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“Do You Daydream?” with host Bonnie Groessl

We all imagine and daydream. If you are like most people, you are probably good at imagining the worst case scenario. Worry is easy and seems to come naturally. Daydreaming about what you want as though you already have it is a powerful skill you can develop. Today we talk about how to daydream and pretend “as if” to live the life you want. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie Groessl,...


“Are You Listening?” with host Bonnie Groessl

Do you notice? Do you listen? Do you trust? Today we talk about connecting with your inner voice and following your intuition. We also delve into the difference between your inner wisdom and your inner critic. We all have the answers inside of us. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie Groessl, MSN is an international podcast host, best-selling author, business consultant and holistic nurse...


“Angel Messages” with Host Bonnie Groessl

I am honored to bring you this group angel reading for November 2018. The angels remind you that when you focus on service, everything works out. Release and surrender what is troubling you and know that this situation will soon improve. The oracle cards that called to me this month include Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance, Archangel Michael and Angel Answers oracle card decks. Messages about exploring your options and daydreaming “as if” you are already there will help you move...


Guests: Tracy and Peter Flucke – “Why Ride "Coast to Coast on a Tandem, Again, and Again, and Again?”

Tracy and Peter Flucke will entertain, inspire, encourage, educate, and motivate you to live happy, healthy, adventurous lives as they share their story of riding coast to coast on a tandem bicycle. Tracy and Peter Flucke are president and vice president of WE BIKE, etc., LLC, a Green Bay, Wisconsin, consulting firm that specializes in the areas of engineering, education, enforcement, and encouragement for walking, bicycling, and healthy communities. The Fluckes are enthusiastic...


“The Power of Gratitude and Pretending As If” with host Bonnie Groessl

Are you struggling some something? Asking for help can be the answer. When you pray for a solution, do you truly believe it will happen? Today we talk about the power in “pretending as if” and being thankful for the situation already being resolved. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie Groessl, MSN is an international podcast host, best-selling author, business consultant and holistic...


Guest Carol Gardner “From Hospice to Holistic Health Practitioner”

Carol Gardner shares her story of a lifetime of illness that brought her from hospice to using nutrition to heal herself as well as others. Carol was born with infant onset Lupus nearly 50 years ago, but it went undiagnosed for 21 years. She spent my youth crippled and on prednisone. At age 31, Carol was diagnosed with a rare form of MS called Progressive Relapsing MS. At age 46, she was hospitalized, paralyzed from the waist down and in stage 4 renal failure. As she was being transferred...


Guest: Author Alex Dominick “How a Man Becomes Who He Becomes”

Join us as author, Alex Dominick, the son of World War II hero Peter H. Dominick shares his writing journey. His captivating introduction and epilogue bookends his father’s war diary that arose from “Flying the Hump.” Many of the stories were unknown to his family and provide an intimate look at the stresses these brave men endured Alexander Dominick’s description of growing up with a famous father who went on to become a U.S. congressman, senator, and ambassador adds color to this member...


“Angel Messages” with Host Bonnie Groessl

“Angel Messages” with Host Bonnie Groessl This is the group angel reading for October 2018. You are reminded to be true to yourself and come from a place of authenticity and strength as you keep your eyes on your targeted intention. The oracle cards that called to me this month are Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy, Messages from Your Angels and Archangel Michael oracle card decks. Messages about living with integrity, making a commitment and taking care of yourself are strong messages in this...


Guest Amberly Lago “Finding Your Joy with Grit and Grace”

Author, Amberly Lago believes that we all have resilience within ourselves. She shares her story of going beyond survival and thriving after a devastating motorcycle accident that left her with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Amberly’s inspirational message opens the door of possibility for chronic pain sufferers. Her story teaches us that is our choice to thrive no matter what our circumstances. Amberly’s website and free gift “True Grit and Grace” on...


“Don’t Forget Your Inner Child” with Host Bonnie Groessl

Do you play enough? Laugh enough? Love yourself enough? Today we talk about your inner child. I am guided to share this message from the angels through the use of the “Daily Guidance from Your Angels” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. Whenever you listen to this podcast, know that you are meant to hear these messages. Today’s message was about children and more importantly, your inner child. I am honored as I connect with God, my angels and guides, as well as all angels and guides for of this...


