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A clinical pharmacist that is passionate about educating patients on all Professional areas in Health Care that pharmacists are involved and super helpful to the patient and the medical team. I am bringing education related to medications and health care. Emphasizing how pharmacists help patients on a daily bases. So, patients understand how much pharmacists do for them and maybe then they will allow us to help and support them even more. I truly believe that #PharmacistAreAwesome!


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A clinical pharmacist that is passionate about educating patients on all Professional areas in Health Care that pharmacists are involved and super helpful to the patient and the medical team. I am bringing education related to medications and health care. Emphasizing how pharmacists help patients on a daily bases. So, patients understand how much pharmacists do for them and maybe then they will allow us to help and support them even more. I truly believe that #PharmacistAreAwesome!




#41 Is Self-healing Possible with Dr. Elizabeth Hughes, MD

Today, we are going to talk about self-healing. As you all know, in today’s world and ways of medications, a lot of people are being programmed that we need to take this and that. That we need to maintain this kind of medication to heal our bodies. There are so many products and commercials right now which lead us to forget that our body does heal on its own. That the human body has a natural ability to repair itself. What we talked about: 7:33 Self-healing is the process of your body putting yourself back together. And there are things that we do that we don’t realized is important to our self-healing. 9:46 All our body parts do self-healing even our solid organs that you think aren’t changeable like your bones, liver even your brains they move and regenerate all the time 10:27 The reason why the body gets sick while it’s healing itself 18:00 Drugs are very very big business- billions and dollars in each individual’s medication 22:44 Surgery and medication goes hand-in-hand to your self-healing. You don’t have to give-up medicines, you don’t have to give up your doctors, but you will be much healthier and everything you do will work better if you start working on your own self-healing 23:28 The practice of self-healing 27:54 Being bored is very important to your self-healing 32:18 There’s a big misconception where when doctor talks about self-healing, somehow, the patients expect the doctor to do the self-healing for them. 34:15 Find a way to bring the feeling of feeling healthy back to being something that you do regularly to start the journey of your own self-healing Visit for the show notes.


Solo Episode- COVID-19 Vaccines Distribution with Marilena Grittani

Today, we are going to talk about COVID-19 vaccine distributions and the problems along with them. As you all know, the vaccines were already approved during the Holiday season last December 2020 and the distribution has already started. However, based on my experience, there are some lapses about it and I wanted to talk to you about that. What you will learn from this episode: -Vaccines need to be frozen throughout the process of distribution. And the government needs to provide all of the equipment for that. -There is great communication between the government and pharmaceutical companies during the vaccine development but lacks it during the distribution. -Government and militaries can do so much more to help the process of distribution and implement vaccination much easier. Go to for the shownotes.


COVID-19 Vaccines

Last week, we talked about the Corona Virus, and today, we are going to talk about COVID-19 Vaccines, how it works, what it is that it does and how it will protect you from the virus. As you all know, I already mentioned from the last episode that I already got the vaccine. And I want to share to you today my own experience about it and why I recommend that you get it too. What I talked about: -2:00 Different functions of the cells in your immune system -16:30 The creation of the vaccine -18:12 How MRNA Vaccine works -22:47 Why do we need a second dose of vaccine -31:17 Does the COVID-19 vaccine prevents us from getting the virus -38:12 Vaccine side effects -44:08 Physician, Pharmacists, and Scientists advise to people that have a weak immune system -49:26 Anaphylactic reaction or severe allergic reaction to the virus Visit for the show notes!


Bonus Episode- Let's Talk About Corona Virus

Today, we are going to talk about Corona Virus again. As you all know, I am so passionate about it and have talked about this in the previous episode. And recently, I did my research again about Corona Virus. It's a lot of information that has been developed in the last six to seven months. I get that a lot of this information is very technical and it has a lot of concepts that are hard to understand that’s why I dedicated this episode to explain this information to you in a language that you will understand. And inform you more about what the virus is, how it works, how it happened and how we can prevent it, and what is the hope that we have for our lives after this virus. What I discussed: -3:20 What is the difference between SARS COV2 and COVID19 -3:57 How the virus spread so fast -6:14 What is those little spikes in the virus and how do they work -8:15 Why we get so sick -8:47 How our immune system reacts to the virus and protect our body -12:02 Why the doctors need to intubate you when you get so sick -14:14 Why this virus is very dangerous for people who are older and people that have already health problems -16:08 What is Viral load -18:52 Ways to prevent getting the virus Make sure to visit for show notes!


