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Weekly discussions and interviews on self-improvement, fitness and well being niche topics and exciting and influential minds. Join us on a journey of exercising the muscle inside your head.

Weekly discussions and interviews on self-improvement, fitness and well being niche topics and exciting and influential minds. Join us on a journey of exercising the muscle inside your head.
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Weekly discussions and interviews on self-improvement, fitness and well being niche topics and exciting and influential minds. Join us on a journey of exercising the muscle inside your head.




264 - Brad Schoenfeld The "Muscle Doctor" on Hypertrophy Facts & Myths

This week the boys welcome on Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., an internationally renowned muscle building expert and widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training. They boys discuss all the myths that circulate around growing muscle and dive into which have any proof. Volume, genetics, negative reps and frequency are all topics of muscle building they get into. Brad's instagram - Show Notes - There are percentages of genetics,...


Tackling The Shoe Industry Giants with Michael Schaeffer Co-Founder of NO BULL

This week on In The Black we welcome on co-founder of NO BULL apparel company Michael Schaeffer. Michael shares the incredible story of this boot strapped start up and how they rode the highs and lows to emerge on top. NO BULL - Michael's Instagram - Our free business Guides -


TBT - Dr Mike Israetel on Debunking Diets

We go back to great episode with Dr. Mike Israetel, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches to join us on he Project. Mike works with some of the best powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders on the planet using RP Method, Mike is a man of science and we use his deep knowledge to debunk some seriously popular diets floating around. Don't miss this one.


How To Grow Muscle In Stubborn Areas, Carb Loading & When to Leave Your Gym - After Show 161

This Week on the show Lach recounts his incredible weekend at the UFC in Melbourne and his god awful recovery score on his WHOOP. Raph catches us up on his calf development and shares some insider training tips. The boys also dive into listener questions on carb loading, how to train without weights and when to know it is time to leave your gym. Whoop - CODE: mindmuscle Pilot - CODE - mindmuscle Ask Questions on Instagram -...


263 - Bret Contreras on The Science of Glute Strength Rd 2

This week the boys welcome back Bret Contreras to shoot the shit over some very important industry topics. Outside of the glute strengthening and science chat the boys speak to more of the future of the fitness industry. Topics get heated over Physical Therapists vs personal trainers. Show notes - It' very important to work with people. Every exercise some people love it, some people don't and it helps give you perspective (06:08) - Glutes are not only for aesthetics but there's health...


The Most Important Tool In Any Sales Process - Make More Money, Every Time

On this episode the boys reveal their 'Ace' card in their sales system and tell you how you can build one yourself. Today's episode is about the Sales Deck and how you can build one for your gym or fitness business. Sales Deck Guide Download -


TBT 191: Ross Edgley on Mental Techniques To Overcome Pain, Fear And Exhaustion

Ross Edgley may just be the most savage man on the planet. Some of Ross's many accolades include an island to island 48 hour unbroken swim attempt, an olympic distance triathlon carry a 45 kg tree and a marathon towing car. We dive inside Ross-s mind to understand how he is able to achieve the simply impossible. This episode cannot be missed and will make you question everything you thought was possible.


Our Supplement Routine, Bodybuilding Accessories for CrossFitters and Resting Heart Rate Myths - After Show 160

This week the boys discuss some awesome listeners questions around heart rate training, their supplement routine and bodybuilding accessory work. Before they dive into that Lach talks about his recent hormone test result and Raph weighs in on Lach's new found basketball career. WHOOP - Pilot articles -


262 - Dr Stuart McGill on Secrets to an Iron Spine

This week we welcome back Dr Stuart McGill to discuss our many unanswered questions when it comes to back pain, lifestyle posture faults and back surgery. Dr McGill drops some amazing knowledge in this show especially around his research on surgeries you absolutely will want to hear. This again was an incredible interview. Show notes - When the weight i slow and the volume is low, the body will tolerate a lot of mistakes (3:10) - Every biological system has a tipping point, if you're...


