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Episode 063: A Deeper Understanding of Sleep, the Brain & Sleep Issues featuring Stephanie Romiszewski

Stephanie Romiszewski is a sleep physiologist at the Sleepyhead Clinic in Devon, England. With a background in behavioral sleep medicine and psychology, Stephanie also assisted with sleep research at Harvard Medical School. Since then she has gone on to work in NHS sleep centers diagnosing and treating sleep disorders as well as seeing clients at her clinic. Stephanie is currently taking applicants for her sleep course and you can find a link below to sign up. In this episode Stephanie and...


Episode 062: Benefits of Conditioning & Key Markers featuring Alex Tanskey

What are the health benefits of different types of conditioning? Also, what are some key markers that we can look to as accurate indicators of general health when it comes to your heart? Alex and Jon team up to discuss the reasons behind different types of conditioning they prescribe in their client programs and what markers they look to for deeper insight. Show Notes Study: ”Lack of Exercise is a Major Cause of Chronic Diseases” Study: ”Does Physical Activity Increase Life Expectancy?”...


Episode 061: 15 Books You Should Read featuring Brendon Rearick

Brendon Rearick drops in to discuss fifteen standout books he has read and or listened to over the last year. Brendon is a strength coach in the San Francisco area who works with clients on a daily basis. He also helps coach other coaches through the Certified Functional Strength Coach program with Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Brendon is also co-owner of Movement as Medicine with fellow strength coach Kevin Carr. In this episode of the Pillars of Health, Brendon categorizes the...


Episode 060: Navigating Pregnancy Nutrition featuring Dr. Lindsay Tanskey

Eirinn took over the podcast for this weeks episode and managed to snag Dr. Lindsay Tanskey right before her due date to discuss how she has been navigating nutrition while she is pregnant. In this episode Eirinn and Lindsay discuss the following: The most unexpected part of pregnancy Lindsay's nutritional philosophy How pregnancy has affected Lindsay's nutritional approach Supplements and vitamins to consider when pregnant Foods to avoid while pregnant Heartburn and foods that trigger it A...


Episode 059: Training For & Competing In the Tactical Strength Challenge featuring Eirinn Carroll & Alex Tanskey

Are you looking to add purpose and direction to your strength training? The Tactical Strength Challenge from Strongfirst offers a unique challenge in raw strength in the form of a deadlift, a relative strength with pull-ups and conditioning via the kettlebell snatch test. Eirinn, Alex and Jon go over the following in this episode: What is tested in the TSC? Classes of Competition to choose from when competing in the TSC Main training focus leading up to the day of competition Training week...


Episode 058: Rules for Life featuring Eirinn Carroll

Are you the type of person who needs a little structure in order to operate to your potential everyday or do you just have some guidelines you prioritize as you go through life? Eirinn and Jon discuss their rules for life and why they think they're important. Leave us a review on iTunes Podcast beat created by DJ Rugged One The Pillars of Health on Instagram: @thepillars_of_health_pod The Pillars of Health on Facebook: @thepillarsofhealthpod


Episode 057: Stress Management Strategies featuring Eirinn Carroll

Stress is unavoidable in life. There are also forms of stress that could be classified as good and bad in relation to your health. Bad stress can become chronic and as a result of this prolonged stress on the system we can become susceptible to adverse health conditions. Eirinn joins the discussion with Jon to go over the good and bad forms of stress and strategies to help you effectively manage the bad forms of stress. The Pillars of Health on Instagram: @thepillars_of_health_pod The...


Episode 056: Trusting the Process & Training Hard featuring Alex Tanskey & Eirinn Carroll

What does it mean to trust the process in a world where we want everything right now? Jon, Eirinn and Alex discuss what it means to really "trust the process" when it comes to your training and also how can you develop the ability to truly train hard? The Pillars of Health on Instagram: @thepillars_of_health_pod The Pillars of Health on Facebook: @thepillarsofhealthpod


Episode 055: 10 Sleep Tips featuring Eirinn Carroll

Adequate sleep is necessary for physical renewal, hormonal regulation and growth. Sleep is also the number one natural performance enhancer available. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to some pretty adverse health conditions. In this episode, Eirinn and Jon detail why sleep is important, the phases of sleep and what happens during each phase of sleep. Other topics discussed include. What happens when we don't get enough sleep Beta amyloid and Alzheimer's disease...


Episode 054: 5 Reasons Not to Train Exclusively Like a Bodybuilder featuring Alex Tanskey

Do you train like a bodybuilder? In this weeks episode Alex and Jon discuss different ways to go about your training in order to optimize how you feel and still reach your goals if you are a non competing individual who trains a body part split much like how bodybuilders like to divide their training into different body parts. The main points covered include: Train movements not muscles Training for health versus aesthetics Is this modality of training sustainable? Why bulking and cutting...


Episode 053: A Precision Nutrition Approach to Food featuring Eirinn Carroll

Eirinn Carroll is a strength coach and also a Precision Nutrition level one certified coach. In this episode, Eirinn discusses how she approaches food with her clients and how to go about applying a precision nutrition lens to such a complex topic. They also jump into topics such as food principles, the perfect diet, creating new habits when it comes to food and why you need to establish skills when it comes to food choice and preparation. Show Notes The Precision Nutrition Hand Portion...


Episode 052: From Harvard to Kingston City FC & Making Your Dream a Reality featuring Oliver White

Oliver White is a soccer player with Kingston City FC, an Australian soccer club from Clayton South, Victoria. Kingston City FC compete in the National Premier Leagues Victoria. Oliver grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and played club soccer with multiple teams while growing up in the US. He went on to play collegiate soccer at Harvard University as a student athlete where he tallied nine goals and five assists over the course of his collegiate career. Jon and Oliver crossed paths as Oliver...


Episode 051: Training for Health versus Performance, Social Media in Fitness & Integrating Perspective featuring Miguel Aragoncillo

Miguel Aragoncillo is a strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts. He currently works with a mix of athletes and people in general. Miguel provides a detailed look into the differences between training for health versus performance as well as what musical era he would like to travel back in time to. Other topics include: Breakdancing A definition of health Training for health versus performance Creating variability for health Managing training expectations for people and...


Episode 050: Holistic Dental Health featuring Dr. Michael Mayr, DMD

Dr. Michael Mayr, DMD, went to Boston University where he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. He is also an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Dr. Mayr joins Jon on the podcast to discuss holistic dental health, where he goes into detail on current topics in the headlines such as mercury fillings and why you are better off getting them removed. Dr.Mayr also delves into whether we as a society are over dosing on fluoride and how...


Episode 049: Minimalism, Eco Living & Creating a Successful Online Business featuring Jess Lewis

Jessica Lewis is the co-owner of Knockout Print Shop with her husband Matt. Jessica is a StrongFirst certified coach and also previously owned and operated a gym in Chicago before relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina. Among the topics of conversation are dogs, coffee and tiny houses as well as the following: Generating online business into a source of income What goes in to creating a successful online store? Minimalism and Mindfulness Lessons from owning a gym The challenge of showing...


Episode 048: Why Success Should Not Be Based on Fat Loss featuring Alex Tanskey

Is fat loss the marker by which you measure success in the gym? If so, Alex and Jon go over why that needs to change and what else you can focus on instead. Building healthy habits, training to lead a longer life and learning that the long game is the goal are just some points discussed in this episode. Other topics include: "The Leaky Ceiling" analogy for using exercise for weight loss Strength has a greater purpose Leg & grip strength in relation to life expectancy Looking at other...


Episode 047: What's a Good Stretch, Why Does My Heart Run High & What Else Should I Do? featuring Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins

The guys tackle some of the more common questions they field in their day to day coaching. What stretch do you recommend? My heart rate just runs high and what else should I do when I'm not working with my coach? Jon is joined by fellow integrative strength coaches Alex Tanskey and Chris Mullins to help him break down some of the questions that continually pop up in conversations with trainees. Some points of note from this episode include. Laxity in a joint Pelvic position and why it...


Episode 046: IT Band Pain, Lactic Acid & Sit Ups for Back Pain featuring Alex Tanskey

Alex Tanskey is an integrative strength and performance coach based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The topics in this episode touch on some common "fitness myths" that we hear as coaches and would like to set the record straight. Some talking points that came up between Alex and Jon include. The importance of the pelvis The Obers Test Can the IT band be stretched? Resets for the win The importance of hamstrings Do you hamstrings need to be stretched? Why your obliques are important Why would...


Episode 045: Surviving Hurricane Maria featuring Yamil Suarez

Yamil Suarez is the Associate Director of Library Systems and Web Development at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Yamil has trained with Jon for just over 7 years and they have previously collaborated on a book Jon wrote detailing soccer scholarships. In this podcast Yamil goes through the experience of having family living in Puerto Rico while hurricane Maria hit the island, getting in contact with his family after the disaster, public reaction to government help, living conditions...


Episode 044: Chin Ups, Heart Rate Recovery & Balancing Strength with Conditioning featuring Alex Tanskey

Alex Tanskey is an integrative strength and performance coach based in Raleigh, North Carolina. During this episode of the pillars of health he delves into the correct way to progress your chin ups with Jon. Other topics discussed are listed below. Find this episode description here Creating optimal cardiovascular health How conditioning can help you manage stress The benefits of steady state conditioning days Creating a more efficient heart and why it is important...