#40 How To Nourish Relationship with Your Teen-Young Adults

Are you having a hard time transitioning from your teens to your young adults? Do you wish that someone expert could advice you what to do with them now that they’re in a stage where they need to make their own decisions? Karen Vincent is a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed Therapist, a Health Coach, a Speaker/Trainer and Founder of How To Parent A Teen, which is a coaching and consulting business with programs and products designed specifically for parents of teenagers. Karen has been working with hundreds of teenagers and their parents over the last twenty years, helping parents of teenagers improve their parenting effectiveness, improve their relationships with their teens and improve their communication skills with their teens. In this episode, Karen talks about the mindset of a young adult. She talks about how you parents can understand more your children. And what should be your key steps in your teens to be a confident adult. She also talks about the boundaries you should set when your young adult opens up to you as to not scare them, but rather encourage them to open up with you some more in the near future. What we talked about: 7:44 Things you should watch out for when your teen is hanging out with other young adults 11:34 What issue usually arises when young teens who doesn't want to be boss around work with an older adult 14:48 As a parent how do you step-in when your teen is in a difficult situation 19:59 What you can do at home to support your teens 23:31 What you can do for your teens to help them become a confident adult 29:57 What can a teenager do to be more confident in asking advice or consultation to their parents 32:51 What a parent should expect when a young adult or teenager ask for a consultation or advice Visit our website for the shownotes.


#39 Menopause Age and Symptoms with Dr. Sharzad Green

Today, we are going to talk about menopause. I bring to you an expert to help answer your questions such as menopause symptoms, how it starts, what to expect, what treatments we can use over the counter, other types of medications that you would never think will be used for treating menopause, and cancer in menopause and hormones. Dr.Sharzad Green is well known for her expertise in women's health and is an ultimate expert in all vaginal health. Her vast experience for the past 21 years and having done over 20,000 private consultations allowed her to guide her patients through hormonal challenges, adrenal fatigue syndrome, sexual dysfunction, and nutritional supplementation. In this episode, Dr. Green dives deep into the issues of menopause, the misconception around it, and what you can do to prepare for it. Why you have to listen to this episode -Learn what is menopause behind the knowledge that it is a point in time when menstrual cycles permanently stop -Why you need to start knowing your body and keep track of your menstrual cycle -The changes in you physically, mentally, emotionally that you did not think is related to menopause What we talked about -4:24 What menopause is -5:31 Signs and symptoms of menopause besides not having a period -8:40 Do you need to undergo medication when you're going through menopause -12:23 Medications that are available to manage your menopause -18:35 The best way to handle your menopausal symptoms -28:44 Hormones can cause cancer -37:11 Three steps you can do if you think you're already in the menopausal stage Make sure to visit our website for the complete resources.


#38 Reverse Alopecia Naturally Using No Medications with Johanna Dahlman

Today, we are going to talk about Alopecia or commonly knowns as hair loss. Johanna Dahlman is a Wellness Entrepreneur who is the author of Alopecia Angel. She helps others heal and reverse their alopecia through diet and lifestyle changes. And in today's episode, Johanna shares her insights on how to treat alopecia naturally and organically without using any pharmaceutical products. She also dives deep into what is alopecia and the root cause of it other than it is a hair loss condition. Why you have to listen to this episode: Learn what is really alopecia behind the knowledge that it is hair loss How to reverse alopecia naturally and organically using no pharmaceuticals, no medicine, no drugs, all through diet and lifestyle. Why taking a pill is not the solution for something like alopecia What we talk about: 2:34 - Johanna's own experience with alopecia 7:24 - Why taking a pill is not the route to treat alopecia 17:51 - Going through Alopecia as adults 31:27 - Alopecia in pregnant women 35:57 - Alopecia in a healthy person Make sure to visit our website for the shownotes!


#37 What is a Physician Assistant with Sabrina Runbeck, Cardiothoracic Surgery PA

Today, we are going to talk about Physician Assistant. What is it that they do and why do we usually face or talk to them first when we go see our doctor? In this episode, Sabrina talks about what is a Physician Assistant, what is Cardiothoracic surgery in general, and what does a cardiothoracic surgery Physician assistant does. She also talks about reviewing your energy, be able to focus and be productive and tap into your full potential as a health professional so that you can feel satisfied in the works that you do.


#36 Sexual Dysfunction in Female and Pelvic Bone with Jessica Chastka

Hola, today’s episode is a little bit different from what we usually discuss, but I think it’s important to address this issue. Today, we are going to talk about sexual dysfunction in females. We are going to dive deep into discussing why you feel pain or discomfort during sexual interaction or why you see changes in your sexual desire after you gave birth or in the menopausal stage. We are also going to discuss the misconception that “it is normal” to feel that way especially when you’re in the menopausal stage.


#35 Women's Healthy Relationship with Michele Rae

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Or is someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship? What if your relationship has so much to do with your health right now? And what if you can do something to turn your unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship? In this episode, Michele talks about the key elements of a healthy relationship and how you as a woman, can validate your emotions, be empowered, and let your voice be heard. She also talks about how to determine or validate if you have an unhealthy relationship and key steps that you can do to save an unhealthy relationship. Visit our site for the show notes. thelegaldrugdealer/podcast


#34 How to use Nutrition to Improve Health with Kira Whitham

Have you been dealing with a chronic disease all your life? Have you been taking and maintaining pills for so many years to get better, but got no better result? Are your doctors telling you that they can't figure out what's wrong with you and why are you suffering from that certain disease? In today's episode, Kira talks about how your diet has a deep connection to what your body is experiencing right now. How proper nutrition can help you get past it. Get the show notes here:


#33 Impact of Public Health and Covid-19 with Dr. Christina Madison

What is the impact of public health on our community? Is their role important? Are they really thinking about the benefits of many? Should we follow public health protocols in fighting the current pandemic, Covid-19? Today, I invited an expert to explain and educate us about the view of public health in the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Madison will talk about the in-depth roles of public health and how we can be of help in the fight against this global pandemic we are facing right now, Covid-19. The importance of following public health protocols and wearing a mask. She also talks about our current situation right now with Covid-19, what status we are, and is there really hope that everything is back to normal for the year 2021.


