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This weekday show brings excellent guests to discuss topics such as health, nutrition, spirituality, relationships, and personal growth.

This weekday show brings excellent guests to discuss topics such as health, nutrition, spirituality, relationships, and personal growth.


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This weekday show brings excellent guests to discuss topics such as health, nutrition, spirituality, relationships, and personal growth.








Dr. Lorraine Day's Qualifications to Lead a Bible Study

Lillian McDermott discusses Dr. Day's background and qualifications to lead a Bible Study on the Book of Revelations.


Andrew Wakefield, MD, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

It has been over a year since Andrew Wakefield, MD, has been in the classroom because he has been working on a special project. He is the director of the documentary “Vaxxed,” which opened my eyes to vaccines and the corruption of the CDC. Dr. Wakefield’s story is one of courage and determination. With all the “anti-vaccination” propaganda in the news it is important that we do the research. Recently, Dr. Wakefield completed his special project. His latest tell all documentary is called...


An Honest & Loving Conversation About Race Relations, Winston Scott, Nina Patterson, Esq, Captain Cornelius Blue

What do law enforcement official, Captain Cornelius Blue, former NASA astronaut and retired U.S. Navy Captain Winston Scott, and attorney Nina Patterson, Esq. have in common? They are all wildly successful at focusing on what they want to accomplish. And they happen to be black Americans. Oh, and did I mention… I am thrilled that they are ALL in The Classroom! With so much tension and division in the world, it is time to focus on having a Respectful, Loving, and Honest conversation about...


Unlimited Telemedicine For The ENTIRE Household For $19.99 a Month!!! Michael Legel

If I said you could have a personal doctor at your service 24/7 AND it was affordable, would you believe me? I have been telling you about First Alternative Care for over a year… For just $45.00 a month, your entire household will benefit with unlimited telemedicine, unlimited dermatology, and 3 hours a year of behavioral health counseling. Well, what if I told you all the subscribers of The Classroom will get this plan for much less!?! Imagine the hours saved by not waiting at the ER and...


John Gray, PhD, Working Through Grief To A New Life

In difficult times, it is comforting to have a loving partner by your side. For those of you who have lost your partner, the grief can be unbearable, especially during these times. Relationship expert and author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (and sixteen other books on relationships), John Gray, PhD, lost the love of his life and can now speak from his own pain on how to embrace grief and move towards acceptance.


The Myths about the Book of Revelation with Dr. Lorriane Day

Dr. Lorraine Day discusses the common myths associated with the Book of Revelation.


Judy Mikovits, PhD, The Protection & Safety of a Mask

Judy Mikovits, PhD, has been called one of the most accomplished scientist of her generation. She is a researcher who developed purification methods for interferon alpha. She discovered the retrovirus, in vaccines and because she was asked to retract her findings on the retrovirus , she also become an New York Times bestselling author. Judy’s books, “The Plague,” and “Plague of Corruption,” tell her story and the detrimental side effects of vaccinations. Judy has been on the front line of...


Why Study the Book of Revelation Now?

Dr. Lorraine Day and Lillian McDermott discuss why now, more than ever, is a good time to learn about God's word regarding the End of Times.


Joel Fuhrman, MD, Juice Cleanse, Fasting & Emergency Weigh Loss

Time flies when we are having fun and eating a nutritarian lifestyle. As we get ready for a juice cleanse, I was wondering, WWJD… What Would Joel Do? Fortunately for us, it is time for world renowned, New York Times bestselling author, Joel Fuhrman, MD, to be our teacher in The Classroom! Dr. Fuhrman will share his wisdom on participating in a juice cleanse and water fast. I will be taking lots of notes.


