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Think different so you can build a highly successful body and life.

Think different so you can build a highly successful body and life.




Think different so you can build a highly successful body and life.






Why avoidance is a TERRIBLE strategy

By default I'm an avoider. If something gets the better of me (meaning it chews me up and spits me out emotionally) I will avoid it to spare myself any future anguish. But here's the thing. Avoidance in the short-term can be a positive thing IF there's a plan in place to build resiliency to that thing moving forward. But avoidance as a long-term plan is a terrible solution because avoidance forces us to live small. Like really small. And the goal in life is to live big. Like really BIG!...


3 mindsets that helped me lose 25lbs (that will help you as well)

I had great success transforming how I looked back in 2011, 2012 and the early part of 2013 and then over time, bad habits and faulty logic began to creep back in and soon I was pretty much back to where I once was; overweight and not liking the look of the body I had created for myself. Flash forward 8 years and I now weigh 169.6 lbs as of this episode. It's my lowest weight since birth. OK, I kid. It's my lowest weight in 35 years. The last time I weighed this little I was 19 years...


Why positive thinking is useless

In today's episode I share a case study of a major mindset mistake I see many people make in online communities that they are a part of. Here is what I dig into in today's show... That's it. Make sure you pay attention to your own thoughts that arise and be sure to pull out the principles that you can apply to all areas of your life. Now go be awesome today my friend. Your mental conditioning coach, Dean (from Canada)


Everything is figure-out-able

In today's episode I dive into a mindset that I absolutely love. EVERYTHING IS FIGURE-OUT-ABLE. The show is based on a mindset that I discovered from a gal doing amazing things in the world, Marie Forleo. Coincidentally she recently published a book by the same name. You should definitely check that out. Here is what I dig into in today's show... And don't forget to pay attention to the thoughts that arise as you are listening to this. Acknowledge them, capture them and noodle on them in...


Building your ground zero skills

In today's episode I hit on some big ideas around a concept I call ground zero skills. This is a mindset I think about often, especially in a time where job security for most no longer exists. The show is based on a hypothetical question. If you lost everything financially today and you had nothing but a laptop and an internet connection, what skills do you possess that would allow you to begin making money tomorrow? Here is what I dig into in today's show... Before I go, I always end the...


The power of making relationship deposits

In today's episode I hit on some big ideas around the Relationship Deposit Mindset. This is a mindset I practice every single day. It's always my goal to make a relationship deposit. By that I mean I am always looking to add value to someone's life so that when they exit the transaction their life is better than it was before. Here is what I dig into in today's show... I will sign off by reminding you to pay attention to your thoughts that claw their way to the surface while you are...


The awesomeness of aging

In today's episode I hit on 3 big ideas about the awesomeness of aging as I enter my 54th year on the planet - or day 19,710 for those playing along at home. Here's what I dig deeper on... And before I sign off, just a simple reminder. Pay attention to the thoughts that bubble to the surface as you listen to this episode. If they claw their way to the surface of your grey matter it means they are important. Acknowledge them. Capture them. Noodle on them. And if they are game-changing, find...


Why I do 5-minute abs (4 whys)

What's going on my friend? Dean Dwyer here. If you have been listening to these shows, then you have heard me mention that I designed a program for myself called 5-minute abs. (Don't you dare think of one-upping me with 4-minute abs!!) It has worked remarkably well, much to the surprise of my abs. Well a young man from New York (who coincidentally owns a super cool acting studio that sports Oscar winner Sam Rockwell as a former student) asked me if I could elaborate on what I do. So...


Think like Warren Buffett

I thought I would take you behind the scenes and share something from my journal. One of the most challenging aspects of building a successful body is the emotional flattening we experience when things continually don't go the way we planned. In today's episode, I share some thoughts on what we can learn from Warren Buffett and the ability to think more rationally.


Turning failure into wisdom

What's going on my friend? So I think you will find today's podcast quite amusing. in the last episode I went into detail about how I use my willpower protocol to build and maintain my version of a successful body when attending events that are outside my control. And I loved doing the before and after format so I could model the thinking behind how and why I do what I do. BUT, it wasn't until after I released the podcast that I discovered there was a problem. I told you my plan was...


The truth about willpower

Today's podcast is a before and after about an all day birthday party I was attending. I did not show up at this event unprepared. I walk you through the mental conditioning I performed to skew success in my favour. It's a 5-step willpower protocol that helps people build Deliberate Discipline so they can achieve their own successful body. I then did a follow up podcast right after the event and discussed the outcomes I achieved and the wisdom I extracted.


How to build emotional immunity

I'm always amused by "experts" who tell people that to succeed they have to have belief, or they have to have confidence or they have to have discipline. But we don't "have" these things. We build these things. In today's episode, I'm going to share some strategies on how you can begin to teach yourself how to have more of any virtue you want; from belief to emotional immunity. And I will do that of course by sharing a few stories that you will most definitely find entertaining.


The successful body

So let me heighten your curiosity my friend by telling you the 5 things you are doing to discover in this episode. How to use the perfect intro to create profound clarity in your work and your life. How I’m using the concept to go all in on something I call The Successful Body. Some startling stats on an invisible epidemic no one is really talking about. The one BIG mindset mistake people make that prevents them from having success losing weight and building their successful body. Enjoy...


Stay afraid

So I have mentioned before that I have created a program for myself called The Successful Body Protocol. I put it together so I could create a body I was proud of that would support me well into my 70s, 80s and 90s. There are a number of pieces to the protocol. One piece is my Score Card for Success. This is comprised of 10 vital behaviours I perform every single day without fail. And #10 on that list is, "Keep score and extract wisdom." Every night I give myself a score out of 10...


Stretch yourself without breaking yourself

How to make changes that last without crashing and burning in the process.


Removing resistance

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple for his second and most successful stint, one of the first things he did is cut their product line by 70%. As Jobs would later say, "Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do." I disagree. I think deciding what not to do is even more important than what to do, because the list of what not do is MUCH longer. And each item on that list of unnecessary things comes with its own unique brand of resistance that beats us down and burns us...


Does your car reflect your state of mind?

Was out on a walk the other night, and I had to share this interesting story that happened a few days ago while attending a funeral service. The title says it all.


The Flawless Mindset

What if character flaws don't actually exist? What if they are false conclusions that are drawn as a result of misdiagnosing a situation that didn't go as planned. That’s exactly what we will explore in today’s episode.


Mindset I stole from Lebron James

Lebron James is a fascinating human. Not only does he have a high basketball IQ, he has a high life IQ. The dude is just a wise man. So when I heard that he stays in peak physical condition year round (read: he never lets himself fall out of shape) I knew I had to learn more about this mindset and any principles I could steal and use in my own life. In this episode I dive into how I tweaked that mindset to help me master intermittent fasting and why this is so important on my quest to...


The Einstein Mindset

Here’s the trouble with mindset. Everyone says it’s important, but no one has a model that shows the components that make it work. It’s like saying writing is important, but not revealing the alphabet that it is based on. That changes today. Inspired by an Einstein quote, I have created a Mindset Model that reveals exactly how mindset operates so can plug in new mindsets of your own to make profound transformation happen in your life. This is a game-changer my friend.