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Mindset design for game-changers, trail blazers, rule-breakers, awesome makers and the "crazy ones" looking to change the world.

Mindset design for game-changers, trail blazers, rule-breakers, awesome makers and the "crazy ones" looking to change the world.
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Mindset design for game-changers, trail blazers, rule-breakers, awesome makers and the "crazy ones" looking to change the world.






The Flawless Mindset

What if character flaws don't actually exist? What if they are false conclusions that are drawn as a result of misdiagnosing a situation that didn't go as planned. That’s exactly what we will explore in today’s episode.


Mindset I stole from Lebron James

Lebron James is a fascinating human. Not only does he have a high basketball IQ, he has a high life IQ. The dude is just a wise man. So when I heard that he stays in peak physical condition year round (read: he never lets himself fall out of shape) I knew I had to learn more about this mindset and any principles I could steal and use in my own life. In this episode I dive into how I tweaked that mindset to help me master intermittent fasting and why this is so important on my quest to...


The Einstein Mindset

Here’s the trouble with mindset. Everyone says it’s important, but no one has a model that shows the components that make it work. It’s like saying writing is important, but not revealing the alphabet that it is based on. That changes today. Inspired by an Einstein quote, I have created a Mindset Model that reveals exactly how mindset operates so can plug in new mindsets of your own to make profound transformation happen in your life. This is a game-changer my friend.


The One Thing Mindset

What if society has it all wrong? What if the most productive people are those who focus on the counter-intuitive idea of doing less to accomplish more. Rather than creating exhaustive lists they determine the ONE THING that would have the greatest impact on their life, and they make that their primary focus. I call that The One Thing Mindset and to illustrate it's power, I share the story of how I used the mindset to escape the addictive hold of sugar and eliminate it from my diet for good.


The Egoless Mindset

In this episode I share the story of my meet up with a world famous astronaut and how my egoless mindset ended up causing me a lot of problems.


The Post-Mortem Mindset

Imagine if you could go back and rewrite all the endings to the not-so-great things that have happened to you over the course of your life. Well the good news is you can using a mindset called The Post-Mortem Mindset. This strategy will give you the ability to analyze the awful so you can uncover the awesome. Enjoy my friend. And remember…you are just one mindset away from creating the remarkable.


The @Fault Mindset

How would your life change if you decided to take 100% responsibility for everything that didn’t go as planned? That’s the mindset we will explore in this episode. Discover who inspired the mindset, hear a story about how to apply it and learn the extraordinary benefits that come with adopting this counter-intuitive mindset. If you are looking to make remarkable happen in your life, then this is a show you don't want to miss.


The Root Cause Mindset

Today’s episode was inspired by a company called InfusionSoft. There is a rumour that the company is looking to change their name because people have begun to call them ConfusionSoft. This is obviously terrible for their brand, but their thinking with regard to this problem is all wrong. It is addressing a symptom, not the root cause. I am going to do a deep dive into how they should be addressing this problem and I share 3 other stories that demonstrate the incredible power of the root...


The Perfect Day Mindset

Too often when someone passes away we state that we want to live more fully. More deliberately. And we do for about 48 hours before that motivation expires and our life quietly creeps back to what it once was. To counter this, I will share 10 behaviors I am looking to perform and measure on a daily basis so I can live my perfect day EVERY DAY. This is my ScoreCard for Success. It’s my solution to living a life without regret. This was inspired by and dedicated to my extraordinary cousin...


The 180 Mindset

There is a wonderful episode of Seinfeld where George realizes that every instinct he has in life is wrong. He decides to do the opposite and suddenly finds himself creating amazing opportunities that had eluded him his entire life. In today’s show I’m going to share 2 stories and 3 insights on the life-changing magic of doing the opposite and how and why you should start implementing this idea into your life.


The Expressing Gratitude Mindset

This episode was inspired by something I read about Oprah in Success Magazine about 15 years ago. They had done a profile where she revealed the one thing that had the greatest impact on her life. She kept a gratitude journal. At the end of each day she would write down 5 things she was most grateful for. She felt that act alone had the greatest impact on her success in business and life. Today, gratitude is common practice amoungst abundance-minded people. But there is only one problem with...


The Orange Mindset

Back in 2006 I attended a talk by Wayne Dyer and he said something extremely profound that I never forgot. He talked about an orange and what happens when you squeeze it. Orange juice comes out of course. WAIT! That's not the profound part. People are no different. When they get squeezed, what's inside is what comes out. In this episode I share the insane Jerry Springer-like story of a 6 foot 7 giant who got squeezed by something I did and the raging emotional meltdown that followed. I then...


The Difficult Conversation Mindset

Difficult conversations are…um...difficult. But there is one strategy you can strategically employ that would make them much easier and skew the odds of a successful outcome in your favor. You give people an in. What does that mean? When the timing is right (very important) you proactively ask questions that allows people to safely state what’s on their mind about your behavior. In today's episode I share the secrets to effectively navigate the art of giving people an in so you can eliminate...


The Framework Mindset

Some of the greatest gifts given to the world were created by people who were capable of making the invisible visible. They do this by creating frameworks. Frameworks allow you to see what you previously could not. In today's episode, I share a story of how a hospital I recently visited created a framework that turned an otherwise stressful experience into something rather enjoyable. I share a few other examples of people who have created some fascinating frameworks. I end by sharing...


The Magic of Three Mindset

There is something magical that happens when you combine 3 seemingly unrelated ideas together in a way where their point of intersection creates something the world has never seen before. In this episode I share the origin of the idea (comedians use it, authors use it, companies use it), the structure of the idea so you have a clear visual of what it looks like, how I used it to find my purpose for the next 25 years, and how you can take the same mindset and apply it in your life.