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Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.

Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.


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Inspirational conversations with extraordinary people.




Ep. 179 - Al Cleveland, wrongfully convicted :: Seeing the Light in a World of Darkness

Al Cleveland served 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. It was August 1991 in Lorain, Ohio, and a 22-year old woman named Marsha Blakely was stabbed to death and run over with a car. Al and three others were eventually convicted for her murder. Al joined me to share his painful story and how he persevered through life's ultimate injustice. Buy Al's book "3 Strands, 1 Chord" on Amazon: 3 Strands, 1 Cord: A Couple's Guide to Understanding Incarceration: Cleveland, Alfred &...


Ep. 178 - Nikki Costello, holistic wellness coach :: Live Pain Free

Nikki Costello is a holistic lifestyle, health and fitness coach who helps people live a life of resilience and vitality. Having been plagued by severe pain in her twenties, Nikki has studied and implemented the ELDOA Method -- a health and wellness movement and stretching method that reduces pain in the body. She is also an expert on gut health and the mental and emotional ramifications that can come from a bad gut. Connect with Nikki at and at...


Ep. 177 - Dominique Sanders, high school basketball coach :: Be Uncommon

Dominique Sanders is the boys varsity basketball head coach at Nordonia High School in the Northeast Ohio area. He joined me for a powerful conversation about coaching, leadership and the culture he has created within his program. Connect with 'Nique at Connect with Nate at YouTube video version of this episode can be found at Basketball Coach Dominique Sanders Talks Coaching and Leadership | The Optimal Life w/ Nate...


Ep. 176 - WavyDuder, music producer :: For the Love of Music and Money

WavyDuder returned to the podcast to talk kicking marijuana habits, producing for MGK, the business and financial side of music, up-and-coming Cleveland artists and a whole lot more. Connect with WavyDuder at 🌊🤘🏽 (@wavyduder) • Instagram photos and videos Connect with Nate at Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube here: (1) WavyDuder Talks MGK, the Business Side of Music, and MORE! | The Optimal Life w/ Nate Haber - YouTube


Ep. 175 - Cynthia Zhai, voice coach :: Speak with Conviction

Cynthia Zhai is a professional voice coach and author of the book, "Influence Through Voice." She coaches people to speak with impact and conviction so that they can achieve greater results in their personal and professional lives. Connect with Cynthia at and at Connect with Nate at


Ep. 174 - Kimberley Pittman-Schulz :: Grieving Mindfully

Kimberley Pittman-Schulz is an award-winning author who helps people overcome loss and grief. Her book, "Grieving Us," was a #1 New Release on Amazon in several categories upon its March 2021 release. Kimberley's special landing page for my podcast listeners can be found here! --> Email Nate at


Ep. 173 - Tevis Trower :: Flawed Corporate Cultures Start at the Top

Tevis Trower is the founder of Balance Integration, a consultancy focused on helping companies improve their cultures by first improving their leaders. She also authored the book, "The Game-Changer's Guide to Radical Success." She joined me for a conversation on why positive corporate cultures are so hard to create and maintain. Connect with Tevis at: Email Web Facebook Email Nate at...


Ep. 172 - Thom King :: A Health & Wellness Convo with a Guy Gone Keto

Thom King is an author, biohacker and founder of Steviva Brands - now known as Icon Foods - which specializes in low calorie, low carb sweeteners (as sugar alternatives) that are keto and paleo friendly. His latest project is a line of ketogenic condiments known as Guy Gone Keto, and you can purchase Thom's book, "Guy Gone Keto," from Amazon here: He joined me for a conversation about the dangers of sugars and the benefits of a ketogenic diet. Connect with Thom at...


Ep. 171 - Lori Hardacker :: My Horrible Dating Life!

