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Medicinal uses of Cannabis

Medicinal uses of Cannabis
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Medicinal uses of Cannabis




Episode 22: Fighting the good fight with Americans for Safe Access: Debbie Churgai

Highlights from Today’s show: Making sure Dispensaries are safe: Patient Focus Certification Making sure Patients and Caregivers are safe: Cannabis Care Certification CMEs for HCPs The Patient’s Guide to CBD Getting involved with advocacy Why people have bad experiences with cannabis Why we fight the good fight and the history of cannabis wars Corporate Responsibility […]


Episode 21: ER Physician turned cannabis advocate: Dr. Barry Gordon

Highlights from Today’s show: 3 things I’ve never seen in the ER (concerning cannabis) The Doobie scale The Jackson 5 and the Entourage effect The 5 D’s: Determination of Disability, Determination of past cannabis use, Duality of the plant, Dispensary experience, Delivery Dosing Links mentioned in the show: CannMed 2019 Be sure to […]


Episode 20: Employer or employee- how does cannabis fit into your workplace?: Amanda Haddaway

Highlights from Today’s show: The most common question Amanda receives about cannabis in the workplace Employment law What should Employers include in their regulations and are they up to date? Does the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) pertain to you? Testing positive for a work drug test Should employers continue to do random drug testing? […]


Episode 19: An Integrative Doctor and his story with cannabis patients: Dr. Stephen Dahmer

Highlights from Today’s show: Dr. Dahmer’s story Integrative Medicine and Dr. Probiotic How Vireo got started Every patient should know what’s in their product 10:15 Worst cannabis moment- I can’t afford it Does cannabis interact with your prescription meds? New Vireo rosin product Why research opportunities suck in the USA What’s the best ratio for […]


Episode 18: Creating an Organic CBD company and some top-secret info: Scott Cusack

Highlights from Today’s show: Scott’s story- how CBD helped him with Anxiety, stress, and sleep Starting out in the business, buying equipment and land Learning how to farm Hemp Harvesting by hand How do CBD levels change during the growing season “We’re completely naked and taking all the risks” 13:34 Supercritical CO2 Extraction USDA Organic […]


Episode 17: CBD, Hemp, and the Farm Bill. Is it legal now?: Eric Steenstra

Highlights from Today’s show: What is CBD? What’s the difference between Hemp vs. CBD vs. THC? Isolates vs whole plant extracts The importance of having less than 0.3% THC The 2018 Farm Bill defines hemp and what that means Can we grow hemp in our backyard? Is hemp seed oil and hemp oil the same […]


Episode 16: How I deal with my Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease with medical cannabis: Michael

Highlights from Today’s show: Mike’s story of MS and Crohn’s What he takes and when he takes it Getting off the pain medications and anxiolytics Using cannabis during the day and working better Figuring out his dosage Using medical cannabis at work and talking with your boss Businesses/contacts mentioned in the show: Bike for MS […]


Episode 15: Life through the eyes of a Bud Tender

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on the front line of the dispensary? Highlights from Today’s show: How Remi got her start as a Bud Tender What type of patients come in to a dispensary What works great for one person doesn’t always work for another Not all patients are the same Bud Tender […]


Episode 14: The ABCs of CBD and THC: Dr. Hauser

Confused by all the terms? Don’t know what to get, where to get it or how? This is the episode for you! Highlights from Today’s show: What conditions are CBD and Cannabis prescribed for? What is the difference between CBD, THC, and medicinal marijuana? How is it consumed – smoked, edible, topical? What generation uses […]


Episode 13: How I got off opioids and saved my life: Jason Mecler

Highlights from Today’s show: Jason’s Story- Chronic pain, opioid addiction, and cannabis to the rescue! Unscrambling the damage that the drugs did The Cymbalta spiral of death How he got off of opioids using CBD, cannabis, and Integrative Medicine Jason’s daily regimen Thriv CBD products Jason’s worst cannabis moment Be sure to tune in to […]


