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Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 24: Dr Beth Reese: Flower Power and the Dalai Lama

In the overleaf of my book, Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road, I quote the Dalai Lama, “If meditation was taught to every eight-year old, we could eliminate the world of violence in one generation”. My guest today, Beth Reese, founder and owner of Yoginos: Yoga for Youth has taken up that challenge and dedicated her life to changing the world, in exactly that way. Like so many, this life mission was born out of a set of unsettling circumstances. It is said that there is a “bless in every...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 23: Gay, Bullied and the Stress of Coming Out: T.J. Stiga

Hello everyone, and welcome to Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane! Among the social issues that have faced America over the past several decades, few are equal to that involving the rights of the LGBTQ community. The Supreme Court decision, legalizing gay marriage in 2015, finally resolved the legal issues around gay marriage. Citing the Equal Protection clause and the Due Process clause of the 14 amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the court ruled that same-sex couples had the “fundamental right...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 22: Badass woman, USMC veteran and suicide survivor: DeAnn Wandler

“Only the strong survive” was recorded by Elvis Presley and others and the song is about a young man jilted by his sweetheart, and his mother is telling him to get off his knees and hold his head high and get on with his life. This advice happens to be the personal mantra of many who consider themselves strong and competitive, and yet, reach a breaking point or a burnout point that indeed does bring them to their knees. In a “bigger, better, faster, stronger” rat-race competitive...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 21: You are enough….Penni Zelinkoff

Because our self-limiting beliefs play such a large and crippling role in the lives of all of us, this episode continues on the theme begun in earlier episodes of learning how to deprogram that continuous tape that is constantly running in our heads with all of the “reasons why not”, all the reasons why we are allowing our dreams and plans to get too far ahead of our actual abilities. She is the CEO and host of the highly popular PenniZ Show and she focuses on the most important...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 20: Jackie Hayes: I am not your opinion of me

Today’s program is about our “biggest bully”, the one thing that can handicap us for life—our self-limiting beliefs--those voices in our mind that are constantly sabotaging our dreams and hopes for a better life. These often come from events in life when someone expressed a very negative opinion about us, or said something really demeaning that we have internalized and has become a part of our accepted life narrative . These toxic beliefs, which afflict us all, telling us we’re not worthy,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 19: Rising Teen Depression and Anxiety

Pramika Kadari, my guest today is a gifted and special young woman, with a bright future ahead of her. She is a junior at Coppell High School , a vibrant and thriving suburb in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. All of us have been teenagers, either in the recent past or the distant past. We’re all very familiar with teen angst and the many things that were both major and minor stressors to us during that period of our lives. Pramika is living that life right now and as we all did navigating her...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 18: Common Ground on Gender Bias with Debjani Biswas

Today’s guest is special and very unique in several respects. Her message and her life story will inspire us to work together using her #UsToo approach –Her mission is to reduce stereotyping and improve inclusion for business and classroom success. My guest today is Debjani Biswas, a two time TEDx and keynote speaker, an internationally bestselling author and an influential and powerful voice in bringing a message to both men and women about the business impact of inclusion and respect...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 17: The Bad News Bears | Serving The Walking Wounded

Stacey Reynolds, my guest is like so many who suffered stress, anxiety and depression and found the “magic” in yoga and meditation. She is also VERY different in another important way—but, more on that in a moment. She has described her own life-long struggle, beginning in childhood, of finding ways to cope, including being “almost bedridden” with it. In addition, she contracted an auto-immune disease that had her body producing tumors. Her body was hemorrhaging and was toxic. This added...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 16: Will Parkinson: The Yellow Brick Road on One Leg

Will Parkinson, my guest is a very successful businessman, yet, I think he will tell us that his life story is very much that of the Wizard of Oz story, including spending much of his adult life seeking and using false wizards to deal with a physical handicap along with the stress and anxiety that go with building a successful business and raising a family. You will also hear about a miraculous physical and mental recovery brought about by his recent adoption of yoga and meditation....


