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Ep 087: The Hidden Traps In Food Labels with Meredith Beard

Reading food labels is tough as it’s so hard to know which products are truly the healthiest option. Due to creative marketing and labeling we often find ourselves choosing products for what they highlight on the package versus the real ingredients list. In this podcast with Dr. Jannine’s coach Meredith Beard the gals breakdown how labels have tricked them and the process they use to determine what product is the healthiest. What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:


Ep 086: An Interview with Coach Meredith Beard – How Connect Your Mind & Muscles to Finally Get Results From Your Workouts

Struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, irritability, anger, toxic stress or pain? One of the most effective ways to deal with mood disorders, trauma and pain is to work on your mind muscle connection. Too many of us are walking around without feeling our feet and the muscles that work to help us move. When your mind is connected to your muscles you are able to engage more muscles, which in turn reduces anxiety, depression, irritability and pain as endorphins are released and blood flow...


Ep 085: To Get A Strong Body: Work On The Mind Body Connection

Being strong for life requires making fitness part of your daily routine. Too many people join a gym or start a fitness program expecting the amazing results they were sold on from their efforts only to be let down and quit a few months later. Being strong isn’t about following what fad is trending in your local gym or online. Being fit is about starting with the basics of movement to ensure you are using all the muscles required for a movement instead of throwing yourself into an exercise...


Ep 084: How to Kick Start Weight Loss With Red Light Therapy

Are you struggling to lose weight and not seeing results fast enough? Do you have an event coming up in a few months that you need to get quick results for? The combination of red and near infrared light therapy combined with a detox followed by a clean eating protocol can jump start your fat loss. Red and near infrared light therapy have wavelengths that target receptors in our cells that boost cellular metabolism to increase energy production and fat burn. In this episode Dr. Jannine...


Ep 083: Can You Treat Urinary Tract Infections Naturally?

50% of females will have a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. 6 out of 10 women have them chronically. You can treat urinary tract infections effectively without antibiotics. Uva ursi, d-mannose and Oregon grape root are just some of the go-to’s that Dr. Krause uses in her practice to help prevent and treat urinary tract infections. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down what to do if you think you have a urinary tract infection or if you suffer from chronic...


Ep 082: Common Reasons for Morning Nausea Other Than Pregnancy

Morning nausea is a sign that something is off overnight. Blood sugar imbalances, acid reflux, post-nasal drip are among the most common causes. Stress, sleep apnea, and hormonal imbalances can also be to blame. Taking a look at your symptoms, diet, habits, and lifestyle can clue you into what’s happening, especially if the nausea lasts all day. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down ways to sleuth out what’s causing your nausea so you can fix it and start enjoying mornings...


Ep 081: Be Your Own Digestive Specialist: What's Causing Your Stomach Pain?

Stomach pain is a common reason for going to the doctor and in some cases the ER. Most of the time stomach pain resolves itself with time but what causes it? For a lot of folks stomach pain can rule their life and ruin their social schedule. In this episode Dr. Jannine Krause breaks down ways to sleuth out what’s causing your stomach pain and what to do about it so you can be your own digestive specialist. What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:


Ep 080: Do Natural Treatments for Seasonal Allergies Work?

A common question in my office is “do natural treatments for seasonal allergies work?” The answer is yes, if you are willing to swap out your allergy pill for an herbal combo in addition to cleaning up your diet a bit. With so many allergy pills, herbs and supplements on the market, which ones do you try first? In this episode Doc J breaks down what herbal therapies, diet and lifestyle changes she has seen to be most effective to help manage seasonal allergies in the moment and prevent...


Ep 079: How Pets Improve Our Health

Many think of pets as a lot of work but the benefits to your overall health are incredible. Growing up in a home with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles Doc J learned to love animals of all kinds. It wasn’t until Doc J went through some of the most stressful times in her life did she realize the true value of a pet. She found that taking care of a dog forced her to maintain a routine, organize her life, slowdown, laugh, play and move more. In this episode Doc J discusses how her...


Ep 078: Reduce Pain, Anxiety & Depression with Hemp Oil – Lane Kennedy Levy Interview

Hemp has been used for thousands of years as a medicine to help with pain and inflammation in the body. It’s fatty acid breakdown is similar to that of flaxseed thus it’s omega three component makes it ideal for use as an anti-inflammatory. What hemp contains in addition to essential fatty acids is CBD (cannabidiol), a plant chemical that binds to receptors in our endocannabinoid system, a component of our nervous system, to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and inflammation. CBD, is one type...


