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Deep-dive into all things slow and sustainable living with Mary and Emma, the mother/daughter team behind Lady Farmer, a slow living lifestyle platform & communtiy. At Lady Farmer, we believe that the answer to healing ourselves and our planet is right under our feet. Tune in for expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives - and our planet - a little better.

Deep-dive into all things slow and sustainable living with Mary and Emma, the mother/daughter team behind Lady Farmer, a slow living lifestyle platform & communtiy. At Lady Farmer, we believe that the answer to healing ourselves and our planet is right under our feet. Tune in for expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives - and our planet - a little better.


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Deep-dive into all things slow and sustainable living with Mary and Emma, the mother/daughter team behind Lady Farmer, a slow living lifestyle platform & communtiy. At Lady Farmer, we believe that the answer to healing ourselves and our planet is right under our feet. Tune in for expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives - and our planet - a little better.






75. Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle through Tiny House Living and Conscious Consumerism with Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life

Join the minimalist movement, and design a simple, sustainable lifestyle that provides freedom from debt, consumerism, and cultural expectations. Our guest today is Ryan Mitchell, creator of The Tiny Life, who started his minimalist journey by challenging the American dream and having the courage to ask, what does the life I really want to live actually look like? He began by moving into his self built tiny house in 2012, sharing his journey along the way and connecting with other...


74. Nurturing a Dream: Caring for the Land and Community with Ashli Johnson and Lisa Hinton of Old Westminster Winery

Where does land stewardship and regeneration, natural wine production, sustainable farming practices and local community collaboration come together? On today’s episode of The Good Dirt, Mary and Emma talk with sisters Lisa Hinton and Ashli Johnson of Old Westminster Winery in Westminster, Maryland. Their story begins in 2008; when the family was unable to sell their farm, they united instead behind a vision of preserving it and putting the land into a thriving, sustainable and regenerative...


73. Healing Your Microbiome: The Power of Fermentation for Health and Happiness with Donna Schwenk of Cultured Food Life

Transform your microbiome and your life with cultured foods, and learn how the simple practice of food fermentation can promote mind and body healing. On today’s episode of The Good Dirt, Mary & Emma sit down with the founder of Cultured Food Life, Donna Schwenk. Many years ago, Donna found herself pregnant with her third child and in need of a lifestyle change. At 40 with a brand new baby she realized she wanted to live a vibrant life for her newborn and for herself. Enter “kefir'' and the...


72. Mitigating Climate Change Through Home Agroecology: From Lawns to Ecosystems with Justin West

You can begin healing the planet, improving your health and mitigating climate change right outside your door! On today’s episode of The Good Dirt we sit down with Justin West, the creative entrepreneur behind Thrive Lot – a marketplace platform on a mission to create food abundance by combining agroecology, landscape design and technology. Thrive Lot seeks to reimagine the lawn care industry by scaling permaculture and installing ecosystems into our very own yards. But to do so requires a...


71. Honoring African-American Artistic Heritage, Ancestral Wisdom, and the Divine Feminine with Quilt Muralist Cookie Washington

Today we're talking to Cookie Washington, an African American quilting muralist and fourth generation needle worker, who addresses issues of race and social equality while celebrating the contributions of her African ancestral heritage and the Divine Feminine in her work. Cookie is the first in this long line of needle workers to take up art quilting, yet she feels her connection very deeply to her foremothers and her African-American history whenever a needle and bit of cloth is in her...


70. 18th Century Fiber Production at George Washington's Mount Vernon with Sara Marie Massee

Today's guest is Sara Marie Massee, a lead interpreter at George Washington's Mount Vernon. She works with the historic trades department, teaching and actually doing many of the skills and trades that were being practiced around Washington's estate during his lifetime there. She oversees Mount Vernon's cooking, baking, and textile living history demonstrations to illuminate daily life in the 18th century. Sara Marie has been in the field of living history for 16 years, 14 of them at George...


69. Slow Friday: Bringing Sanity Back to the Holidays with Mary and Emma

You're in for something a little different this's a solo show with Mary and Emma! At Lady Farmer, we're always thinking about ways to shift our thinking to live into a more slow and sustainable lifestyle, and today is a great opportunity to do just that. What if Black Friday became Slow Friday, and what would that look like? Join us on this week’s episode of The Good Dirt as we share a bit about our own Christmas memories and experiences with gift-giving as well as how we're...


68. Regenerative Education & Rust Belt Fibershed with Jess Boeke and Sarah Pottle

This week we will hear from twin sisters Jess Boeke and Sarah Pottle of the Rust Belt Fibershed, a bioregional textile network growing hope and resilience through the use of local fibers. We speak with this dynamic duo on a multitude of topics, touching on ways to shift and expand our mindsets towards a more sustainable paradigm. Jess is an educator and fiber artist who has been working with natural dyes since 2008. Born and raised in Ohio, Cleveland, she is known for engaging and educating...


67. Happy Earth Habits with Skylar Saba

Did you know that Gen Z is using fashion TikTok to fight climate change? Joining us on today’s episode is Sylar Saba, a Gen-Z influencer who shares her low waste sustainability tips by engaging online communities in small, fun, and meaningful ways. She shares her love for the outdoors and nature through her Instagram and TikTok platforms, engaging her community with #COOTD highlights (cute outfits of the day) and conscious outfit inspo, recipes, resources, and more. Skylar Saba is the...


