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The podcast on sexuality, intimacy, and kinky business is here. A courageous, funny, and open-minded discussion of all things sex and love.

The podcast on sexuality, intimacy, and kinky business is here. A courageous, funny, and open-minded discussion of all things sex and love.
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The podcast on sexuality, intimacy, and kinky business is here. A courageous, funny, and open-minded discussion of all things sex and love.




Burning Man Sex: What You Need to Know Part I

Ever wanted to have sex at Burning Man but terrified of the idea of having sex in such a dirty environment? Want some tips on finding a partner to invite to the orgy dome but not sure if it’s such a good idea? Curious about how to meet that special playa bunny that is willing to baby wipe her vulva before you fuck her? This episode is for you. For the next two weeks, The Love Drive will be reporting on having sex at Burning Man. This episode, broken up into two parts, will set you up with...


How To Be Great At Eating Pussy (5 Ways)

I recently wrote an article titled: What Women Wished You Knew About Eating Pussy. April and Amy from the Shameless Sex Podcast interview me about how to be better at eating pussy. I share with them why we’re not great at eating pussy, why I love it so much, and my five steps to being better at eating pussy. April Lampert and Amy Baldwin are the hosts of the Shameless Sex Podcast, a show designed to inspire radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy. Shameless Sex is...


How to Get Freaky Without Being Creepy with Charlie Glickman

Thank goodness Charlie Glickman is on the show. It’s post #metoo and I’m more aware of how I approach women, how I invite them on dates, and how I escalate sexual encounters. I’m less bold than I have been in the past because I’m scared of coming off as creepy. And I know I’m not alone. Charlie Glickman, Ph.D. is a sex educator, sex & relationship coach, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. He shares with us his invitation template for creating a situation for people...


Free Love Advice How To Get Over Your Ex

Men rarely sit down with me to talk about love. Today, however, two chose to sit down. On this episode of Free Love Advice, two shorts conversations with men about how to get over your ex when you’re still in love and how to tell your parents that you love them. Show Notes: Find out more about this episode here:


Behind The Scenes: The Life Of A Pro-Domme

Do you like the idea of getting tied up and told what to do? Do you want to dip your toe into BDSM but not sure how? Get a behind the scenes look into the life of a professional dominatrix, or Pro-Domme. Goddess Jenilee pulls back the curtain and shows us what being a full-time pro-domme is all about. She shares with us how she got into BDSM, what he clients have in common, and divulges her unfulfilled fantasy. Will you be the one to fulfill it? Show Notes Get show notes and videos from...


Is That How Clowns Have Sex?

Fiona Ross is the creator of Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A one-woman, queer, clown sex-ed show where she answers questions from the audience about sex. She calls it Sex-Ed 2.0. Today, we answer four real questions from real adults about the stuff they wish they knew but never felt safe to ask. Show Notes: Get show notes and videos from this episode on my website. Find Fiona Ross on Facebook and Instagram. Books: Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha Opening Up by


An Actress On Her Uncomfortable Movie Sex Experience

Sex scenes can be fun to watch, but a nightmare to shoot. Especially if you’re a new young actress and the director makes you uncomfortable on set. Most actors agree that sex scenes are often necessary for film, and something to get over with as quickly as possible. Emelia Hellman is an actress in Montreal who has had two very different experiences on set shooting simulated sex scenes. How good the experience depends mostly on the director, the producer, and how informed an actor is on...


The Survival Guide to Devastating Breakups

What do you do when the love of your life tells you it’s over and walks out the door? You spend a week wallowing in self-pity, eating cheesecake, and crying your heart out. Then you slowly pick yourself back up, one piece at a time. Sam Lamott is an artist, writer, and the founder of Hello Humans, a platform for storytellers who capture the truth of what it means to be human. Sam also happens to be heartbroken and shares with us exactly what he did to get out of the hole and start living...


Is Sex Addiction a Problem For You?

Do you find yourself looking at harder and harder pornography to get aroused? Have you ever deleted Tinder and sworn never to swipe again, only to see yourself re-downloading the app over and over? Are you in a loving, monogamous relationship, but yet can’t stop cheating on your partner? If you answered yes to any of these, you might be showing signs of sex addiction. When I think of addiction, I think of drugs and alcohol. But, what about when we’re addicted to behaviors and substances...


What Is the Role of Gender in Technology?

How does the gender of the people developing technology affect how we use those technologies? What role does sexuality play in the modern workplace? How can we solve for the gender gap in specific industries? Julia Dyck is an interdisciplinary artist, feminist radio host, and likes to explore all aspects of our techno-world from the perspective of the women living in it. Join us as we discuss gender and sexuality in the tech workplace, along with discussions on consent in early-stage...