Ep 077: Confused as to What's Good For Your Health? Consult a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors are trained to recommend dietary & lifestyle changes, in addition to herbs and vitamin supplements to treat common medical issues. Naturopathic doctors graduate from doctorate programs at accredited universities and are required to take board exams prior to licensure. Naturopathic medicine programs are similar to medical doctorate programs in many ways however, naturopathic medicine training focuses on herbal therapies, nutrition and lifestyle changes. In this episode...


Ep 076: The Good, Bad and Ugly Sides of Inflammation

We hear the word inflammation all the time and we are told we need to reduce it but what is inflammation? Inflammation is a natural process in which the body repairs damage to it’s tissues. We need the inflammation process to occur to fix problems in the body but when the body struggles to shut down the inflammation response once the issue has been fixed is where we end up with problems. In this episode Doc J breaks down why we need to support our body’s regulation of inflammation to...


Ep 075: How Exercise Increases My Energy, Lifts My Mood and Improves My Social Life

Movement and exercise have been shown to have a plethora of benefits but I’ve found it to be incredible for boosting my energy, mood and motivation. Too many people come into my office saying they once were runners then they stopped because of life, kids, work demands and injuries then their health started to decline and now they do not exercise at all. If they could just run again they know they would get that endorphin hit and feel better but they are too tired to exercise. Why do I see...


Ep 074: Can Monitoring Heart Rate Variability Improve Pain, Fatigue, & Mood Disorders?

The strength of your vagus nerve determines how you react to pain how you recover from stress, and workouts in addition to how well you are able to balance your mood. Your vagus nerve is in control of your heart rate and it's variability. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a great body check in tool that lets you know how well you are managing stress. Your ability to keep your HRV stable is associated with improved mood, increased desire for social interaction and focused thinking. The lower...


Ep 073: How Stress & Leaky Gut Team Up to Cause Brain and Nerve Inflammation

The strength of your vagus nerve can determine how intensely stress affects you. Ever wondered how and why stress can make you physically sick in many ways? There is a strong connection between gut inflammation and anxiety related to stress and it starts with the vagus nerve’s involvement in the neuro-immune system. The vagus nerve is a nerve that comes directly from the brain and has connections to and from the heart, lungs, ear, tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver,...


Ep 072: Anxious, Depressed, Pissed Off Broken Brained Hot Mess

Is it the full moon, the weather or does everyone cycle through anxious, depressed pissed off hot mess states? Have you ever been so worked up that everything seemed spinning out of control? Ever noticed that there seems to be a rhythm and cyclical pattern to the ebb and flow of feeling ok and out of control? In this episode Doc J breaks down reasons for why we cycle in and out of control and how to get off the crazy train. What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:


Ep 071: Can Food Communicate with Our Cells?

Did you know that the food you eat can communicate with your cells? The foods we ingest have microRNAs, small cellular pieces that can interfere with messages from our cells to create proteins involved in cell aging, tumor formation, tumor suppression, bone growth and more. MicroRNAs have been researched for over 20 years and thousands of them have been identified in that time. While research in the realm of microRNAs has been heavily focused on cancer we are now starting to see data on...


Ep 070: When Is The Best Time to Take Supplements?

One of the most common questions in my office is when is the best time to take my supplements? It’s confusing out there as to what to do when and I find most people are taking their supplements at the wrong times. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can interfere with the absorption of iron which can worsen conditions such as anemia instead of make them better. In this episode Doc J breaks down optimal times to take the most popular supplements out there from multivitamins to...


Ep 069: How Spices Keep Stress from Killing You

Stress is often overlooked as doctors pick apart and investigate the symptoms that a patient has not the cause. How often do we really assess what we are eating and the lives that we are living in relation to creating our own stress? We can all relate to the symptoms of being stuck in stressed fight or flight mode all the time & we’ve heard how they can make you an anxious, depressed, fat, moody, gassy, acid reflux havin’, pain riddled, fatigued insomniac but what we don’t talk about is...


Ep 068: What You Need to Know Before You Start A Detox

A detox can be useful to clear toxins from the body and reset after a long run of eating out, making poor choices and drinking too much but is it really worth it? Too many people try to detoxify their bodies but don’t have the vitamins and minerals in their body to do so. Unfortunately, all too often we detox, don’t even know if we cleared anything out of the system and then go right back to re-toxing ourselves the day after the detox. After you finish a detox the goal is to focus habits...