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80: Jeannine Anders - Mountain Biking Fixes Everything

Jeannine Anders followed “The Call” to Colorado 15 years ago where she settled in the Vail Valley. Many of us have heard a similar call - one to the mountains, right? She held a career in sales while pursuing her passion for cycling. She’s competed in over 20 ultra-endurance mountain bike races including multiple 100-mile, 12- and 25-hour solo races as well as a multi-day stage race through the Swiss Alps. She eventually joined the board for the non-profit, Sacred Cycle, while managing their...


79: Brian Harder One Year Post ACL Surgery

Today, Brian Harder, a self-proclaimed non-compliant patient will walk us through ACL recovery one year post- event. We’ll talk about the choices he made - like the graft choice and what he would do if he had it to do over again. Brian is a frequent guest, a good friend of mine. He is an orthopedic physician assistant and a ski mountaineer based in Anchorage. he is also a former Exum Mountain Guide based out of Jackson. Brian’s ultimate goal is to get back out playing as soon as...


78: Shannon Bahrke-Happe on Raising the Bar

When you become the best in the entire world at something, what do you do next? How do you not let that be the high point in life, instead, keep raising the bar? I had a wonderful talk with Shannon Barke-Happe today about that, about professional racing, and life afterwards. Shannon was on the US.. Ski Team for 12 years. During that time, she brought home a silver and a bronze medal. She also won the Overall World Cup title in 2003, had seven World Cup victories, 26 World Cup podiums and her...


77: Shelley Wood on Staying Loyal to Your Dream

"Blogging is like going to the word gym. I practice writing in the same I would go to a gym to get stronger muscles. Writing is a muscle and I try to stay fit for it. " Is it possible to strive to be a writer and make a living at it? Shelley knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age but how could she make a living doing it? Today is all about making dreams happen. Shelley quit her job, moved to France for a short period and wrote a book. By the way, she had never written a book of...


76: Vasu Sojitra on Finding Normality in our Differences

It's hard enough being a kid trying to fit in. Imagine being a brown kid with one leg growing up an affluent and very white Connecticut town. Vasu Sojitra was diagnosed with septicemia at the age of nine months which resulted in the amputation of one of his legs. He spent much of his youth finding his way in the world. In fact, His TedX Bozeman Talk is titled “What is Your Normal?” Now, Vasu is the Adaptive Sports Director for Eagle Mount Bozeman, Coordinator for Earthtone Outsideᴹᵀ, the...


75: Adrienne Lindholm on Writing and the Wilderness

The long-term influence of seemingly small interactions. Adrienne Lindholm took a life-altering trip at the age of 11 - a cross-country camping trip that expanded this Western Pennsylvania girl’s awareness of what is possible in this life. Now, she lives in Alaska with her husband and two kids is an author and land conservationist. She has worked for the National Park Service as a backcountry ranger, park planner, compliance officer, and natural resource manager. She now oversees the...


74: Erik Murdock Advocates for our Recreation Interests on Capitol Hill

Erik Murdock is the Policy Director for the Access Fund whose mission is to protect climbing access and conserve the environment. He represents climbers’ interests and values in Washington, DC while monitoring activities on Capitol Hill to identifying possible threats (and opportunities) to climbing access and conservation. What draws someone to this type of work, I wondered? You’ll learn more about his journey to where he is now but let me start by saying, you never know the impact a...


73: Bob Legasa on Surviving a Grizzly Bear Attack and Good Fortune

Bob Legasa is the owner of Freeride Media. He's a TV Host-producer in the snowsports industry, a snowsport event coordinator and a custom home builder and last fall, he was mauled by a grizzly bear on a hunting trip in the Gallatin Mountains in Montana. Fortunately, he survived to tell us about it and by the way, so did the sow grizzly who was protecting her cub. I was glad Bob was wiling to come on the show and share what happened to him. Most of us might not be out hunting but we’re...


72: Laurenne Ross on Ski Racing, Presence of Mind, Focus

Laurenne Ross races the World Cup alpine circuit and is ranked one of the top-ten best speed skiers in the world. She’s been to four World Championships and raced in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, and the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea. She has two World Cup podiums and many top-ten results. But man, racing is hard. In 2017, after a top ten year, she injured her knee - seriously enough that she almost missed the Olympics. She rushed recovery to compete in 2018 but...


71: Hilary Eisen on Working Together to Save Our Winter Playground

I first learned about Winter Wildlands Alliance when I attended the backcountry film festival this past fall. Turns out, that’s how today’s guest, Hilary Eisen also learned of the organization about five years prior to that. She is the policy director for Winter Wildlands Alliance, which is dedicated to preserving winter wildlands and quality human-powered snowsports experiences on public lands. Hilary is an avid backcountry skier and climber with a passion for wild landscapes. She works on...


