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180: The Shepherd Song Farm: Lamb and Goat Round Table, with Chef Alan Bergo and Sylvia Tabor

For more than a decade, Shepherd Song Farm owners Judy and Larry have participated in numerous volunteer assignments in Africa through the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program. In collaboration with small farmers in Mali, they started the Common Pastures project with the goal of sharing knowledge and creating sustainable farming practices. Judy and Larry entered the sheep industry in 1988, accidentally and without a plan. Neither of them had a farm background nor a dream of living on the land....


179: Fudge, Sex, and Tonic Herbs with Charles Barber

Back on The No Diet Podcast, Charles Barber dives deep into his newest creation, mBreakfast Fudge. Plus join us as we dive into a tincture product called mImmortal, and learn more about the importance of ejaculation without ejaculating. Browse current deals in the Ritzfit Marketplace Join Ritzfit and begin shopping beneath the label


178: Brains, Gains, and YouTube with Miss Fit And Nerdy, Marisa Chaela

YouTube sensation, Miss Fit And Nerdy, aka Marisa Chaela, has massed over 80k subscribers on YouTube. Marisa has built her audience creating practical and authentic videos covering a plethora of topics, but mainly fitness and nutrition. Marisa is ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Her dedication to learning and knowledge got her into MIT where she got a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Writing. It was at MIT while finding a class to take to...


177: The No Nut Raw Butter with The Creator of Tiger Butter, Kristen Waters

Tiger Butter Co. came about when Kristen Waters found herself unsatisfied with many nut-free products. Having struggled with allergies and digestive issues, she knew how hard it was to find a clean product that also tastes good. And that was when Tiger Butter was born! Tiger nuts are a root vegetable common to Africa, containing loads of fiber. And while they aren't actually a nut, they pack a delicious nutty taste. Tiger Butter is a nut free, seed free, and dairy free treat in a jar that...


Bonus: Farmer's Footprint Docu-Series, plus Updates

‘Farmer’s Footprint’ is a documentary series as well as grassroots movement. Over the last 20 years, we have seen a dramatic change in the demographics of chronic disease in the US. The epicenter of these epidemics has become the southern states along the Mississippi River. Independent research from private and university laboratories around the world have begun to implicate glyphosate as a primary culprit. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the ubiquitous herbicide ‘Round Up’ that has...


176: Bread! Small Batch, Artisan Made, 100% Organic with Rowe of Venice Creator, Rowe Samieian

Rowe of Venice is the nutritional love child of Rowe Samieian. Diagnosed with autoimmune disorder a few years back and given a no cure prognosis by Western medicine, Rowe took matters into his own (literal) hands and began to study alternative approaches. He consulted and worked with Ayurvedic practitioners, Chinese herbalists, and a combination of Eastern and Western approaches, all of which helped in keeping things under control but none could reduce and completely get rid of this...


175: Nomad Trading Co. Energy Drink with Max Keilson

Environmental "Everything we do is built around an underutilized agricultural product - cascara, or the coffee fruit. Roughly 20 billion pounds of cascara are discarded every year. By removing the cascara from waste streams, we halt many environmental stresses that occur at the origin, creating an actively positive environmental impact." Economic "We purchase cascara from independent family farms. This allows farmers to monetize everything they produce, insulating them from price...


174: Creating a Non-Toxic Lifestyle with Kelli Tennant

Kelli Tennant is the face and voice behind The Platform. She created a wonderful space to help women heal. Kelli's own health journey for the past 13 years has gone from bed-ridden, depressed and suicidal to the boss of her own company, with vibrant energy, joy, and pain-free life. Kelli teaches women how to heal emotionally and physically. In the episode, we dive deep into the impact functional medicine had on Kelli's health, NON-Toxic cleaning and beauty products, plus I take Kelli...


173: Everything Ingredients, Big Food Corp, and Feedback on with The Ingredient Guru, Mira Dessy

Mira Dessy is The Ingredient Guru – an author, speaker, Holistic Nutritionist and Real Food Advocate who emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and eating whole foods. As a Certified Nutrition Educator, Mira uses her experience and knowledge to educate others on how to navigate the grocery store’s mammoth packaged food stock, decipher confusing food labels, and choose healthy convenience foods. Resources from the episode: The FREE GIFT (E-Book) - Is Plastic Making you Fat and Anxious? Access all...


172: Siren Snacks Protein Bites with Elizabeth Giannuzzi

Elizabeth, the co-founder of Siren Snacks, began this company through a personal health discovery. Elizabeth never thought twice about the foods she was eating - she chose what to eat based on taste and convenience. Her relationship with food took an unexpected turn after she was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition several years ago. The news inspired her to take a closer look at the foods I was eating and switch to a plant-based diet free from processed, artificial...


171: Hemplete's New 75% Hemp Protein Powder with Abe Wolke

Your favorite protein bar maker just dropped two new products. Ritzfit Nation, I'm excited to introduce you to Hemplete's new 75% Hemp Protein Powder! Hemplete started like all our favorite foods — at home in the kitchen. Armed with disappointment in existing products, and even more optimism, we started experimenting. It didn't make sense to the creator of Hemplete, Abe Wolke, that there were no all-natural protein bars with clean ingredients and minimal sugar content, much less no great...


170: Top 5 Products/Brands of 2018

Mark talks about his top 5 favorite Ritzfit approved products/brands of 2018 with Ritzfit ingredient expert, Ariel Welch. Ariel comes to the show with her own top 5 and interestingly enough, their lists are very similar with just a couple of differences. Join Ritzfit Today!


169: Ritzfit vs. Thrive Market

In this episode of The No Diet Podcast I rant about the 3 key differences between Ritzfit and Thrive Market. Here's what we'll cover: You'll hear about the emotional differences, NOT the features or benefits. This is one of the most common questions I receive in my inbox, so I figured I would dive a little deeper. Happy Holidays Ritzfit Nation 🎅 DM me - @ritzfit_ Check out


168: Functional Chocolate Powered by Botanicals with Yes Cacao Creator, Justin Polgar

Justin Frank Polgar: The Minister of Chocolate an alchemical chocolate technologist! Focusing his chocolate innovation toward education in the holistic health and wellness category, Justin reallllllly loves chocolate. Making chocolate with Willy Wonka style, he is an inspirational cheerleader for everyone to find their YES. When he is taking a moment away from his educational art project Yes Life Foods, you will find Justin chanting “YES!”, dancing like a wild child, concocting in...


167: Fond Bone Broth Tonics with Creator, Alysa Seeland

Brewed like a beer, infused like a tea, sipped like an espresso, Fond Bone Broth Tonics are made to nourish and delight! Brewed "low and slow" Fond bone broth is made with a proprietary blend of wings, necks, backs, and feet of pastured raised chickens and is brewed in spring water for up to 24 hours. This provides us with a collagen-rich and flavorful bone broth base without having high amounts of naturally occurring glutamates from large quantities of meat. Next, they take a nod from...


166: Primal Kitchen Acquired by Heinz - My Thoughts

For those who missed last weeks big news - Paleo brand favorite, Primal Kitchen was acquired by Heinz fo 200 million. Figure I'd hop on and voice my concerns. This isn't the first natural product brand acquired by companies who have built empires on the heels of shit food products with shit ingredients. Over the last few years, we have seen RX Bar (junk) and Epic (fading) get acquired by Kellogg and General Mills. Ritzfit Nation - have you actually ever noticed an improvement in the...


165: Crucial FOUR Farms, Salt, and Cane Sugar with Charles Barber

In this episode of TNDP Charles Barber returns to the show to answer questions about salt. He has a current deal for Ritzfit members for his mineral dense Icelandic Flake Salt, however, we deep dive into other forms of salt. Also in the episode; we talk everything cane sugar. A fair amount of companies are using cane sugar in the natural product space to make sure their products don't taste like shit. Talk to me one year ago and I was super anti cane sugar. Here's the deal... there is...


164: I Invite You to Follow My Story

In this episode I answer a DM - Why should I listen to you Ritz? I recorded this inside my car with a new live program I found. Sound quality isn't the best, but connecting my thoughts to you guys is important to me. I'm going to start releasing more of these episodes. Whether or not you can resonate (which most of you will be able to) I want you to understand the place from which I operate. I'm fighting for small brands and transparency. This stuff is important to me. Thanks for...


163: Live Your Best Story Part 2 - with the Creator of Cliffhanger Academy, David Mykel

Before you do anything please please please listen to Part 1, you won't be pissed. In Part 2 of Live Your Best Story: David Mykel starts to peel back some of my own layers with some brutally tough questions. At the time of the interview, I was far from healthy even though I spend most of my time in the health space. You don't want to miss this ;) Reminder... David Mykel helps high performing men and women find more focus and more fitness in their busy lives. He does this with a...


162: Live Your Best Story Part 1 - with the Creator of Cliffhanger Academy, David Mykel

David Mykel helps high performing men and women find more focus and more fitness in their busy lives. He does this with a groundbreaking scientifically proven system (Experiential Focus System) that combines Psychology with Action Sports and Neuroscience to help them find more balance in their Health, Wealth and Relationships. David creates custom experiences using Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Surfing, and Thai Boxing to activate your Mind, Body, and Breath in a Patent-Pending way to create...