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Brand new podcast from the producer of Mark Bell's PowerCast.

Brand new podcast from the producer of Mark Bell's PowerCast.
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Brand new podcast from the producer of Mark Bell's PowerCast.








Brian Crall Can Spot Comedy | S1 E9

Brian Crall founded the Sacramento Comedy Spot, but that’s not really what he originally intended on doing. The comedy theater itself now offers shows six nights a week and classes in improv, standup, and sketch comedy four nights a week. It’s the biggest comedy school in northern California. That’s quite an outcome for someone who was only trying to do a single show…just to see how it would go. Little did he know that the business degree he threw the towel in on would become just as...


John Romaniello: Clarity, Identity, and Beating Back Depression | S1 E8

This episode contains a frank discussion -- in adult language -- about real issues like depression, suicide, relationships, and sexuality. It may not be suitable for all ages. “Rational decisions don’t always work out for me.” New York Times bestselling fitness/lifestyle author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems, John Romaniello talks about how overthinking things sometimes takes him down the wrong path, and how following his gut sometimes provides clarity. He also discusses how his...


Mike Beech and the "Be Daddy First" Doctrine | S1 E7

Mike Beech is Matt Vincent’s partner in HVIII Brand Goods, but that’s not his most important job. He’s a stay-at-home dad keeping with the demands of raising three young kids, while his wife works as a physician. He talks about his past jobs in the corporate world, the decision to leave it behind for the home gig, and how to being the best parent you can doesn’t mean getting hung up on trying to be the best dad EVER. You can find Mike on IG @beeeeeeeeech (that’s 9 Es), @HVIIIBrandgoods,...


Michael Fahey's Lack of Sensible Quit | Inside Westside vs the World | S1 E6

Several years ago, Michael Fahey approached me with an idea. He wanted to make a documentary about Westside Barbell. I did my best to talk him out of it, but luckily I didn’t succeed. (I also offered some encouragement along the way.) It took quite a while to come together, and it sorely tried his patience and stamina, but in the end his “lack of sensible quit” has produced an outstanding, (nearly) finished product. Michael explains how his time editing the documentary “Forks Over...


“Silent Mike” Farr & Omar Isuf – Two-headed Coin | S1 E5

Momma’s Boys Podcast partners, Mike Farr and Omar Isuf take a minute to get serious about the decisions that took them out of the paths they found disappointing or tedious…and into what? Mike broke up with his one true (sports) love, and Omar left behind a college scholarship. They ultimately the ended up catching and riding the wave of new media offered by the rise of YouTube, podcasts, and social media. What do their stories have in common? An intolerance for dissatisfaction. That Alan...


John Tims: Blue Collar Leverage | S1 E4

Can you finance a life filled with travel, hanging with friends, and racking up cool experiences with the kind of job you can get without a college degree? If you do it right, you can. John Tims did some research, took some chances, and figured out what kinds of jobs he wanted to target. After years on the job, he found he wanted to do more and create additional income. He did that by launching a side hustle into high-end men’s products (beard care, razors, toiletries, and other awesome...


Jacob Ross – Leaving Texas and School Behind | #3

Jacob Ross was working on a Master’s degree with his sights set on getting a PhD in neuroscience in his home state of Texas. A fateful phone call lured him to a dramatically different life in Chicago training athletes…professional athletes. Jacob is now an athletic performance coach and consultant. You can find him on social Instagram @jacob.w.ross. Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd). Instagram: @lessthanobvious Twitter: @lessthanobv Facebook Logo: Joseph Manzo. Audio Engineered and...


Matt Reynolds Beats the Rule of 80 with Starting Strength | #2

Matt Reynolds was a high school teacher and football coach who was ticking off the requirements to become a principal. Eventually all the boring, non-competitive stability--and the crushing math of the Rule of 80--made him realize he wanted more from the many years he had left until retirement. An unexpectedly successful hobby gym, and an unforeseen twist of fate, and an uncommon business approach led him to become head of a fast-growing online coaching business. Matt is now owner/founder...


Ryan Spencer and the Lure of Political Muscle | #1

Ryan Spencer decided that the best way to follow up his outstanding high school experience was to return…as a teacher. Not just any teacher. The COOL teacher. A last minute internship pulled him toward politics instead and changed his life forever. Ryan is a lobbyist at Dimare, Brown, Hicks, and Kessler in Sacramento, CA. You can find him on social media @politicalmuscle. Host: Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd). Instagram: @lessthanobvious Twitter: @lessthanobv Facebook Logo: Joseph...


Less Than Obvious Podcast Trailer 1

Coming soon -- The Less Than Obvious Podcast! This is a podcast about points that our lives turn on...especially the ones that are less than obvious at the time. Think about a time when you followed your gut and made a choice that was less than obvious to everyone but you. Maybe you were nervous, but you had the courage to throw everyone's advice out the window and push forward into what seemed right. Or maybe a time when you some else’s less than obvious choice, and you had to live up...