When to Stay and When to Quit... The Ups and Downs Of Entrepreneurship - In The Black 86

This week on the show the boys dive into the reality of owning a gym. They explore three ways/circumstances you should evaluate to know when to keep grinding or when to quit. This is an important one for any gym owner on the daily grind.


TBT - Robb Wolf on Why We Need to Eat More and Move Less

Today we go back to 2017 when we talked to Robb Wolf who is the founder of the Paleo Solution Podcast one of the biggest shows in podcast history. Today he joins the boys to talk about 'Wired to Eat'. His new research put into book form explaining one of the biggest dietary lies in history.


How to Increase Your Pull Ups, Reduce Knee Pain & Train For Multi-day Competitions - After Show 159

This week on the show the boys dive into a review of 'GAME CHANGERS' the anti-animal product documentary produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also the boys answer questions on increasing pull up strength, dealing with severe knee pain and how to adjust training volume to prepare you for multi day competitions. WHOOP Strap - 'mindmuscle' = 15% off Bench Booster Program -


261 - Jill Miller on The Science of Mobility: What Works and What Doesn't

This week the boys welcome on Jill Miller who is one of the world's leading experts in the science of joint and tissue mobility. The most interesting part of this whole show is running down the checklist of all the mobility tools on the market and hearing about whether they actually work or not. Theraguns, lacrosse balls and foam rolling just to name a few. Make sure to follow Jill -


Tackling Men's Mental & Sexual Health with Tech Startup Pilot

The truth is most men don't seek help from doctors. It's embarrassing, we'll get to it when we've got time, I'll do it soon etc. The excuses are rampant but many men suffer from taboo health issues they never speak about, even with their partners. Think anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. Now meet our new partners Pilot, a company looking to change the whole game. Pilot Health -


TBT - Ben Greenfield on Biohacking 101

This week we go back to episode 174. In this great interview, we talked to the New York Times best selling author Ben Greenfield who told us about bio-hacking, sex drive, hormones and ultra endurance. Ben is known for his cutting edge science which he tests on himself to see the limits of human performance. On this show you will hear about one percenters of performance.


Vegan Diet... The Truth, Runner's Physique Syndrome & New Recovery Techniques - After Show

This week Lach starts on The Vegan Diet for 1 week, he shares his surprising experiences 2 day in. The boys also get hit with some hard listener questions on missing competing in CrossFit, finding meaning and tips on recovery strategies. Bench BOOST - boost30 = 30% off Watch the episodes on Youtube - Ask Questions on Instagram -...


260 - AJ Roberts on How We Become Addicted To Training & How To Stop Sabotaging Our Own Progress

In this episode the boys talk with AJ Roberts, former 308lbs bodyweight All Time Total record holder in Powerlifting. Aj Has squatted over 1200 pounds and gorilla f**ked weights you can't even do the maths on. After retiring from Powerlifting AJ ventured into Bodybuilding and then CrossFit... each time destroying the rest of his life in order to excel in the gym. On some level we can all relate to AJ's extreme behaviour and in this show we get into how he was able to break this self...


How Recovery Became A Billion Dollar Industry with Will Ahmed Founder Of WHOOP

Today we welcome on CEO and Founder of WHOOP Will Ahmed. Will, a Harvard Alumni, has spent a good part of the last decade working on creating the most powerful recovery and training wearable on the market. Born out of the desire to improve his own studies and performance on the squash court we dig into the incredible story of building this awesome tech wearable company. - The Australian Launch is live, use our code: mindmuscle to save 15% Will's instagram -...


TBT - Justin Su'a: Why Confidence is not the Key to Mental Performance

We go back to this incredible interview with Justin Su'a, and we'll see what he really is: The mental performance coach for the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Browns. On the show we uncover the mindset difference between great athletes and good athletes. We also explore 5 mental performance tips for the CrossFit Open.


Tips To Wake Up Refreshed, Mushroom Supplement Legitimacy and Dehydration on Performance - After Show 157

This week on the show the boys get some banging listener questions. Some of the topics covered are dehydration and performance, the legitimacy of lion's mane mushrooms and how to time your sleep cycles for more daily energy. Send your listener questions each week here - Watch the episodes on Youtube - Ask Questions on Instagram -...