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167: Fond Bone Broth Tonics with Creator, Alysa Seeland

Brewed like a beer, infused like a tea, sipped like an espresso, Fond Bone Broth Tonics are made to nourish and delight! Brewed "low and slow" Fond bone broth is made with a proprietary blend of wings, necks, backs, and feet of pastured raised chickens and is brewed in spring water for up to 24 hours. This provides us with a collagen-rich and flavorful bone broth base without having high amounts of naturally occurring glutamates from large quantities of meat. Next, they take a nod from...


166: Primal Kitchen Acquired by Heinz - My Thoughts

For those who missed last weeks big news - Paleo brand favorite, Primal Kitchen was acquired by Heinz fo 200 million. Figure I'd hop on and voice my concerns. This isn't the first natural product brand acquired by companies who have built empires on the heels of shit food products with shit ingredients. Over the last few years, we have seen RX Bar (junk) and Epic (fading) get acquired by Kellogg and General Mills. Ritzfit Nation - have you actually ever noticed an improvement in the...


165: Crucial FOUR Farms, Salt, and Cane Sugar with Charles Barber

In this episode of TNDP Charles Barber returns to the show to answer questions about salt. He has a current deal for Ritzfit members for his mineral dense Icelandic Flake Salt, however, we deep dive into other forms of salt. Also in the episode; we talk everything cane sugar. A fair amount of companies are using cane sugar in the natural product space to make sure their products don't taste like shit. Talk to me one year ago and I was super anti cane sugar. Here's the deal... there is...


164: I Invite You to Follow My Story

In this episode I answer a DM - Why should I listen to you Ritz? I recorded this inside my car with a new live program I found. Sound quality isn't the best, but connecting my thoughts to you guys is important to me. I'm going to start releasing more of these episodes. Whether or not you can resonate (which most of you will be able to) I want you to understand the place from which I operate. I'm fighting for small brands and transparency. This stuff is important to me. Thanks for...


163: Live Your Best Story Part 2 - with the Creator of Cliffhanger Academy, David Mykel

Before you do anything please please please listen to Part 1, you won't be pissed. In Part 2 of Live Your Best Story: David Mykel starts to peel back some of my own layers with some brutally tough questions. At the time of the interview, I was far from healthy even though I spend most of my time in the health space. You don't want to miss this ;) Reminder... David Mykel helps high performing men and women find more focus and more fitness in their busy lives. He does this with a...


162: Live Your Best Story Part 1 - with the Creator of Cliffhanger Academy, David Mykel

David Mykel helps high performing men and women find more focus and more fitness in their busy lives. He does this with a groundbreaking scientifically proven system (Experiential Focus System) that combines Psychology with Action Sports and Neuroscience to help them find more balance in their Health, Wealth and Relationships. David creates custom experiences using Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Surfing, and Thai Boxing to activate your Mind, Body, and Breath in a Patent-Pending way to create...


161: Swerve - The Ultimate Sugar Replacement with Creator, Andress Blackwell

Swerve is made from ingredients found in select fruits and starchy root vegetables and contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. It’s zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes since it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. Swerve is a true sugar replacement because it's sweet and delicious! Unlike other natural sweeteners like stevia, it has no bitter aftertaste and measures just like sugar. It's also the only sugar replacement of its...


160: Gorilly Goods - Mindful Snacking with Cindy Poiesz

The problem with most snacking products containing nuts and seeds - they're not soaked and sprouted. Why is it important to support the companies taking this extensive step in the production of their products? Sprouted nuts enhance bioavailability of micronutrients, break down potentially inflammatory lectins, and are much easier to digest than conventional nuts. When dealing with snack products like Gorilly Goods, it's an extreme challenge to achieve the Organic Certification. Gorilly...


159: Tribali Foods New Product Alert - with Founder, Angela Mavridis

At Tribalí, they begin with high quality, organic protein from ranchers who raise animals humanely. They grind and season their meats with herbs, spices, veggies, and purées for fresh, honest flavor. Tribali is committed to real, single-sourced ingredients and a sustainable and transparent supply chain. Everything they use is raised, grown, or gathered as humanely and as sustainably as possible. To nurture both people and animals, we support practices that prioritize animal welfare....


158: Reflections Vol. 4 - Tierney & Ritz Reflect on These 5 Interviews: Springbound Snacks, Seek Food, Boss Food Co., Treat Yourself Inc., Watermelon Road

The Reflections series is all about transparency. Tierney and Ritz share the conversations they have away from the interview room. Here is the link to each brand discussed in the interview: Springbound Snacks - @springboundsnacks Seek Food - @seekfood Watermelon Road - @watermelon_road B.O.S.S. Food Co - @bossfoodco Treat Yourself Inc - @treatyourselfinc Are you a Ritzfit member yet? Ritzfit is the farmer's marker of the Natural Products space. Join today and start saving huge on...


