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A bi-weekly podcast by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to thought provoking interviews, and scripted content, Will keeps you on your toes. But you'll always be left feeling uplifted. From Straw Hut Media.


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A bi-weekly podcast by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to thought provoking interviews, and scripted content, Will keeps you on your toes. But you'll always be left feeling uplifted. From Straw Hut Media.




Subscribe now to History. Rated R. - EP3 - The Mexican-American War

I'll be posting one more episode here in the MREP feed for you listeners who haven't yet subscribed. But head over to our show page on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your pods and subscribe to History. Rated R. to keep hearing Craig and I's dulcet tones! President James K. Polk wanted more shit (read: more land). So he sacrifices some soldiers in Texas to motivate going to war with Mexico to take more of their land. Only they got it from Indigenous Peoples before them. This begins the...


Presenting...History. Rated R. - EP2 - Andrew Jackson's Bandwagon and 6 Year Rum Campaign

Motivation Report fans, have you listened to History. Rated R. yet?? Head on over to the showpage on apple, spotify, and wherever you get yuor podcasts to rate, review, and subscribe so you don't miss an episode of my new podcast! Andrew Jackson was a big ol' piece a sh*t! And his bid for the President lasted six years. Outside of being responsible for the massacre and mistreatment of indigenous people amongst other awful things, he also...invented the bandwagon? Let's take this guy off the...


Introducing My New Podcast...History. Rated R.

Motivation Report fans!! I'm debuting my new podcasting here to help move any of you who still have love in your hearts for ol' Will Sterling. Head on over to the History. Rated R. showpage on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe, rate, review, you know the drill. Don't miss out! We have DNA evidence that Thomas Jefferson slept with Sally Hemings, a biracial enslaved woman that he owned (and fathered the children of). So, John Adams tells his son to spread word of...


The End is the Beginning

After almost 4 years and 69 episodes, The Motivation Report has reached its final chapter. It has been an undeniably incredible adventure in producing this show. And before I moved on to something new, it was important to me to give the show the ending it deserves. I am a sucker for a good ending, after all. I am so filled with gratitude for your listenership, for sharing these life lessons I've learned along the way. Because, as it turns out, in the end the lessons were not just mine to...


The Necessity of Suffering

Is it possible to entirely eliminate suffering from your life? And even if you could, what would your life ACTUALLY look like? We tend to think that finding happiness or peace within our lives requires the elimination suffering. But if there were no bad day, how could we know and appreciate the good days? Suffering isn't simply a byproduct of bad decisions, it is a necessity in life. Unfortunately, you will suffer. But if you can find the tools to help you properly deal with that pain, only...


Perfection is Cancelled

"Cancel culture" has come to represent a lot of things. For some, it's a necessity in order to remove from positions of influence and power, people who are toxic. But for others, it almost feels like no one is safe. Everyone's past has transgressions, and should we be held to the fire for who we used to be or is it more important to focus on the growth and change of who we are becoming? If we hold one another to the standard of perfection, we have no other option but to fail. So let's cancel...


What is SONDER? (Hint: It'll Change Your Life)

Sonder is the new series I've co-created with my writing partner and guest this episode, Alex Wall. Sonder is defined as, "The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it." We've created a show to explore that, and help discuss how important compassion and patience are for everyone you interact with in your day to day. Give it a follow...


Learn to Love the Struggle

If you can be grateful for your life with you're at your lowest, imagine the happiness you'd experience when you're at your highest. There is no value to a life without struggle or hardships. Challenges are part of the path toward your goal. Find the reasons to be glad that life is difficult, and you will be beyond glad when life is easy. Follow me on social! @WillSterling_ Comments, questions, need advice or motivation? Hit me up, And be sure to check out...


How You Become a Failure

How exactly does someone become a failure? Separate from quitting, becoming a "failure" actually comes from taking shortcuts and taking advantage of others in an effort to benefit the self. Except, sooner or later, your being unqualified is going to bite you in the ass. But I can bet, unbeknownst to a lot of you, if you're working to make your life and the world around you a better're already a success. Follow me on socials! Twitter Instagram Have comments, questions,...


How to Deal with Burnout

It happens to the best of us. Myself included. What happens when we burn out; when the "grind" and the "hustle" just become buzz words for "you're never working hard enough!" The game, the "grind" is important. But most importantly, you need to learn when to "rest the game." There's a lot of "" here. Listen and learn. Follow me on social @WillSterling_ And email me your questions, comments, concerns, or needs for motivation to Learn more about your ad...


Make a Small Change Today, See Big Change Tomorrow

Why is it so hard for us to take the smallest of detours in order to help those outside of ourselves? We get so accustomed to doing things the way we always do that we often ignore the suffering. Oftentimes, the slightest of detours, the smallest of changes made today can make the biggest of changes in the world tomorrow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


God is Love, A Thanksgiving Reflection

I was 15 years old when I lost my mother. But despite the long, difficult road loss always proves to be, there can be light at the end of the tunnel. If "everything happens for a reason" or "God has a plan", why do those reasons and that plan have to hurt us? Perhaps, when we view it from a new perspective, they don't have to. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Compassionate Conservatism with Dr. Craig Smith

Dr. Craig Smith sits down with me to discuss what being a Conservative truly means, what it used to stand for, and how it's changed so drastically. How can we best reach across the aisle to help change the hearts and minds of those we disagree with? Be sure to vote Nov. 6th! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Be a Person of Character

Recorded Thursday, but Saturday saw a significant change. Though the sentiment can, and never should, change for you and I. There can be no debate for a person of character. Live your life knowing the legacy you wish to leave. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


For Once, Put God Second and Put Yourself First

I said it. Maybe it's heresy. Maybe it's time you start listening to your own God and stop listening to everyone else's. When you seek authenticity and steer yourself down a path of centering yourself, then you will see the true face of God. You. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Live for Purpose, Not for Pleasure

Are you living for purpose or for pleasure? You can't just screw around and think your purpose will fall into your lap. You have to work for it. When you're living a life purely for pleasure, you put your purpose on loan. But when you live for purpose you realize the path to success is paved with pleasure along the way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Say "I Give Up" Out Loud

How much is too much to take? Sometimes life can feel so heavy all we want to do is quit. But oftentimes admitting defeat is the very thing that may save us. You don't get to the dawn unless you endure the darkness. We may not always be able to see life's hardships coming, but we can always have a plan for how to respond. Success is not easy or guaranteed. And if you want it, it's up to you. It's okay to hurt. But don't let your hurt convince you happiness does not exist. (This will be The...


"I Know That Guy!" with actor Larry Hankin

Actor Larry Hankin joins me for this bonus episode of the Motivation Report before its hiatus. We talk about his VERY long career, projects like Home Alone, Escape from Alcatraz, Breaking Bad, and Seinfeld. Plus, he's got a one man show "Street Stories" playing in LA now! The show's hiatus will resume after this and return in June. Be sure to catch up on past episode, rate and review the show on Apple podcasts, and share it with a friend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Beautiful in Your Skin with Dr. Elliot Hirsch and Onika

I sit down with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Hirsch and his patient Onika to discuss her process of transitioning. Learn the importance these doctors play in helping Transgender patients become who they were meant to be. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


She Married a Junkie with Dr. Cali Estes

The title says it all. Learn holistic ways to recover with Dr. Cali Estes and pave a path toward recovery. Check out her new book at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit