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Episode 031: Trusting God With Your Health

"Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 Are we truly trusting God with our health, or continuing the rat race of striving, pushing, restricting, punishing, defeating ourselves? That's not how God intended for you to go through life. It's time to trust Him. In all things. Including your health and body. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Grab your 7 Day Detox Checklist here: P.P.S. Learn more about the BeautifulYOU™ program...


Episode 030: Why Mommy Doesn't Need Wine

In this interview episode Kristen Ekiss shares her story of what started as a 'drink to relax' turned into a nightly habit that was soon hard to break. Wine had begun to soothe her emotionally and physically and instead of turning to God, she was seeking comfort in the glass. Kristen candidly shares her story of how her kids began to notice and what can seem nonchalant and laughable on the outside, can actually be a symptom of a much deeper need and cry for help and coping mechanism for...


Episode 029: Chaos to Clarity

In this special guest episode, Jenn Baxter shares how she went from struggling with Adrenal Fatigue to decluttering and downsizing her life altogether on an all-encompassing health journey that culminated in transitioning to a simpler, stress-free lifestyle, living in a Tiny home. Jenn is a speaker, blogger and writer who is passionate about teaching others the benefits of improving your health in all areas by living the F.A.S.T. life: Fabulous, Abundant, Simple and Tiny. Get the copy of...


Episode 028: Where Did My Discipline Go?

Discipline can often feel fleeting, can't it? We 'do good' for awhile, then something happens and we're off track and have a hard time getting back on. So what gives? Where did my discipline go? In this episode we'll turn to God's Word about Discipline to find wisdom in the scriptures and the answers when we're feeling stuck, unmotivated and overwhelmed. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Grab your 7 Day Detox here:


Episode 027: Reversing Unrest

We battle the feeling of unrest by turning first to God. The feeling of anxiety/worry/unrest can sabotage our health because we want to get rid of these feelings as fast as possible, but that's no longer the acceptable coping mechanism. We need to peace of the Lord to soothe our soul. In this episode I share a seemingly random incident that happened while parking my car, and the flood of memories and emotions that came up, revealing the unrest I've held in my heart for over 15 years about...


Episode 026: Using Your Struggle for Good

What the Enemy has meant for harm, God is working for your good! And He's desiring that through Him you will use your struggle as a lifelong testimony of His goodness, grace, mercy, transformation and deliverance. Our health journey may have started as a personal and selfish pursuit, but God is desiring bigger things, and more people, to be impacted by your story and testimony throughout the process. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Get your copy of the book 'Full' that we reference here:...


Episode 025 - Your Brain on Sugar

Ever wonder WHY it's so hard to break free from sugar? Why it's so hard to fight off those late night or mid-afternoon cravings? Well, there's actually an explanation of what's going on inside your brain chemistry. In this episode we take the complex brain systems and make them simple and understandable so you can know what is going on inside your blood, brain and cells, so you are better equipped to fight the good fight of breaking free from the addictive clutch of sugar. ~Dr....


Episode 024: Managing a Lifestyle of Change

Changes in life can really throw us for a loop: mentally, spiritually and physically. Often times we use change as an excuse to 'let ourselves go' or the disruption of new circumstances literally makes us have to start over and rethink our schedule, habits and priorities. In this podcast interview with Adrianne Harris of Blessed Events NY, Adrianne shares with us timeless truths on how to keep God first amidst a lifestyle of change. No matter what season you're in, you've either...


Episode 022: Pleasing People or God?

In our culture where physical appearance is 'king' and status in the eyes of others trumps just about everything, we can find ourselves lost and frustrated with wrong motivations and pressures on our image. So I ask you, are you trying to please people or God? Especially when it comes to your physical appearance or the motivation behind your outward looks. Let's turn to God's word, our guidebook for life, and see what it has to say. This will help us recalibrate 'our way' to 'God's way'...


Episode 021 - Allowing Your Transformation

It can get so frustrating when the changes you're desiring are just not showing up! 'What's the deal, God?!' we ask. Let's go to God's word and see what He has to say about this. Let's find out what we CAN do to usher in and allow our transformation to take place - both on the outside and in. God's word makes it very clear. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Grab your 7 Day Detox here: P.P.S. Interested in the private BeautifulYOU program? Email me at...