66. Beyond Honey with Tierney Monahan

This week's episode is all about honeybees! Did you know that there are 4,000 different bee species native to North America? Honey bees, however, are not native to North America, but were brought here from Europe in the 17th century, and have since become are integral part of our ecosystem. They are efficient pollinators who, along with native bees, allow our food crops and the planet's flora to flourish. Factors in our environment such as climate change, habitat loss, and widespread usage...


65. Green Burial: Rethinking Death Practices with Heidi Hannapel of Bluestem Conservation Cemetery

Today we're talking with Heidi Hannapel, cofounder of the Bluestem Conservation Cemetery, about options for green burial. We're also taking a look at our modern approach to death and the practices that surround it. Heidi and her business partner Jeff Masten are land conservationists and conservation burial specialists, concerned with the degradation of our planet through wasteful burial practices. They are committed to offering an alternative to conventional burial, working on green burial...


64. Homesteading is What You Make It with Angela Ferraro Fanning of Axe & Root Homestead

On today’s episode of The Good Dirt, we’re chatting with Angela Ferraro Fanning of Axe and Root Homestead, a six-acre farm in central New Jersey. Angela shares the story of how she went from being a graphic designer to a homesteader in 2012, when she told her husband she'd like to trade her job income for time outside growing food they would no longer have to buy. Now she finds herself balancing a life raising two boys with managing a working farm, as well as authoring a cookbook, a...


63. Regenerative Bison Farming with Liz Riffle

On today’s episode of The Good Dirt, we’re speaking with Liz Riffle of Riffle Farm in Preston County, WV, which is a small bison farm raising grass-fed and finished animals. Owner and Operator Liz is a U.S Navy Nurse Corps veteran and her husband, Jimmie, is currently still serving on active-duty as a Navy Nurse Corps Nurse Practitioner. Jimmie was born and raised in Grafton, WV. In their own words, Jimmie and Liz are homegrown and proud to now serve this great nation by feeding it! After...


62. Under A Tin Roof with Kayla Lobermeier

Under A Tin Roof is a mother-daughter company created by today's guest, Kayloa Lobermeier and her mother Jill Haupt, inspiring others, as their motto says, in living a wholesome, simple, historical life by the seasons. Demonstrating the ways of a slower, more intentional lifestyle, Kayla helps others in bringing the best of domestic history and tradition forward to fit the needs of the present day. As a family-owned and operated business, Under a Tin Roof has much to offer both on site and...


61. Fighting Food Insecurity with Jenny Freeman of Community FarmShare

For today's guest Jenny Freeman, what sprouted as an idea to tackle food insecurity during the pandemic has now grown into a fully registered 501(c)(3) organization that offers individuals and organizations the ability to get involved in the local food movement. Her organization, Community FarmShare, is a community-based initiative that connects food-insecure families with local produce farmers in Montgomery County. This organization works by way of donation and is completely volunteer-run,...


60. Fiber Farming, Plant Dyes, Animal Weddings and Pies: Adventures on Wing and a Prayer Farm with Tammy White

Located in a small town in New England, Wing & A Prayer Farm began as an idea sparked during a trip to England in 2000. Inspired by the many sheep farms dotting the countryside, Tammy and her children decided to start their own sheep farm with a few Shetland rescues. It is now a flourishing farm with a variety of animals and avenues of business. It is home to Clun Forest, Poll Dorset, Colored Merino, Cotswold, Wensleydale, Teeswater, and Cormo sheep. It is also home to Vermont’s first Valais...


59. Art for the Earth: Sustainable Practices and Natural Dyes with Fiber Artist Lotta Helleberg

Lotta grew up in Sweden and began her career as a journalist before immigrating to the US in the ’80s. After settling in Charlottesville, Virginia, she transitioned into graphic design, bringing the Nordic design aesthetic of simplicity, elegance, and clear lines into her work. Like many artists, Lotta dreamed of the creative work she would like to pursue outside of the requests of her clients, and started combining her interests in gardening and natural materials as inspiration. She began...


58. Practicing Mindfulness Through Weaving with Kate Kilmurray

In Kate Kilmurray’s experience, weaving is one of the best practices for mindfulness, grounding ourselves in nature, and returning to who we really are. As our hands get involved with each thread, our mind is free to rest from our conscious stream. In this stillness, we are able to ground ourselves and find our inner center within our tumultuous and chaotic surroundings. Join us on today’s episode as we gain more insight into Kate’s journey and how she teaches weaving as a form of meditation...


57. The Return of American Made Linen with Sandy & Durl of The Chico Flax Project

Growing flax and processing it into linen is one of the oldest methods of clothing manufacturing on the planet. Sandy Fisher and Durl Van Alstyne have prided themselves in reviving this old craft here in the United States through their company, The Chico Flax Project. Through their work, they are bringing a new industry and social enterprise for fiber production of flax to Northern California in collaboration with local community members, farmers, artisans, and institutions. For Sandy,...


56. Accessing Capital & Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Dan Miller and Spike Gjerde of Steward

Separately, Dan Miller and Spike Gjerde knew that they needed to find a way to support regenerative farmers and producers using their own natural talents and expertise. Dan’s family had been farming in the Chesapeake Bay since the late 1800s, but he never understood how a region could have what appears to be a thriving agricultural system while also struggling economically. Meanwhile, Spike wanted to start a new restaurant concept that focused on growing seasons and local sourcing. It wasn’t...