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EP 017 - Within the Mind of a Warrior: Rich Hungerford, Former SAS Patrol Commander

In this interview of The IPS Podcast, Richard Hungerford, former SAS Patrol Commander, talks about fear, mindset, nature, and what it means to be a warrior. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at _______ The IPS T-Shirts - T-Shirts That Change the World We at Inner Picture Stories are delighted to present the IPS T-Shirts: t-shirts that change the world. Not only does each t-shirt design tell a story...


EP 016 - “How to Have Better Conversations,” with Kalina Silverman, Founder of Big Talk

"Everyone has something to teach you." - Kalina Silverman In this episode of The Inner Picture Stories Podcast, we invited the founder of Big Talk, Kalina Silverman, to chat about how to have better conversations and skip the small talk. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at _______ The Inner Journey, The Book Which is Always There for You The Inner Journey, The Book Which is Always There for...


The 5 - Bullet Point Episode (EP's 11-15)

Five episodes have come and gone once again, bringing us to a new Five Bullet Points Episode. It's been a wide range of exciting topics and subjects that we covered in Episodes 11-15. All from astonishing people who shared their knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that can impact, change, and bring a greater understanding of us and the world. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at _______ The IPS T-Shirts - T-Shirts That...


EP 015 - 6 Heartwarming True Hero Stories - The IPS Positive News Stories

Welcome, here’s the very first IPS Positive News Stories. We at Inner Picture Stories are delighted to introduce this new type of episode on our podcast, and we are excited to have you here looking for positive news rather than the negative news we so often already see on the mainstream news. Each episode of The IPS Positive News Stories focuses on a different topic of positive change happening in the world: from the environment, to mental health, animals, and, as you can see here, true...


EP 014 – How Your Thoughts Create Your Life - The Power of Positive Psychology

Your thoughts create your life. Being aware of how much your thoughts determine your life quality is of fundamental importance—more so than many may realize. While this podcast episode delves more deeply into precisely how negative thoughts create much of all our sufferings, in the show notes, you will find various happiness exercises to practice the skill of happiness. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at...


EP 013 - Kristina Paltén, Ultra Runner - Alone Through Iran, 1144 Miles of Trust, Prejudice, and Human Kindness

“To develop as a person, you have to go out of what is comfortable and experience new areas.” - Kristina Paltén Kristina Paltén – Swedish ultra-runner, two-time world-record holder, adventurer, and in all, a beautiful soul – joins us today on The Inner Picture Stories Podcast to talk about courage, facing your fears, following your heart, and how the negative influence of media gives us an incorrect image of reality. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at...


EP 012 - Mark Henick - Mental Health Advocate, Coping With Suicidal Thoughts

“Life is going to be tough sometimes. But it's tough for everybody, and we are in it together. ” - Mark Hencik Suicide: it’s a topic that deserves more attention. Let us, therefore, give it the attention it deserves within this interview. Today, we have invited someone who has firsthand experience with suicide, Mark Henick, a mental health advocate, to The Inner Picture Stories Podcast. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at...


EP 011 - Richard Ayling on How to Become Superhuman, Master the Mind & Body, and Influence the Autonomic Nervous System

“It’s amazing what the body can do. We just don’t realize that we’d forgotten that.” - Richard Ayling Rich Ayling is a life coach who, after battling an unstable lifestyle and being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease – ulcerative colitis, started to shift his life around. In his own words, “perhaps the most powerful moment on my journey came with the discovery of the Wim Hof Method, where my ability to take control of my entire health and wellbeing was realized." Rich...


Short Movie: The Travelers We Are - An Inner Picture Stories Original

No matter what your beliefs are in life, and whatever you believe death will have in store for you, one way or another, we are all travelers in this world, on our way to whatever you define the afterlife to be. Heading towards home. This original short movie is the first of its kind and was created thanks to and out of the interviews with the wonderful guests we had on The Inner Picture Stories Podcast. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at...


The 5-Bullet Point Episode (EP’s 6 - 10)

The Inner Picture Stories Podcast hits another milestone of 10 episodes. That means nothing less than a new 5-Bullet Point episode! Each one of them serves one of two functions. Firstly, you can either listen to them at a moment when you are in need of a quick boost of wisdom, insights, lessons, or reminders from our past 5 guests that we had on the show. Secondly, they can be used as preview episodes for you to filter out and select which one of the past episodes suits the current...


