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200: The Final Episode - The End of Ritzfit

In this episode, I peel back the label and explain why Ritzfit is closing the doors. Also, learn about what's coming next... It would mean the world to me if you joined my private slack channel. Here's why you should join: Here is the invite link (ONLY LIVE FOR 30 DAYS) Peach & Love, Ritz


199: The No Diet Podcast is Ending

A quick announcement before the very last episode of The No Diet Podcast.


197: Joyfully Sweet, AIP, Paleo Caramels and Marshmallows Made with Real Ingredients with Sweet Apricity Creator, Tonya Butts

Sweet Apricity founder, Tonya, Sweet Apricity answers the question “Can I ever eat something fun again?” Tonya began crafting her dairy-free caramels as a graduation gift for her best friend Wendy, who manages debilitating symptoms with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). While offering powerful relief for those with autoimmune disease, the AIP also eliminates gluten, grains, chocolate, dairy, eggs, and refined sugars, taking store-bought treats off the table. Tonya knew what most of us who...


196: Ritzbit 4 - Is Fear Mongering in the Wellness Space Killing You?

In this episode, I discuss the possible impact fear mongering content has on our health. Should we prioritize stress over food consumption & other wellness hacks? Has biohacking gone too far? Should we be taking chill pills as the most essential supplement? The online farmers market for natural products is here! Shop beneath the label FREE for 14 days at


195: Supporting Small-Scale Family Farms with the Creator of Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative, Cody Hopkins

Grass Roots is a cooperative of family-run farms committed to the craft of small-batch farming—delivering only the best, most nutritious meat from their farms to your table. They raise every one of their grass-fed, forested, and pasture-raised animals themselves with the highest standards. They hand-cut, process, and freeze every product at the peak of freshness in their own facility. And they're 100% committed to transparency—that’s why they're the first and only farmers in the country...


194: Ritzbit 3 - 6 Principles of Natural Product Approvals

People, place, process, product, plan, price. Much of what goes on beneath the label is relationship building and trust. Learn how I use these 6 guiding principals to help me find new products for Ritzfit members. Check out the current deals on


193: Ritzbit 2 - Think Twice Before You Leave a Bad Review

Too many people are leaving poor reviews on products and not enough good ones. Small companies have different challenges that many consumers are simply not aware of. I'm here to share with you why you should think twice about leaving a poor review on the products you love. Try Ritzfit our for 14 days FREE and begin shopping beneath the label.


192: Bison vs. Buffalo, the Dark Side of the Meat Industry, and a Deep Dive into Grocery Store Meat, with NorthStar Bison's, Sean Graese & Guest Host Sylwia Tabor

NorthStar Bison is setting the standard of how animals should be raised, treated and processed. Today, the NorthStar Bison ranch consists of 1200 acres of owned and rented grasslands in Northwest Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota, where approximately 600 bison are grazed under Holistic Resource Management principles. Here's what to expect: Follow NorthStar Bison on Instagram @northstartbison See the NS Bison deal for Ritzfit members Join Ritzfit FREE for 14 days...


191: Ritzbit 1 - A Cry for Help. Put Pressure on Your Favorite Food Influencers

Anyone else sick and tired of seeing mega-influencers in the food space promotes non-organic vegetables? How about conventional almonds. Does it happen to be one of your favorite influencers? If so I implore you to demand better. Enjoy! Join Ritzfit and Shop Beneath the Label FREE for 14 days.


190: Food Lies with Brian Sanders

A documentary featuring the world’s leading scientists and nutrition experts, sharing the entire story on what we as humans are supposed to eat, why over the past 60 years dietary recommendations took a turn for the worse, and how you can be part of the solution. Today's interview is with the creator of the film. This film will cover much more than what's depicted in the trailer. Highlights will include: This film will be handy for: Follow Brian on Instagram...


189: Malama Mushrooms - Preserve, Protect, & Nurture with Creator, Ben Lillibridge

Malama Mushrooms offers 100% Certified Organic mushroom extract mixes containing mushrooms, cinnamon, and cacao. Malama Mushrooms fruited on the Big Island of Hawaii as an initiative to unearth the enormous potential of mushrooms in our society. Whether its medicinal mushrooms for targeting specific ailments, or nutritionally rich gourmet mushrooms for a healthy diet, Malama's goal is to create healthy fungi-based produce & value-added products that you can get behind as a loyal fan,...


188: Sippn' on some Tonic Rhizomes with Drink Rhizome Creator, Elisa Wickstrom

"We created Rhizome for you! A new way to hydrate. Complex, spicy flavors without the sugar and alcohol found in most adult beverages. Our handmade, slow brewed process (using only the freshest organic ingredients) allows you to revitalize your gut and your mind (without spending hours in the kitchen.) So what does Rhizome mean? Rhizome is both a botanical and a philosophical concept. Ginger and turmeric (often mistaken for roots, ahem!) are rhizomes. They grow horizontally and...


187: How One Podcast Interview and a Trip to Paleo FX Launched Ritzfit

In this quick edition of The No Diet Podcast, Ritz takes us back to the beginning. Follow James Connolly on Instagram @primatekitchen Support small and save big! Join Ritzfit and begin shopping beneath the label today!


186: Lark Ellen Farm - Sprouted Organic Snacks and Cereals with Founder, Kelley D'Angelo

Located in the scenic mountains of Southern California, Lark Ellen Farm is nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley. Ojai (pronounced O-hi) has for many years been a mecca for those seeking physical and spiritual health. Over the years both young and old have found their way to this serene town just a few miles from the sea near Santa Barbara. At the East end of the valley lies Lark Ellen Farm. A small farm where chickens roam free and fruit, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance. It is in this...


185: Stop Vilifying Meat! With Diana Rodgers and Special Guest Host, James Connolly

Diana Rodgers, RD, LDN is a “real food” Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist living on a working organic farm west of Boston. She runs an active nutrition practice where she helps people with weight, metabolic, and intestinal issues recover their health through diet and lifestyle. She’s also an author, host The Sustainable Dish Podcast and the mom of two active kids. She speaks at universities and conferences internationally about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal...


184: Live Interviews from the NTA Conference in Portland, OR

Live from Portland, Oregon - 4 Ritzfit approved brands share what's going on new beneath their labels. Join Ritzfit and begin shopping beneath the label today!


183: The Pagel (Paleo Bagel) with Creator, Stephen Friedman

As avid supporters of the Paleo lifestyle and parents to Gluten Free children, Stephen Friedman's family has had a clean and healthy diet for years. However, they were consistently disappointed with the lack of tasty Paleo and Gluten Free baked goods on the market. While on a family vacation they were introduced to cassava flour and it's power to make outstanding bread, bagels, chips, and more. After endless research and lots of inspiration, the Pagel (a Gluten Free and Paleo-friendly bagel)...


182: Regenerative Sprouted Nut Butters with the creator of The Philosopher's Stoneground, Tim Richards

The Philosopher’s Stoneground is a mission-driven stone ground nut butter company based in Santa Cruz, California. "We currently make four types of sprouted almond butter, Ostara Stone Ground Coconut Butter, and Ostara Stone Ground Cocotella (chocolate coconut butter). We exist to create the best nut butter possible, on all levels, for all beings! Using stone grinding, a food preparation technique older than civilization, we alchemize small-batch nut butter akin to gold. Follow on...


181: CBD Exploded. Now Most of it Sucks. Shop CBD you can Trust with Natural Stacks Founder, Roy Krebs

Here's what you'll learn: - Full Spectrum vs. Isolate - Why liquid vegetable capsules? - Why companies spike their CBD products and how to spot them. - Tricks for reading product labels with CBD - Dangerous illegal solvents being used in CBD extractions - What source is the best? - Know your CBD strain - [NEW] Natural Stacks CBD Dream & Omega - Dosage? - Custom Natural Stack for Ritzfit Members Ok, so CBD exploded. Now what? Can we trust any of it anymore? The short answer to...


180: The Shepherd Song Farm: Lamb and Goat Round Table, with Chef Alan Bergo and Sylvia Tabor

For more than a decade, Shepherd Song Farm owners Judy and Larry have participated in numerous volunteer assignments in Africa through the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program. In collaboration with small farmers in Mali, they started the Common Pastures project with the goal of sharing knowledge and creating sustainable farming practices. Judy and Larry entered the sheep industry in 1988, accidentally and without a plan. Neither of them had a farm background nor a dream of living on the land....