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My journey into functional and integrative medicine

My journey into functional and integrative medicine
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My journey into functional and integrative medicine




The Power of Purpose



The Four Things Destroying Your Wellness Journey

Welcome to today’s episode where I’m going be sharing with you FOUR THINGS that are destroying the success in your wellness journey… and possibly even destroying the success of your business. Stay tuned as we dive into these muddy waters and clear them up for you on this episode. Thanks for joining me today! Those of you who’ve been following me for some time know that I used to practice psychiatry before I reskilled and transitioned to doing functional and integrative medicine. My days in...


My Journey to Fitness

Thanks for joining me today. This episode wraps up the last of a three-part series that I consider my journey to wellness. Last week, I explained how I went from depressed and suicidal to fully restored with natural treatment alternatives after a 16 year journey with 9 different psychiatric medications. I explained my epiphany that as we age, there are certain biological systems that begin to decline in the body… and how my traditional medical training had not prepared me for this epiphany…...


Naturally Restored

Welcome to the Optimal CEO Podcast. This is Dr. Brian Brown. Join me on today’s episode where we’ll be discussing how I went from depressed and suicidal to naturally restored and ended a 16 year relationship with psychiatric medications. Thanks for joining me today. Last week, I explained how I discovered at age 45 that I’d been dying every single night since age 5… and how that journey gave me a profound appreciation for functional & integrative medicine. I also discussed why a blended...


Navigating Death

I’ve been practicing psychiatry since 1998. I’ve treated children as young as age 5… adolescents… young adults… middle-age adults… and senior adults. In that time, I’ve treated thousands of patients who were not content with life. If “happy” is defined as “feeling or showing contentment,” then I’ve met a lot of people who were not content (not happy) with life in their present situation. Depression and anxiety are rampant in the Western world, yet the only answer that traditional medicine...