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Podcast 4 – Mastering Meditation

Is meditation only for hippies and ninjas? It most certainly is not! In fact, meditation is in use around the world in various cultures to enhance the lives of millions. Using advanced scanning techniques, scientists are exploring the benefits of meditation and finding surprising results. Recent studies prove that meditation enhances the cognitive ability of practitioners. Furthermore, meditation is proven to produce positive physiological changes in the brains of mediators. Adapting...


Podcast 3 – Adopting a Better Diet

Taking steps to improve your life and health can be a daunting task. Especially if the steps require you to change your diet dramatically. After a decade of research and exploration Anthony is diving deep into a fruit-based diet to heal his body. Perhaps you have also struggled to make significant changes in your diet or lifestyle, but you don't know how to begin. Regardless of whether you also plan to embark on a fruit-based diet or you are pursuing a less aggressive healing path, you are...


Podcast 2 – Dietary Revolution

Experts are now recognizing that the dietary intake of many Western societies is causing immense suffering and placing massive monetary burdens on medical systems and societies as people grow ill due to self-induced chronic disease. As chronic diseases statistics rise, experts are struggling to understand precisely how the human body is effected by dietary choices and what we can do to heal the damage that's been done. To make things more complicated, many nutritional and dietary experts...


Episode 1 – The Journey

In this episode, Anthony VanHorn introduces himself and explains the journey that led him down a path of physical turmoil, and explains why he is searching for relief from chronic disease. He maps out the healing avenues he has already explored and the methods by which he believes he will find true relief and full healing. After many years of research and experimentation, Anthony is now convinced that most of the chronic disease in Western society is directly related to our diet, thus...