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The Preparedness Podcast focuses on preparing for disasters, emergencies and survival strategies for living a more secure life. "Survival is the Art of Being Prepared"

The Preparedness Podcast focuses on preparing for disasters, emergencies and survival strategies for living a more secure life. "Survival is the Art of Being Prepared"
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The Preparedness Podcast focuses on preparing for disasters, emergencies and survival strategies for living a more secure life. "Survival is the Art of Being Prepared"




Episode 242 – Staying Fit for Preparedness

Special Notice Essential Preparedness 8 hour Course This Course is being offered by The Center for Community Resilience, Education, and Training (CCRET) The course includes all areas of essential preparedness: Water storage and treatment, Food Storage, Fire Safety, Shelter, Lighting, Safety and Security, First Aid, Get Home/Bug Out Bags and Evacuation. The course is designed to assist individuals in creating an effective individualized emergency plan that fits their needs as well as an...


Episode 240 – Is it 2015 Already?

Topics Covered: Center for Community Resilience, Education, and Training Bringing quality emergency preparedness education to the public. I was going to make this another Harsh Reality episode, but honestly, not much has changed. If you havent listened to this episode yet, youll find it the first podcast of 2014. Lets recap some of 2014. The big prepper issues were the Ferguson riots and Ebola. While these were big events in the news, they had very little effect on us,...


Episode 239 – Getting Back Home is Different from Bugging Out

Being prepared often means having a lot of different bags and packs. One bag you should have is a Get Home Bag. Its easy to assume this bag should be the same as a survival pack, or bug out bag, or 72-hour kit, but its not the same thing. This podcast explores the differences of the Get Home Bag.


Episode 236 – Hurricane Preparedness with Crown Weather

-= PODCAST TOPICS =- Hurricane and Tropical Storm Preparedness Talking with Rob Lightbown of Crown Weather Services Notes for this section: Tropical Storms Hurricanes What are they? Whats the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane? How do they form? When is hurricane season? How much warning can we expect? How does the NOAA make their predictions on how many tropical storms there will be for a season? Do you have to worry about the category 1 or 2 hurricanes? Hazards Wind, and...


Episode 235 – Harvest Right: In Home Freeze Dryer

One of the biggest challenges we face in our preparedness plans is food storage. Freeze-dried food has a long shelf life, but can be expensive. Now, you can freeze dry your food at home with theHarvest Right In Home Freeze Dryer. Its a great unit that allows you to freeze dry nearly any food. Now you can control what is in your food and the taste! I first saw this at the Spring 2014PrepperFest and decided to interview someone from the company to learn more about the unit. I had a great...


Episode 234 – Off Grid Communications with the goTenna

An interview with JorgePerdomo, co-founder of the goTenna. The goTenna is a unique device that allows you to send text and map data from one smartphone to another, without the need for the cellular phone infrastructure. Whether in an urban city or out in the field, the goTenna allows you to communicate with others goTenna users. In this interview, Jorge and I discuss the abilities of using the goTenna and your smartphone.


Episode 232 – Marjory Wildcraft, the “Most Dangerous Woman In America”

Marjory Wildcraft is called the Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance and she will show you how to grow half of your food in less than an hour per day if you click here. Most recently, Marjory was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic and a presenter for Mother Earth News. She is an author of several books, but is best known for her video series Grow Your Own Groceries which is used by more than 300,000 homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary...


Episode 231 – Cast Iron, Seasoned Steel, and a Starvation Study

On this episode, I discuss using cast iron and seasoned steel for everyday cooking. I also go over a 1944 WWII study on starvation, which I think can give us some good information on how and why we need to make sure we are storing enough calories in our food storage. Announcements If you enjoy the podcast, here are a few quick and easy things you can do to help: Tell 3 friends about it. Please write review for books on Write review for podcast on iTunes, or wherever you listen...


Episode 230 – News that Preppers Should be Following

In this podcast, we discuss the various current news stories and how, or whether, they should be a concern to you and your preparedness plan. Topics Covered: Ebola Dollar demise Border issues ISIS control of radioactive material Hackers attacking power plants Armed conflict between US and Russia, or US and China. Possible the biggest threat: Terrorist threat in the country.


Episode 228 – Discussing Economy and Prepping Articles

-= PODCAST TOPICS =- Economy Notes for this section: U.S. Economy Expanding by 1.5%, But Inflation Is 3-5% Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (BLS) From Episode 128, The generally accepted definition for hyperinflation is a 100% increase over a 3 year period. IOW, prices double every 3 years. Some things to think about: Cash on hand Have tangibles Banking issues (closures, confiscations, devaluations) Shadow Government Statistics For more on hyperinflation, revisit episodes 128, 130,...


Episode 227 – Personal Safety and Security

Talking with security expert, Fred Henss, about maintaining your personal security. Fred has given this class to thousands of people and its one of the more popular classes that he teaches. Ive asked him to go over his class with us. This is one of those podcasts that youll want to share with family and friends as a way to help them stay better focused on their personal safety. Mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, and children will all benefit from this podcast, so pass it along and...


Episode 226 – 15 Preparedness Uses for Kiddie Pools

When you are in a survival situation, especially a long term scenario, the ability to adapt and overcome is important. Being able to do so can, in fact, mean the difference on whether or not you do survive. Adapting your environment is one way to improve your odds, as is using what you have available to you. Kiddie pools provide a unique aspect in a container, as their short, wide profiles arent generally available in other forms. This makes them good options for a variety of things....


Episode 225 – Travel Preparedness Considerations

On this episode, I talk about some considerations for maintaining a preparedness level while traveling. I have a different sort of outlook on this and share it on the podcast. I also talk about several news articles that you should be aware of, in case you missed them recently.


Episode 224 – Things To Do This Summer

-= PODCAST TOPICS =- Things To Do This Summer Subtitle Notes for this section: Start a fire, using various methods, including primitive. Try making a one-match or one-spark fire. Fire pyramid. Try out your water filter. Dont do this in your backyard, find a local stream or pond and try it out. Try out your iodine and chlorine tabs, too. Build a shelter, like a debris shelter. Also, build shelters with tarps and plastic sheeting. Learn how to tie down sheeting that has no grommets. It would...


Episode 223 - Finding Members for your Group

This isn't an easy topic, because there are a lot of variables to account for, and some people can be very good at hiding who they really are. It's like finding a spouse, you can't tell from just a few dates. Many people that seem like they would make a good group member, actually turn out not to be compatible with you and your group. One thing to keep in mind, is what happens when someone stops being a group member.


Episode 222 - Bank Holidays, Safe Deposit Boxes, and How Much Food to Store

Let's go to the phones and take some calls: - How do I know I'm on the right path when preparing? - What are bank holidays and area safe deposit boxes really safe? - How much food should I store?


Episode 221 - 10 Questions to Ask About Your Food Storage

A series of questions to ask yourself about your food storage, to ensure you're hitting the important aspects of providing for your family.


Episode 220 - Product Reviews: Mega 1 Meals - Prepper Pete Prepares

Just to clarify about the Preparedness Capability Checklist on Amazon – If you buy the PRINT version first, you can get the Kindle version for $2. Not the other way around. Overall Topics: Passing along a suggestion by a listener for developing situational awareness using sketches. If you’re a beginner prepper, get trained in survival skills. We’ve covered this before, but it’s always a good reminder to either get skills, develop new skills, or brush up on the skills you have. Having...


Episode 219 - Implications of Ukraine, Petrodollars, and Ebola

Discussing geopolitical events with Steve Aukstakalnis from Some of the questions we try to look at in this podcast include: - Are you looking at what's happening with the Ukraine crisis and wondering what the big deal is? - Do you want to know what the implications are for us here in the states? - Does Russia have the propensity to use nuclear weapons? - What is the ramifications of Russia dropping the US petrodollar? - What about other countries, are they doing it too? Is...


Episode 218 - Prepper Myths, Fake Preppers, Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - What is it? How do we apply it to our preparedness? I discuss this in this podcast, and I also go over an article entitled, Top 20 Barter Skill Sets.