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154: Shamelessly Indulge in Classic Sourdough with the Creator of Bread SRSLY, Sadie Scheffer

Enter the Ritzfit Natural Product Giveaway Meet Sadie Scheffer, founder of Bread SRSLY, San Francisco's first gluten-free sourdough bread company. The company began late in 2011 after a furious bout of gluten-free sourdough experiments in her home kitchen in Cole Valley. But the story starts well before that. Let's go back a ways. Sadie always worked with her hands, and in college, she joined a team of students who were designing a massive Rube Goldberg machine - you know, the funny chain...


153: Wander Life Coconut Creamer with Creator, Kat Waldrip

Wander Life offers another delicious healthy way for coffee drinkers to step up their coffee game. Their powdered, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, shelf stable coconut creamer is made entirely with organic ingredients and full of healthy fats from MCT oil and coconut powder. Follow Wander Life on Instagram @wanderlifecreamer Shop Wander Life Love discovering natural products on The No Diet Podcast? if so... you should look into being a Ritzfit member - you'll get access to a lot of the...


152: Whole Foods vs. Other Retailers, Ritzfit Struggles, plus a Massive Natural Product Giveaway

In this edition of The No Diet Podcast... I talk about how I think Whole Foods could change the world. Plus I show some vulnerability and transparency about the current state of Ritzfit. Finally, a giveaway you don't want to miss... $270 worth of product! Join Ritzfit for $10/month and immediately receive $10 to spend inside the Ritzfit Marketplace 👍 Enter the natural product nerd giveaway!


151: Phi Kind Organics Sugar-Free Chocolate & Stone-Ground Nut Butter with Creator, Jonathan Pantalis

“Pie Kind” was created with the intention of creating the best tasting, purest chocolates and pastries. While the pastries and pie are long gone the love affair with chocolate has only grown stronger. It was the founders greatest pleasure to make people the best food ever with the purest ingredients he could find. It fed his soul. To see others experience joy through one of life’s greatest necessity’s, food. What he had not foreseen when this project was born was the pain that food can...


150: [Product Discover] Cultured Love Kraut

Today's product discovery features a sauerkraut company from Grand Rapids, Michigan. While I personally hate the state of Michigan for football reasons (go Bucks) I absolutely love Cultured Love - and it makes me super happy to see great companies with great products established in the midwest states. Cultured Love produces nutrient-rich, probiotic-laden foods that are not only beneficial for you, but also have amazing flavor and texture and add beauty to any meal. Follow Cultured Love on...


149: [Product Discovery] Lavender Vanilla Ghee

If you're a fan of TNDP then you know I'm a fan of Gold Nugget Ghee (especially the chocolate honey variety). The innovative creator of Gold Nugget Ghee has added a new product to his ghee arsenal. Enter Gold Nugget Ghee's, Lavender Vanilla Ghee... Buy some Lavender Vanilla Ghee Follow GNG on Instagram @goldnuggetghee Are you a Ritzfit member yet? For just $10/mnth you get access to products like Gold Nugget Ghee for a fraction of retail price. Ritzfit has been called the farmers...


Bonus: Has the School System Failed Us? with James Connolly

In this bonus edition of The No Diet Podcast; James Conolly returns to the show to share his new passion... The education system. Have you ever wondered where the concept of school came from or why it even exists? How about why we're grouped in grades by age, or why the sound of a bell is allowed to stop us from doing something we might actually enjoy, only to have to go to the next class to learn something stupid like geometry? No Diet Podcast Show Notes: Bonus Episode – James...


148: Holistic Body Care Inspired by Nature with Treat Yourself Inc Co-Creator, Ariel Welch

In 2017, Treat Yourself Inc partnered with their dear friend and herbalist, Ariel, to create natural body care products. Ariel has taken common body care products and substituted harsh, harmful chemicals with ingredients found in nature instead. These products continue to highlight our belief in the healing power of plants and herbs. The ingredients used in the Treat Yourself product line are 100% pure and certified organic. They use only natural materials that come from the earth. No...


147: Move, Smile, Think, Restore, and Dazzle with B.O.S.S. Food Co. Raw Superfood Bar Creator, Andrea Spirov

BOSS Food Company was founded by Andrea Spirov in a quest to fix her health in 2015. Andrea underwent a complete health transformation changing her diet, lifestyle & circumstances in hopes to solve her health crisis. The result? A superfood bar was born! BOSS Food Company came to fruition in a tiny, shared commercial kitchen in Houston, Texas. With bowls, measuring cups & several pinches of passion, Andrea & her team created five different types of bars. As they hoped, BOSS bars fit...


146: Current Ritzfit Deals, plus Tierney Reviews Purity Coffee

In the episode - All live Ritzfit members-only deals introduced. Plus 👇 Some do very well well with coffee while some others not so much. Tierney unfortunately, is one of many individuals who struggle with coffee from a gut and caffeine sensitivity standpoint. We interviewed the creator of Purity Coffee, Andrew Salisbury in ep. 138 of TNDP, which in my opinion was one of our best interviews yet. At the time of the interview, Tierney had not tried the coffee, which is why we are...