70: Jeff Scott on Living Life After a Spinal Cord Injury

Imagine a world where adventure and outdoor recreation is accessible and affordable for everyone with a disability. That’s the vision behind the Live it Love Foundation, led by executive director Jeff Scott who is joining us today. Jeff had an accident in late 2010 that left him a quadriplegic. Thanks to Jeff and the programs offered through the Live it Love it foundation, they are working hard to empower through adventure and outdoor recreation for people with disabilities. Allow them to...


69: Kaylin Richardson on Ski Racing and Living Without Regret

An Olympic ski racer on the art of being deliberate in choices and living without regret. Oh, do I have a fun conversation to start off your new year today. Kaylin Richardson is a ten-year U.S. Ski Team veteran, 2-time Olympian (Torino 06' and Vancouver 10'), and four-time National Alpine Champion. After retiring from the World Cup in 2010, Kaylin fell even deeper in love with the sport when she discovered backcountry skiing. As a reincarnated big-mountain skier, in addition to winning the...


68- What to Carry in Your Backcountry Ski Pack

Are you setting yourself up for success and preparing for worst-case scenarios? We like to think the stuff we read about in the news won't happen to us. BUT! Not to sound like an alarmist or anything - one bad turn of events and the game has changed. Today, we re-run episode 4 of The Gear Show and talk to Jeff Thompson, director of the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center, ski patroller, and recreational backcountry skier. He shares with us what he carries in his backpack - a cumulative...


67: Libby Ludlow on Finding Happiness by Accepting Change

A former professional ski racer and Olympian realized her destructive self talk was practically ruining her life. If we stop clinging to things that are not permanent, learn to take control of our thoughts and adapt to change, it’s pretty amazing how much happier we can be. Libby Ludlow retired from the U.S. Ski team 10 years ago. She was in the 2006 Olympics, is the 2004 U.S. giant slalom champion, raced around the world with 45 top-30 World Cup results, three of which were finishes...


66: Kim Vinet on Resolving the Hypocrisy of Loving the Outdoors

Kim Vinet is a skier, an earth scientist and a public speaker. As we enter the crazy holidays here in the U.S., I hope this episode will serve as a reminder to value what matters. Kim lives in Revelstoke, BC with her husband and two dogs. She is a sponsored athlete and competitive freerider on the Freeride World Tour Qualifying series (formerly the Freeskiing World Tour). This love of skiing and the outdoors has driven her on an exploration of the hypocrisy of loving the outdoors,...


65: Janet Curry: Finding Joy Again Through Meditation and Mindfulness

“Letting go of the tendency we have to want things to be different, allowing things to be as they are and allowing yourself to be as you are…” Jon Kabat Zinn on the mindfulness. Janet Curry is the founder of Stillpoint Counseling and Mindfulness Training in Durango Colorado. She is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and licensed professional counselor. She has not one, but two masters degrees.: One in Mental Health Counseling from Seattle University and the...


64: Janette Sherman on Bikes, Women on Bikes and Marketing to Women on Bikes

I wanted to have Janette on the show because she has come up in conversation about three previous episodes, all by guests mentioning Janette as a huge influence on them. For example, that's Ash Bocast of Roam Events in the teaser quote at the top of the episode. Before even talking to her, it was clear she subscribes to the idea of women supporting each other and lifting each other up. Although we look at this through the lens of the mountain bike industry, it’s a great metaphor for life in...


63: Rene Unser and the Allure of the Gore-Tex Trans Alpine Race

Rene is an awesome and inspirational woman. She is a running coach, a race director for a fantastic race series in Western Canada. She is now on the communications team for the Gore-Tex Trans Alpine Race, a race she has been chronicling via Instagram for as long as I’ve known her. It has, in turn, intrigued me because of my love for Europe. Trail running, the Alps, eating, drinking… what more is there? The Gore-Tex Trans Alpine Race, an eight day stage race from Germany to Italy, passing...


62: Brendan Leonard on The Joy of Making it Small

A huge reason I do this podcast is that I get to speak to people who are living their version of success; defining how we want to do life. Brendan Leonard embodies this perfectly. His message is a reminder to each and every one of us pushing ourselves each day to be better and to do better, that there is joy in every day. That morning trail run before a day sitting in front of the computer. An afternoon dog walk, a glass of wine with a good friend that you kinda sorta didn’t want to go do...


61: Kikkan Randall on Big Battles: Olympic Gold and Breast Cancer

Kikkan Randall is an Olympic champion cross-country skier. She has won 17 U.S. National titles, taken home 17 U.S. Championships, made 16 podiums in the Stage World Cup, made five trips to the Winter Olympic Games and had the highest finish by an individual U.S. woman at the World Championships (2nd in the Sprint FS at Liberec, CZE in 2009). She was the first American female cross-country skier to take a top ten finish in World Cup competition, to win a World Cup race and to win a World Cup...