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 15: Vacation of the Mind and Journey into Tranquility

Briana Bragg is today’s guest and her life story is an inspiring one, especially for all those living and competing in the A.S.A.P. Lane. She is the CEO and Founder of two businesses. You will notice that I didn’t add “for all those thriving in the A.S.A.P. Lane” Briana’s story is one of striving and succeeding as a young visionary and entrepreneur, yet, like so many burning out and finding the drain on body, mind and spirit crippling and debilitating. Taking a vacation and traveling to...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 14: Flavio Ungaro, Top Performers and the Competitive Edge

Flavio Ungaro is today’s guest and he is a very special one. His life story is that of a professional athlete, turned businessman, and an illustration of the challenges of the game both inside and outside the lines. We are entertained and live vicariously through their performance on the playing field. Their successes and failures are there for all to see. Less visible and understood are the factors that matter the most in achieving the competitive edge. He was born and grew up in Italy,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 13: The Dalai Lama and Stefanie Tovar

In the midst of life in the Digital Age and the global epidemic of stress and anxiety come the words of the Dalai Lama, “If we could teach every eight-year old to meditate, we could heal the planet of violence in one generation.” As standardized testing has become more the norm, performance anxiety and stress have spiked dramatically among both teachers and students. My guest today is Stefanie Tovar, founder of Hanuman Homies, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to taking the...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 12: The Tin Man, Love and Heartbreak

With guest, Farahana Surya Namaskar, Author, Mindfulness Coach and Divorce Counselor I am delighted to have a very special guest on today’s show. The topic is not a pleasant one, but, it is a pervasive one in our society today. Miranda Lambert in her recent song, which won song of the year on the American Country Music Awards show, sang of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, who wanted a new heart to “be in love again: Hey there, Mr. Tin Man You don't know how lucky you are I've...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 11: Green Berets and Calming the Warrior Mind Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jamie Alden, Green Berets, Special Operations and Mindfulness

My guest today is Retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Jamie Alden. He is the quintessential American warrior and combat veteran in the truest sense of that term. A Green Beret, His 24 years of military service, include four years as a Cadet at West Point, the United States Military Academy. He served as a Special Forces leader during four combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan (OEF-A) from 2003-2013. He is married to another quintessential American warrior,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 10: Sleep Deprivation and Brain Fog

America as a nation and Americans individually have grown and lived by a mantra of “bigger, better, faster, stronger”. As a nation, we have largely succeeded and individually many have prospered beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, in many ways the dark side of all this success is taking an increasingly large toll on our mental and physical health. The value of exercise and proper eating are widely acknowledged as pillars of a healthy life. The value of sleep is much less acknowledged,...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 9: The Yoga of Jesus

Well, I bet that show title got your attention! Today’s show is a special one both for the subject and for the guest and his life journey. The life-long quest we all have for what we usually call “happiness” is really something much deeper and fundamental. What we really mean is not “ha-ha” happiness, but, peace of mind and the ability to live in the present without the constant ruminations about mistakes of the past and worries about tomorrow. We, as humans are body, mind and spirit. In...


Exiting The A.S.A.P. Lane Episode 8: "Choking" | Stress-Related Performance Failure

One metaphor every sports fan is familiar with and has used often, is “choking” when referring to a player who is overwhelmed by the stress of the moment and makes an error at a critical point in the game. In more formal circles this is referred to as stress-related performance failure. Because of the unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress of life in this, the digital age, this phenomenon is getting increasing attention in business circles and all other facets of life. The level of...


Fort Hood Warriors and Downward Facing Dog

This may be the first time these words have appeared in the same sentence except within America’s largest active-duty, armored US military base. Today’s show will destroy many of the stereotypes that present major barriers in the minds of many to taking up a practice of yoga and meditation. Many men, for example think it’s not macho enough or that they aren’t as flexible as the women they see in magazine pictures and they will be embarrassed. Many seniors think they’re too old. Kids, teens...


Your Own Yellow Brick Road To Peace Of Mind

With Guest, Dorsey Standish, Chief Mindfulness Officer of MasterMind, a Gym for the Brain So happy to have Dorsey Standish as the guest today. I’m especially excited, because I have personally participated in mindfulness classes she leads, and she is a true master of her craft. She is the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Mastermind, where she teaches high performers how to achieve greater focus and peace of mind through mindfulness-based brain health. Many who may not want to take up an...


Teen anxiety and stress in the Digital and Social Media Age

The anxiety and stress that all of us experienced and endured as teens is that same anxiety and stress, but, on steroids for today’s teens. All the insecurities about personal appearance, do they like me?, am I attractive?, the pressure to make grades in school, are now operating in the social media realm of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Bullies, always present during the teen years, can do their work in cyberspace now, and do it anonymously if they choose. It...