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The Marijuana Solution podcast covering the cannabis industry around the world.

The Marijuana Solution podcast covering the cannabis industry around the world.
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The Marijuana Solution podcast covering the cannabis industry around the world.




Jose Belen, Founder of Mission Zero, Army Veteran Returns to Discuss The Future and How to Change the World

Jose Belen, founder of Mission Zero joins Robert Roundtree for his third appearance on The Marijuana Solution to discuss the future. Mission Zero, under the guidance of Jose and his wife Danielle have set out to end veteran suicide from PTSD and this mission has taken him far and wide around the globe and back....


Gainesville Green Creator Brings Light to the Article from Gainesville Sun and Sets the Record Straight

Rick Naya and Chris Sunshine join Robert Roundtree for an incredible podcast that sheds light on the recent article on Gainesville Green that was run in the Gainesville Sun . Rick Naya, and myself, Robert Roundtree were misrepresented. Find out the truth from the creator of Gainesville Green, Rick Naya. Read this article from the...


Sunshine Cannabis Founder Chris Sunshine Talks Sunshine Kush and Legalization

One of the Sunshine States favorite and most sought after names in the Florida cannabis industry joins Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution podcast. Chris Sunshine is a legendary cannabis breeder that perfected his craft over decades and made the tough decision to leave the black market and focus his full attention on reforming the...


Leafly’s #1 Brand Binske’s Founder and CEO Jake Pasternack

Jake is the founder, Chariman and CEO of Praetorian Global. In 2015, Jake capitalized on his unique experience of building luxury brands by founding Praetorian Global and creating both the Binske cannabis brand and the Alchemist nutraceutical brand. To differentiate his companies from the rest of the marketplace, he systematically developed a portfolio of brands...


Nugtopia, #1 Cannabis Art Brand’s Dir of Operations Kyle Trent

Kyle Trent joins Robert Roundtree on another amazing episode of The Marijuana Solution. He runs the daily operations of the best cannabis art brand in the game, Nugtopia. Nugtopia is a brand built around the incredible strain artwork of Kyle’s brother, Kole Trent. Kole was previously a guest on The Marijuana Solution. Below is a...


Florida’s Director of Cannabis Holly Bell

Florida’s Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell, was appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried to head the new department for the Department of Ag. Director Bell joins Robert Roundtree to discuss her new position and the responsibilities that she will have in creating rules for the Florida hemp program and working with the Office...


Gainesville Green, The Legendary Florida Strain’s Creator, Rick Naya With the Real History Behind the Strain

Gainesville Green is a strain that Floridians have long sought out, and it became such a popular cut that the name became synonymous with great cannabis. This is one of those strains that have a lot of myths and legends surrounding it. Rick Naya joins Robert Roundtree to set the record straight as to the...


Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey, Founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida, hosts the Legislative Policy Conference at Florida State University

Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey is the founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida. Dr. Sharkey joins Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution to discuss what this years legislative policy conference will provide for the attendees. The MMBAFL is the leading business organization for the medical marijuana industry of the Sunshine State. This years conference...


Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried on the Perceived Crackdown on the Florida CBD Hemp Industry

Florida Politics published an article that set the Florida cannabis industry on fire. Specifically the unlicensed and unregulated Hemp CBD industry. The article was titled Nikki Fried may soon target stores selling CBD oil. This sent the advocates into a frenzy online with many calling for investigations and the states most prominent lawyer, Michael Minardi,...


Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Legislation Filed by Carlos Guillermo Smith

Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith just filed a bill to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. You can read the full text of the filing of this bill. We cover a wide range of topics in the medical marijuana program and some of Representative Smith’s other agenda items this legislative session. Smoking Marijuana not bad for the lungs...


Rick Naya, a true Living Legend in the Cannabis Movement Wants You to Get Involved Today.

Rick Naya is a legendary cannabis breeder, activist, humanitarian and all around great guy. He has been involved in the push for legalization for nearly four decades and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. This podcast is over an hour long and we find out about the struggles he has overcome. We also learn...


Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen Episode 082

This is a long overdue podcast that was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen have been fighting on the frontlines of the drugwar in Arkansas, and recently invited me onto their show to discuss the Florida medical marijuana program. On this episode I invite them on to discuss what...


Senator Jeff Brandes Wants You to Be Able to Smoke Cannabis, and end Forced Vertical Integration

Senator Jeff Brandes, a conservative Republican lawmaker with district offices in St. Petersburg, Florida has filed SB182 to end the smoking ban on medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. Senator Brandes has been a strong voice for implementing the will of the 71.3% of voters that approved the United for Care Amendment 2 in 2016....


Evio Labs Co-Founder and President, Chris Martinez Sets the Bar HIGH for Third Party Cannabis Testing Labs in the U.S.

We previously had on Cynthia Brewer, the director of operations for Evio Labs Florida and this episode Robert Roundtree speaks with Chris Martinez, the co-founder and President of Evio Labs Florida. Since Cynthia first introduced The Marijuana Solution listeners to Evio Labs, a lot has happened. Evio has received ISO certification on its Davie lab,...


Navigating Social Media as a Cannabis Company with Emily Wood, Trulieve’s Social Media Manager

Emily Wood, Trulieve’s social media manager is the guest on the 79th episode of The Marijuana Solution. Emily joins the show to talk about the challenges that cannabis companies face on social media. With cannabis still being federally illegal, most social media platforms have strict rules for content that is allowed. Educating patients and engaging...


Florida Medical Cannabis Conference Comes to Orlando Feb 22-24

This episode, the organizers of the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference, Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell give a sneak peak at what to expect for this year’s three day cannabis industry conference and expo. This show was previously recorded, and since the recording it has been announced that Governor Ron Desantis will be speaking on the...


David Sunshine Supertramp

David is an Army Veteran that I met in Trulieve as a recipient of a Sunshine Compassion free medical marijuana recommendation. I wanted to bring him on to speak about his amazing story. He will also be helping launch The Veteran Solution Podcast featuring veterans issues and guests.


Talal Rshaidat Liberty Health Sciences Chief Sciences Officer

Talal Tshaidat is the Liberty Health Sciences Chief Sciences Officer. Liberty Health Sciences is a medical marijuana treatment center located in Gainesville Florida.


You Can have Firearms/CCW and MMJ in FL! Commissioner of Agriculture-Elect Nikki Fried sets the record straight.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture-Elect Nikki Fried joins The Marijuana Solution for a third appearance. She came on to discuss the heated topic of medical marijuana users and the 2nd amendment. There is so much confusion surrounding this issue. Can you be a Florida medical marijuana patient and apply for a concealed weapons permit? What about...


Combat Medic Finds a True 1:1 Afghan Cannabis and Brings Back to US for Veterans’ PTSD Treatment

R Gage Amsler, author of The Strains of War, joins Robert Roundtree for the second appearance on The Marijuana Solution. While on tour in Afghanistan, with snow lightly covering the Hindu Kush region, Gage and his team spot a handful of beautiful cannabis plants that were chock full of seeds. The genetics are now back...