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The Active Life presented by the Huntsman World Senior Games is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall active aging.

The Active Life presented by the Huntsman World Senior Games is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall active aging.


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The Active Life presented by the Huntsman World Senior Games is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall active aging.






#346 – Volunteer

It takes a truck load of volunteers to put on the Huntsman World Senior Games, about 3,000 actually. Today we visit with one of our valuable volunteers, Susi Lafaele. Susi started her “career” as a volunteer with the Games driving a shuttle for athletes. Now she helps with the check-in process. Almost 10 years of volunteering and she loves it. Kyle and Lil also chat about Cowboy Action Shooting at the Huntsman World Senior Games.


#345 – What’s Up With “Functional Training?”

Today, we’re excited to welcome back to the show Ryan Otterson. Ryan grew up in St. George, Utah, and graduated from Snow Canyon High School, which by the way is where my kids graduated from. Ryan is currently an Exercise Physiologist at Intermountain’s LiVe Well Center and was recently made the Clinical Supervisor over the team there. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University and more recently earned a Master’s degree in Sports Performance and...


#344 – Row. Row. Row Your … Rowing Machine?

Today’s guest is the director of one of our newest sports, Indoor Rowing. Irene Lysenko says she fell in love with rowing while living in Connecticut some fifteen years ago. What was supposed to be rehab for an injured knee and a recreational pastime quickly turned into a six-day-a-week training schedule with competitions up and down the East Coast. Irene joined Great Salt Lake Rowing nine years ago when she moved to Utah. As much as she has enjoyed competing, she finds her greatest joy...


#343 – A Cycling Life

Louie Amelburu has been a health teacher for 32 years. He played baseball in college, he boxed and also trained professional fighters, cornering two world championships. But that’s not even his sport. He’s is a multi-time pan American masters gold medalist and world record holder in cycling. Louie is incredible. Listen to his story. Kyle and Lil also give some background on badminton and how it is played at the Huntsman World Senior Games.


#342 – Don't Be Afraid To Try Something New

Wendy Holt is a multi-sport athlete at the Huntsman World Senior Games. She couldn’t wait to turn 50 so she could compete in the swimming and track and field events. Since then, she’s added archery, shooting and more to her list of sports. She’s got a fun approach to the Games and to life. You’ll like her as much as we do. In addition, Kyle and Lil also give some background on archery at the Games. Give it a listen.


#341 – Going For The Record

Sue McDonald is an athlete and coach, a wife and mother of three, and someone who is passionate about motivating and inspiring everyone she come into contact with. She says she is one of those crazy USATF masters athletes who continues to strive to get faster and stronger each year, even though she keeps getting older. She has competed internationally both as an open athlete (in the high jump and pole vault) and as a master’s athlete specializing in the 400 and 800 meters. This October, she...


#340 – The Plate Method

Hanna Matthias is originally from Logan, UT, and graduated from the dietetics program at Utah State University. She joined the nutrition department at St. George Regional Hospital in 2020 as a clinical dietitian and most recently took the position of an outpatient dietitian at Intermountain’s St. George LiVe Well Center. She shares with us some simple, easy and sustainable ways to make sure we are eating for our health and to live the active life. Kyle and Lil also talk a bit about the...


#339 – You Are Not Too Old And It Is Not Too Late

As she approached her milestone birthday of 50, Deborah Chambers (more commonly known as Deborah Darling to her tens of thousands of Instagram followers), felt like she was ready for a change. She says she lost the extra weight she had been carrying around for years, got fit (even competing in quite a few events) left her job of 20-odd years, stopped coloring her hair and, at 53, registered with a modelling agency. Deborah says, “I have had some wonderful modelling jobs, but more...


#338 – A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Our guest is Huntsman World Senior Games athlete, Barbara Biggs. Barbara was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she grew up with her parents and two younger sisters. In the middle of her university years, she moved to Edmonton, Alberta and has lived there ever since. Barbara is a runner, a triathlete and plays badminton just to name a few ways she stays active.


