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Each week on the Mindset Athlete Podcast, we bring you an inspiration athlete, message or expert talking about human optimisation to teach you how to change the perception of your mindset and become 1% better.

Each week on the Mindset Athlete Podcast, we bring you an inspiration athlete, message or expert talking about human optimisation to teach you how to change the perception of your mindset and become 1% better.


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Each week on the Mindset Athlete Podcast, we bring you an inspiration athlete, message or expert talking about human optimisation to teach you how to change the perception of your mindset and become 1% better.




#230 Learn to flow with life with Rhodri Jones

I'm Rhodri Jones, and I'm a qualified Psychological Fitness Specialist, as well as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach - which deals with the impact of the subconscious mind on human behaviour, through exploring those limiting beliefs and narratives that prevent you from fully engaging with life, and performing in all areas of life. I have over 20 years' of practical experience in the field of human performance. Firstly as a professional footballer with Manchester United and Rotherham,...


#229 Tapping into the secrets of your unconscious mind with Kelly Ruta

Kelly see's herself as a disruptor; therefore she doesn't have the same take as most in the mindset industry and is happy to talk about it from that perspective even if it makes people uncomfortable. "Which I see as a benefit!" She talks openly about her personal journey including sexual abuse, an eating disorder and PTSD so that others can feel validated and unashamed and see how mindset work is what helps you defy statistics. In the episode we spoke about: - What harm does the...


#228 Mastering the mental game with Tyreek Moore

Tyreek joined the Handel team to lead the Sports Division. He has over 20 years of management and business experience in both public and private sectors. He supports sports industry professionals in maximizing potential by raising their personal integrity. Tyreek believes when everyone is holding themselves accountable, and an entire organization is in alignment, the results are profound and extraordinary. As a coach with Handel Group Tyreek helps his clients acknowledge and leash the...


#227 It's a state of mind with Adam Baird

Adam (Adz) Baird joined the GB Bobsleigh set up as a pilot ahead of the 2019/20 sliding season. He made his GB debut in Winterberg on the Europa Cup circuit in December 2019, when he finished 24th alongside Lawrence Taylor. A serving member of the Royal Marines for 12 years, he began his bobsleigh career competing for the Marines and the Royal Navy in 2017. Adz comes from an active sporting background, having competed at national level in powerlifting - for which he has a 247.5kg...


#226 Those that shift the quickest are the most successful with P.J. Dixon

P.J. is a Lifelong Motivational Speaker, and an International Transformational Coach—who focuses on results! Despite his disability, which was expected to take his life by 7, he chose to live, and live well! P.J. truly lives an extraordinary life: sailing, outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving, trapezing, ziplining, hiking, mountain climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, aqua jetpacking, and the list goes on! He's a former wheelchair athlete, international traveler, amateur watercolorist,...


#225 Catalyst for hope with Thane Ringler

The past seven years have been a deep dive into personal development for Thane Marcus Ringler. The object of that development began as the arena of professional golf with the subject of that development being yours truly. During his golf career, he left no stone unturned in regards to maximizing his human potential. This ceaseless striving led to a strong grasp of the process involved in producing his best work, whether that be within an office, sweating in the gym, or for the business he...


#224 The gift of martial arts with Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones, aka Mr Bag & Tag – a professional MMA fighter, hard-working athlete and a dedicated martial artist (KickBoxing black belt and Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt). What got me into martial arts was, I was at a low point in my life, so any attempt to find the happiness I was living my life by the YES MAN philosophy (watch/ read it) – I had a friend that went for a free trial at the gym, so I said yes. I enjoyed the session except being covered in other people’s sweat – but I kept an...


#223 Going from Paralyzed to Powerful with Robert Paylor

In one moment, Robert was in the best day of his life, competing for the collegiate rugby national championship. In the next moment, his life changed forever. Robert suffered a spinal cord injury in the first minutes of the game and found himself face down in the turf unable to move anything below his neck. His doctor told him he would never walk or move his hands for the rest of his life. Through an unbreakable vision and relentless determination, Robert is defying the odds. He has...


#222 Stoked with Jarnell Stokes

Jarnell is a world-class athlete, wellness advocate, and veteran NBA player. Jarnell was ranked #3 in the nation during his basketball career, drafted 35th overall, 2x Gold medalist, and has played professionally since 2014. Dedicating his life off the court to educating and inspiring all to question all assumptions and turn the tables on mental health & wellness, Jarnell sees his community as extending members of his team. In the episode we spoke about: - What was it like being...


