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This podcast is dedicated to discussions and interviews with the fitness community's best science-based coaches, researchers and elite level athletes.

This podcast is dedicated to discussions and interviews with the fitness community's best science-based coaches, researchers and elite level athletes.
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This podcast is dedicated to discussions and interviews with the fitness community's best science-based coaches, researchers and elite level athletes.




#36 - Vegan Diet Science: Are Eggs Bad? Vegan Bodybuilding? Is Red Meat Bad?

In this episode I'm speaking with nutrition researcher and Director of, Kamal Patel. We discuss the ethics of veganism, the potential benefits of a vegan diet and its pitfalls. We also cover topics like eggs, red meat, processed meat, omega-3s, the carnivore diet, advice for vegan lifters and much more! Check out Examine's Supplement Guide for Vegans and Vegetarians: ‣ Watch on YouTube here: ‣...


#35 - How Much Training Volume Do You Need? ft. Dr. Mike Israetel

How many SETS and REPS per week is best for hypertrophy? How HARD should you train? Train to FAILURE? How do you track volume? Dr. Mike Israetel, Phd and I try to answer these questions through conversation. Mike's Articles: ‣ ‣ Watch on YouTube: ‣ Hit us up on Instagram: ‣...


#34 - ALL ABOUT PROTEIN (How Many Grams Per Day & Per Meal) ft. Jorn Trommelen

Part 2 of my discussion with muscle metabolism researcher Jorn Trommelen. Here we cover how to diet to maximize muscle protein synthesis. This is an audio repost from my interview on YouTube. Jorn's website: Watch on YouTube: TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 1:38 The role of carbs (insulin) and fats in stimulating MPS. Is insulin anabolic? 7:46 Whole eggs more anabolic than egg whites? (New research) 11:00 "Just hitting...


#33 - All You Need To Know About Muscle Protein Synthesis | Part 1 ft. Jorn Trommelen

Jeff and muscle metabolism researcher Jorn Trommelen discuss ways to train to maximize the muscle protein synthetic response. This is an audio repost from my interview on YouTube. Jorn's website: Ultimate guide to MPS: Watch on YouTube:


#32 - Natural vs Enhanced | Becoming the BEST Bodybuilder You Can Be ft. John Meadows

A conversation between myself and John Meadows about training, steroids and breaking past perceived limitations. Check out John's channel on YouTube: The audio has been reposted from my youtube channel:


#31 - How to Go "Bear Mode" and Look Enhanced, Naturally ft. AlphaDestiny

Alex of Alpha Destiny and Jeff discuss "bear mode", why being at a higher bodyfat percentage can make you look more impressive as a natural, body recomposition, "nucleus overload", and specific training strategies for growing the neck and traps. More from Alex here: I also recorded this conversation on my YouTube channel! Watch it here: Follow me here: INSTAGRAM...


#30 - Gender Differences in Training feat. Menno Henselmans

In this episode, scientific fitness author Menno Henselmans discusses with Jeff the natural muscular potential of women and training and nutrition differences between men and women. More from Menno here: I did a video on gender differences on my YouTube channel! Watch it here: Follow me here: INSTAGRAM SNAPCHAT FACEBOOK...


The Strongest Mindset | Interview with Emily Duncan

In this episode, we interview Emily Duncan, nationally qualified NPC Bikini competitor and ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist. We cover everything to do with sharpening your mental approach to training and nutrition, with some specific focus on the bikini athlete. You can find more from Emily here: EMILY DUNCAN IG: em_dunc YouTube: Twitter: em_dunc Continue the discussion on...


The Flexible Diet Discussion feat. Laurin Conlin and Robin Gallant

In this episode, we discuss with Laurin her recently published research on inclusive vs exclusive dieting strategies and much more. More from Laurin here: IG: @laurinconlin LAURIN'S INSTAGRAM @laurinconlin CONTEST PREP/ COACHING ROBIN'S CHANNEL: ROBIN'S...


The Volume Roundtable feat. Mike Israetel, Eric Helms, Layne Norton, Greg Nuckols

In this episode, we host the most comprehensive discussion of training volume available anywhere with Mike Israetel, Eric Helms, Layne Norton and Greg Nuckols. We answer the question of whether we should train with the maximum volume that we can recover from (maximum recoverable volume) or with the minimum volume needed to make progress (minimum effective dose). We also touch on many other topics including: - guidelines for how much volume to do per week - the difference between max...


THE PEEK WEEK ROUNDTABLE feat. Cliff Wilson, Eric Helms, Jason Theobald

In this episode, we host the most comprehensive Peak Week Roundtable available anywhere with contest prep coaches Cliff Wilson, Eric Helms and Jason Theobald. We cover all facets of peak week including: - how and when to manipulate water, sodium and potassium - how and when to load carbs/fats - how to deal with "spill over" - how to adjust cardio and training during peak week - how to set up the show day diet, including between prejudging and finals - how to know when someone is...


