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60. A Walk With Dianne McGrath | Mars One Astronaut Candidate

Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | StitcherHave you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? Would you ever head over there if you had the opportunity? From 2030, some very special people will be going on a voyage of a lifetime! A seven-month cruise which concludes on Mars – a one-way trip in fact. Their job is to set up camp and make Mars their home away from home, a chapter we too will write someday. This out of this world expedition is called Mars One and today I sit down with one...


59. You Me & A Pot of Tea | June 2018

Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | StitcherIt's Episode 59 of The Promenade With Me Podcast and guess what?! It's your fav monthly show, You Me & A Pot of Tea for June 2018! It's one BIG show. Breakfast Radio Host Gosha Rakiej and I have loads to talk about. Here's what you can expect: - Lessons I learned whilst holidaying in Bali - The digital detox we've all been waiting for - Flip flop artists in Kenya changing the world - A New York doctor's inspiring search to save a life - Our fav...


58. Wise Words | 5 Ways To Recharge Your Powerpack

Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | StitcherI just love a good motivational quote and this one is no different... “Don’t get so caught up making a living that you forget to make a life.” - Unknown No matter if you’re working for yourself or somebody else, it’s very easy to get caught up in doing 'things'. News flash! Every single person on this planet, including me needs time to rest and recover. If we just keep working, eventually we end up exhausting ourselves and then what? We become too...


57. Wise Words | A Letter to Younger Me, Age 16

Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | StitcherIf you had the opportunity, what would you say to your younger self? What advice would you offer? This month I've spent quite a bit of time at an all-girls school based in Melbourne, running workshops and presentations to different groups of students. Most of the girls I worked with were in Year 10. As I sat with them, so many would open up and share what's been playing on their mind - their concerns, their beliefs and desires. Though the girls were...


56. A Walk With Sarah Archibald

[ Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | Stitcher ]Australia is known as the lucky country and I totally understand why. We’re a diverse and multi-cultural nation filled with opportunity – a safe haven, one that’s far away from devastation and war. We’re not just lucky, we’re extremely blessed. From a young age Sarah Archibald often dreamt about joining the Australian army. Her dad served in the army, her grandfather too, and so she wanted to make them proud by doing the same one day. At age 18...


55. Leap & Reap | How To Get Merry

When I run talks and workshops in schools, or at youth organisations and events, one of the things I love to say to young people is that they’re never too young to achieve great things – age is no factor. We live in a digitally connected world. With technology continuously on the move, there’s always new opportunities popping up. If a job or revolutionary career opportunity doesn’t exist, why not create it! There are so many young people doing extraordinary things. Emma and Carla Papas, two...


54. You Me & A Pot of Tea | May 2018

Subscribe on iTunes | TuneIn | StitcherWelcome to Episode 54 of The Promenade With Me Podcast - You Me & A Pot of Tea for May 2018! My gorgeous friend and Breakfast Radio Host Gosha Rakiej and I are having a bit of a party! Why? We're celebrating the wedding of the year! Yes on the 19th May, Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are set to tie the knot at Windsor Castle in England. So of course we spoke about the upcoming grandiose event! But don't worry we chatted about a heap of...


53. Leap & Reap | Setting Career Goals with Benita Grimaldi

When applying for a job, do you ever wonder who decides if you’re the candidate they’ve been looking for? Meet Benita Grimaldi. She’s works for global active wear company, Lululemon Athletica Inc, as a Talent Manager within their Australian and New Zealand division. Benita is one awesome chick. She’s incredibly passionate about her job and is always on the hunt for talented individuals to join their ever-growing team. As you would expect, she’s a pro at all things recruitment. But that’s...


52. Wise Words | A Guide to Being Perfectly Imperfect

Change isn't always easy. Once we get comfortable and find our sweet spot, it's hard to leave. It's your safe haven – your security blanket. Whatever lies outside of that bubble is completely unknown to you. I totally get it. Sometimes the BIG outside world can come across a bit scary. Too big. A little too much to grasp. But in order to grow, you have to give yourself the opportunity to pop that bubble. It may take you weeks, months or even years, but as long as you're open to the idea, I...


51. Leap & Reap | Finding Confidence in a Connected World

How are you with public speaking? Have you ever given it a go? Are you a pro or would you prefer to stay far far away from the public stage? This week on The Promenade With Me Podcast, I chat to a woman who has presented to well over 200,000 people… That’s a lot of people. She’s an award-winning speaker and teen expert, and she is the author of ‘Parenting Teenage Girls [In the Age of a New Normal]’. Her name is Michelle Mitchell and boy did we have a great chat. She’s hilarious, incredibly...


50. You Me & A Pot of Tea | April 2018

The day has finally come… The 50th Episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast is live! So exciting! This week is a special one. It’s not just one jam-packed episode being You Me & A Pot of Tea But it’s also one BIG celebration! Here’s what you can expect: As it’s YMPOT Gosha Rakiej​ and I get together to chat about: – How and why we should celebrate the small wins not just the big wins: Just like reaching Episode 50! – Fashion & sustainability: We’re getting inspiration from...


49. A Walk With Sarah Spiker

If you could pursue any career, what would you choose? As a teenager, Sarah Spiker loved helping others less fortunate than herself. At uni her goal was to land a job that incorporated travel and creativity. So pursuing a career in the philanthropic space was a natural progression. Her self-belief, talent and drive has seen her work for some of Australia’s most recognisable community development organisations such as World Vision, Mission Australia and Bright Futures. For the last two...


48. Wise Words | How to Make Ordinary Relationships Extraordinary

Hey guys! It's Gianna Lucas here. With Easter around the corner and of course the long weekend, it's fair to say that many of us will be heading out of town for a few days whilst others will be catching up with family and friends they haven't seen in a while. What I'd love to know is how much time you set aside for your family, partner and friends throughout the year? Is it just on special occasions? In this episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I deep dive into relationships and how we...


47. Leap & Reap | Confidence 101 With Emmylou MacCarthy

What would you do if you had all the confidence in the world? According to Emmylou MacCarthy, you should “just do whatever you want to do”. This is Emmylou’s mantra. It’s what she’s known for. It’s apparent in everything that she does and her thousands of social media followers couldn’t agree more, having most recently strut down Melbourne’s very popular Bourke Street Mall in just her bathers! She absolutely rocked it because she did it with confidence. Emmylou MacCarthy is an Australian...


46. You Me Pot of Tea | March 2018

Gianna Lucas & Gosha Rakiej are back in March 2018 hosting their monthly show, You Me & A Pot of Tea, exclusive to The Promenade With Me Podcast. It's Episode 46 and it’s one fabulous show! This month they discuss: – International Women's Day: It's history and the impact it continues to make – Friendships: How we get to know people. We uncover a truth bomb – Travel hacks: How to pack for weekend stays Plus more! PS. If you love this episode, don’t forget you can subscribe and give a 5-star...


44. Leap & Reap | What is Your Why?

Why does the sun rise and set every day? Why does the blue light on our screens keep us up at night? Why is too much sugar bad for us? How many times do you question the reasons why we do what we do? I’m guessing a lot and you probably don’t even know it. In 18th century Britain, there began an industrial revolution, where special-purpose machinery started taking over jobs that we used to do without aid. Other countries eventually caught on with factories being established across the...


43. You Me & A Pot of Tea | February 2018

Gianna Lucas & Gosha Rakiej are back for February 2018 hosting their monthly show, You Me & A Pot of Tea, exclusive to The Promenade With Me Podcast. It happens to be Episode 43 and it's a jam-packed one! Here's what you can expect: - All things relationships, the single life & love; We cover it all - How & why collaboration is the key to success - The perks of pursuing your passion whilst working or studying full-time All this and more! Like always, if you love this episode, don’t forget...


42. Wise Words | How To Overcome Your Fears

Who likes to face their fears? I’m guessing you’re not jumping for joy at the idea! Or maybe you are. Adrenalin junkies seem to have it covered. They refer to bungy jumping, rock climbing and sky diving as a walk in a park. I beg to differ. If somebody said to me, Gianna would you like to sky dive tomorrow? I’d definitely say no. All I can think about is the worst case scenario in these sorts of situations. On the contrary, if I was asked to speak at a conference instead, I would...


41. A Walk With Christy & Erin | Grace Pads & Blessing in Disguise

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries. 50% of girls in Malawi experience rape, that’s 1 in 2 women – and these are just reported cases. Stealing another person’s bike is a higher offence than a person molesting a woman. It’s very common for girls in Malawi to miss one quarter of school each year just because of their period – something that none of us have an issue with thanks to proper sanitary care. There were no long-term solutions to help women manage something as simple as a...


40. Leap & Reap | Ready Study Go!

This week students around Australia are heading back to school for another year, with many going into their final years of study as they work towards their future goals. I recently had a chat with Jess Holsman, who’s most commonly known for her YouTube channels, in particular Study With Jess. As the name suggests, Jess knows a whole lot about careers and mindset techniques to help you thrive as you go about your studies. But this is just one aspect to Jess’ repertoire. She’s also an...