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Beast Mode: Badass Bones & Massive Muscles With John Jaquish #197

Dr. John Jaquish is the inventor of two revolutionary biomedical and strength training devices, and all because he wanted to help his mother after she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle, which often leads to bone fractures and chronic pain. It can be extremely painful, and Dr. Jaquish didn’t want to see his mother go through that experience. So after years of studying and testing, he created Spectrum, a new class of medical...


The Ultimate Morning Routine: Luke Live At The Society (Bootleg Broadcast) #196

This is my third and final talk recorded live at Neil Strauss’s Society International Biohacking Intensive and it’s all about the morning routine that keeps my engine fueled, tuned, and clean. There are a lot of devices, supplements, and practices making a lot of claims out there, and I’ve tried almost all of them over the past 22 years. Some have benefits, but many of them don’t do anything at all. My goal in this live presentation was to leave the audience (and you the listener) with some...


BioCharger: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Cosmos #195

Recorded live at Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny, this conversation with Jim Girard and Jim Law shows us that what was ignored in the past very well may be the key to our future. These Jims are two of the geniuses behind Advanced Biotechnologies’ BioCharger NG, the most effective, easy-to-use, touch-free, and safe revitalization platform available. Jim Girard began experimenting on the works of Tesla, Lakhovsky, and Rife back in 1988. He received two patents and, in 1993, developed an early...


Raising Conscious Kids: The New Parenting Paradigm With Neil Strauss #194

This is a show about parenting, featuring not only one of my all-time favorite authors but also one of the best parents I’ve ever watched in action. When he wants to learn about, or write about something meaningful to him, he becomes quite literally obsessed, and at this stage in his life, it’s all about becoming the best father he can possibly be. Neil Strauss’s books are not only educational, hilarious, emotionally touching, but also quite addictive. Over the many years I’ve been reading...


The Fine Art Of Self-Care & Stress Recovery: Luke Live At The Society (Bootleg Broadcast)

Each of us have a mission, but there’s nothing that we can do if we don’t put on our own oxygen mask first. I know, I know: the whole oxygen mask metaphor is a bit of a cliché in the self-care world, but I love it because it’s true. You might see it as an excuse to be self-centered or narcissistic, but the true gifts of life come from sharing, connection, love, and making a contribution in whatever way best serves you – and you can’t pour some of yourself into all of that if you don’t fill...


The War Against Boys: Ending The Torture Of Circumcision In America #192

Some people call it circumcision. I call it male genital mutilation. In the name of being “normal, under the guise of dubious health claims, America has been waging a war on young men's bodies for decades now – but a new documentary is starting a conversation about why we’re mutilating babies, and I've been waiting for this to happen for years. Today our guest is Brendon Marotta, the director of American Circumcision. Like a lot of us, Brendon never really thought about circumcision for...


The 5G EMF Apocalypse And Why Health Food Won't Save You With Dr. Jack Kruse #191

Nature doesn't make mistakes – but people sure do. So today, we welcome back a listener favorite, Dr. Jack Kruse, to discuss what is quite possibly one of the biggest mistakes that humans have made in a long time: the wide-scale implementation of 5G. Dr. Kruse’s work all comes back to the idea that light, water, and magnetism are the forces of nature that make things work – and when we screw around with those things, it can seriously affect our health and the world around us. At one point...


Becoming Limitless: Smart Drugs & Nootropics | Luke Live At The Society (Bootleg Broadcast)

Today I want to help you become limitless. In this Bootleg Broadcast episode of the show, which was recorded live in LA at Neil Strauss’s Society International Biohacking Intensive, I’m going to give you every secret to mental performance I’ve learned in the past 22 years of R & D. I want to help you maximize your brain function, develop the ability to be in a flow state, enhance your creativity, uplevel your cognitive power, focus when you need to, and use your mind and brain in a way...


Buddha, Karma, and The Gradual Awakening with Miles Neale #189

For too many of us, our first foray into the world of spirituality comes after experiencing a deluge of unhappiness: depression, addiction, and all of the other destructive side effects that accompany a troubled mind. That was certainly how it all went down for our guest, Dr. Miles Neale – but a trip to India at the age of 20 and an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism changed the way he experienced the world, slowly but surely. Dr. Miles Neale is among the leading voices of the current...


Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia Naturally with Kelly Roman #188

In this episode, we discover the most effective natural treatment for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain that you’ve probably never heard of – but that thousands of psychiatrists and primary care providers are already providing to their patients. So what is this veritable panacea for the mind? It’s the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a wearable neurostimulation device invented by electrical engineers in partnership with physicians and research scientists. Joining the show to teach...


