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Weekly pediatric chiropractic podcast involving monthly topics covering the Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic! Then broken down practically to use in the pediatric and family practice!

Weekly pediatric chiropractic podcast involving monthly topics covering the Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic! Then broken down practically to use in the pediatric and family practice!
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Weekly pediatric chiropractic podcast involving monthly topics covering the Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic! Then broken down practically to use in the pediatric and family practice!




011: Toddler Mindset: Dr. Kristina Stitcher gives you the reasoning behind the sacred trust that parents grant you to check their children!

In this episode, Dr. Kristina Stitcher explores the reasoning behind WHY we see toddlers in our office. Dr. Stitcher peels back the scars and challenges to becoming the type of doctor that you would take your child to. The sacred trust that parents give to you to check their children which ultimately allows that little body to get to running the divine program that it has been given to govern its self! Protect that sacred trust, guard it well, and use it exceptionally. It will give you the...


010: Infant Care Certainty: Dr. Skip Wyss leads you through pediatric care recommendations that work!

In this episode Dr. Skip Wyss takes on a topic that no one in the chiropractic world likes to talk about. Pediatric care plans / schedules of care! It’s time to set the standard in care and the actual guidelines that he has used for over a decade of pediatric care! It is important to understand why you are making those care recommendations and what sound objective findings you are using to substantiate a care plan that you the doctor and parents understand and can get behind! You are never...


009: Founded on Tone: Dr. Kristina Stitcher pulls apart adjusting Infants and the techniques she uses in practice!

In this episode Dr. Kristina Stither one of the best tonal instrutors in the world breaks down the technique aspect of infant work!! Dr. Stitcher will breakdown “biotoning” and when to use it! This is the foundation of any tonal adjustment, how to know your line of drive and what the little ones’ body is trying to tell you. Listen with your touch and your innate!! She dives into what she uses in her office and how to properly asses and correct the subluxation. Time to dive into the technique...


008: Primitive Infants: Dr. Skip Wyss breaks down a bullet proof pediatric exam and the true science behind it!!!

Dr. Skip Wyss explores the inner workings of the pediatric exam and the science that is truly behind it! There is NO doctor better than a pediatric chiropractor in assessing an infant for neurological changes affecting that little ones’ health! So, when our nay-sayers come along this is what we stand on and cannot be waivered! We change children’s health and lives. Dr. Skip also dives into the biomechanics of HVLA adjustment and what we need to understand when ‘others’ say that we are...


007: Infant Principles: Dr. Kristina Stitcher dives into principles of the newborn and why the adjustment is Vital!!!

Dr. Kristina Stitcher talks about the recent pediatric chiropractic ban in Australia. She breaks down the thought process behind taking care of newborns through childhood and the “Why” behind the care of these kiddos that is so absolutely vital to a pediatric and family practice. If we cannot have an unsubluxated birth, what absolutely then needs to be done to ensure that our little ones thrive after birth! Their powerful little, beautiful nervous systems deserve to have a clear and...


006: Pregnancy Technique and Care Planning: Dr. Kristina Stitcher breaks down how to take care of our pregnant momma’s, from the adjustment to the care plan!

Dr. Kristina Stitcher goes in depth on this one!! Dr. Kristina will use her years of expertise teaching in both the structural and tonal models of subluxation detection and correction, she literally walks you through a head to toe subluxation analysis of our wonderful momma’s. How she blends the tonal and structural side of the chiropractic adjustment is a thing and beauty! Dr. Kristina then dives into care planning and how often we need to be checking our pregnant momma’s depending on the...


005: Pregnancy Consultation and Exam: Dr. Kristina Stitcher dives deep into an effective and efficient consultation and examination!

Dr. Kristina Stitcher is BACK!! She dives into her wheelhouse of expertise in breaking down the consultation and examination of our wonderful pregnant momma’s in her practice! Having a clear and connected time with you the provider and momma is absolutely key! Dr. Kristina will walk you through how to be efficient in your skills and the absolute importance of creating that warm nurturing and loving bond with your mothers. This is WHY having a very in depth and comprehensive examination is...


004: Pregnancy Science: Dr. Skip breaks down the science to pregnancy and it's explanations to an expectant mother!

Dr. Skip Wyss breaks down pregnancy and the science we use in chiropractic! He explores how to talk to moms and how to properly communicate the science of what we do during pregnancy without confusion or B.S. talk! This conversation between you and mom is absolutely vital! These are the first steps to an amazing and bonding relationship with mom! We all want to take care of pregnancies and many times the simplest explanations lead to the most clarity!! It’s time to create a change and a...


003: Pregnancy: Dr. Skip Wyss explores the Trauma’s, Toxins, and Thoughts of Pregnancy!

Dr. Skip Wyss explores the 3T’s of pregnancy! Which one actually effect’s pregnancy the most; you might actually be surprised. He takes us on a walk through the most causational “T” of the subluxation process and how it effects both mom and her little one growing inside! What leads to a stressed out and neuro-compromised new born? He shares Dr. Julie’s birth story from a husbands’ prospective and the pressures put on an expectant mother for a traditional “natural” medical birth! Join him for...


002: Dr. Skip Wyss; Pediatric Chiropractic and Co-Owner of the largest pediatric and family practice in the state of Wisconsin. Get to know him and What makes him “TIC”!

Dr. Skip Wyss is a pediatric, pregnancy, and family practice chiropractor. He is co-owner of Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractor in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Skip sees over 70% children in his office and over half of those children are newborns and children under 1 year of life! He has one of the most sought-after offices in Wisconsin for his work with neurosensory and spectrum disorder children. Dr. Skip is the co-creator of the Prime Pediatric Program and teacher for the Practice Evolution...


001: Dr. Kristina Stitcher; Owner of the largest pregnancy and family chiropractic office in the state of Utah. Get to know your host and her chiropractic journey!

Dr. Kristina Stitcher is a pregnancy, pediatric, and family practice chiropractor! She owns Family First Chiropractic in Murray, UT. Dr. Kristina has one of the largest pregnancy practices in the United States. She has her fellowship in pediatric chiropractic and takes a straight forward; no BS approach to teaching and coaching. Dr. Kristina is the Owner / Head Coach of the Practice Evolution Program and Co-Founder of the Prime Pediatric Program. Both programs focus on creating exceptional...