145: Mike Pastor Reflects on his Travels to Europe and Southeast Asia - Food, Culture, Self-Discovery, Mindset Shifts

Mike Pastor reflects on his travels to Europe and Southeast Asia. Food and culture are different in a variety of positive and negative ways. It's truly how your own self perceives it. Enjoy this very entertaining episode of The No Diet Podcast! Show Schedule Get out and experience culture and food in different countries! He picks up on his travels flying into Treviso, Italy. (3:49)His border patrol experience traveling via train from Italy to France. (7:20)How there is growth you have to...


144: Watermelon Road Dried Fruit Jerky with Creator, Jamie Melzer

When you eat well, you feel well. And vice versa. That’s why at Watermelon Road happy and healthy always go hand in hand. They take great pride in ensuring each of their products are both satisfying AND nutritious. So whether you’re deciding between one of their sweet or savory snacks, you never need to worry about taking a wrong turn. Their unique snacks start with the highest quality fruits and vegetables lightly seasoned with organic herbs and spices. They then gently dehydrate them to...


143: Who Else Wants Cricket Products? With Seek Food Co-Founder, Robyn Shapiro

Seek was created as a solution. Co-founder Robyn Shapiro always had a close connection to food; her first entry into the business was at the ripe age of 15 when she froze fruit in the middle of the hot Summer and corralled her friends to join her to sell it in Boston's Harvard Square. Years later, motivated by a broken system around Westerners' increasing and unsustainable desire for meat, Robyn was convinced that crickets provided a fresh solution as they provide comparable amounts of...


142: Within Without Chewy Granola with Creator, Brittany Chibe

In this edition of TNDP - Tierney rolls solo without Ritz; she interviews Brittany Chibe, the creator of Within Without, a grain-free chewy granola snack without any artificial ingredients. In this episode: 2:25 - Brittany stumbles across paleo to heal an injury & concept of using “Food as medicine” 4:37 - Bringing within without to the retail space & outside of the kitchen 5:20- Rebranding from paleo scavenger to within without 8:25 - Tierney's experience with the product 9:30 - Maple...


141: Reflections Vol. 3 - Tierney and Ritz on Becoming Better Interviewers, Plus Peeling Back Another 5 Episodes of TNPD

In this episode of The No Diet Podcast Tierney and I vow to get better at interviewing. Listening back to multiple episodes has caused me to re-evaluate the way we approach interviews and ask better questions. Admitting our weaknesses is a part of our growth in becoming the team we ultimately want to be. It starts with me (Ritz) first. As always in the reflections series, we peel back the label and provide our behind the mic thoughts on the episode and creator of the product. Enjoy:) The...


140: The Wonderful World of Tonic Herbs, with Superfeast Founder, Mason Taylor - Part 2

Ritzfit Nation - This is the second installment of our interview with Mason Taylor. If you missed part 1 (ep. 139) then make sure you go back and listen to it. In that episode, we run through all 17 Superfeast tonic herbs in less than 20 minutes. This episode covers 3 main topics: 1. Why Mason believes there's a time and a place for mushroom products to be grown on grain and why he chooses NOT to grow on grain. 2. Why are mushroom supplements so hot right now? 3. Is it ok for babies,...


139: 17 High Demand Tonic Herbs! Which One is Best for You? Featuring Superfeast Founder, Mason Taylor - Part 1

Mason Taylor runs a powerful tonic herb brand called Superfeast. Superfeast offers powdered extracts of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (which are technically tonic herbs but this seems to confuse everyone, so we’ll keep ‘em separated for clarity). What is a ‘powdered extract,’ you ask? Great question. A powdered extract is basically the end result of taking a bunch of herbs and boiling and/or tincturing them for a while. The powder comes about after the resultant extract is dried and...


138: Everything You Need to Know About Coffee, with Purity Coffee's Founder, Andrew Salisbury

They're on a quest to improve people’s health…through coffee. Toxins in food and the environment, to stress and lack of work-life balance, can make us sick–and often we don’t know why. With so much conflicting information out there about what we should be eating to achieve better health, the decision process can be confusing and overwhelming. It often causes people to just throw up their hands and give up. Habit change is hard. And even when we do make changes, we often don’t know whether...


137: [Q&A] What's With All the Fillers in Protein Powders?

In today's Q&A episode of The No Diet Podcast - Our caller, Jen, asks about the filler ingredients found in protein powders. She has a problem with companies calling themselves clean, yet they still include these pesky ingredients in their products. We couldn't agree more! In the episode - Tyler Jean and Ritz talk fillers, stabilizers, stevia, heavy metals, and of course their personal recommendations. Interested in asking your own question for the podcast? Visit and...


136: [Q&A] How Do Some Tortilla Chip Brands Get Away With Labeling "Cooked in Corn Oil OR Sunflower Oil?"

Today's question comes from Glenn who is curious about a label who saw in the grocery store. He saw a tortilla chip brand who labeled their chips as being baked in Corn oil OR Sunflower Oil. Glenn wants to know why and how companies are allowed to do this, and what exactly does it mean? I love this question! It's all new to me as well, Glenn. To help me answer the question - I have brought to the show Tyler Jean, the newest member of the Ritzfit Qualitative Ingredient Forensic Team! Take...