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Episode 7: Former missionary priest Frank Diamond on ego, spirituality, the meaning of God and the three L's of love.

I really enjoyed putting this week's episode together. Frank Diamond is a former missionary priest who spent more than a decade in Africa, during which time he contracted malaria nine times. He has returned to Ireland in recent years and his personal mission to empower other people has led him to a new role with Emergenetics, a company which aims to help individuals and teams achieve high performance through a deeper understanding of the role of nature and nurture in our own unique...


Episode 6: Gaelic footballer Chris Kerr on mental health, social media and the challenges facing so many young men in Belfast

This week’s guest first properly came to my attention and to the attention of many people around Ireland almost a year ago. Chris Kerr is a goalkeeper with the Antrim Gaelic football team. (A quick word for any non-Irish or non-sporty listeners. We mention some acronyms in this interview. The GAA is the Gaelic Athletic Association, the governing body for the native games of Gaelic football and hurling in Ireland, and the GPA is the Gaelic Players Association, a representative body for the...


Episode 5: Sunderland's Irish nun Sister Mary Scholastica

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Life Well Lived Podcast with me, Shane Breslin. Over the first three weeks of this podcast, the guests have been a sports-based mental health activist (Jessica Robson), an educator with a rebel stance on what education should be and do (Finbarr Bradley) and a disabled extreme endurance athlete and disability advocate (Sinead Kane). This week’s is something different again. It’s about religion, but I think it’s about a lot more than just religion,...


Episode 4: A Short Solo Episode: Two Questions for Christmas / Midwinter / Year End

Wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Midwinter or Yule, the turning of the year has always been a special time. It’s a time for reflection on the past and contemplation about the future. In the past I was always very preoccupied with the idea of What’s Next. There are lots of reasons we spend time in the What’s Next. I’m not ask you not to ask What’s Next. Because What’s Next is human nature. Instead, I just encourage you to ask a second question...


Episode 3: Blind extreme athlete, public speaker and disability advocate Sinead Kane

This is Episode 3 of the Life Well Lived podcast with me, Shane Breslin. This show is all about conversations about navigating the challenges of life, being our best selves in the world and ultimately how to be happy, which I firmly believe is the whole point of life, and living a life well lived. My guest this week has found her way past incredible challenges in life, including discovering her congenital eyesight problems at the age of just four, which means she sees only certain colours...


Episode 2: Finbarr Bradley on education and finding purpose in business and life

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of the Life Well Lived Podcast with me, Shane Breslin. I first came across Finbarr Bradley in a small but packed room in the west of Ireland at Moira Ni Ghallachoir’s Gnó Le Croi retreat in 2017. For anyone not familiar with the Irish, Gnó Le Croí means "Business with Heart", and Finbarr brought incredible heart to his talk that night. Finbarr Bradley is an Irish university professor, but a university professor with a difference. He teaches modules on...


Jessica Robson of Run Talk Run

Hello and welcome to the very first interview episode of my new podcast, the Life Well Lived Podcast with me, Shane Breslin. The first Life Well Lived podcast guest is Jessica Robson, who I’ve been following for more than a year now. Jessica talks to me about her own mental health struggles, through eating disorders and anxiety and depression, and how those challenges led her to establishing Run Talk Run, a support group that combines running and talking to help people who might be...


Episode Zero: Introduction to The Life Well Lived Podcast with Shane Breslin

Hello, and welcome to Episode Zero of my new show, The Life Well Lived Podcast. So what's it all about? I've dealt with bouts of pretty deep depression for much of my life, and two years ago, in the early winter of 2016, I hit a rock bottom when I walked out of my job, unable really to face one more day doing something I really disliked and worse, which made me really dislike myself. At that time I was broke, with no idea where my next income would come from, and with two children then...