#221 Earn your stripes with Neil Fachie

Neil was born with a degenerative eye condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. His sight loss has played a constant factor in his life, helping him to develop his problem solving skills, adaptability and resilience. Neil became a full-time athlete in 2006, following his graduation from the University of Aberdeen. With British Athletics he achieved selection to represent ParalympicsGB at Beijing 2008 in the 100m & 200m. A disappointing Paralympic debut led to Neil losing his funding....


#220 Less leg more heart with Tina Hurley

Tina is a former gymnast, Division 1 competition cheerleader, exercise physiologist and nationally certified physician assistant who became an amputee in 2016. She lost her leg after 10 surgeries failed to restore blood flow to her leg from a rare vascular condition called Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome. She needed two revision amputations the following year due to wound healing challenges from impaired blood flow. In 2018, just a few months from the last of 3 amputations, she...


#219 It's only a mistake if we don't learn from it with Sean Quinn

Sean-Kelley is a Mental Conditioning Consultant with elite experience from some of the US's top performance training venues. A graduate of UC Davis in Human Development, Sean also earned his Masters degree in Sport Psychology from JFK University. He is a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (#555) and has obtained thousands of hours working with clients from diverse backgrounds including Professionals in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and...


#218 Enjoy what you have with Ana Blease

Ana is a RGK Ambassador, a member of GB Wheelchair Basketball's Academy, a🏀GB U24 European Champion and 🏆3x British Champ at Under 18's, Under 15's and Division 2 with North Wales Knights. In the episode we spoke about: - What has lockdown been like for you as an up and coming athlete? (Recorded during lockdown) - Do you think this moment in time wil have an effect on your progress? - Where would you like to see your career go? - How do you think basketball will change? (Recorded...


#217 No need for sight when you have a vision with Lex Gillette

Lex is the best totally blind long and triple jumper in the history of the U.S. Paralympic movement. He is the current world record holder in the long jump, a four-time Paralympic medalist, a three-time long jump world champion, and an 18-time national champion. He is the only totally blind athlete to ever eclipse the 22-foot barrier in the long jump. If you think that any of this came easy, you should think again. Many of his fellow eight-year-olds could be seen riding bicycles, shooting...


#216 Mind over matter with Ellis Haggith

In 2013, Ellis was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia aged just 16. He underwent 3 and half years of daily chemotherapy and finished in 2016 aged 19. He began his return to basketball, making his professional debut for Leicester Riders under a year later and has been playing elite basketball ever since. In the episode we spoke about: - What was it like being diagnosed with cancer? - Were there dark days in those 3 1/2 years? - Did you ever think you would ever set...


#215 Success breads success with Matt Langridge

Matt Langridge is Olympic Champion from Rio 2016 in the Rowing mens eight. He is also a 4 x Olympian having competed at (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016) as well as being a 3x Olympic medallist (Bejing -Silver, London -Bronze, Rio - Gold). Multiple World and European Champion and not forgetting a 2 x British record holder. But currently a trainee Pilot. In the episode we spoke about: - Why do you think that there still is a bias towards rowing? - 'I was inspired by 1996...


#214 Servant Leadership with David Bolisomi

David is an Alum of Texas Christian University (TCU), Class of 2020, former Offensive Tackle for the TCU Horn Frogs Football Team and the founder of Fades to Grades. "David discovered the game later than most, so much raw talent", Gary Vaynerchuk, Vaynersports. In the episode we spoke about: - Why was your football journey different to others? - He thought he would have to ride a horse like the hit TV Show 'Dallas' from a boy coming from West Africa - Poetic about his description of...


#213 Planned unpredictability with Nick Grantham

Nick has become recognised as a specialist in athletic preparation and has helped athletes at all levels achieve their personal goals and ambitions. Nick has worked in high performance sport for more than 20 years and has extensive experience of long term athlete development. As lead strength and conditioning coach to National Governing Body’s, Home Institutes and professional teams, Nick has been responsible for the management, development and delivery of integrated physical preparation...


#212 Sustainable changes with Juma Iraki

Juma is a certified personal trainer from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and holds a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition at the University of Stirling. Juma has also completed his IOC diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee. He is the CEO of Iraki Nutrition AS and Head of Nutrition at AFPT in Norway where he lectures in Sports Nutrition. In the episode we spoke about: - When wanting to lose weight and build muscle, how many meals should you eat in...


#211 Your ability outshines your disability with Amy Truesdale

Amy is a Great Britain Paralympic Taekwondo athlete who has qualified for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games. Tokyo will be her first games and the sport of Para-Taekwondo will be making it's maiden debut at the Paralympics. "It's your ability not your disability that matters" In the episode we spoke about: - How did she get into Taekwondo? - Did you ever think at 8 years old, you would ever be where you are now? - What was it like dealing with lockdown as a current athlete? - How did you...