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A strategical roadmap; finding the balance between pleasure and pain for those focussed on manifesting their dream life.

A strategical roadmap; finding the balance between pleasure and pain for those focussed on manifesting their dream life.
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A strategical roadmap; finding the balance between pleasure and pain for those focussed on manifesting their dream life.




Do you remember when life was easier?

How would you like to feel a level of ease in areas of life that typically feel challenging? What if you could handle more positive when faced with hurdles that appear in life? Was there a time in the past that you seemed to have less responsibility? Could you do with a bit more resilience and energy? There may be many positives from your history that you may feel are behind you now, though you have your whole life ahead of you. Maybe there is a missing ingredient, or perhaps you need an...


Lean just beyond your edge

Why would you want to push harder or go further than you have before? Have you ever wanted to feel more inspired? Is being in a state of flow and feeling ecstatic about what you do on a daily basis a compelling prospect? Would more purpose and connection with the world around you be of value to you? What is your end he and how can you define it to residing it. In this explosive I talk about a chapter in David Deida’s book, “The way of the superior man” that opened up my eyes and got me...


NLP and Hypnosis for binge eating

Why is it that when we feel that we are not getting what we want, we find ourselves reaching for food that is not a healthy option. What is it that keeps you from being in charge of your behaviours and being the healthy you that you desire to be. It can feel discarding at times when we don’t have the answers or feel we have the tools to be in charge of our behaviour. How can you learn the inner mechanics of your mind? Starting to gain a deeper understanding of how your mind and emotions work...


The NLP Communications Model

Who doesn't want to communicate better and get their point access? I'm sure you have found yourself feeling that you are not being heard or respected at some point in your life. Perhaps you would like to connect better with people that you care for? Other times wires can end up being crossed when we communicate with people without knowing why. The reason is; believe it or not, we all live in a different reality. You are in your head, and I'm in mine. What if you could understand how people...



The journey of awareness is not always gleamingly visible (and it has not destination). In fact, in my opinion, it can prove challenges at times. It affects everything that you do, and without it, you may find that most tasks, goals and aspirations become exceedingly difficult. On the flip side, when you hone these mental muscles and tune in, you can move mountains with your intention. This is all about awareness and how the more you have more you can poise you can create in life.


Taking Action & Enforcing Boundaries

This episode is about arguably one of the most critical aspects of the law of attraction and manifesting anything you want to in the physical realm. This is because nothing can be materialized without taking action. You gotta take action! How do we expect to create the movie of your life if there is only lights, camera and .... no action. So again, you may believe that this is something that everyone would know is essential. It may surprise you how often people forget and think that things...



Focus it the name and results are the game. There five major primary inputs that make up our focus are; visual, what you see, auditory, what you hear, kinesthetic, what you fee, olfactory and gustatory, the smells and the tastes that you experience. These five are what construct our reality, and when it comes to manifestation and law of attraction, you want to make sure these are all aligned and in the right direction. When I say right direction I mean on precisely what you want rather than...


Perception is Projection

The world we live in also has a lot of mysteries about it. It’s as if you’re walking around blindfolded and feeling our way through the universe but on the end of our fingers and the senses that are telling us what is happening at our fingertips is only a fraction of entire story. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to reality, what we perceive is based on our beliefs and perceptual filters and our beliefs or set of programs and codes that got installed when we were children for...


Cause and Effect

We live in an interesting world where often people play the blame game. We have all been there at some time in our life. There is one issue with playing this game; we never win when we are playing it. Playing the blame game is the fastest way to feel disempowered and have a laundry list of reasons as to why we are not achieving the results we want to in life. This episode is all about the first of the 5 pillars of empowerment; Cause and Effect of C>E


The 5 Pillars of Empowerment

This episode is all about the 5 major principals that I have leant and use in my life to create the outcomes that I desire. I have been lucky enough to have some of theses haded on a plate through studying NLP and hypnosis. I have then continued to study law of attraction and principals of manifestation that have enabled me to distill these principals on to a succinct set of sign posts. As I often say, if I am not getting the results that I desire regarding a goal out outcome I have set...


Welcome To The Premise

A brief introduction to what this podcast is all about and why you will find it a helpful resource to create a more productive and effective you to make your life easier and more pleasurable. Get to know me and understand why I'm passionate about the path to self-mastery through discovering and sharing the strategies of success and universal leverage that I have been discovering and honing over the past decade and beyond. Also, learn how you can apply some of the life hacks to help you live...