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Episode 003: Find Your Own Pool

Follow your streams of alignment to discover your “pool” of joy and build a community of like-minded people around you. Three Key Points Don’t resist emotions Focus on what you enjoy and feel happy doing Practice self-love and compassion Time Stamps [2:20] Ride the waves of emotion, and just let them be [3:03] Release resistance It’s less painful and more informative Taking a self-loving approach enables us to move through whatever it is more gently Emotions don’t go away; sit with them,...


Episode 002: Document It — In All Its Messiness

Release the pressure of creating by documenting instead. Whatever your favorite medium — journaling, voice recording, making videos — capture your thoughts and actions. You’ll likely gain insight and clarity from documenting. Then, consider sharing it so others can benefit, too. Three Key Points Gain clarity, capture the passion, and settle the chaos swirling within the mind Recognize when the need for perfection is creeping in and understand how to disempower it Try different means of...


Episode 001: Heed the Signs. Press Pause. Practice 360 Compassion.

What do you do when things just don’t feel like they’re working? Or you find obstacles or challenges at every turn? This first episode of The Holly & Kristen Show offers key insights about how you can turn roadblocks into opportunities. Three Key Points Awareness: Whether it’s through intuition or that voice in your head, your body and spirit are always speaking to you about what you need. Heed the signals. Presence: When you start to feel frustrated or blocked, press pause, shift your...



The Holly & Kristen Show is a virtual coffeehouse chat about relationships with everyone and everything in your life. It's a collaboration between life coaches Holly Moore, of Living With Distinction, and Kristen Quirk, of Being and Doing Now. Join the conversation and start living the life you love, one week at a time. The content of this show is for informational purposes only and represents solely the opinion of the person speaking. It is not meant to be construed as legal, medical, or...