#337 – It Really Is For Everyone

Today we invite back to the show Suzanne Leonelli, athlete of the Huntsman World Senior Games. She competed in her very first Games in 2019 with a silver medal showing in racquetball. Then, like the rest of the world (and the Games) she took a timeout for 2020. But she’s back for 2021 and she’s planning to add a new sport. Kyle and Lil also give a quick updated on how registrations for the Games are going. Spoiler alert: We’re on track for a record year. Check out this show. It’s a fun one.


#336 – Everything’s Coming Up Rosey

Huntsman World Senior Games Director of Sports, John "Rosey" Rosander is the featured guest on today's show. He's set a goal for himself to compete in 30 sports in 30 years at the Games and he is well on his way. Listen to the challenges, high jinks and even inspiration, as Rosey talks about his experiences of competing in a variety of different sports every October at the Games. Kyle and Lil share a bit about oral health as well. Check it out.


#335 – Anaerobic Threshold

You work out. You push yourself. But have you ever reached your anaerobic threshold? What is it anyway and what would you do with it in relation to training. These questions and more are answered today with our guest Quinn Butler, an expert in Exercise Physiology/Adult Fitness. Kyle and Lil also share some simple things that can help your memory and cognitive strength. Check it out.


#334 – Big News On Alzheimer’s

Ronnie Daniel is the executive director of the Alzheimer's Association of Utah, a job he takes seriously because he’s lost immediate family to the disease, which is the 6th leading cause of death in the nation. He reviews the basics, but also shares some exciting news on the pharmaceutical front in the battle to end Alzheimer’s. On top of that, Kyle and Lil talk about social eating and how powerful of a force it can be.


#333 – Grey Matters

Today’s guest is Ellyn Lem, a professor of English and gender studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Waukesha. She’s recently published a book called Gray Matters – Finding Meaning in the Stories of Latter Life. She tackles many of the tough topics surrounding aging looking at them through the lens of media including books, movies and television. We think you’ll find the conversation pretty fascinating. Kyle and Lil also touch on a few foods that the healthiest people in the...


#332 – Scrum Like An Eagle

Most people seem surprised to learn that the Huntsman World Senior Games is offering rugby for the first time ever in 2021. Today Kyle and Lil visit with Jeffrey Owens and Patrick Whalen who will be directing the sport for the Games. If you don’t know much about rugby, like we didn’t, give the show a listen and you’ll have a better understanding.


#331 – Get Strong

Today we put to rest one of the main myths about lifting weights. No one accidentally ends up looking like a body builder. With that out of the way, Susan Jones, an expert in exercise science, talks about many of the benefits of resistance training for women (but hey, it all applies to the guys as well). With Lil off for the week, Kyle shares some ideas about virtual races and plugs the Games virtual race series, Epic Virtual Events.


#330 – Fruit Salad. Yummy! Yummy

We all know that fruit is good for us. But there are some fruits that top the charts when it comes to helping with weight loss. Kyle and Lil share some the best contenders. They also visit with Geno Kelly. Geno has 40 years of experience as a personal trainer, 20+ years teaching college and university courses in fitness certifications, exercise science courses, Nutrition and Aging programs. He’s a retired fire medic and with 30+ year’s working as a certified Grand Canyon and adventure...


#329 – Aren’t We All Ready To Hit The Road?

Many of us have been pent up for over a year now. The itch to get out and hit the road is real. Gary Sorensen, Vice President and co-owner of Morris Murdock Travel, one of the nation’s largest leisure travel agencies, joins us and talks about areas that are opening to travel as well as some important tips about preparing to travel safely in a post COVID world. Also, Kyle and Lil ask the imperative question, what if an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. This is a fun show. Check...


#328 – Weird World of Sport

Alright, this is just a fun one. Kyle and Lil talk and giggle about some of the wild and strange sports from around the world. Have a laugh with us. We also share a bit about why you may be cold all the time when no one else seems to be. Don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends.


#327 – Six Dimensions of Wellness

Today’s guest is the Operations Manager for the St. George LiVe Well Center, Allen Christensen. Allen holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education and a certificate in Gerontology from BYU. Allen also holds an MBA in Health Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. Today he discusses with Kyle and Lil the six dimensions of wellness including emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual and social and how to maximize these areas in your life. In addition,...