Episode 25 - Supplement Science with Kamal Patel of

In this episode Kamal Patel, director at discusses with Jeff: -the best pump/ pre workout supplement -sleep aids that actually work -nootropics/ mood enhancing supplements -ways to re-sensitize to the effects of caffeine -are there any natural testosterone boosters that work? -creatine: is timing important? -effect of mindfulness meditation on health -weird new supplements you haven't heard of ...and much more! You can find more from Kamal...


Episode 24 - Red Meat, Aspartame & Omega-3's | Interview with Kamal Patel of

In this episode Kamal Patel, director at discusses with Jeff: -how to eat a healthy diet -does red meat cause cancer? -is too much protein bad for health? How much is "too much"? -omega 6 to 3 ratio discussion -should we be supplementing fish oil/omega 3's? -is aspartame unsafe? -are saturated fats unhealthy? What about trans fats? -what is the role of a diet high in vegetables in reducing risk of CVD? ...and much more! You can find more from Kamal...


Episode 23 - Interview With Lyle McDonald (Part 2: Reverse Dieting, Metabolic Damage and Weight Training)

In this episode, we cover Part 2 of my interview with Lyle McDonald. Topics covered include: - Can you change your bodyfat set point? - Is there value in reverse dieting to maintain a goal bodyweight? - What causes a "slow metabolism"? - Does metabolic damage exist? - Why ISN'T volume the most important factor for growth? - Maximum Recoverable Volume (MRV) -Training frequency for hypertrophy & Norwegian frequency project You can find more from Lyle...


Episode 22 - Interview With Lyle McDonald (Part 1: Training and Nutrition for Women)

In this episode Lyle McDonald discusses with Jeff: - Why do women tend to struggle with fat loss more than men? - Setting up the deficit with exercise vs caloric restriction - How to deal with water shifts in women & menstrual cycle overview - Refeeding: How frequent and for how long? - Psychological vs physiological effect of refeeds - Dealing with prolonged weight loss stalls - How to approach physique athletes very resistant to fat loss - Gender differences in training volume...



In this episode, we host the first ever Reverse Diet Debate featuring Eric Helms + Menno Henselmans (against) vs. Layne Norton + Peter Fitschen (for). Topics covered include: - Opening statements and rebuttals - Defining "maintenance calories" - How does reverse dieting work in the absence of changes in body composition? - What are "adaptive metabolisms"? - Ad libitum and intuitive eating approaches post-contest - Can you diet on higher calories in prep after a successful reverse?...


Episode 20 - When It Comes to Training Volume, More is Better feat. James Krieger

In this episode James Krieger, MSc discusses with Jeff: -how many sets are best for maximizing hypertrophy? -is there a point at which adding more training volume is detrimental for gains? -how important is training to failure? -is it better to space volume out across the week with higher frequency training or have more per-session volume? -the value of relative vs absolute volume for hypertrophy -why James' 2010 meta-analysis on volume survives criticism -hints about some...


Episode 19 - Interview with Doug Miller

In this episode natural pro bodybuilder Doug Miller discusses with Jeff: -why Doug chooses to compete naturally -will he ever go for an IFBB pro card? -Doug's favorite bodybuilding split -Doug's favorite rep ranges -training periodization -how often does he train to failure? -what are Doug's off-season macros? -supplementation: creatine, BCAAs, natural test boosters and more ...and much more! Check out Core Nutritionals...


Episode 18 - Bro Splits, Training Frequency & the Anabolic Window feat. Menno Henselmans

In this episode Menno Henselmans discusses with Jeff: -how frequently should you train a bodypart? -the Norwegian Frequency Project and other research on training frequency -is it beneficial to periodize frequency across the training year? -the value in having dedicated arm days -the role of "the pump" in hypertrophic gains -how big is the anabolic window really? ...and much more! Interested in learning Menno's full Bayesian Bodybuilding method and become a certificed...


Episode 17 - BIG THREE Powerlifting Roundtable feat. Brett Gibbs, JP Cauchi, Josh Hancott.mp3

In this episode Brett Gibbs, Jp Cauchi and Josh Hancott discuss with Jeff: -their individual powerlifting goals for 2016 -how often should you be max testing or AMRAP testing in training? -how to plan a competition year -how much drug use is there in the IPF? -ammonia caps, music, imagery and other meet strategies -using "top sets" in training before volume work ...and much more! You can find more from Brett here: Instagram: @bg_waiweight Youtube:...