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The Live On Form podcast is a journey through conversation with people we have met along the way, who have and still are inspiring us with their unique journeys and restless pursuit to fulfil their human potential. Strivers, experts, creators, legacy builders and everyday performers, we take a look into how their mind works, what fuels their pursuit of purpose and how they use ingrained daily habits to ensure that structure defeats chaos. We share insights with them as we unpack the lessons they have learnt down the often broken road of personal growth, accountability and development as they share their stories and expertise with us.


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The Live On Form podcast is a journey through conversation with people we have met along the way, who have and still are inspiring us with their unique journeys and restless pursuit to fulfil their human potential. Strivers, experts, creators, legacy builders and everyday performers, we take a look into how their mind works, what fuels their pursuit of purpose and how they use ingrained daily habits to ensure that structure defeats chaos. We share insights with them as we unpack the lessons they have learnt down the often broken road of personal growth, accountability and development as they share their stories and expertise with us.






Season 2: Ep 15 | Adri Brownlee: 14 Peaks

Live On Form Podcast S2: Ep15 Adriana Brownlee Today on the @liveonformpodcast we are joined by @adriBrownlee Adventure athlete and mountaineer, Adriana Brownlee is not your average 21 year old. She in the midst of a record-breaking attempt to become the youngest woman to climb all fourteen 8,000-metre peaks in the world. Some of the harshest and deadliest terrain on the planet. If she completes this in her predicted time frame, she will be the youngest person to ever achieve this by 7 years. Led by her mentor mountaineer Nims” Nirmal Purja’s @nimsdai and star of @netflix hit show 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible, she talks us through the mindset required, how she got into the sport and what the future holds.


Season 2: Ep 14 | Leigh Ewin: Cold Immersion and Breathwork

On today's Live on Form Podcast, is Leigh Ewin, a breathwork facilitator and educator who is from Australia. He specialises in helping people breathe for health, sleep, performance, healing and relaxation/meditation. Leigh is also known for his cold exposure experience and especially his ice diving adventures and retreats. He is also a Bulletproof Coach and is well versed in the world of biohacking and performance.


Season 2: Ep 13 | Jamie Hunt: Compression Garments - The Science

On the @liveonformpodcast we are joinedJamie Hunt, Former Professional Triathlete, Co-Founder of 2XU Jamie is a former professional Triathlete who transitioned into the world of High-Performance sports apparel and co-founded the hugely successful @2xu before moving his attention to his new brand @pressio Renowned as one of a handful of the most creative sports textile engineers globally Jamie took his wealth of knowledge to build Pressio. Pressio creates revolutionary yarn technologies and works with some of the world's leading fabric companies developing hi-tech performance orientated garments. We talk about his journey, packing up and moving from his home and being on the road for 200 days a year for over a decade. Jamie not only talks about the incredible technology and science that surrounds true compression garments but what’s important to him in developing a sustainable and ethical brand for the high performer.


S2: Ep#12 | James Barber:

Today on @theliveonformpodcast we are joined by James Barber, Lead Performance specialist at @thealtitudecentre and responsible for delivering sport science support and programming directly to endurance athletes, mountaineers and elite human performers. We cover the science behind altitude training, the misconceptions behind it’s application and how a human performer can capitalise on its huge array of benefits.


S2: Ep#11 | Mona Nemmer, Liverpool FC Head of Nutrition

Mona Nemmer, Liverpool FC Head of Nutrition On this weeks @liveonformpodcast, we are joined by Mona Nemmer, @liverpoolfc Head of Nutrition as we talk about her new book and rise to success as one of the most talked about nutritionists in the world of football. “Mona is one of my most important signings” - Jurgen Klopp


S2: Ep#10 | Richard Callender: Woolworths, the biggest loser and competitive siblings.

On todays #Liveonform Podcast we are joined by Richard Callender. Richard is a multi award-winning trainer who has been a part of the fitness industry for well over two decades. He has successfully and consistently blurred the lines between personal trainer, fitness presenter, media consultant and educator while working with leading brands and individuals within and outside the industry. We talk to Richard about the foundations on which his hugely successful career was built and how competition and performance has played a strong narrative throughout his lifetime


S2: Ep#9 | David Jackson: Nasal breathing and breathwork

Joining us today on the Live On Form Podcast is David ‘Jacko’ Jackson. David is a Master Oxygen Advantage breathwork coach, a former professional rugby player, accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives. Having retrained his own breathing after a brain injury in 2013 that forced him to retire from professional rugby he developed a passion towards helping others change the way they breathe to help improve the way they feel, move and perform. David believes there is something in breathwork for everyone, having worked with professionals seeking better stress management or those suffering with anxiety to professional athletes looking to improve performance and everything in between.David takes us through his journey and gives us some actionable ways in which to improve our breathing


Season 2: Ep 8 | Dr. Kat Lederle: Human Circadian Rhthym and Human Performance

Today on the Live On Form Podcast we are joined by Dr. Kat Lederle, founder and head of Sleep Health at Somnia and the author of the superb, Sleep Sense. Kat is a sleep scientist and chronobiologist who holds a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology and Behaviour, and an MSc in Biosciences.One of the leading experts in the field of sleep therapy we get to deep dive on how the circadian rhythm influences us and how we can manage it for optimal performance, sleep and recovery.


