments. David is an associate professor at the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University in Chicago. He is licensed in clinical psychology and a PhD. One area of his...


56: Mark Gibson on Pursuing Curiosity

There has to be a certain kind of crazy to do some of the things Mark Gibson has taken on. He’s done things like skateboarded from capital to capital (Washington DC to Ottawa, Canada) with his son. He ran 276 miles across the state of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia in (ten days - averaging over a marathon a day). He’s run the rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon and a 100-mile run along the entire length of the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West straight through) to...


55: Bonnie McDonald on Giving Purpose to Tragedy

Backcountry Lifeline was founded in August 2015, following a crash on Stage 3 of the Big Mountain Enduro Series and Enduro World Series in Crested Butte, CO, in which 40-year old Will Olson died. Will was an expert rider favored to win the series, and to those who founded backcountry lifeline, he was a respected fellow rider, friend, and beloved fiancé. His death rocked the bike community, and support poured in from around the globe. Today, his fiancé Bonnie McDonald joins the show to...


54: Randy Milanovic on Solving Problems, Not Checking Boxes

When you get a new lease on life, you stop checking boxes and do things differently. Randy Milanovic is the CEO and founder of Kayak Online Marketing. In 2009, a tough year for most of us, he had an even tougher year. He was diagnosed with cancer and I don’t mean to spoil the story but he’s here to tell us about it and how it changed the way he does business and does life. We’ll learn how he reinvented his business on the heels of an economic downturn with a fresh outlook on life and …...


53: Sarah Yancey on the Practicalities of Living the Dream

Sarah and Mark Yancey bought Boulder Hut Adventures, a remote backcountry ski hut in the stunning Purcell Mountains in Southeast British Columbia, Canada. During the ski season, they and their two kids live there hosting guests for a week of powder ski touring. The kids are homeschooled and Adventure Journal called Mark and Sarah "the most awesome parents in the history of parenting.” It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Today I talk to Sarah and she shared with us how the vision...


51: Richter on Mountain Biking as a Metaphor for Life

Lindsey Richter is the director of inspiration (and co-creator) of Liv Ladies Allride, Her company is a by-product of a very difficult time in her own life after she was on Season 3 of Survivor. If nothing else, this episode will give you a new perspective on reality shows. Basically, Survivor creates a recipe to bring out the worst in people. That’s how they get the drama, and the eyeballs. Well, it caused a great deal of angst for Lindsey but of course, she turned that around for the...


50: Christian Little on Turning Suffering into Growth

Christian Little had a mountain biking accident that would change her life forever. Honestly, it was a miracle she survived. Out of difficult times, comes a new trajectory for growth. It took physical, mental and mountain biking therapy as well as a lot of time for Christian to heal but out of that, her company Leap 2 Fly was born. Christian and her team of collaborators want to use the mountain bike to encourage and inspire others to live life to fullest on and off the bike by way of MTB...


49: Hilary Oliver on Giving Women in the Outdoors Voice Through Filmmaking

Hilary Oliver is a writer, editor and filmmaker. She makes outdoor films for brands such as REI, Outdoor Research and Yeti Cycles. Her mission is to give voice to women in the outdoors - to showcase a perspective deeper than physical achievement alone. Her work includes Above the Fray with Beth Rodden and How to Run 100 miles with Brandon Leonard for REI. She loves filmmaking and is driven to do it but the thing is, it doesn’t pay the bills. Don’t get me wrong, she makes money but it’s not...


48: Brian Harder on ACL Injury: Advice from an Impatient Patient

We don’t want to think about it but I’m sure lots of us do. What happens if/when we blow our knee? what does it mean when that happens, what are the mechanics that contribute to it; what choices need to be made for treatment and recovery? There are many things today to consider, and today, Brian Harder, a frequent guest and good friend of mine shares his philosophy, sadly, from personal experience. Earlier this year, Brian had an ACL injury in the backcountry. Being an orthopedic...


47: What To Pack For Summer Camping

I have one more rerun this week and return to original interviews next week starting with Brian Harder on ACL injuries; turning suffering into growth with Christian Little, and some insight into making outdoor adventure films from filmmaker Hilary Oliver so stick with me! But first - today, since, for many of us, summer is just beginning, I want to make sure you have what you need in your backpack. If you are type A, you are going to love the way Jeff Thompson plans his summer camping...


46: Mike Ehredt on Trail Running and Treating Yo-self - To Nice Running Shoes

Today, we talk with USATF Certified running coach, author, and speaker, Mike Ehredt about trail running, shoes, socks, and being pragmatic in competition. No shoe is made for all runners. We have to take things like running conditions, the terrain you're running on and your own biomechanics to choose the right shoe for you. And remember, just like the best marketing can't fix product or business problems, the best shoe alone will not fix your biomechanics, or take you to first place. If...


45: René Unser on Trail Running, Pushing Through Suffering and Achieving “Elephant Moments”

I have a rerun for you this week but we have lots of new listeners since this episode ran originally last year so I think it won’t feel like a rerun to most of you. This was one of the most popular episodes from last summer: Rene Unser, trail runner, coach and founder of Pace Sport Fitness, race director of a fantastically challenging but fun series of Canadian trail races - whose mission is to motivate others to be better runners. Sometimes we get pulled into trying something. But we suck...


44: Sarah Wood on Progression: From Beginning to Kicking Ass

I am excited to introduce you today to Sarah Wood, director of operations for I9, or Industry Nine, makers of high-end mountain and road bike wheel sets. Everything Industry Nine does is handmade in their facility in Asheville, NC. The machine shop next door (and sister company) makes all their parts except for the rims and is owned by the father of I9’s owner, Clint. Clint's father had started that shop 50 years ago and Clint practically grew up in that shop. Sarah’s role as ops director...


43: Anne Galyean Busting Stereotypes and Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Not that long ago, Anne Galyean was a full-time professional mountain bike racer and a full-time scientist and she had to make a choice, like being torn between two lovers. We are going to talk about that today. Anne did her graduate school research at a government research lab in Maryland. “You can imagine the people. A lot of pocket protectors,” she said. Meanwhile, she was sporting tattoos and a mohawk, and people would sort part ways when she walked down the hall, like the sea...


42: Jeff Thompson on Wildlife Encounters and Not Being First

When I first scheduled Jeff to do this episode, I was thinking it was actually going to put my mind at ease. I’m not totally sure that happened. Nevertheless, it’s good to have this conversation about wildlife encounters if nothing else, to gain some respect for the outdoors. Not take certain things for granted. Jeff Thompson is a returning guest - he is the executive director of the Idaho Panhandle avalanche center and has been a forest service ranger for decades. We’ll talk about some...


41: Eric Grace on Solving The World’s Problems with Access to Nature

In 2003, when I was in ski resort marketing, the snow reporters and I made a video called Powder for Peace. We had just invaded Iraq and we made a short movie where we took Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il and George Bush, along with Henry Kissinger out skiing. We showed them how awesome it is to ski powder and they loved it so much, they all became friends and the war came to an end. So maybe Eric Grace is on to something here with his approach to land conservation. He and his team at Kaniksu...


40: Amy Schweim: The Net Positive Effect of Low Periods in Life

Amy Schweim, today’s guest lives in Oaxaca, Mexico where she guides single and multi-day trips, there and in Spain and Peru. Her business, Women’s Radical Pursuits, combines mountain biking, yoga and mindfulness designed to inspire and empower women through adventure travel trips. How she got to here, from being a school teacher in the States, is a great story with a couple catalysts; one of them being heartbreak. Amy is proof that periods of difficulty can lead to a higher trajectory....