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EP 15 - Interview with Will Schiller

Are you tired of being mediocre? Download this episode to jumpstart your elite path. Will Schiller, professional life coach, and fitness trainer focuses on mental strength, alignment, authenticity and accountability with his clients and today he joins Troy to help get your mind in the place where it needs to be. Grab your pen and pad, because there are loads of tips and actionable instructions you won’t want to miss. Don’t miss this episode, tune in today. “If you want a positive life, you...


EP 14 - Interview with Chris Patterson

Promoted by a layoff, Chris Patterson, Interchange CEO and Zig Ziglar legacy certified, joins Troy and unloads tons of knowledge. Chris’ story is invigorating and will motivate you to make your visions tangible. He sheds light on finding opportunities, executing visions, overcoming fear and the major impact of Zig Ziglar on his success. If you need an extra push or simply more gas in your engine to keep going, this is definitely the episode for you. Listen in today. “A lot of people think...


EP 13 - Interview with Joe Arko

Homeless with three months to pay first and last month rent on an 8,000 square foot lease, Joe Arko, dug in, turning that gutsy risk into a million-dollar choice he has never forgotten. Joe, the founder, and creator of the personal training certification program A.T.S and PT Profits co-founder joins Troy sharing his story and whipping all in his path into shape. Joe explains the effects of lacking passion, having self-confidence, and canceling fear when aiming to live a successful life....


EP 12 - Interview with Sara Fennell

Sara Fennell is no stranger to difficult times, but on today’s episode, she reveals that she knows there were lessons in it all. Now an IFBB Pro, international fitness model, and social media and marketing expert, Sara joins Troy and opens up about her personal story. From deep depression to fitness leader, Sara shares firsthand how mental strength, and consistent up leveling, impacted her journey. Tune in, to be inspired to get out of your place of suffering and run towards the vision...


EP 11 - Interview with Jasmine Perks

Becoming mentally, emotionally as well as physically fit, is no easy task, but Jasmine Perks, body transformation, and lifestyle coach can help with all three. On today’s episode, Troy and Jasmine discuss ways to help you live your best life in your best body, from the perspective of focusing on the inside. This holistic approach will help you understand the importance that mental fitness plays in fostering and sustaining changing behaviors on your transformation journey. “You cannot heal...


EP 10 - interview with Ben Pakulski

If I can’t, therefore, I must, a saying Ben Pakulski, founder and creator of MI40, lives by. Don’t miss today’s episode with Troy and Ben as they discuss the power in struggling, the science behind bodybuilding and how to get where you know you want to go. “My greatest obstacle, my greatest struggle became the opportunity to change the world.” -Ben Pakulski Subscribe on iTunes and Leave a Review Timestamps: 8:00 The struggle that led to an enterprise 10:35 Bodybuilding is not just the...


EP 9 - Interview with Angie Lee

It’s time to train your brain to think your new reality, says life coach Angie Lee. Keep it right here with Troy and Angie as they talk through ways that you can become the best version of you possible. This episode is rich with knowledge including, explaining the value in giving away today to reap tomorrow, the role of self-confidence, the law of attraction plus much more. Press play, because today’s episode will ignite you to see it, so you can be it. “People are attracted to people when...


EP 8 - Interview with Alvin Brown

In this interview, Alvin Brown, author of Journey to Personal Greatness, explains, “Persistence is doing what you should be, have to do, [and] want to do when the mood has left you.” Join Troy and Alvin, CEO & founder of the Center for Healing and Peak Performance as he takes you through key actions that will motivate you to turn burning desires into current realities and push you to become an active life participant and leave passive living behind. Alvin’s personal journey and guidance...


EP 7 - Interview with Jordan Syatt

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy sits down with Jordan Syatt, the founder, and owner of Syatt Fitness. Travis dives deep on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. He shares his untold story of his excellent speaking ability, the behind the scenes practice and repetition that goes into his videos. Also, stay tuned to hear Jordan’s definition of persistence. “Failure is not only a part of the process and it’s not a bad thing it's actually a good thing.” -Jordan Syatt...


EP 6 - Interview with Vince Del Monte

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews Vince Del Monte, husband, father and online business coach. Vince dives deep on what he has learned about sales and building an online business. He also shares how having a business coach has really impacted his success. Also, stay tuned to hear Vince’s counseling on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your loved ones while building your business. “Stop selling. Start closing.” -Vince Del Monte Timestamps: 2:40 A lesson in...


EP 5 - Interview with Travis Jones

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy sits down with Travis Jones, the founder of RBT gyms. Travis dives deep on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. He shares his stories or grit, persistence and resourcefulness that has made RBT the 10 million dollar business it is now. Also, stay tuned to hear Travis’s keystone habits that he does daily. “Disciplined execution is the key to success.” -Travis Jones Timestamps: 3:50 Travis’s beginnings in the health and fitness industry 5:45...


EP 4 - Interview with Tosca Reno

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy sits down with New York Times bestselling author and founder of Eat-Clean Revolution, Tosca Reno. Tosca shares her amazing story of persistence through the most trying times of her life (which included the loss of multiple loved ones and an enormous amount of debt). Also, stay tuned to hear what she has dubbed the 3 E’s of emotional health. “With every loss and devastation, there is birth and regrowth.” -Tosca Reno Timestamps: 3:31 Tosca...


EP 3 - Interview with Chris Harder

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy sits down with entrepreneur and philanthropist, Chris Harder. Chris shares valuable information on how to unapologetically purse success. Also, stay tuned to hear his advice on how to overcome your insecurities. “Giving is the secret to everything you want.” -Chris Harder Timestamps: 5:23 Why you should make giving a priority 7:33 Chris’s nutritional struggles 11:10 Chris’s persistence story 14:12 Wealth consciousness vs wealth stories 18:09...


EP 2- Interview with Chris Powell

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews his long time idol and ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformation Specialist, Chris Powell. Chris shares his amazing transformation story about his battle with addiction and how he was able to overcome it. Also, stay tuned to hear his advice to people that have hit rock bottom. “Balance isn’t something you ultimately achieve, it’s something you keep working towards.” -Chris Powell Timestamps: 3:10 The story behind Chris's quest to...


EP 1- Interview with Heidi Powell

On this episode of The Persistence Factor, Troy interviews ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Transformation Specialist, Heidi Powell. Heidi shares her story about her battle with eating disorders and how she was able to overcome it. Also, stay tuned to hear her advice to people that are about to give up on their fitness journey. “Any journey is doable, it's going to take time and consistency .” -Heidi Powell Timestamps: 2:40 A typical day in the life of Heidi Powell 10:22 Heidi’s battle with...


Welcome to the Persistence Factor Podcast

Troy Brown, A father, a coach and mentor in health, fitness and mindset to many, International fitness & cover athlete, former pro athlete in two sports soccer and bodybuilding & Part-time DJ. The Persistence Factor show is to share inspirational stories from the most brilliant business minds, athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs and influential celebrities to help you stay inspired and have that sustained effort which is required in your journey to success so you never ever give up on your...