Season 2: Ep 7 | Ron Everline: Eight siblings, the NFL and managing Kevin Hart

Today on the @liveonformpodcast we are joined by Ron ‘Boss’ Everline. Boss, probably best known as a celebrity trainer responsible for looking after the likes of Kevin Hart, Ne-Yo, Diddy and Trey Songz, and others. We talk to Ron about his lifetime of performance. How it was growing up around eight competitive siblings and how he carved out his relentless mindset, drive and work ethic.We discuss his NFL journey and how that paved the way for where he is today as a successful businessman, entrepreneur and father.


Season 2: Ep 6 | Simon Waterson: Coaching James Bond and the Avengers

Joining us today on the Live On Form Podcast is former Royal Marine and Elite Coach Simon Waterson. For almost two decades Simon has been responsible for some of the best physical transformations in Hollywood. Amongst those, Chris Evans for Captain America, Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy, Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia, Halle Berry in Die Another Day, and the last two 007s, Pierce Brosnan and most notably Daniel Craig who he looked after through his entire tenure as Bond. Throughout the podcast we discuss how Simon has used different performance modalities to ensure that his clients are ‘script ready’ and how he ended up working within Hollywood.


Season 2: Ep 5 | Lindsay Bruce: Military life and the Elite Special Forces

Joining us on the Live On Form Podcast is HMN24 ambassador, Lindsay Bruce. No stranger to human performance, Lindsay served 6 years as a member of the SAS, regarded by many as the best special forces organisation in the world serving in multiple operational theatres such as Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq before retiring in 2005. Post service he worked as a Security Risk Specialist for CNN News in Iraq, embedding with US military on multiple occasions before working as personal bodyguard to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In 2007 he set up Elite Performance in Hereford, specialising today in lifestyle and Mindset coaching for men over 30 as part of his Modern Warrior Project among which are many post and currently serving special forces operatives. Lindsay was also a competitive bodybuilder from 2006-2014, competing in 20 national contests and winning multiple bodybuilding titles including Mr Wales Mr Scotland, Midlands Champion, 2 x Mr Hercules and finishing top 4 in UK twice. Proud father and human performance advocate we dig deep into his time in the services and how he crafted the mindset that leads him today.


Season 2: Ep 4 | James Haskell: Mindset, Rugby and Life

Joining us on the Live On Form podcast is James Haskell. Undoubtedly one of the best known Rugby players and sports people in the UK. James has played 77 times for his country as well as playing around the world and for the British and Irish Lions, James is known as much for his ability on the field as his personality off it. Having retired in 2019 James is pursuing a career as a Podcaster, Presenter and professional DJ. Along side these he spends a large amount of his time speaking on a number of topics from straight after dinner work, too serious motivation and leadership. He is also extremely comfortable hosting and being an auctioneer for any event. James also has a number of podcasts, Couples Quarantine, Backrow Radio. What A Flanker “The Podcast” and the smash hit podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby which averages around 260k listeners per weekly episode. James has also appeared a number of times on shows such as I’m a Celeb, The Chase, A League of their Own, Question of Sport, Fighting Talk and various other mainstream shows. A Times Bestselling Author for his smash hit autobiography “What A Flanker”. He has also published some best selling fitness and nutrition books Perfect Fit, Cooking for Fitness and Rugby Fit and soon has his new book “Ruck Me” hitting the shelves. We talk about his early career, the crafting of his mindset and the challenges he’s faced along the way!


Season 2: Ep 3 | Samuel Laird: Institutions, mindsets and mentoring

On the Live On Form Podcast we are joined by the founder of Laird & Co. Mentoring, Samuel Laird. A former Royal Marine Commando with over 12 years service including multiple tours of duty across the globe. Since 2015 Samuel has worked with veterans, youths, television personalities, entrepreneurs and professional athletes. After recognising that all of these people from different walks of life needed to have someone else in their corner: to go on their journey with them, listen non-judgementally and help them in realising their vision. Samuel talks candidly about his own struggles, how the military influenced him and how, years later he takes his experience into his career, everyday life and fatherhood.


Season 2: Ep 2 | Chris McDonnell: Taking opportunities and perfect timing

Chris McDonnell is the CEO and founder of Black label creations and avid martial artists and trainer. Chris started his career in the nutrition industry with the sometime controversial brand “Protein world”- learning the ropes directly from the founder before progressing into running his own empire. Black label creations are a full solution for aspiring brand owners- with in house design, brand, product and formulation experts. Chris dedicates his spare time to his new young family and his love of all things active.


Season 2: Ep 1 | Dr Phil Price : Hybrid Athleticism, measures, metrics and following the science

Dr Phil Price is a Senior Lecturer for BSc Strength and Conditioning Science and also lectures on the MSc S&C programme and the Masters of Research programme at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Dr Phil and our very own Phil, Phil Learney talk about science and the emerging fields in research, what’s exciting and what’s new. Dr Phil gives us an insight into his journey as an educator and advocate of truly living on form.