157: All Organic Specialty Sauerkraut with Cultured Love Founder, Jodie Krumpe

Cultured Love was founded in 2014 by Jodie and Paul Krumpe and operates in and around Grand Rapids, MI. The company grew out of their passion for and curiosity about the intersections between food, nutrition and well-being. Their interest in “food as medicine” expanded when several family members contracted Lyme Disease. This led Jodie to research chronic illness and the value that good food can add to a person’s health. They realized there was a lack of healing foods available to them and...


156: Brandless vs. Ritzfit - What's your thoughts?

Starting with a collection of over 300 everyday essentials, the brandless team circles the globe to create a curated assortment of high-quality products. According to Brandless, they do thorough research, product-vetting, and taste-testing to ensure that every product we sell meets incredibly high-quality standards. Like Ritzfit - Brandless claims that with their due diligence and product vetting that you shouldn't have to read a label. Ritzfit Nation, we're some of the most discerning...


155: Thoughtfully Crafted, Award-Winning Shrubs with Creator, Charlie Berkinshaw

Charlie and his wife Angela, like many young couples, enjoyed filling their evenings hosting dinner parties, creating craft cocktails for themselves and friends, sharing recipes, and always experimenting with new DIY projects (food and otherwise) at home. When Angela was pregnant with their first child, she was craving something that had the complexity of a cocktail but couldn’t find a good, healthy non-alcoholic beverage on the market so they set out to create one! During this time,...


154: Shamelessly Indulge in Classic Sourdough with the Creator of Bread SRSLY, Sadie Scheffer

Enter the Ritzfit Natural Product Giveaway Meet Sadie Scheffer, founder of Bread SRSLY, San Francisco's first gluten-free sourdough bread company. The company began late in 2011 after a furious bout of gluten-free sourdough experiments in her home kitchen in Cole Valley. But the story starts well before that. Let's go back a ways. Sadie always worked with her hands, and in college, she joined a team of students who were designing a massive Rube Goldberg machine - you know, the funny chain...


153: Wander Life Coconut Creamer with Creator, Kat Waldrip

Wander Life offers another delicious healthy way for coffee drinkers to step up their coffee game. Their powdered, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, shelf stable coconut creamer is made entirely with organic ingredients and full of healthy fats from MCT oil and coconut powder. Follow Wander Life on Instagram @wanderlifecreamer Shop Wander Life Love discovering natural products on The No Diet Podcast? if so... you should look into being a Ritzfit member - you'll get access to a lot of the...


152: Whole Foods vs. Other Retailers, Ritzfit Struggles, plus a Massive Natural Product Giveaway

In this edition of The No Diet Podcast... I talk about how I think Whole Foods could change the world. Plus I show some vulnerability and transparency about the current state of Ritzfit. Finally, a giveaway you don't want to miss... $270 worth of product! Join Ritzfit for $10/month and immediately receive $10 to spend inside the Ritzfit Marketplace 👍 Enter the natural product nerd giveaway!


151: Phi Kind Organics Sugar-Free Chocolate & Stone-Ground Nut Butter with Creator, Jonathan Pantalis

“Pie Kind” was created with the intention of creating the best tasting, purest chocolates and pastries. While the pastries and pie are long gone the love affair with chocolate has only grown stronger. It was the founders greatest pleasure to make people the best food ever with the purest ingredients he could find. It fed his soul. To see others experience joy through one of life’s greatest necessity’s, food. What he had not foreseen when this project was born was the pain that food can...


150: [Product Discover] Cultured Love Kraut

Today's product discovery features a sauerkraut company from Grand Rapids, Michigan. While I personally hate the state of Michigan for football reasons (go Bucks) I absolutely love Cultured Love - and it makes me super happy to see great companies with great products established in the midwest states. Cultured Love produces nutrient-rich, probiotic-laden foods that are not only beneficial for you, but also have amazing flavor and texture and add beauty to any meal. Follow Cultured Love on...


149: [Product Discovery] Lavender Vanilla Ghee

If you're a fan of TNDP then you know I'm a fan of Gold Nugget Ghee (especially the chocolate honey variety). The innovative creator of Gold Nugget Ghee has added a new product to his ghee arsenal. Enter Gold Nugget Ghee's, Lavender Vanilla Ghee... Buy some Lavender Vanilla Ghee Follow GNG on Instagram @goldnuggetghee Are you a Ritzfit member yet? For just $10/mnth you get access to products like Gold Nugget Ghee for a fraction of retail price. Ritzfit has been called the farmers...


Bonus: Has the School System Failed Us? with James Connolly

In this bonus edition of The No Diet Podcast; James Conolly returns to the show to share his new passion... The education system. Have you ever wondered where the concept of school came from or why it even exists? How about why we're grouped in grades by age, or why the sound of a bell is allowed to stop us from doing something we might actually enjoy, only to have to go to the next class to learn something stupid like geometry? No Diet Podcast Show Notes: Bonus Episode – James...