Lori Hardacker authored the book, "Dating What The F*CK," a memoir detailing her horrible experiences in the dating scene for the past 30 years. She joined me for a candid conversation about her experiences of in-person and online dating, and the potential reasons for her lack of success. Connect with Lori at Connect with Nate at


Ep. 170 - Jim Hrncir :: The Beautiful Science Behind Anti-Aging

Jim Hrncir is a registered pharmacist who founded Las Colinas Pharmacy, which provides compounding treatments that are customized to meet each individual's needs. He is an expert on hormones, thyroid and anti-aging, and he joined me for a wide-ranging conversation about optimizing the body through proper hormone balance and treatment. To learn more, visit


Ep. 169 - Isaac Kuhlman :: Get Rich Selling on Amazon

Isaac Kuhlman is the co-founder of REAL Coaching, a consulting firm that helps Amazon Sellers grow their businesses exponentially using proven strategies and tactics. He also hosts the "Sprint to Profit" Podcast available on most streaming platforms. Connect with Isaac at and at his Facebook group Connect with Nate at


Ep. 168 - Alison Pena :: A "Bad Widow's" Grieving Process

Alison Pena became widowed in September 2016 when her husband died in her arms after losing his battle with cancer. Having been married for 25 years, Alison was suddenly alone in a world she wasn't quite sure how to navigate. Lost, angry and confused, the self-proclaimed "Bad Widow" opened up about her grieving process and how she eventually found strength to love again. Connect with Alison at and at Connect with Nate at...


Ep. 167 - Glenn Lundy :: Breakfast, with a Champion

Glenn Lundy is the host of the #RISEANDGRIND morning show and The Godfather of the popular CLUBHOUSE app room, "Breakfast With Champions." He joined me for a conversation about his path from homelessness and attempted suicide to now serving tens of thousands of people daily through inspiration, community and impact. Connect with Glenn at: Instagram Facebook Connect with Nate at: Instagram...


Ep. 166 - Nicole Guberman :: Overcoming the Effects of Narcissistic Abuse

Nicole Guberman is a board-certified mindset and transformation coach who helps women overcome past hardships, including narcissistic abuse and codependency. She joined me for a conversation about the intricacies of narcissistic personality disorder and what to do when you have found yourself the victim of narcissistic abuse. Connect with Nicole at -- Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Nate at...


Ep. 165 - Joshua Shea :: Overcoming Porn Addiction

Joshua Shea is a recovered pornography addict who coaches other addicts and their partners suffering from porn abuse and/or betrayal traumas. He is an author, speaker and educator who has written three books on this sensitive subject. Connect with Josh at Connect with Nate at


Ep. 164 - Andy Cagnetta, CEO of Transworld Business Advisors :: M&A Environment and Outlook

Andy Cagnetta is the CEO of Transworld Business Advisors, a worldwide leader in business brokerage, franchise consulting and franchise development. He also co-hosts The Deal Board Podcast, a popular business podcast that focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Connect with Andy at Andy Cagnetta - CEO of the best business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development company - Transworld Business Advisors | LinkedIn Connect with Nate at


Ep. 163 - Dr. Jay Feldman, medical doctor and media expert :: Where Medicine and Entrepreneurship Collide

Dr. Jay Feldman is a medical specialist, media expert and entrepreneur who founded Otter PR, a seven-figure public relations agency. He also hosts the Mentors Collective Podcast, available on most streaming platforms. Connect with Dr. Jay at Connect with Nate at


Ep. 162 - C. Lee Smith, CEO of SalesFuel :: Creating Winning Salespeople

C. Lee Smith is a sales management expert and the CEO of SalesFuel, an Ohio-based firm that leverages critical insights to enable acquisition, development and retention of top employees and customers. He also co-hosts the Manage Smarter Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and most streaming platforms. Connect with Lee at and Connect with Nate at


Ep. 161 - Jeremy Slate :: Podcasting's Impact on Branding

Jeremy Slate is the founder and host of "Create Your Own Life Podcast", interviewing some of the world's highest performers and achievers. He also founded Command Your Brand Media, a public relations firm that helps its clients appear on a variety of podcasts. He is an expert on how people and businesses can use podcasts to build their brands. Connect with Jeremy at Connect with Nate at


Ep. 160 - Padma Gordon, relationship expert :: Awakening Within

Padma Gordon is a spiritual guide, mindfulness counselor and author of Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself and Your Partner. She teaches about life, love and relationships through the lens of mindful awareness and awakening. Connect with Padma at Connect with Nate at