Episode 020: True Health = Connection

If you're searching for true health - inside and out - it will not happen outside of Connection. Connection with God, yourself, His church, other people. We were created for connection. Let's step into the fullness of life and health the way God always intended. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Grab your 7 Day Mind, Body, Spirit Detox Checklist here: P.P.S. Learn more about becoming a Fit+Faith Ambassador and join the global movement:


Episode 019 - Perfectionism

One of the biggest things that can rob us our of future is the vice of Perfectionism. The voice that tells us 'it's not good enough' or 'you're not good enough' or 'you need to know everything before you move forward'. It's not that being knowledgeable is a bad thing, but when it gets to the point where you're stuck in analysis paralysis or overly consumed with something being perfect before you take the next step, you're literally delaying your future and all the good things God has...


Episode 018 - Dispelling the Lies, Walking in Truth

We've been so programmed to follow society and fall into the ways of the world that we can begin believing that certain lies are actually truth. But as Christians, the Bible should be our Standard. God is supposed to be our ONLY one true god. But closer examination of our time, attention and habits reveals that food, tv, social media, other's opinions, work, family etc. have taken the number one place in our heart. Over our Creator and His plans, His Word, His ways. Let's identify and...


Episode 017 - Breaking Free From Comparison

One of the biggest stealers of our joy is Comparison. But what does God say about it? What does the Bible tell us about how we should handle this sneaky troublemaker that makes us feel less-than, unworthy and undeserving of love and acceptance? Time to let the truth wash over you. Time to receive in your spirit the unconditional love and value that God places on you. Let's step out of this snare and into the Freedom that is ready and waiting for you, in Jesus' name. ~Dr. Melody P.S....


Episode 016: Jesus' Power in Our Health

Are you truly living in the power that Christ died to give you? So often we, as Christians, still struggle with issues and bondage that make us look no different from the non-believer. But we have accepted Christ in our lives for freedom, forgiveness and victory! The Enemy of our souls has already been defeated! It's time to rise up and break the chains off! We explore just that in this episode. Join us and let's live and walk in the Freedom that has (and always was) available to us, in...


Episode 015: Grace on the Journey

It's not enough to know of God's grace. We must actively and intentionally receive and give it away. In this episode we explore Grace. What it is, why it's important, and how it affects and plays into our health journey. Come with me as we open the pages of the Bible and find what God has to say about the life-changing concept of Grace. It makes all the difference in the world. ~Dr. Melody P.S. Grab your complimentary 7 Day Detox Checklist here:


Episode 014: Overcoming Your Fear and Doubt

Are you ready for some TRUTH?! The straight-to-the-heart, cut out the fluff, God-inspired truth?! Well this episode won't disappoint. It is critical that as you embark on your health journey, especially if you've struggled or felt stuck, that you begin the bold and courageous process of looking at your fears. The things under the surface that you'd rather not see. It's easier to avoid, drown, ignore or hide those areas inside ourselves. But until you address them head on, and eradicate...


Episode 013: Supplements Q&A - Part 1

In this special interview episode, we answer listener-submitted questions with supplement expert, Jason Vaught, owner of Better Body Sports in Ventura, CA. Jason has been in the supplement and health industry for over 15 years and knows the in's and out's of the field. Jason answers our most pressing questions about supplements to help us make wiser, more knowledgeable decisions next time we're in the supplement aisle. Connect with Jason further and even order products online at...


Episode 012: Not Your Average Weight Loss Plan

Turns out inviting God into your health journey can be a radical idea for some. I've heard things like: But actually, if we do a little investigation, the Bible is full of evidence that our health does in fact matter to God, and more importantly than that, our decision to let God in on this journey is more for US than it is for Him. Our health journey opens our eyes to areas in our spiritual journey that need more of God. More intervention. More transformation. More freedom. More love,...


Episode 011: Stop Failing Before You Get Started

What goes on inside our head is way more important than how many reps we do or how clean we eat. If you don't have the right mindset or expectations of what transformation really takes, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. In this episode we talk about how you take every thought captive and set yourself up for success mentally, to reap the results physically. With God, ALL things are possible. If God is for you, who can be against you? ~Dr. Melody P.S. Need a...