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EP 31 - Interview with Stacey Copas

“The Queen of Resilience” is here to show you how to make it through adversity. Stacey Copas shares her amazing story of becoming a quadriplegic how she used that to impact people. Author of How to Be Resilient, CEO of Academy of Resilience, and inspirational speaker, Stacey has taken her adversity and turned it into world impact! Listen to find out how you can be resilient and overcome obstacles by finding your purpose. “If we spread ourselves too thin we completely dilute our...


EP 30 - Interview with James Hollingshead

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor Podcast is about the story of James Hollinghead. It was a pretty tough childhood for this man as he never got to meet his father. But despite being that, he never lost hope and never resorted to wayward ways. In fact, he rose above his predicament and showed the world that he can be the best that he can be. In this episode, James shares how he finds his interest and connects with it, gets passionate about it and ultimately becomes successful at what...


EP 29 - Interview with Dorian Yates

Troy chats with Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympian, about his current holistic lifestyle and why he has chosen this route at the age of 56. Dorian talks about his jewels of wisdom, his daily routine, and high intensity vs. volume training. Also, Dorian shares what he has been up to and some of his future projects. Be on the lookout for the DY Nutrition with the Shadow line in the U.S. market. He has also released his autobiography and is even thinking about starting his very own podcast, so...


EP 28 - Interview with Mathew Park

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor Podcast is about the story of Mathew Park, the "Small Town Giant." Mathew came from a small town in Alberta and is now living his dreams in Montreal. He is a high-performance coach, motivational fitness speaker, pro-athlete, and entrepreneur. Find out the secret to his success as he talks with Troy on how he achieved his dreams. Mathew shares how he overcame the struggles of moving from Alberta to Montreal and what he did in his youth that helped him...


EP 27 - Interview with Jamo Nezzar

On today’s episode, Troy talks with Jamo Nezzar, one of the world’s greatest bodybuilder, famous fitness trainer and founder of JimCore Training. Jamo shares how he persists and gain 350k subscribers on Youtube and creates the JamCore application. You will also learn, among other things, two steps if you want to launch your own YouTube channel. This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation. Check it out! “People love when you give them real life.” -Jamo Nezzar...


EP 26 - Interview with Brenda Johnston

Brenda Johnston talks with Troy about how she has been able to quit her corporate job and start working her “hobby” full time. Brenda told her coach back in January that by October she wanted to be able to walk away from her corporate job and have $20,000 in the bank. Brenda is a High-Performance Coach and is helping people perform on a different level and stop listening to their subconscious mind and blocking them from where we could go. Brenda is working on some books, so be on the...


EP 25 - Interview with Jason Persaud

In today’s episode, we have a man of many talents, Jason Persaud. He is Holistic Health Consultant, Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist (CHEK), Holistic Life Coach Level 3 (HLC 3), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Health Practitioner, and Holistic Lifestyle & Health Coach. He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. Listen and learn from the expert. Join me as he shares how he address individuals holistically to achieve ultimate abundance and vibrancy on...


EP 24 - Interview with Jonathan Wiseman

Today’s guest, Jonathan Wiseman of OBF Gyms, Toronto shares his story of persistence. Jonathan did not have a smooth road to walk on. Listen as he shares with us his difficult journey from growing up with ADD, starting as a salesman in the personal training industry, and the hardships he had to face when he started his first gym. “Have fun in everything that you are doing.” – Jonathan Wiseman Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes Timestamps: 02:45 – Jonathan shares his background growing up...


EP 23 - Interview with Jesse Topp

Jesse Topp, an entrepreneur, Jiu-Jitsu coach, and specialized fitness trainer, joins Troy as an example of persistence. Hear how Jesse overcame alcohol and drug addictions to take control of his life. Jesse shares his story as an inspiration for others to ask for help and keep going. Listen to today’s episode and find out how you can be a resource for others through your story. “To be persistent and moving forward, you have to take action, you have to be able to ask for help, and you have to...


EP 22 - Interview with Cayla Craft

Today’s show features advice for all areas of life. Troy speaks with Cayla Craft, a self-made millionaire, lifestyle entrepreneur, and owner of Mommy Millionaire. Cayla shares her experience and wisdom as she aims to serve others. Listen in to hear how fears give way to confidence and self-development boosts impact. “Stop waiting for motivation. Motivate yourself.” -Cayla Craft Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes Timestamps: 2:54 - Cayla Craft’s story 5:28 - Building character and...


