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Melatonin - It's the Sleepy-Time Tea of hormones! - Episode #433

It's a hormone that can be taken as a supplement and we need it to get into quality restful sleep. Join Chris and Mike to find out why everybody's talking about melatonin.


Blue Light and your Health: AKA One Light, Two Light. Red Light, Blue Light - Episode #432

Whats al;l the fuss about blue light? Everyone seems to be talking about it lately. Well, as it turns out, the blue light part of the visible spectrum is pretty bad for your eyes and your hormones, especially at night. This week, Mike and Chris look at the effects of blue and red light on your eyes and strategies to minimize the harmful effects of blue light and optimize your health.


Food Additives - More than just pretty food - Episode #431

Food additives have been part of many of our foods our entire lives. Including colours, flavours, preservatives, etc. However, there are folks who believe that food additives are not as harmless as they may appear. This week, Chris and Mike get into the research and get down to the bottom of the issue. Are they bad for us? Is it possible to avoid food additives? Are there healthier alternatives? Hear them get reactive like they just downed a batch of red dye #40.


Psoriasis - Episode #430

Another inflammatory topic from the HHPcast. Find out how a couple hilarious NDs approach one of our most common skin conditions.


Vaccines AKA: Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Episode #429

We've waited a long time to stab into this one. But finally, Mike and Chris are ready to talk about a highly polarizing topic: Vaccines. We will dig into some of the more common questions people have about vaccines. What are they? Are they necessary? Do they cause more harm than good? What about mercury and autism? So roll up your sleeve and get ready for your shot of medicine. Warning: adjuvants contain humour and may cause you to wet yourself.


GMO or GM No Thank you? - Episode #428

GMO's are a hot topic and very polarizing. Some people will tell you they are here to save the world and fix the world;s hunger problems. Others will tell you they are an abomination...humans playing God without any regard for human health or consideration for the environmental impact. Throw in a big, bad corporation into the mix an you have a story that is as compelling as it is contraversial!Where do Chris and Mike stand on GMO foods? Are they bad for you? Are they bad for the planet? Are...


Real People with Super Powers! - Episode #427

This week, Mike and Chris look at some super-human abilities found in some real people, and discuss the cool, and interesting medical reasons behind their "powers".


Healthy Aging AKA: The September Podcast - Episode #426

Age aint nothing but a number. And throwing down aint nothing but a thang. But humans have still been trying to defy aging for as long as there have been grey hairs. This week, Mike and Chris talk about some of the science behind aging and what options are out there to prevent premature aging and maybe, just maybe even slow down the biological aging process.They say you're only as old as you feel. So you might as well do everything you can to feel as young as possible as long as possible....


Testosterone and Growth Hormone: AKA Forever Young- Episode #425

Testosterone and Growth Hormone decline with age, so if we put back the hormones of youth can we stay young and healthy forever? What could possibly go wrong?


Common Pain Conditions: AKA Cuts Like a Knife - Episode #424

All of us get it at some point, but how much pain can we avoid by making small changes? And, once it's there, what can we do to treat common pain places like the low back, shoulders, and knees?


Dementia and Cognitive Decline - Episode #423

After age 60, the liklihood of dementia increases by 5% every five years. What does that mean for me? Can the loss of cognitive function be prevented or treated?


Poopcast: AKA A show about poop - Episode #422

Stool and You. Mike and Chris teach us what your poops have to say about you and your health.


Vaping: AKA Harm Reduction technique or Epidemic? Episode #421

It seems like all the cool kids are doing it, but some of them are getting pretty sick and maybe even dying. It's for sure worth it to be cool, but how risky is vaping reallly?


Hydrotherapy: AKA Hot, cold and awesome! - Episode #420

Gettin' Wet & Healthy! Today we explore hydrotherapy. Conclusion: It's great, you should totally do it. Also, we get a little personal on how Mike and Chris feel about their future in Naturopathic medicine. Check it!


How We Really Feel About Supplements - The real scoop Episode #419

The Natural Health Product industry is big money. Like, really, really huge money. Today, Mike and Chris share how they really feel about supplements and supplement companies. Should you really be taking all those pills every day? Will they make you healthier? Do supplement companies have your best interests in mind? Are the more expensive supplements really worth the money? Find out the real truth from a couple of Naturopathic Doctors this week!


Travel Medicine AKA: How to avoid getting sick on vacation - Episode #418

Are you planning on going somewhere? Well pack your bags and gather up your traevl documents. But then you had better listen to this exotic episode to help make sure you stay safe on your travels. Do I really need all those vaccines? And how do I keep myself from picking up something while I am these?


The Party Episode - Episode #417

Party! Booze, Blow, Molly, MDMA, Meth, and a marijuana cigarette all in this episode. Or is this just another Friday night on the HH Podcast? They are all harmless, consequence-free fun, right? Mike and Chris talk about what these substances do to you and how long they hang around in your system. Are there some things you should never try? Maybe a few...


The Carnivore Diet - Exactly what you think it is - Episode #416

You mean I only eat meat at every meal? Yes, people are doing this, and some believe it's how we were born to eat. But what happens to your body on a carnivore diet? Is this the future of food or might we still make a little space on our plates for our vegetables? Can the carnivore diet be a realistic and sustainable diet?


SIBO - AKA All the Right Bugs in All the Wrong Places - Episode #415

SIBO What is this fancy new acronym everyone is talking about? Well, first of all its not new. Seconf of all, it stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. And basically it means that you have too many bacteria in your small intestine where there should only really be a (relatively) small amount of bacteria. When these bacteria end up where they shouldn't be the start to ferment food and can lead to all kinds of digestive problems. So, can I really blame my digestive complaints on...


The Vagus Nerve - AKA Vagus baby, Vagus! - Episode #414

"The vagus nerve is the health-promotion nerve." So says everybody. This week Mike and Chris decide to explore the vagus nerve and find out what makes it so special. As it turns out, it is pretty amazing. So how does it work? And, most importantly, how can I hack it? We'll give away the guaranteed secrets and plenty more amazing 'vagustuff' on today's episode...