Guest David Sandercott “Discover the Power Within You”

Meditation teacher and spiritual life coach, David Sandercott shares his most powerful spiritual tools and helps you understand how to access our inner power through meditation and enjoy a life of general well-being and happiness. David Sandercott is Author of "21 Day Meditation Journey Connect With Spirit Everyday In A New Way" Has been teaching meditation, and offering spiritual life coaching for 6 years. He goes to Crossfit 5 days a week, and loves his plant based diet. Schedule with...


“Angel Messages” with Host Bonnie Groessl

This is the group angel reading for September 2018. This time of year always makes me think of new beginnings and the cards that came forth today certainly reaffirmed that. I drew from Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids and Dolphins, Healing with the Angels and Angel Answers Oracle cards today. Messages about simplifying, worthiness, new beginnings and balance were key points the angels made during this session. We are reminded that we are ALL intuitive as ideas and inspiration come to us. We are...


“Control Portion Size and Lose Weight Effortlessly” with host Bonnie Groessl

Is it difficult for you to lose weight? Do you eat the right things, just maybe a bit too much? You can lose weight effortlessly by simply controlling your food portions. Mindfulness means no depriving yourself of your favorite foods and truly enjoying what you eat. Bonnie shares a simple method to learn mindfulness about food. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie Groessl, MSN is an...


“Did You Fall Off the Wagon This Summer?” with Host Bonnie Groessl

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions about our health. Are you sticking to the plan this time of year? Did you make goals about your eating habits or losing weight? Summertime lends itself to eating differently. There are picnics, social gathering and different foods available. It’s easy to fall off the wagon. Today we discuss nutrition reminders to get back on track. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and...


“Every Day is a New Day” with host Bonnie Groessl

Life is a journey with lots of twists and turns, detours and changes. Each time you find yourself at a crossroads or a new path, you have the opportunity to create a new normal. Are you happy and doing what you love every day? Gallop reveals that 80% of people are not. Today we discuss how to be in the 20% of people who are. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie’s website:...


“Angel Messages” with Host Bonnie Groessl

Today I am sharing the group angel reading for August 2018. We are using Doreen Virtue’s Messages from Your Angels, Daily Guidance from your Angels, Angel Answers and the Angels of Abundance Oracle cards. Messages about letting go of the past and enjoying being a child again, you are reminded to reward yourself, not just others. The angels want you to know that you can let go of any financial fears and that help is all around you to live the life you deserve. I am honored as I connect with...


Guest Ron Di Orio – Author of “What Really Happened At Cormier Station -The Memoirs of a Haunted Building”

“What Really Happened at Cormier Station” is the true story of one man’s terrifying efforts to build a successful business while unlocking the secrets of Cormier Station. In the process of freeing the spirits trapped within the building’s walls, Di Orio would have to win a supernatural battle against his own internal demons and protect his wife from the powerful alter ego who possessed his very being. Ron Di Orio is a decorated United States Navy Veteran who was born and raised in...


Guest Georgia Woodbine “Create the Life You Want”

Do you have the life you want? Today, Georgia Woodbine shares her insights on simple, effective habits you can begin today to have the life you want. Georgia Woodbine is one of the world’s leading authorities in personal and professional development. Widely known as change agent, dynamic and entertaining speaker and a highly sought after trainer, she has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation. She has been featured in media outlets such as; The Daily News, Huffington Post,...


“Do You Have a Plan? “ with host Bonnie Groessl

Some people are planners and some people are more spontaneous and just go with the flow. For most of us, it depends on the situation. If there is something you want to accomplish, you set a goal. Having a plan helps you to achieve that goal. I believe that if you want to accomplish something, you need an organized plan. Today we talk about creating a plan that you will stick to and be successful, whatever the goal. The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and...


Guest Susanne McAllister – “Your Inner Connection Can Bring You Health, Happiness, Wisdom, and Abundance”

Today, Susanne McAllister and I discuss the power of Inner Connection is and how she discovered it. Susanne illustrates how you can use your past to define your future and how to change your life with just 10 mins a day. Susanne McAllister is a Health and Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker and Author that is passionate about helping women to stress less, weigh less and love their body’s more. She has been published in a variety of holistic health magazines. Her newest book, Stop...