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Lifting the veil on the limitations imposed on yourself BY yourself, by society, and by other people; to become truly LIMITLESS.

Lifting the veil on the limitations imposed on yourself BY yourself, by society, and by other people; to become truly LIMITLESS.
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Lifting the veil on the limitations imposed on yourself BY yourself, by society, and by other people; to become truly LIMITLESS.




#11 – Ego, Masculinity, and Planet Protein

Brenden is a man with a core focus similar to my own - to redefine how traditional quote unquote masculinity is viewed. Brenden was a high school soccer star gone wrong, a college dropout, before signing up to the military and eventually becoming an infantry squad leader in the US Marine Corps. Fast forward a few years and Brenden is now a vegan (like me), he is the CEO of Planet Protein - a plant based and sustainable nutrition company, and has a life passion of spreading the gifts of...


#10 – Inside the life of an Influencer – GrowwithJo

Jo is a kinesiologist, online trainer, influencer, and strength and conditioning expert - with a dedicated instagram following of almost 400,000 people. From being overweight and uncomfortable in her own skin - to finding enthusiasm, strength, progress, and motivation in movement, She is now widely known for her online workouts and programs that are simple YET effective, helping others find their own motivation by teaching, leading and inspiring movement and growth in the lives of others....


#09 – An emotional story – Viola and I

This episode is a wee bit different. It’s actually an audio capture from a Facebook Live my wife (Viola/V) and I did together. The emotions are running high, and I get pretty emotional at several points throughout this conversation. We weren’t even sure we were going to post anything about it publicly, but believed we would help many people if we did, so here you go! If you need to talk to someone, send me an email at and I am all ears.


#08 – Believing in yourself – Ricky Achterstraat

Ricky is a guy who has overcome some massive insecurity issues to be where he is today. From being born in the Philippines, not knowing his biological father, growing up in New Zealand and losing his Dad at age 11, he is now a long way from his teenage self. Now living in Bangkok with his wife, he is a successful online fitness coach, co-founder of men’s hair and self care brand Concept Creations, influencer, content creator, and even a podium finisher at an international sport model...


#07 – Mental Health and Transforming your thoughts – Haris Butt

Haris Butt is a Personal Trainer, Powerlifting Tutor and Mentor based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is a National Champion Powerlifter, an event that actually made breaking news in his home country, Pakistan. With a passion in mental health, he incorporates that not only in his training, but also his message through his social media channels. [0:55] - Introduction [4:40] - Getting into Powerlifting [7:28] - Pooping pants [9:03] - Falling off the peak [10:03] - What made you want to get...


#06 – Not feeling enough – Randy Ignacio

Randy Ignacio is a Tennis coach and Entrepreneur based in one of my favourite places in the world, California. He is an incredible self-taught photographer, founder and lead creative director of RIVAS Photo and Film. Something that began as a hobby passion and evolved into a feasible and profitable business venture. Aside from his work and entrepreneurial endeavors, Randy has a real passion for helping others and creating a large and lasting impact in those he meets, and the community around...


#05 – Abundance and Limiting Beliefs – Stephanie Packer

I first met Stephanie Packer almost 7 and a Half years ago to the date, when I caught a glimpse of the name-tag she was wearing at an international event I was attending, and realised she was from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where my wife spent the majority of her teenage years. Steph started her entrepreneurial journey as an holistic nutritionist over a decade ago now, and has been on a constant journey of finding what works, what doesn’t work, finding herself, and finding a way to bring it all...


#04 – Butcher to Vegan – Fraser Bayler

Fraser Bayley is a guy I connected with in 2017 and his background is equally inspiring as it is jaw-dropping. From a small-town, lonely, depressed and angry past as a butcher, to studying psychology and law, dropping out due to anxiety, overcoming his past and going BACK to study human nutrition and physiology, to moving to the USA on a whim (for love), becoming a 6-figure entrepreneur as an online fitness coach, a vegan nutrition expert, and all around fucking epic dude. Fraser now has a...


#03 – Hip-Hop Entrepreneur – Braden K

Braden is a guy I met when I was living a very different life, and was a very different person than I am now. We first met when I was managing a bar in the Bay of Islands, NZ, and was pretty much a functioning alcoholic. We got up to absolute mischief behind the bar together, but formed a bond that has continued throughout the journey towards both of us living our best live. He is now into strength training, traveling, and is a full-time music producer based in Toronto Canada, working with...


#02 – Mindfulness and Meditation – Dane Te Wharaupo

Dane Te Wharaupo Robertson started off as one of 10 siblings; with some crazy stories. He is now a mental performance coach, mindfulness and meditation expert, male empowerment coach, and public speaker, with a focus for leading the next generation of men into a greater understanding of their true selves. After a massive shift, Dane walked away from his past life as a corporate sales superstar earlier this year, moved to Bali in October with his NOW wife, as in they JUST got married a few...


#01 – The Limitless Podcast – the beginning of something big.

The Limitless Podcast is a podcast all about mindset. People are capable of the most incredible feats. I believe every single one of you has a wealth of untapped potential, and within the episodes of this podcast you’ll hear stories of people tapping into theirs. My wish is that you re-think, re-discover, and re-evolve what's been inside of you all along. It is said that you die two times. The first is when you take your final breath, the inevitable flat-line, and you lapse into the great...