What is a Squirting Orgasm and How to Make it Happen

Have you ever been curious about squirting? Can some women squirt and if they can, isn’t it just peeing while having an orgasm? I’ve always been fascinated by squirting, and it’s something I have virtually no experience with. That’s why I asked businesswoman, personal coach, and author of the book “She Squirts First” Aude Olivia to enlighten me on exactly how to bring a woman to have a mind-blowing squirting orgasm. We go in-depth on how women can receive more, what it takes to set the...


Dr. Scott: How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Scott Jacobson is board certified Family Medicine doctor. He provides traditional medical care as well as functional medicine, a holistic approach using diet, stress reduction and herbs, including cannabis to manage chronic disease. We apply the principles of functional medicine to the issue of sexual dysfunction in men. We explore the various reasons why men experience a decrease in libido, how lowered libido can lead to erectile dysfunction, and how premature ejaculation fits into...


How to Treat Painful Sex with Pelvic Floor Release

According to a recent study, 1/3 of women experience pain during intercourse or penetration. If it’s so common, why don’t we hear about it more? Why aren’t we talking about the fact that something that should be enjoyable, brings some women so much pain? Some women have it so bad that even just putting in a tampon, or thinking about having sex is enough to cause them debilitating pain. To make sense of this, and what women can do about pelvic pain, we’re chatting with Laura Schaefer....


The Spiritual Playboy on Cultivating Sex Magic

Ever been curious about Tantra? What about sex magic? Want to know how to have longer, harder, and more explosive orgasms? Right, me too. Frank Mondeose is a sacred sexuality coach who facilitates sacred sexual shamanism workshops for the International School of Temple Arts, an institution which organizes tantra workshops around the world. I wasn’t sure what sacred sexual shamanism was, and the only thing I know about tantra is that Sting does it and can have sex for 35 hours without...


The Underground Sex Culture of Club Med

What do you know about Club Med? The only thing I remember about Club Med were these commercials I used to see on TV when I was young. Club Med looked like a fun, all-inclusive resort where people went to relax on the beach. You know, snorkeling, sun tanning, that weird thing where you’re getting towed behind a boat wearing a parachute. But lately, I kept hearing stories about the kinds of activities that go on at Club Med that you don’t see on TV. Adult-only stories about the employees...


A Tinder Disaster with an Arrogant Micro Penis

Online dating can be a great way to meet people, but it can also be a bit of a nightmare. For men, the competition can be fierce, and for women, it can feel like drinking from a fire hose. A fire hose of nasty messages. Miss Meow, online dating aficionado, and Montreal Burlesque Queen takes the disrespectful messages she gets from men and posts them online for everyone to enjoy. She shares with us a particularly bad Tinder date, and we discuss how to respectfully ask women to have sex...


How to Avoid STIs and Ways to Cope

While Sexually Transmitted Infections suck, they’re also a part of being a sexually active adult nowadays. As someone who has had HPV since the age of 18, I’m no stranger to talking about STIs. it wasn’t always easy because there’s so much shame wrapped around something that is so normal. To help me break it down, I’m joined by Ms. Condom, a sex educator, condom aficionado, and all around bad ass who chimes in on which STIs do what, how to protect yourself from them, and how to talk...


Growing up Gay in the Israeli Military

Crystal Slippers is a drag queen from Israel who moved to Canada when the intensity of Tel Aviv became too much for her. She found a welcoming home in Montreal amongst the queerdos and sexy performers. Her performances are extravagant, original, and she’s known as the Queen of facial expressions. We talk about her creative process, growing gay in Israel, trilingual Montreal sex parties, and our respective sex lives. Show Notes: Find out more about Crystal Slippers and Facebook and...


A Day in the Life of a Young Curvy Prostitute

Amber Rose is a young, beautiful, curvy sex worker living here in Montreal. I’m thrilled that she agreed to be on the show because I’ve always been fascinated by sex work for as long as I can remember. Amber tells us how she got into sex work, what turns her on and off, how her parents reacted when she came out as a full-service escort, some of her special moves to get clients to finish, and so much more. Warning: if a sustained conversation about sex work, genitals, ejaculate, and sex...


From a Boy to a Girl: The Story of Mattie

Mattie is a young trans woman who discovered she wasn’t a boy at the age of 14 when she typed “I wish I were a girl” into Google. She shares with us what it was like beginning her transition at such a young age, the effects of taking testosterone blockers on her libido, what it’s like dating men as a trans woman, what her relationship to her penis is, and so much more. Find Mattie on Instagram at Find more information about Shaun and The Love...