#32- How to parent a teenager with health issue with Karen Vincent

Today, I want to present to you a bonus episode that was recorded quite a bit ago. And I didn't want this to not to be aired for you. Because the information that Karen presents with this is sincerely awesome. Karen talks about how to parent a teenager with health issues. And it is super insightful. Karen is absolutely awesome. Visit our website for show notes and resources.


#31 Vitamins and Nutrition and Why You should eat rainbow color vegetables With Lara Zakaria

Stay tuned, as Lara educates us about the importance of nutrition and drugs based on the lifestyle we have. She brings 2 different professions to her practice, her extensive knowledge of nutrition, with the combination of her pharmacy roots, for her patients to get the best out of both worlds and we'll learn from that in this episode. Lara is an IFM Certified Practitioner, nutritionist, pharmacist and public health professional based in New York City. She combines evidence-based nutrition and complementary medicine, including positive psychology, to inspire patients to use whole food, herbs and lifestyle modification to optimize their health. Make sure you check out for shownotes and resources. ***************************************************************** If you liked this episode write us a review and recommend and share it with those that might need or want this information. Please visit our website, follow us on Instagram, and join our Private Facebook Group Community. Subscribe & Review in iTunes Are you subscribed to my podcast? If you’re not, I want to do that today. I don’t want you to miss an episode or those informational documents that I am including with each one of them. AND, I’m adding some bonus episodes that will post soon, and if you’re not subscribed, most likely you’ll miss them. Click here to subscribe in iTunes! Now if you’re grateful for the information that I provided, I will be really happy if you left me a review over on iTunes. That is how other people find this podcast and they make me happy Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” tell me what you like the most about my podcast. Thank you in advance!


#32 Nutrition and Vitamins and Why you should eat Rainbow Color vegetables with Lara Zakaria

Stay tuned, as Lara educate us about the importance of nutrition and drugs based on the lifestyle we have. She brings 2 different professions to her practice, her extensive knowledge of nutrition, with the combination of her pharmacy roots, for her patients to get the best out of both worlds and we'll learn from that in this episode. Lara is an IFM Certified Practitioner, nutritionist, pharmacist and public health professional based in New York City. She combines evidence-based nutrition...


#30 Bonus Episode- Is My Health Insurance The Best For Me with Edward Givens

Today you are in for a treat as we will talk about and all that needs to be learned surrounding insurance especially, healthcare insurance. We specifically decided to publish this episode today because the deadline for Medicare Part D holders and beneficiaries is very soon. Our guest for today is an expert in health insurance, Edward Givens. He is a Licensed Independent Health Insurance Adviser. Licensed in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Maryland. Get the show notes and other resources at


#29 How Functional Medicine can help your overall health with Kimberley Kallio

This episode highlights a branch of medicine and pharmacy practice that is quite recent, but ancient at the same time: Functional Medicine Pharmacy. Which happens to be the passion for Kim Kallio. She found a way to combine 2 totally different professions like engineering and pharmacy for the benefit of her patients. Go to for shownotes and resources


Summit Special Episode: Taking Control Of My Own Health

Hello! I am super excited to inform you that we are finally opening our online conference, the Taking Control Of My Own Health online conference! It will start Monday, the 14th of September at 11am Pacific time. This conference will be a whole week, pack of VALUABLE Health Information that is solely created for the patients, using the patients language, and with the patients in mind. You really don’t want to miss this. Visit for shownotes and resources.


#28 What in the world is Functional Medicine, is it still Regular Medicine with Megan Stone

In this episode, a Board Certified Family and Functional Medicine Physician, Dr. Megan Stone, will educate us about what really is Functional Medicine, the three biggest misconceptions of Functional Medicine, and the three steps you should do if you want to learn Functional Medicine. Visit for show notes!


Bonus Episode- Beginning of Season 2 and Online Conference

Hola! I am so excited to announce to you that today starts the second season of The Legal Drug Dealer podcast! Who would have thought that we would have a second season? I am so excited and very thankful for all your support. And I am beyond excited to announce that my online conference is about to start this Sept. 14, 2020. And I would love for you to join as I'll be inviting experts to discuss health-related topics that I know will be very helpful not just to you, but to your family as well. We've got 30 presentations and 25 health experts speakers. We will talk about children's' health, teens' health, women's health, autoimmune diseases and other healthcare-related topics. And all of these will be discussed using the patients' language. That's why I encourage you all to join- it is FREE but you have an option to enrol to Premium pass. When you enrol to our Premium pass you can get a one-on-one conversation with the health experts of your choice, plus a bunch of bonuses from them. The Premium pass is only very limited. We only have 50 Premium passes available. I look forward to seeing you there. This is going to be a wonderful second half of the year! Visit for shownotes.