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Being a newlywed can be such a fun time of life! But from personal experience, Grace Jensen knows that it can come with some pretty hard moments. With optimism but a willingness to discuss the serious stuff, Grace discusses all things newlywed, from the little, fun stuff to the big, important stuff.

Being a newlywed can be such a fun time of life! But from personal experience, Grace Jensen knows that it can come with some pretty hard moments. With optimism but a willingness to discuss the serious stuff, Grace discusses all things newlywed, from the little, fun stuff to the big, important stuff.


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Being a newlywed can be such a fun time of life! But from personal experience, Grace Jensen knows that it can come with some pretty hard moments. With optimism but a willingness to discuss the serious stuff, Grace discusses all things newlywed, from the little, fun stuff to the big, important stuff.






12 Days of Valentines Report

Grace and Zach report on their 12 Days of Valentines, a tradition they introduced in Episode 40. Find out which activity they improvised and which activity they both did for each other!


Anxiety During Engagement and Moving in Together ft. Dr. Scott Woolley, PhD

Grace's husband Zach hosts the show today, interviewing Dr. Scott Woolley on a variety of marital topics. His first question is on anxiety during the engagement period—why it happens (2:00) and when to listen to your doubts (6:30). They particularly focus on the struggle of knowing whether you’re in love with your partner (13:20). Zach’s next question is on how to adjust to living together and the many differences that often appear there (21:00). In fact dealing with differences seems to be...


Fast, Easy, Delicious Newlywed Cooking Tips

Today’s topic involves a relentless obligation: feeding ourselves. Grace shares her tips for making meals that are cost-effective, healthy, quick, and partner-friendly. Her method is also called batch-cooking! Grace’s first advice is to take a look at what’s in your kitchen and find out whether you have protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and/or vegetables (4:15). Having these four basics makes throwing meals together a much easier task. Our host covers how to make each category more...


The Genius of Brene Brown

Grace and Zach sit down to share the definitions of Brené Brown’s most important concepts. They would not be married without the work of researcher Brené Brown PhD LMSW, so listen up! Zach celebrates that the show hit 10,000 listens this week (5:20), and they share their “We’re In It With Ya!” story about accessibility (7:30). PSA: Every definition discussed in today’s episode can be found at The first words are the foundations of Brown’s work:...


Seven Essential Principles to Building Your Forever Together ft. Dr. Jeremy Boden, PhD LMFT

Dr. Jeremy Boden PhD, LMFT joins the show to share “The Most Comprehensive Online Marriage Preparation Program for Christian and LDS Couples.” The practical help his classes give students at Utah Valley University inspired him to make the concepts widely accessible (4:45). Dr. Boden explains why he is passionate about this timeframe for couples (9:45) and how he created the course (12:00). He emphasizes its goal of unifying couples (13:30). His course offers eight modules with videos and...


12 Days of Valentines Inspiration

Grace and Zach bring you a Valentine’s Day episode! (Yes, already! You’ll hear why.) Grace tells the story of their first Valentine’s Day together (2:15) and what they like to do now (4:30). The present tradition includes secrecy, so we won’t write down what Grace and Zach are giving each other this year. Grace does share what she gave last year though (5:30) and lists lots of other ideas (9:55). Zach then shares what he gave last year (21:30) and his ideas for the future (26:30). This...


Why What You Eat Before Pregnancy Matters ft. Ryan Kipping of @prenatalnutritionist

Today’s guest is Ryann Kipping, a clinically trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Lactation Educator, and author of The Feel-Good Pregnancy Cookbook. You can find her at and @prenatalnutritionist on Instagram. Firstly, Ryann promotes conscious healthy eating long before pregnancy (7:00). Getting your body to maximum health before pregnancy stores the nutrition your body needs while it’s sick during (at least) the first trimester...


Prepping the Marriage for Pregnancy and Parenthood ft. Sofia Jacobsen of @themotherseed

Sofia Jacobsen (a.k.a. Sofie), a labor and postpartum doula, joins the show to guide couples through preparing for pregnancy and parenting. She’s been married seven years and has had five pregnancies and two kids (2:00). Sofie is the founder of the Mother Seed, an online community for modern parents (4:45). You can find it on Facebook and Instagram @themotherseed, and online at Sofie’s first counsel is to modify expectations (9:40). For example, your family may...


Getting Out of a Relationship Funk

Happy 2020! Today Grace brings you strategie on how to reconnect and get out of a relationship funk. Let’s get a good year going! Grace gives an update on her life (2:15). She and Zach have moved to San Diego and are enjoying being among family. The first tip on how to reconnect is probably the most obvious—weekly date nights (6:20). Newlyweds may not feel this practice is important, but as life becomes more of a routine, connection should be a priority on the schedule. The next piece of...


Podcasts and Audiobooks for a Better Marriage

Today Grace and Zach share a variety of audiobooks and podcasts that may help you in your marriage and life. This week’s “We’re in it With Ya” story is of a conversation in which Zach used communication tactics he’s learning from “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It” by Chris Voss with Tahl Raz (2:40). Our hosting couple first shares several podcasts and podcast episodes. The initial few are episodes from Dax Shepherd’s podcast series “Experts on Experts.”...


