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Functional gastroenterology with Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis | Ep. 63

Dr Steven Sandberg Lewis is recognised as a leading practitioner in Naturopathic gastroenterology. He joins Rebecca on The Healthy Gut Podcast to discuss functional gastroenterology and why we need to take a holistic approach to our digestive health. They discuss SIBO, reasons why SIBO treatment might not be working, what to do if you suffer with bloating, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Pro kinetics and laxatives, and much more. In Episode 63 of The Healthy Gut Podcast, we discuss: To access...


SIBO Diets with Dietician Kelly Issokson | Ep. 62

Kelly Issokson, MS, RD, CNSC, specializes in treating patients with digestive conditions such as IBD, IBS, and SIBO. On today’s episode, she discusses whether we should be restricting our diet while following a SIBO treatment protocol, which diet we should follow and what to do when we fall off the waggon. In Episode 62 of The Healthy Gut podcast, we discuss: ✓ The Cedars Sinai diet for SIBO – what it is, who it’s good for, why it’s quite different to the other SIBO diets, how long it...


SIBO: Herbal Therapies and Biofilm Busters with Dr Rachel Fresco | Ep. 61

Dr Rachel Fresco is an acupuncturist, PhD, and founder and CEO of Bio-Botanical Research. Since 1989, Dr. Fresco has utilized her background in naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and clinical nutrition to create products that have a significant impact on challenging clinical conditions. She joins Rebecca to discuss how herbal therapies can be useful in the treatment of SIBO and biofilms. On today's podcast, they discuss: -The Bio-Botanical Research range of products -Why it’s important to...


Awareness: Understanding the first key pillar to health | Ep. 60

As Rebecca Coomes went through her SIBO treatment journey, she realised she needed to address more than just following a treatment protocol alone. She developed the 5 Key Pillars to Health. On today’s podcast, she discusses the first key pillar: Awareness, and why it is a fundamental first step to recovery from SIBO and IBS. On today's podcast, Rebecca discusses: ✓ Understanding the 5 Key Pillars to Health ✓ Why Awareness is a fundamental first step to your recovery ✓ How to start...


Understanding SIBO with Dr Mark Pimentel | Ep.59

Dr Mark Pimentel is a pioneer in the research of SIBO. Today he joins Rebecca to talk all-things SIBO. Listeners of The Healthy Gut Podcast submitted their questions for Dr Pimentel, which Rebecca gets him to answer. They cover the following: To get the full show notes, or to sign up to become a member of The Healthy Gut Podcast and receive the full transcription for FREE, head to


Visceral Hypersensitivity with Dr Megan Taylor | Ep. 58

Do you experience chronic pain with your SIBO? Do you still experience painful digestive symptoms despite getting the all-clear? Or perhaps you're someone who reacts to everything, even water. Dr Megan Taylor joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss why Visceral Hypersensitivity should be considered as part of your underlying conditions. People with IBS are up to 90% more likely to have VH than the 'average' person. They discuss what it is, how it works and what you can do about it if you have it....


Overcoming Auto Immune Disease with Dr Terry Wahls

Dr Terry Wahls was confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair for 4 years with multiple sclerosis, before restoring her health using a diet and lifestyle program. On today's episode, Dr Wahls joins Rebecca Coomes and shares her journey with MS, why she developed the Wahls Protocol and how gut health has a big impact on our overall health. On today's podcast, they discuss: ✓ How she discovered she had multiple sclerosis and why conventional medicine did not work for her ✓ The connection...


The Healthy Gut Podcast is back for Season 2!

The Healthy Gut Podcast is back for Season 2! Bringing you a wealth of information on all things SIBO, your host Rebecca Coomes continues to share the latest information with you on Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, IBS and digestive health. The first episode for Season 2 launches on Tuesday (Monday in the US). Subscribers to the show will receive exclusive content and a full transcript for every show. To subscribe, make sure you head to and add your name...


Adhesions and SIBO with Larry and Belinda Wurn

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Adhesions can be an underlying issue for people with SIBO, often being one of the reasons why they developed SIBO and contributing to relapse. In this episode, Rebecca is joined by Larry Wurn LMT and Belinda Wurn from Clear Passage Physical Therapies to talk about their important work on adhesions. Belinda co-developed the ‘Wurn technique’ to address adhesions...