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The Biohacking Superpowers Of Red Light Therapy #169

Are you ready to learn about light magic? Because today I’m sitting down with two of the co-founders of Joovv, Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan. Scott is a veteran in the MedTech industry and focusing on commercializing the first professional-grade, full-body red light therapy device designed for convenient in-home use. Justin is the inventor of the Joovv and head of R&D, coming up with all of the fantastic tech that makes Scott’s commercialization efforts possible. If you’ve listened to...


Confessions Of The World’s Top Superfood Hunter #168

Darin Olien is probably the only kid who did a grapefruit cleanse during middle school in Small Town, Minnesota – and those three days set the course for the rest of his life. It was the first time that Darin realized how the things he put into his body either healed him or hurt him. And Darin needed a lot of healing. Born prematurely and only three-and-a-half pounds, Darin grew up feeling weak and fragile. Later, a football injury broke his body again. But every time Darin perceived...


Onnit With John Wolf: The Future Of Fitness #167

The Life Stylist is about building the ultimate lifestyle based on the most powerful principles of health and spirituality – and there's no one better to talk to about the fitness side of things than John Wolf, the Chief Fitness Officer for Onnit and a phenom in the fitness industry. Not only do the unconventional fitness systems pioneered by John and the rest of the folks at Onnit change you physiologically, but they also change you emotionally and psychologically. And those gains are just...


Deuterium Depletion Revisited: The Missing Link With Dr. Anne Cooper #166

A lot of people are struggling to live in our modern world, with all of the chemicals in our packaged foods and the bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies and radiation going through our body every day, but our guest Dr. Anne Cooper helps people get their lives back. Earlier in the week, we talked to the Deuterium Duo, Dr. Que Collins & Dr. Laszlo Boros, about what the heck deuterium is and how it’s contributing to the slow and steady degradation of our bodies on a cellular level. Dr....


Deuterium Depletion: The Most Powerful Health Hack You’ve Never Heard Of W/ Dr. Que Collins & Dr. László Boros #165

Today we're talking about an element that you probably didn't learn about in school, deuterium, and how it is likely contributing to the slow but steady degeneration of the human population. Our guests are Dr. Que Collins and Dr. Laszlo Boros, who are leading experts working to educate people on deuterium through the Center for Deuterium Depletion so that we can heal our bodies and improve the health of future generations. So what exactly is deuterium? It is a rare isotope of hydrogen...


Divine Reality: The Modern Mysticism Of SriMati AKA Julie Piatt #164

Today Julie Piatt, AKA SriMati, invites everyone participating in the podcast to collaborate, to co-create, and to exchange for the highest divine expression, sharing, activation, initiation, and inspiration of everybody tuning in across the multiverse, both in-body and out-of-body. In listening, we are all joined in harmony, in beauty, and in love. It's a beautiful sentiment and an expression of Julie's intention to lead others in their journey of gathering everything internally. Because...


Max Lugavere Can Fix Your Brain! Genius Foods For High Performance and Happiness #154

What if Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are preventable? What if our choices at the grocery store cash register, and the decisions we make when we’re craving a snack, are contributing to or causing dementia? Those are the questions that drove Max Lugavere – health and science journalist, brain food expert, and the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Genius Foods – to create his upcoming documentary Bread Head, a first-of-its-kind film about taking back the fate of...


The Ultimate Guide To The Power Of Crystals With Energy Muse #162

Warning: I was tripping when I recorded this episode. Before recording this interview, Energy Muse co-founders Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro laid me down on a crystal-laden iMRS PEMF mat for about 20 minutes and guided me through the insane and wonderful experience they call Crystal Biohacking. This crystal-assisted device recalibrated my nervous system and calmed me down – so essentially, it’s a mobile battery you can use to recharge yourself. These ladies knew how to get me primed...


Lessons Of A Lightworker: From Illumination To Liberation With Danielle Laporte #161

Have you noticed that mainstream spirituality as a form of self-help and personal development is taking the world by storm lately? There are guides, teachers, mentors, and gurus popping up onto the new age scene in droves. This is of course, for the most part, a beautiful thing, as we all know the world could use as many higher-consciousness thought leaders at this particular stage of our evolution. However, today’s spiritual seeker has to apply more discernment than ever before when...


Bootleg Broadcast: Luke Live At Bulletproof Labs The Art Of Spirithacking #160

I started The Life Stylist Podcast to share some of the things I’ve discovered along my journey of personal development and self-improvement. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 22 years of biohacking, it’s that too much focus on solely the physical tends to become in and of itself an addiction, obsession, or at the very least a distraction from the real task at hand- spiritual enlightenment. While we do need to keep our physical vessel (our meat suit) healthy, stable and in tune so...


Wabi Sabi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Perfectly Imperfect Living with Candice Kumai #159

In Japanese culture, if an object of value breaks, there is an art form that involves putting it back together with lacquer and golden powder – Kintsugi, or the art of golden repair. The repaired object is then considered more beautiful than it was before; a recognition that the imperfections and differences are part of our story, and part of what makes us attractive. There is another Japanese art called wabi-sabi, which is essentially the aesthetic philosophy that things can be perfectly...


Mushroom Magic: Nature's Best Medicine For Your Brain & Beyond with Jeff Chilton #158

Are you #OnShrooms? If not, why not?! Mushrooms are one of the most popular current wellness trends globally, being spearheaded by health experts and herbalists everywhere. Over the past few years, many outstanding mushroom products have been brought to market, and the industry doesn't seem to be losing steam anytime soon. Jeff Chilton is one of the foremost experts on all things mushrooms and is an absolute veteran of the shroom scene going back decades. He and his colleagues at Nammex...


Tech Dream Or EMF Nightmare? How Your Cell Phone & Wifi Are Trying To Kill You (And How To Stop It) With Brian Hoyer #157

WARNING: After this episode, you will never look at your phone, internet router, or even your home appliances the same way again. This conversation is the ultimate Red Pill for the current state of electro-pollution, and its devastating effects on our biology. This show is dedicated EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies. And it is going to change your life. If you care about your health, EMF mitigation should be your first line of defense. Some would argue that EMF awareness and protection...


Orgasm As A Spiritual Discipline: Live With Eli Block (Bootleg Broadcast) #156

This unique 'Bootleg Broadcast' episode was recorded live from an undisclosed location in Malibu in a room full of Life Stylist Podcast listeners, and some of LA's most fascinating and talented people – including Eli Block, Master Stroker and lead Orgasmic Meditation (OM) instructor at OneTaste. We skip the story of how Eli got into this meditative practice – you can check out my first conversation with Eli back in episode 10 to learn all about that – and dive deep into the nitty-gritty of...


Warrior Wisdom And Primal Power With Kyle Kingsbury #155

For a lot of us, pain is a necessary catalyst for change. For me, it was hitting rock bottom with my drug addiction. For Kyle Kingsbury, it was watching his parents’ abusive relationship and years of struggling with suicidal thoughts. But while standing naked on the ledge of a parking garage on the verge of taking a suicidal leap to his death, Kyle felt, for the first time in his life, that he wasn’t alone- that there was more to life - and that he was loved. It was on that fateful ledge...


Spirithacking: Ancient Wisdom And Tribal Truth With Shaman Durek #154

I recently had the opportunity to moderate a panel of leaders in the spiritual community at an event in LA called WITMA. One of the most intriguing of my panelists was a tall, dark, and incredibly straight talking man by the name of Shaman Durek. He stood out in the crowd not only because of his colorful, tribal fashion adornment but because of his zero f***s given approach to spirituality. His raw, tough love approach immediately struck a chord in me, and I knew the moment I saw him that...


Anti-Aging Miracles and Biohacking Super Powers with NanoVi (Special Report) #153

If you name a weird health device, I’ve probably tried it. I’m always looking for the best, the newest, and the most powerful ways to transform my health – but after over 21 years, I have a closet full of things that sound awesome in theory but are iffy in practice. But from the moment I first tried the NanoVI, I just had more energy. It’s downright magical how sitting in front of this weird little tube makes you feel, and I bring it with me almost everywhere. So what does NanoVI actually...


The Science of Ayurveda & How It Can Rock Your Entire Life with Sahara Rose #152

Sahara Rose, the author of The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda & Eat Feel Fresh, was one of the six people featured in the Longevity Now All-Stars episode released a couple weeks back (episode #147). She had so much Ayurvedic wisdom to share that I had to get her back behind the mic a second time while we were at the conference so that I could extract some more of that knowledge and share it with all of you. If you’re not familiar with Ayurveda, let me give you a quick rundown: It’s the world’s...


Rediscovering Bone Broth, Keto, and Other Ancient Trends with Justin Mares #151

Right before this episode, Justin Mares and I sequestered ourselves in my biohacking lab for an extreme session of brain hacking. It was the perfect way to set the scene for this conversation on the state of the food industry, bone broth, and all of the ancient technologies that are new again in the health & wellness world. Justin is the Founder of Kettle & Fire, creators of the first 100% grass-fed, non-frozen, shelf-stable beef bone broth on the market. Justin and his brother started...


Speed Healing: Turbocharged Bodywork with Rapid Release (Special Report) #150

A few years ago, I was walking past vendor tables at a biohacking conference and saw Debbie, one of today’s guests, working on people. I’m always down for some body work so I hopped on the massage table and she started moving this crazy vibrating wand all over my body – and it felt frickin’ amazing! If you’ve listened to the show before, you know that when I find something really cool I obsessively have to seek out the people behind it and share them with the world. So here we are, with...