Season 1: Ep 47 | Ben Rainey: Managing ADHD and the path to superstar DJ fame

Ben Rainey is a 26-year-old DJ, having built his career through hard work, continuous commitment, endless focus and laser-like desire to achieve. He also has ADHD, a condition that affects both behaviour and the ability to focus, concentrate and at times, achieve. Ben hasn't let this stand in his way. Quite the opposite, he'd suggest the restlessness that comes with the condition, has helped him deliver on his career goals and his life ambition- building wealth to create freedom. We had a great chat with Ben on all things DJ, social media and his love for nootropics and exercise to help him manage his hectic lifestyle and condition. BEN RAINEY PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Connect with Ben: Website YouTube Facebook Instagram


Season 1: Ep 46 | Mark Winder: Improving Lives with GoalBall

Next up on the Live On Form Podcast is CEO of Goalball UK, Mark Winder. For those of you unfamiliar with this unique sport, Goalball is a game played with blindfolds and a ball with bells inside it. It was originally created to rehabilitate soldiers after WWII and is the only sport designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. Mark has spent his career working in schools, colleges, local authorities and professional sports clubs and is now helping to transform the lives of thousands of visually impaired people across the UK. In the podcast we talk to Mark all about the ins and outs of Goalball, playing with impaired vision, the Paralympic & Olympic Games, how people can get involved and his future plans MARK WINDER PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Academic education and a career in sports (12.00) Bradford Bulls foundation and education (18.00) Improving lives (25.48) Goalball (29.00) Audible ball for blind players (40.00) Playing with impaired vision (43.00) Paralympic & Olympic Games (50.35) Locations and young people involvement (57.33) Plans for the future (1.01.00) Connect with Mark: Linked In Twitter Instagram


Season 1: Ep 45 | Jay Morton: Former SAS Operator, Author & Adventurer

We are thrilled this week to welcome Jay Morton on the Live On Form Podcast. Jay spent 14 decorated years in the military, 4 in the Parachute Regiment and 10 within the UK Special Forces. He has reached the summit of Everest not once but twice and was a part of the directing staff on Channel 4's SAS: Who Dares Wins. Jay's ambitious performance-driven mindset is truly inspiring and what we are all about here at HMN24. In the podcast we talk all about his impressive military career, how his upbringing led him to his career path, as well as Jay's book, his love for vehicles, how that led to his racing career and the daily strategies he uses to enable him to be on top of his game and truly Live On Form. JAY MORTON PODCAST SHOW NOTES: The military (4:00) Base jumping experience (15:00) The SAS (21:40) The jungle (40:00) Reflection on military career (45:00) Driving courses and Praga cars (51:00) Motorbikes (1:03:00) Solider (1:08:00) Meditation (1:18:00) Sleep (1:29:00) Connect with Jay: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube


Season 1: Ep 44 | Andrew Chappell: Dr Chappell talks about all things gut and microbiome

This week on the Live On Form Podcast we are joined by professional bodybuilder and PhD Nutritionist Dr Andrew Chappell. Andrew has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 2004 and took part in his first bodybuilding competition when he was 19 years old and has been hooked on bodybuilding ever since. Andrew's track record has seen him earn some impressive placings including 3rd place at the DFAC Worlds as a heavyweight in 2017 and 3rd place in the middleweight class at the WNBF Worlds in 2019. Outside of competing, Andrew works as a lecturer in nutritional studies at the Robert Gordon University and runs his own coaching company, ProPrepCoaching with partner Steff, who is also a Pro Natural Bodybuilder. In the episode, we deep dive into the fascinating topic of gut health where Andrew shows off his diverse nutritional expertise. ANDREW CHAPPELL PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Career journey (5:00) PhD Studies (10:22) Foundations of gut health (18:02) Antibiotics (25:44) Gut profiles, fibre and bacteria (33:00) Low carb diets (41:00) Allergies and intolerances (49:00) Gut-brain axis and the GI tract (56:29) Connect with Andrew: Website Facebook Instagram Linked In


Season 1: Ep 43 | Ffion Davies: BJJ and standing out via the route less travelled

Ffion Davies is a Welsh grappler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt, who is widely regarded as one of the top featherweight competitors of her generation. With titles such as Black belt IBJJF No-Gi World Champion (2018), IBJFF Pan-American Champion (2019), IBJJF European Champion (2019), Polaris Lightweight Champion, and ADCC European Trials Champion, she is truly a phenomenon within the grappling scene. Attracted to the physicality of contact sport from a young age, Ffion found combat via Judo at a young age, then lost the love, was turned away from local boxing gyms, only to find the love rekindled via BJJ. The rest, as they say, is history. Ffion joins us to discuss the past, the present and what the future may hold for this young, talented star. FFION DAVIES PODCAST SHOW NOTES: Sports in school (5:22) Transition from Judo to BJJ (8:24) Time off and lessons learnt (12:05) Working as a bouncer (17:28) Competing in BJJ (21:08) Competition prizes (24:00) Progressing to MMA (29:00) BJJ Community (37:17) Being humble (43:00) Connect with Ffion: Facebook Instagram YouTube