EP 010 - Martin Inderbitzin: Tasting Death, a Survival Story of Pancreatic Cancer - The Lessons, The Hardships, and Becoming a Triathlete

"One day you are going to die, the question is just what you will do until then." - Martin Inderbitzin Help Make a Difference. Consider a small donation to My Survival Story. While without a doubt experiencing death is scary, painful and lonely, there is a beauty and truth about life that can also be found by facing such suffering. In this episode, we touch upon these topics and the rollercoaster of emotions, events and changes Martin went through; why he decided to run a triathlon...


EP 009 - Dormant Lives and a Broken Marriage: The Story of Multi Award Winning Travel Bloggers Dave & Deb (The Planet D), and How Travel Changed Everything

"By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone a little bit allows you to discover more about yourself and about your life." - Dave & Deb Life is an adventure. It's one of the many perspectives you can choose to see life through. In this episode of The Inner Picture Stories Podcast, Jellis Vaes talks with Dave and Deb, the founders of The Planet D. A multi award-winning travel and adventure blog, where they share stories, travel tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration to give you a...


EP 008 - How Travel Can Change Your Life, and How it Saved Mine

“Traveling healed me by simply reopening my view upon the world and myself. ” - Jellis Vaes In this episode of The Inner Picture Stories Podcast your host, Jellis Vaes will share with you all the story, how traveling changed and saved his life. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at ______ The IPS T-Shirts - T-Shirts That Change the World We at Inner Picture Stories are...


EP 007 - Let's Talk About Loneliness: a Conversation with Julia Bainbridge, Host of The Lonely Hour

“Without loneliness, I would appreciate company less. The darkness makes those light parts feel brighter.” - Julia Bainbridge Let’s talk about loneliness… Yes, that's right. Loneliness is increasing, with more and more people experiencing it in some form or other in their lives today. We have seen in recent years some dramatic changes in technology, the way we work and in our communities, changes that have transformed our ultra-social species into a population of loners. In this episode...


EP 006 - Muni Natarajan - The Wisdom of a Monk Who Lived 37 Years in a Monastery

“Life is your teacher no matter what. You can't have an experience that doesn't teach you something.” - Muni Natarajan Ready for another fascinating and wisdom filled episode on the Inner Picture Stories Podcast? Sure you are! In this interview, we will chat with Muni Natarajan, an ex-monk who lived 37 years, yes 37 years, in a monastery. We discuss some really interesting topics in this interview including his journey to the monastery, the lessons he learned from his teachers and the...


The 5 - Bullet Point Episode (EP's 1-5)

The Inner Picture Stories Podcast has just achieved its first milestone of 5 episodes! Each time we hit another 5 episode milestone you can expect a 5-Bullet Point Episode serving as a preview episode with some important lessons, wisdom, and insights from the past 5 episodes, helping you to get an idea what they are all about. Then you can easily find the right episode or episodes that contain the lessons and information that you are most interested in at that time. You could also...


EP 005 - Paul Gilmartin on Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, ... The Fight Against our Inner Demons

"All feelings are valid, there are just healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing it." - Paul Gilmartin We all have feelings and emotions running through us, yet more often than not we keep them out of sight, hiding them away from those around us, keeping them captive deep down inside of us. In this episode, Paul Gilmartin, TV personality, stand-up comedian and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour - a podcast that centers around the struggles of mental illness and the battles we all...


EP 004 - 2 Things that Dramatically can Impact Your Happiness

In this episode, your host Jellis Vaes, will share some of the wisdom he has learned in his life, and that has made a huge difference to him. They are both easy and accessible for anyone to do - all that really matters is that you actually give them a try. ________ The IPS T-Shirts - T-Shirts That Change the World We at Inner Picture Stories are delighted to present the IPS T-Shirts: t-shirts that change the world. Not only does each t-shirt design tell a story and carry a message of...


EP 003 - Unleashing Creativity With Award Winning Author - Debra Moffitt

"The reason most people are unhappy is because they are looking outside of themselves for something that’s within them." - Debra Moffitt Creativity runs through everyone, we are all creative beings in some way, shape or form. Whether you think you are creative or not, this episode on The Inner Picture Stories Podcast will be of use to everyone. We’ll explore, together with award-winning author Debra Moffitt, some deeper areas within creativity itself and Debra’s life as a writer, but we...


EP 002 - Bruce Langford: Taking Control Over The Mind And Living In The Moment

"Be who you are because there is no one else on this earth or ever will be, who is exactly like you." - Bruce Langford As the philosopher, Lao Tzu said, "If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present." We allow ourselves to dwell in the past and worry about the future more often throughout the day than most of us are even aware of. The mind is a busy place, and that voice that every...