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2 Steps To Colossal Gains Even If You’re 40+ (with Ron Partlow)

Getting old isn’t the end of your bodybuilding career. You can still commit to hardcore training and impeccably sculpted muscles. Ron Partlow, an IFBB Pro, and bodybuilding mentor joins Troy in discussing the top methods for muscle training for guys above 40. Ron shares why strength and size are not the same things, meaning you can get lean while still being conscious about your health. Troy and Ron shares how they’ve honed their workouts for precision rather than mass, creating the exact...


The Ultimate Weekly Guide to a Sculpted Body at Age 40

You CAN get that sculpted body you always wanted even in your 40s! Today’s episode is a special one for those guys who want to maintain their health as they hit 40 years old. As you get older, you need to push yourself beyond your limits without straining your body. You'll do just that with Troy Brown's secrets to health and longevity. You’ll get a complete weekly guide to crafting your body and staying at optimal health. Listen to this episode to hear detailed breakdowns of the daily...


Taking a Holistic Approach to Health for Faster Results with Reece Mander

Are you overworking your body without understanding what’s going on inside of it? It’s time to stop listening to the conflicting information about losing weight and building muscle, and start taking a holistic approach. Reece Mander joins Troy to share why making your body healthy is the quickest way to get real results. Reece is the head coach and owner of Reece Mander Fitness, a five-star personal training gym that’s committed to helping clients meet their goals through training,...


Prevent 95% of Your Illnesses with This Secret Doctors Don’t Tell You (With Titus Unlimited)

Titus Unlimited is back again to share his wisdom. In this episode, Titus uses his experience as an expert fitness and health coach to help redefine what it means to be healthy. You’ll learn why doctors can help you get well, but they don’t often help you stay healthy. So where do you go to learn about the secrets to lasting health? Good news: Titus and others like him are ready to help. Discover the best ways to strengthen your immune system, avoid harmful foods like sugar and dairy, and...


The #1 Lifestyle Hack to Master Adversity (with Marc Lobliner)

Is your business, family life, or time in the gym struggling? Do you know why? Discover how your values will either build up or destroy every facet of your life. Marc Lobliner joins Troy to share why your lifestyle will determine your success. Marc is the CEO of MTS Nutrition, CMO of Tiger Fitness, a Pro Bodybuilder, Soccer Coach, Father, Husband, and more. Don’t cave to what society says you should be enjoying. Marc shares what will get you REAL success in your marriage, health, and...


Becoming a First Class Father and a Transformed Man with Alec Lace

What does it take to be a first-class father and partner? As the host of First Class Fatherhood, Alec Lace has interviewed more than one hundred fathers, including Superbowl champions and Navy SEALS, to find the answer. Today he joins Troy to share his journey from self-destruction to mindful parenting, and what first-class fatherhood means to him. Get ready to take notes, because in this inspiring episode you’ll learn how to define your purpose, transform your life for the better, and be...


Lose 200 lbs With 1 Simple Strategy Every Day with Joseph Keeton

Going from 600 lbs to 400 lbs, Joseph Keeton is happier than ever with his massive transformation. Today, you’ll hear from Joseph shares his secrets to losing 200 lbs even while fighting deep depression. Joseph serves as the pastor of Faith Church in Atlanta, GA, but is also changing lives by sharing his fitness journey. You’ll discover a 3 step game plan to inspire and propel you towards daily success. And if you struggle with negative body image or depression, then you need to listen to...


3 Hacks To Making Successful and Purposeful Podcasts with Luis Diaz

Starting a podcast requires more than just a microphone and a conversation. To begin expertly crafting podcasts, listen to Luis Diaz. As a podcast marketing expert, podcast producer, and founder of Podcast Domination, Luis thrives by turning podcasts into lucrative solutions. Hear the 3 keys to starting a podcast and 3 mistakes to avoid while doing it. By committing to personal development, you can produce content that matters. “There are no new messages, but there are only new messengers.”...


Discover the Definition of Manhood While Expanding Your Mind with Stefanos Sifandos

Understanding manhood has to be a top priority for those who want to develop mental toughness. In today’s culture, being a man can mean a lot of things. Today, Stefanos Sifandos will help you explore the definition of manhood. Stef is an author, speaker, and transformative coach. He integrates western and eastern philosophies to transform lives. Learn from Stef as he unveils the incredible impact our ego has on us. He also covers marijuana, porn addictions, suicide, and more. Listen to find...


How Meditation Equals Weight-Loss with Alvin Brown

From morning to night, you live by mental, nutritional, and physical patterns. If you don’t like where those patterns are taking you, then you need to stop and change them! That’s why Alvin Brown wants you to break those patterns and start better ones. Alvin joins Troy to talk about the mental pause that intermittent fasting and meditation can give you throughout your day. As an entrepreneur and the CEO of The Center for Healing and Peak Performance, Alvin wants to help you unlock your...


The #1 Way To Keep Losing Weight with Anand J

Do you want to lose weight, but you’re afraid of the stares you’ll get at the gym? Does ‘motivation’ sound foreign to you when it comes to working out? Today’s episode features Anand J, a strength and fat loss coach who lost 125+ lbs. himself! After losing fat and getting strong, he turned his knowledge and experience into a training program. Anand is here to share the one way you can get into the gym without worrying about judgment. Find out how to make working out actually motivate you...


The Simple Secrets To Being Healthy Inside And Out With Jason Persaud

Why does it seem that people in other countries are healthier than people in the US? Is it because of the food they eat? Is it their lifestyle? What can you do to be healthier? Troy Brown and Jason Persaud talk about these and give you simple lifestyle changes you can do today so you can live a healthier life. Also, what should you do if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss goals? We answer this question in the “Ask Guvna” segment. Remember to take lots of notes for this episode because...


EP 39 - Inside the Diets of Troy Brown and Jasmine Perks

Almost everyone enjoys eating, but we don’t always do it wisely. What should you do to fix that? Troy’s better half is back to give you the tips you need to make your diet enjoyable but healthy. As a nutrition and fitness coach, Jasmine Perks reveals how you can use nutrition to get lasting energy. Also, hear why your struggle to lose weight might be a condition you’re unaware of. Join Troy and Jasmine to learn the tools of successful nutrition. “Have a healthy relationship with all food...


EP 38 - Leadership Habits to Build a Legacy with Ryan Hartley

Leading well in the midst of panic or discouragement takes work and practice. If you want to lead well and learn to expertly handle criticism, then you need to listen to this episode. Today’s guest is Ryan Hartley. Ryan founded Always Better than Yesterday coaching to help people lead with personal confidence. Ryan shares how one person’s leadership can affect the world. That could be you. To become a confident leader, you’ll want Ryan’s strategies for personal development. “The power of...


EP 37 - How to Go from Broke to Being a Successful Fitness Coach in 10x Speed with Jay Jackson

On today’s podcast, Troy visits with Jay Jackson. Jay is an introvert, although you would never know it by looking at his Instagram. Many years ago Jay was involved in network marketing and was making six figures a year. Unfortunately, the company went under, and Jay went broke. While sitting on the couch, he decided to read the book he recommends everyone read, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. When Jay finished the book, he decided he needed to do what he was passionate about and do it at...


EP 36 - Follow Your Bliss

What you hear on today’s Podcast will blow your mind! Troy talks a bit about his childhood, his parents, and how he found a love for music. Did you know that Troy was known as a house and garage DJ? He explains why it is crucial for you to find and follow your bliss for 2019. Grab a cup of tea, as Troy would say, and enjoy this podcast. “Only you know what your passion or bliss is. I encourage you in 2019, to get back to your passion.” -Troy Brown Subscribe to this podcast on Timestamps:...


EP 35 -It's Never to Late to Pursue Your Goals with Jose Raymond

Today’s episode of The Persistence Factor will inspire you to pursue that thing that you’ve been putting off for a long time. It is never too late to hit the gym or do whatever it is that you want no matter what age you are. Like ‘The Boston Mass’ Jose Raymond who at age 41 still manage to win at the Arnold Classic competition and place second at Mr. Olympia. Jose talks with Troy and shares how he did it, where his strong work ethics came from, his hero and inspirations. He also gave advice...


EP 34 - How to Develop Mental and Physical Toughness with Titus Unlimited

Do you want to face 2019 with a great start? On today’s episode, Troy talks with Jean Titus also known as Titus Unlimited. Titus is a life-coach, a world-class fitness trainer, and a serial entrepreneur. He shares among other things, how to live a healthy lifestyle and develop mental and physical toughness. This way you will be ready to face the world as you keep on moving and growing to achieve your dreams and your goals. Be inspired and motivated from Titus’ words of wisdom and fountain of...


EP 33 - Overcoming Setbacks with Liz Lightfoot

What do you do when you’re struggling and keep on hitting setbacks after setbacks? Liz Lightfoot experienced it all, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, depression and anorexia and bulimia at age 12. But she never gave up and was able to overcome it all. Today she is known as ‘Little Fit Lizzie’ in the fitness world. She has won the Canadian Physique Alliance King Kong Classic competition. On today’s episode, Liz shares, with Troy and Jasmine, how she overcame her struggles, manages her diabetes...


EP 32 - How to Create a Plan to Grow Your Future with Kyler Max

What Kyler Max has done in the last 15 months will blow your mind! Troy found Kyler on Instagram and wanted to sit down and hear his story. Now they are sharing it with you. Kyler had a rough childhood; from doing drugs in the 9th grade to running from the cops to 6 knee surgeries, and now running a 6-figure business. Kyler’s persistence factor goes way above and beyond, so grab a bottle of water, sit down and listen to how this 24-year-old has turned his life around. “The difference isn’t...