Lee Cowden, MD, How to Boost Your Immunity in Challenging Times, Naturally

We have been conditioned to be afraid of germs. Do you find yourself looking at people wondering if they are carriers of something that might make you sick? If this fear has settled into your heart, then listen up. Now is the time for a "Lifestyle Intervention” with world renowned integrative physician, Lee Cowden, MD, who will teach us how to boost our immunity in challenging times


Keep Me Safe Organics, Triumph After Difficult Times -Kelli Bono

Keep Me Safe Organics is not only changing what we place on our skin but how we love ourselves. Kelli Bono, co-founder of Keep Me Safe Organics, knows firsthand what it is to live through difficult times. She also knows how to be successful. Kelli will share how to triumph after the pandemic


Juice Cleanse & Restoring Our Body - Jennifer Gramith, ND

Jennifer Gramith, ND, CLT has taught us about the lymphatic system, what clogs the lymphatic system, and what can we do to detoxify it. One of the actions we can take is cleaning out our diet. Dr. Gramith will share ways to reset and how we can prepare for a juice cleanse.


What Is The NORI Protocol? - Mark Simon

As we have learned in the classroom, one size does not fit all. Unfortunately, many of us spend a lifetime trying to fit into someone else’s idea of health. I am so happy to share yet another way to choose health. Mark Simon is the founder and director of Nutritional Oncology Research Institute (NORI). He has made it his mission to look for alternative ways to return the body to optimum health. Last month, Mark shared NORI’s purpose and mission. Now, Mark will share the NORI protocol.


Reinette Senum, Taking An UNpopular Stand

How willing are you to take a stand or call out your government officials? Would you be willing to speak up when what you believe and have researched is opposite what the mainstream media believes? Mayor of Nevada City, CA, Reinette Senum, took a stand and even though she exposed truth, she was villainized. I have been telling you about my need to do something about all the division in our families, friends, and country. If we do not subscribe to the mainstream or social media narrative, we...


What Is Radical Remission, Kimberly Kirschner

It has been a while since Holistic Health Coach, Kim Kirschner, has been a teacher in “the classroom.” Kim is a Florida Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist (LDN) and holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. She is a champion for those who want to discover the root cause of illness and take their health back. But what causes many terminally ill people to survive? Kim will share why hope is important for a radical remission.


Lorraine Day, MD A Day In The Life of Dr. Day

Can you imagine being told that if you don’t do chemotherapy you will die? Then, while in hospice, getting ready to transition, suddenly you realize, it is not your time to go. It is however your time to forgive, to acknowledge a higher power, to receive the nutrients your body needs, to get plenty of sunlight and water, and more… Lorraine Day, M.D., lived this scenario and we have discussed it in The Classroom. Today, she will share her daily routine. Yes, what it is like to spend “a day in...


Avazzia, Pain Management Without Surgery or Drugs

As you know, I am constantly searching for alternative ways to promote healing. One of the products I love is Avazzia, which is FDA cleared for pain management. I have seen miracles occur with this incredible technology. Tim Smith is the inventor and founder of Avazzia. Tim will share how Avazzia is helping people with acute and chronic pain.


Harry Vox, All Hands On Deck To Protect Our Rights!

Last month investigative journalist, Harry Vox, of Vox News, shared how in 2010, The Rockefeller Foundation published Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. We discussed one of the four scenarios called, “Lock Step,” This is where our world has tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” And they predicted this would be accomplished through a devastating biological pandemic. Harry...


Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, Discovering Your Own Learning Potential

Have you ever been told that you were stupid or not smart enough to go to college? Author and psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., had IQ test results that showed he was below average intelligence. He was also discouraged to dream about going to college someday. Dr. Kaufman will share his journey and help us discover the potential in each one of us.


Keep Me Safe Organics, The Great SHIFT - Rebecca Black, Kelli Bono

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Keep Me Safe Organics virtual 3 day conference and family reunion. Sunday, I gave a 3-hour talk with the beautiful sisters who attended the event. When the event was over, Rebecca Black & Kelli Bono, co-founders of Keep Me Safe Organics, called me and were so excited that they immediately picked their topic for this day. Rebecca, Kelli, and I will discuss the importance of shifting in our career and personal lives.