In-Laws Invading! In-Laws Invading! ft. Dr. Scott Woolley

Couples therapist Dr. Scott Woolley returns to the show to discuss how to deal with intrusive in-laws. The interview is preluded by Grace and Zach’s new segment “We’re In It With Ya” (1:20). They analyze their communication skills during a vulnerable and sensitive situation (8:20). Grace then shares Dr. Woolley’s credentials (12:05). Grace’s first question is why some in-laws feel entitled to deep involvement in their children’s marriages and lives (15:30) Dr. Woolley’s answer includes the...


Balancing Traditions, Families, and Finances During the Holidays

Grace and Zach are back, with tips on how to handle holiday traditions, balance family time, and keeping the gifts inexpensive but meaningful. They kick off the episode with a new segment called “We’re in it With You,” a time to describe a recent experiences in their marriage--either positive and negative--to let you know you’re not alone (2:30). The two then tackle the complex topic of how to share holidays between families (13:45). Grace and Zach focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but...


Service and Body Image: the Holiday Editions

Grace and Zach settle down to have a conversation about serving as a couple and handling body image on Thanksgiving. They first talk about how serving together benefits your relationship. It’s a valuable gateway to meaningful connection (9:00), and prompts gratitude and humility (15:20). Then, they share a daily service opportunity provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the month of December (18:30). Details can be found at is also a...


Recognizing Trauma and Why You Need To ft. BeckyLynn Spotten

Grace’s guest today is BeckyLynn Spotten, a therapist specializing in trauma. BeckyLynn first defines trauma, and explains how it’s linked to our core beliefs about life and who we are (6:10). She uses an analogy to show why and how trauma continually affects us (8:10). She lists its many, varied symptoms (12:00). Grace encourages us to recognize trauma within ourselves, despite how uncomfortable or scary it can be (16:15). BeckyLynn invites us to explore our past with compassion and...


Managing Money as Emotional Beings ft. Dan and Mikayla Ockey

The founders of Centsei Financial Mikayla and Dan Ockey come onto the show to give tips on finding cohesion in finances as a couple. Before diving in, they relate the extraordinary tale of their meeting and courtship (1:45). The two share their financial journey. While Mikayla grew up as a moderate spender and consistent saver (15:15), Dan spent extravagantly in college, amassing considerable debt in an astoundingly short period of time (16:50). Once married, they realized they needed to...


Discovering Pornography Betrayal Moment By Moment and Seeing Beyond the Moment ft John Brailsford, PhD

Dr. John Brailsford, therapist of twenty years, comes onto the show to discuss how unhealthy relationship dynamics often form when a spouse is struggling with pornography and how to replace them with healthy dynamics. They start off by discussing the different reasons why men and women can become involved in pornography (14:10). Grace suggests that pornography use is a spectrum, to which Dr. Brailsford agrees (18:40). For more information on why pornography can be damaging, check out...


So One of You Wants Sex More Than the Other ft. Chelsea Petersen, LMFT

Chelsea Peterson, a marriage and family therapist and owner of Cache Valley Counseling, joins Grace to discuss a long-awaited topic: how to understand and maneuver different levels of desire in the bedroom. Mrs. Peterson explains that partners differ in sexual desire far more often than not and that which partner is which can change (8:30). She then dives into the patterns that can arise when this situation is not handled well (12:05) and where the patterns can come from (18:20). (That’s...


What If We Barely See Each Other?? Part 2 ft. Lauren and Dr. Jason Jensen, M.D.

This episode is the sequel to Grace and Zach’s discussion with Jason and Lauren Jensen on keeping up a strong marriage during a busy life. Jason and Lauren find technology priceless, using texting to stay connected and Marco Polo to share little moments (3:10). Lauren has learned how to celebrate and creatively take advantage of time they have together rather than bemoaning time they don’t have. (4:30). The two share ways they include Jason in their child’s life (5:50) and how they stay...


What If We Barely See Each Other?? Part 1 ft. Lauren and Dr. Jason Jensen, M.D.

Jason and Lauren Jensen join Grace and Zach to share experiences and advice on having full schedules while maintaining a good relationship. Jason is in medical school and Lauren is a new mother, among other things. They first dated long distance (5:15), which helped them know how to respect each other’s schedules, prioritize, and connect without being physically present (12:30). Lauren speaks of the need to find new purpose as life’s circumstances change (17:30). Jason notes the importance...


How Having Divorced Parents Can Impact Your Marriage ft. Marley and Jarom Madsen

Marley and Jarom Madsen return to the show to give their perspectives on how divorced parents can affect marriage. Marley’s parents divorced when she was five, and continued to struggle communicating and interacting with each other throughout her childhood (10:00). We’re reminded that a pair having a bad relationship does not make them bad individuals (12:10). Marley recalls what dating was like for her (13:15), and then she and her husband describe her parents’ relationship today (17:15)....