Building A Health & Wellness Empire with MindBodyGreen's Jason Wachob #187

This episode of The Life Stylist comes to you straight from MindBodyGreen HQ, the home of all things healthy living. Our guest and tour guide through the world of wellness is Jason Wachob, CEO of MBG. Excruciating back pain led Jason to yoga – and that opened the doors to a whole new world of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. So Jason started studying wellness science, and he realized that being healthy isn’t eating low-fat cottage cheese with Splenda every morning. Who knew? True...


Passion Meets Pleasure: The Ultimate Sex Episode With Kim Anami #186

Human sexuality is such a mystery to most of us, especially when it comes to getting to know our own bodies and those of our partners. There is much shame and general confusion around this potentially sacred and ecstatic human experience, and as a result, our communication around this aspect of life remains vague and shrouded in mystery. In this episode, we explore our sexuality on a physical and psychological level. It's vital (and healthy) to have real, mature, open conversations about...


Removing the Blocks To Life & Love with The Paradox Process Ft. Thomas M. Jones #185

In 1973, Thomas M. Jones was working with an addiction services agency, helping the “bad kids” who went through the court system and exploring ways to help people break free from negative patterns developed in childhood. It was there he made a radical discovery. When you think of kids trying to get high, you might assume they’re all looking for an escape. But Thomas realized that this isn’t the case for many kids. They’re looking to find reality, feel like themselves again, and relieve...


Sauna Secrets: Turning Up The Heat with Lauren Berlingeri #184

Lauren Berlingeri is a former fitness model turned integrative nutrition expert and sauna entrepreneur – and a bona fide badass. She’s taken on Navy SEAL hell night, squared off in an MMA bout, boxed at Gleason’s gym, trained with New York City firefighters, and withstood the intensity of NASCAR. But a vicious case of cystic acne pushed Lauren to explore the world of wellness. During this journey, she discovered infrared saunas – and the first time she stepped in an one was life changing....


Spiritual Wisdom From Channeled Masters with Paul Selig #183

Paul Selig is a highly sought-after psychic, and one of the most respected spiritual channels in the world. He's also the first channel we've featured on the podcast. But becoming a spiritual teacher was never Paul’s intention (and he doesn’t claim to be one now). In fact, young Paul might have laughed at someone who believed in a higher power or the realm of spirit. Like many of us, he was skeptical and cynical of spirituality – until one night changed the rest of his life. After the...


The High Love Experience: Luke Live At RA MA NYC #182 (Bootleg Broadcast)

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Good ol’ Shakespeare wrote these words, perhaps not knowing how spiritually profound and necessary they would become to the hearts of those who needed to hear it. Centuries later, Luke Storey was fortunate enough to share this sentiment - and joyfully elaborate upon them - at the world-famous RA MA Institute of Kundalini Yoga in New York City. On October 27, 2018, Luke led an evening of reflection, growth, and practice at RA...


The Future Of Urban Biohacking & Wellness with Lily Kunin #181

It may seem impossible to stay healthy and sane in New York City, but Lily Kunin has created a new way to melt away the madness: Clean Market NYC. While Luke sat with a vitamin/mineral IV drip flowing into his arm, Lily dished out hot wellness tips and dropped valuable knowledge bombs – and the Life Stylist team was lucky enough to record their incredible conversation. Lily is a wellness expert and creator of Clean Food Dirty City, a lifestyle website and digital channel that follows a...


Manifestation Magic: The Missing Link with Free+Native (Lacy Phillips) #180

Newsflash: You can be both spiritual and financially successful. You are not inferior just because you don’t have money. You absolutely deserve what you want, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting it. Today’s guest, Lacy Phillips, is the founder and lead editor of Free & Native, as well as a Manifestation Advisor specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is desiring. In this episode, she teaches us how to manifest the...


Kabbalah: Finding Freedom From Fear with Monica Berg #179

In this episode, we dive deep into the big, scary existential questions: What is the meaning of life? Why do bad things happen to good people? Where do we go when we die? And most of all, why are we humans so full of fear so much of the time, and how can we finally free ourselves from it? Join us as we approach the human condition of fear-based living from the perspective of the ancient teachings of Kabbalah with Monica Berg, bestselling author and CCO of The Kabbalah Centre. When her...


Brainiac: Memory Mastery & Fantastic Focus With Jim Kwik #178

Have you spent most of your life feeling awful and beating yourself up because you can’t focus as well as you think you should, or you can’t remember all the things the world requires you to remember? You’re not alone. And you're not broken. Jim Kwik, the founder of Kwik Learning, is a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. Jim points out that there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” memory: just a trained...