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Ep37 - The Reason You're So Unsatisfied

The number of unsatisfied people in today's world is rapidly increasing. People feel so overwhelmed that they have forgotten what nourishes them; what satisfies them. This sad state of living must end. Knowing that you have the power to make better decisions in your life will empower you to get back in the game fully recharged. Listen to this podcast to learn how to do exactly that. And remember, no matter how unsatisfied you are in life, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU 24/7! *** Find us on our...


Ep36 - The Art of Mastering Your Time

Why is it that a single day can sometimes feel like it lasts forever and other days it feels like they fly by? The length of the day did not change, but our experience of it did. In this podcast, we reveal effective methods that you can implement today that will help you either slow down your life or speed it up, depending on what you desire. By adding these changes into your life, you will learn and feel with your whole body that YOU are in control of your time once again. Master your time,...


Ep35 - Does Your Doctor Do This?

There is one thing every doctor and healthcare practitioner should do with their patients. It's a sad reality that it isn't occurring, and every patient knows it. In this podcast, we reveal and discuss the MOST IMPORTANT element of healthcare. Start listening to find out exactly what it is. And remember, no matter what you are going through in life, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU 24/7! *** Find us on our website, find us on Facebook & Instagram @mymetromedicine, or contact...


Ep34 - What's Your Plan?

Do you have a plan for tomorrow? How about for the next stage of your life? Do you know exactly HOW to plan? So many people waste time during their summers trying to "escape" from the lives they have built, which they claim does nothing but cause them stress. This insane repeating lifestyle is unfortunately what most people learn to adapt to because they are not sure how to do one basic thing: PLAN! This podcast focuses on how to plan and what are the most important pieces people forget...


Ep33 - Burning Your Candle at Both Ends

Burning your candle at both ends is something that will ultimately destroy your health and affect your livelihood. That is usually why August is the most popular month to take vacation and enjoy the beautiful weather in the US. We think that we have worked so hard and we deserve a break. This dangerous approach to life needs to be transformed and a new approach needs to be created. In this podcast, we examine the practice of burning your candle at both ends and discuss ways to move towards a...


Ep32 - Break Your Patterns

Patterns are something we develop over the course of our lives. They form our speech, our emotions, our movement, our decisions, and every other aspect of our lives. Some patterns are constructive, but for many, some patterns are destructive. If you feel as though you are holding back in your life or if you feel something outside of your control is holding you back, then it’s time to break your patterns. It is time to remember that you are meant to be in control. Listen to this podcast from...


Ep31 - Summer Lovin'

It's summertime again and unfortunately it's common for us to forget that we should be enjoying ourselves! In this podcast, we focus on the ins and outs of the summer season. We talk about what to look out for that is potentially harmful, and we also teach you about certain things that us Acupuncturists look out for in your health during this time of the year. Although it is a fantastic season we can all enjoy, we also need to be extra careful. Have a listen to know exactly what I mean. And...


Ep30 - The Essence of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is commonly thought of as an exercise that is usually practiced by Chinese people in a park. We recognize it for its health benefits; its success in stress relief; and occasionally its place as a martial art. But we have yet to understand the true essence of the art. In this podcast, I focus on the essence from a personal perspective to give new meaning to what Tai Chi practice can do for you. Tai Chi is more than an exercise. It has the potential to help you understand who you are...


Ep29 - The Fastest Way to Master Your Life

We are all beginners in life at some point. What KIND of beginner determines how much success you will experience. Those who take the reins of their own destiny and say “I will succeed” are the ones who will educate themselves no matter what the cost and figure things out on their own terms. Start by being a humble beginner and watch yourself transform into a true master. This process is beautiful to watch and comes with so many great experiences! I can’t understand why people aren’t doing...


ASK THE EXPERT---Asya Haikin, C-IAYT (Peaceful Mind Yoga Therapy)

For this month's #AskTheExpert, we sat down with Asya Haikin, a certified professional Yoga Therapist. Asya runs her own practice right here in Northern Virginia (, and she also work together with other health practitioners at the Falls Church Wellness Center. Her passion for helping people using #yogatherapy is truly inspiring, and her knowledge of the art is even more amazing! If you are a yoga practitioner, then THIS IS THE PODCAST FOR YOU! Thank you all...