EP 21 - Interview with Ryan Hudson-Peralta

In this episode of the Persistence Factor, Troy interviews Ryan Hudson-Peralta, a life-coach and motivational speaker, born with a disability that has never managed to bring him down. Ryan is persistent, strong, he never gives up on what he wants, and he has made it his mission to inspire the same traits in other people. Join us if you want to hear Ryan’s fantastic story that will inevitably encourage you. “If there were something I’d want to do, I would figure a way how to do it.” -Ryan...


EP 20 - Interview with My Better Half Jasmine Perks

Today’s episode of the Persistence Factor is a special one. Troy is joined by his partner and better half - Jasmine Perks. They share, the good, the bad and the ugly about their relationship and how they were able to overcome it. Plus, listen in as Troy lays it all out on the table. He opens up and shares his faults and painful moments in his life. “I’m so glad that Troy is where he is today because now he can share the stories that people don’t know about him.” -Jasmine Perks Timestamps:...


EP 19 - Interview with Craig Ballantyne

Get inspired to achieve whatever you want to achieve in today's episode on the Persistence Factor, where Troy interviews Craig Ballantyne, author, and owner of several successful businesses. He is here to give you his view on structure, discipline, and all the other methods he uses to attain success. But as Craig says, you have to do the work to get the reward! “True structure brings you true freedom.” -Craig Ballantyne Timestamps: 1:40 - Craig Ballantyne’s story - the transition from...


EP 18 - Interview with Elliott Hulse

Be still. These words of wisdom come from today’s guest, Elliott Hulse, infamous strong man and host of Yo Elliott! Elliott is a world-renowned coach and author, and on today's show, he details the necessity of being still. If you want to achieve meaning and lead a better and healthier life, join us on this episode of the Persistence Factor. “Self-confidence comes after self-love.” -Elliott Hulse Timestamps: 3:01 - The evolution of Elliott Hulse and his core values 10:17 - Developing...


EP 17 - Interview with John Hodgson

In this episode of the Persistence Factor, Troy interviews one of the legends in the world of bodybuilding - John Hodgson. He is here to tell you about his successes and how you can achieve them yourself. He will talk about how he retired but still managed to stay in shape and lead a fulfilling life. In the end, if you are a regular person wanting to get into shape, then tune in, because John will explain how. “What the mind can receive and believe, the man can achieve.” -John Hodgson...


EP 16 - Interview with John Marrone

This episode of the persistence factor will get you pumped up and ready to conquer the world. Listen in as Troy interviews massive action taker, John Marrone. John shares his story of being broke and incarcerated and how he overcame his circumstances. You don’t want to miss this episode. “Take 30 minutes for yourself before you take 8 hours for everybody else.” -John Marrone Timestamps: 4:35 The dark times in John Marrone’s life 17:00 Yea you have a vision board, but do you believe in it?...


EP 15 - Interview with Will Schiller

Are you tired of being mediocre? Download this episode to jumpstart your elite path. Will Schiller, professional life coach, and fitness trainer focuses on mental strength, alignment, authenticity and accountability with his clients and today he joins Troy to help get your mind in the place where it needs to be. Grab your pen and pad, because there are loads of tips and actionable instructions you won’t want to miss. Don’t miss this episode, tune in today. “If you want a positive life, you...


EP 14 - Interview with Chris Patterson

Promoted by a layoff, Chris Patterson, Interchange CEO and Zig Ziglar legacy certified, joins Troy and unloads tons of knowledge. Chris’ story is invigorating and will motivate you to make your visions tangible. He sheds light on finding opportunities, executing visions, overcoming fear and the major impact of Zig Ziglar on his success. If you need an extra push or simply more gas in your engine to keep going, this is definitely the episode for you. Listen in today. “A lot of people think...


EP 13 - Interview with Joe Arko

Homeless with three months to pay first and last month rent on an 8,000 square foot lease, Joe Arko, dug in, turning that gutsy risk into a million-dollar choice he has never forgotten. Joe, the founder, and creator of the personal training certification program A.T.S and PT Profits co-founder joins Troy sharing his story and whipping all in his path into shape. Joe explains the effects of lacking passion, having self-confidence, and canceling fear when aiming to live a successful life. His...


EP 12 - Interview with Sara Fennell

Sara Fennell is no stranger to difficult times, but on today’s episode, she reveals that she knows there were lessons in it all. Now an IFBB Pro, international fitness model, and social media and marketing expert, Sara joins Troy and opens up about her personal story. From deep depression to fitness leader, Sara shares firsthand how mental strength, and consistent up leveling, impacted her journey. Tune in, to be inspired to get out of your place of suffering and run towards the vision that...