Episode 12: How CBD got rid of my Anxiety: Mikayla

Highlights from Today’s show: Mikayla’s Story- Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia, Food Fear Not all therapists are created equal: Mary Kaminski, LGPC and Eponaheart Counseling Tricks she used to try to deal with anxiety Feeling like a Zombie on Zoloft CBD For The WIN!!! No more Clonazepam, no agoraphobia, no Panic Attacks What it’s like to […]


Episode 11: Concentrate Pens and Delta 8 THC: Andrew Reich

Highlights from Today’s show: Andrew’s Story- Mom with seizures that stopped with cannabis How to make a good concentrate and what are the different routes of extraction What makes a good dispensary vs. a bad dispensary? The importance of the right vape pen Improving male virility with cannabis New product Alert! Delta 8 full phytocannabinoid […]


Episode 10: Cannabis reveals you to yourself-Karly Ziegler

Highlights from Today’s show: Karly’s story- Sister with aggressive cancer at young age, bonding over cannabis, and healing Street cannabis vs. Medical Cannabis If you had a “do over” what would your sister take to medicate? CBD recommendations- what are you buying? Culta Cannabis production- quality takes time Karly’s worst cannabis moment- misinformation Culta’s next […]


Episode 9: Sexy Cannabis Research- Jahan Marcu

Highlights from Today’s show: Jahan’s story- major car accident, how he used cannabis to control his pain, and got into the cannabis world How he got into “sexy cannabis research” How to transition off of narcotics Cannabis gave him the edge when studying Quote the scientific studies- impress the masses What “really gets a Hemp […]


Episode 8: Transformational Coach and Remover of Obstacles- Trevor Kuchar

Highlights from Today’s show: High limonene moderate linalool indicas shut down the ruminating thoughts and gave his “better angels” a chance Making the choice that he didn’t want to be suffering How Trevor uses cannabis to help others find their way in their own self-directed treatment Using CBT and mindfulness in conjunction with cannabis Hyper-vigilance […]


Episode 7: What should we be asking our Bud Tenders?- Ben Olsson

Ben is a bud tender at Kannavis Dispensary in Urbana and in charge of education and talks to us today about: Helping patients with PTSD improve their sleep, remove trigger memories and just survive Getting rid of nightmares in just a couple of days What should we be asking as Dispensary patients to our bud […]


Episode 6: Biochemist and Maryland Processing Lab manager at Holistic Industries- Mallory Paul

Mallory Paul is a Biochemist and Maryland Processing Lab manager at Holistic Industries and talks to us today about: Growing up in the Deep South and lack of exposure to cannabis Sister diagnosed with Breast cancer and Dad with Lung cancer- when it rains it pours 34 y.o. sister using RSO for radiation and chemo […]


Episode 5: Marijuana Myths- Dr. Craig Hauser, M.D.

Episode 5: Marijuana Myths- Dr. Craig Hauser Special Saturday 420 episode, Today on The Medical POTcast, Dr. Hauser talks about: The origins and myths surrounding the 420 term- how did it start? 420 in the Penal code #420 chemical compounds in cannabis 4/20 the day of deaths 4/20 the best time to plant marijuana Text […]


Episode 4: The Assistant Manager at Kannavis Dispensary- Alex Birdsell

Alex is the Assistant Manager at Kannavis Dispensary in Urbana, Maryland. He brings a unique perspective to cannabis use due to his own personal history and compassionate personality. Today on The Medical POTcast, Alex talks about: How a topical cannabis product helped a patient of Alex’s with tremors and cramped hands regain her mobility […]


Episode 3: Nurse and patient advocate- Dawn Marie Steenstra

Dawn Marie is a nurse and patient advocate for the cannabis patient. She talks to us today as both a cannabis user and an intermediary between the patient and the doctor. Today on The Medical POTcast, Dawn Marie talks about: How she overcame her chronic pain after a serious car accident and getting off of […]