Ep28 - Who's On Your Team In Life? (Inspired by the 2018 World Cup)

If you're a #WorldCup fan, then you understand the concept of having a good quality team. And in your life, you must decide who you will allow on your own team in this game of life. Who is talented enough to be your goalkeeper, your striker, your midfielder? Who is your coach in life? What role do you have in all of this? In this podcast, we bring you closer to understanding the answers to all of these questions. We even discuss a moving documentary just released about a tragic incident that...


Ep27 - How To Be a Positive Person (Not Annoyingly Positive)

Being positive is a learned practice. It comes through repetitive observation of reality, not from ignoring it and claiming everything is always positive. Annoyingly positive people are, most of the time, ignorant of the reality of situations in their lives. When we can grasp that each moment contains something to learn, something to honor, and something that we can transform, then we can truly be guided towards living a positive life. The ability to transform any situation into one charged...


Ep26 - The Next Chapter of Your Life

It's the time of year where endings become new beginnings; where children finish the school year; where people are graduating and moving on to the next phase of their lives; where summer has arrived and people are ready to take a break and go on vacation. This is the high point! It is also the point where you get to start writing a new chapter in your life. When one part of your life comes to an end, another one is ready to begin. What choices will you make and how will you make them so that...


Ep25 - Coffee Time VS. Growth Time

How many times a week do you have coffee with someone? Have you ever added it up for the entire year? Trust me, it's a lot more time than your think! What if you made the choice to use this time for your own personal growth instead of casual conversation over a $4.00 cup of coffee? Our ability to make change in our lives starts with our ability to harness our own time. We all have control over how we spend our limited time here on earth. So, will you choose to waste your time or will you...


Ep24 - The True Meaning of Balance

What really IS balance? What does it mean and how do we achieve it? This podcast will teach you how to think differently about finding balance in your life and how to discover it in every moment of your day. Stop fighting to find or reach a state of balance in your life. Start living your life with a new approach; one that allows for more opportunity and less suffering. Join us on the journey to better balance at We are ready to help 24 hours a day/7 days a week....


ASK THE EXPERT---Dr. Stacy Snow, DPT (Tranquil Place PT)

This month, we sat down with Dr. Stacy Snow, Doctor of Physical Therapy, for a LIVE interview to discuss the ins and outs of PT. We went into great detail about the benefits of this therapy and how you can make the best choice for your recovery. Dr. Snow truly is a great therapist and we were honored to have this extraordinary opportunity. Thank you all for listening, and as always, please leave us a rating and a comment. We'll see you back here next month for ASK THE EXPERT! Plus, don't...


Ep23 - Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Even old jokes can contain wisdom! This podcast explores one of the old "Knock Knock" jokes to help you understand how routines can sometimes have a negative effect on our lives even when we're not paying attention. If you want to gain a new perspective on how to "shake things up" in your life, then listen to this podcast and take action as soon as you finish. Plus, don't forget, we are always here to help 24 hours a day. [FB & IG @mymetromedicine --- info@mymetromedicine --- 202-505-2805]


Ep22 - The Answer to Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a misunderstood illness that has come to fit more people under its umbrella than it actually should. Skyrocketing to the number one mental illness in the United States affecting 40 million adults annually, anxiety has become the norm, which is completely unacceptable. In this podcast, you will be woken up to the reality of what anxiety actually is and why most people don’t actually have it. You will all learn basic prevention techniques to guide you step by step through the...


ASK THE EXPERT---Joanne Creary (Well Woman Coaching)

On April 30, I had the great pleasure of interviewing an amazing life and relationship coach; owner of Well Woman Coaching right here in the Northern Virginia area. Joanne's passion for coaching others comes from a great story she tells in this interview She also shared some of the techniques she uses and how you can perform them on your own. Life coaching is a fairly new field that is being popular by the minute, but there are still so many question that need answered about this new...


Ep21 - The Battle of Technology vs. Humans

What are the upsides and the downsides of technology in the world today? What changes would we benefit from when it comes to the implement of this technology into our lives? What changes have we already seen? All questions that can help us explore the need for BOTH humans and technology. Listen to this episode for more great details. Become a supporter of this podcast: