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The Psych Central Show is a weekly podcast that offers a candid, interesting, and in-depth look into all things mental health and psychology. With Psych Central Associate Editor and blogger Gabe Howard and featuring Vincent M. Wales. Tune in and have fun -- plus, you might accidentally learn something.

The Psych Central Show is a weekly podcast that offers a candid, interesting, and in-depth look into all things mental health and psychology. With Psych Central Associate Editor and blogger Gabe Howard and featuring Vincent M. Wales. Tune in and have fun -- plus, you might accidentally learn something.
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The Psych Central Show is a weekly podcast that offers a candid, interesting, and in-depth look into all things mental health and psychology. With Psych Central Associate Editor and blogger Gabe Howard and featuring Vincent M. Wales. Tune in and have fun -- plus, you might accidentally learn something.




Clutter vs. Hoarding: What’s the difference?

We all have a friend or family member who just can’t seem to get out from under their accumulation of stuff. Their garage, guest bedroom, and basement are packed and you can’t see the top of the kitchen table. But when does "cluttered" become "hoarded?" We have all seen the sensationalized TV depictions of filthy homes that need to be condemned. But is that what hoarding really looks like? And why can’t those folks just throw it all out? Today’s guest explains myths surrounding hoarding,...


Bonus Content: Motivation in Schizophrenia (Inside Schizophrenia Podcast"

The word "schizophrenia" tends to conjure ideas of hallucinations, delusions, insane asylum in the general public's mind. Most people don't think of the boring parts that consume many with schizophrenia, like lacking the motivation to get out of bed, to make friends... Host Rachel Star Withers, a diagnosed schizophrenic, and co-host Gabe Howard discuss avolition and ways to help motivate loved ones in this episode of Inside Schizophrenia. Family Counselor Ms. Breen joins to share ways to...


Hiding Depression: Using Perfectionism to Hide Our Struggles

Are you always in control and always perfectly put together? Are you professionally successfully, a great friend, and always showing a happy face to the world? But what about on the inside? Is there something in the background or in the past that you don’t talk about? Do you feel disconnected, like no one knows the real you? Deep down do you just know something is wrong? Well, you might have “perfectly hidden depression.” Today Gabe speaks with Dr. Margaret Rutherford who has done extensive...


Misinformation Crusader: Writing About Mental Illness

On today’s show, Gabe talks with Dr. Jessi Gold, a self-described misinformation crusader. In addition to being a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Gold’s career has focused on writing about mental health and mental illness for a lay audience. Join us as Gabe and Dr. Jessi talk about common sources of psychiatric misinformation, the perils of the supplement industry, how mental health and mental illness are often portrayed incorrectly in the popular media, and why she decided to pursue a very...


Benefits of a Video Library Documenting Mental Health Issues

Today Gabe speaks with the president and CEO of, Marjorie Morrison. Psych Hub is a partner of and has more than 100 free animated videos on a variety of mental health, substance use and suicide prevention topics. Join us as Marjorie explains how Psych Hub got started, what types of videos they have, how to find credible information in the internet age, and how for some, animated videos can be the best choice for an information source. Guest Information for...


Parents of Children With Mental Illness

Chrisa Hickey’s journey into mental health advocacy started when her son, Tim, was diagnosed with very early onset schizophrenia after being admitted to a psychiatric hospital for the first time at the age of 11. He had been showing symptoms for years and had received a half dozen different diagnoses. His family was desperately looking for answers. Tim’s illness took a toll on the entire family, which was only exacerbated by the lack of information and resources available to them. In...


Bonus Content: Working With Schizophrenia (Inside Schizophrenia Podcast)

Everyone complains about work. Having to go to work every day, working too much, not getting paid enough- working can be challenging for so many reasons. Today's episode focuses on working while having schizophrenia. Host Rachel Star Withers, a diagnosed schizophrenic, and co-host Gabe Howard share antidotes from their own work lives and speak with fellow schizophrenic Michelle Hammer. Michelle, an award-winning graphic designer and entrepreneur, discusses her struggles working full time...


Mass Shootings and Mental Illness

It seems like every day there is another mass shooting in the news: Newtown, Parkland, Odessa, Dayton. Most of these news reports refer, or at least allude, to the shooter having mental illness. But is this true? Common wisdom holds that someone must be mentally ill to do such a thing. But is it really that simple? Join us for a nuanced discussion with Dr. John Grohol, the founder of, as he explains how media bias and slanted reporting have contributed to the myths and...


Comfort Zones Aren't Where We Grow

Today’s guest has a simple plan for radical life changes: Step outside of your comfort zone. Lucia Giovannini is a former supermodel-turned-psychologist whose new book advises that the path to a meaningful life lies in stretching our intellectual and emotional abilities. Lucia believes that making a concentrated effort to learn and grow on a daily basis can make you a happier person and help you realize your true potential. And isn’t that the goal of a well-lived life? Listen in as Lucia...


How Introverted People Can Excel in An Extroverted World

Today’s guest is a self-described introvert who wants to help her fellow introverts improve their lives and careers. What makes someone an introvert? Is it just shyness? What is the difference between extroverts and introverts? How is the workplace skewed to favorite extroverts? What can introverts do to make up for that imbalance? What additional challenges do introverted women face? Join us for answers to these questions and more! Guest information for ‘Introverts Versus Extroverts’...


Simple Psychology Explanations with Dr. Ali Mattu

Do you enjoy watching YouTube videos on psychology and mental health topics? But are you tired of wading through all the mindless fluff, meaningless new-age jargon and overly pedantic lectures? There is a better option out there - The Psych Show, created by Dr. Ali Mattu. It might seem frivolous, but YouTube videos aren’t going anywhere. They have become one of the most common ways we access information, and this is especially true for young people. Join us as Dr. Mattu tells us how a PhD...


Bonus Content: Families Impacted by Schizophrenia (Inside Schizophrenia Podcast)

Schizophrenia does not just affect the person with schizophrenia, but their families, also. This episode of Inside Schizophrenia explores the family relationships impacted by schizophrenia, both immediate and extended. Two guests join us. The first is Chrisa Hickey, who is the mother of an adult son with schizophrenia and started an online site for parents of children who have a severe mental illness. The other guest, interviewed by co-host Gabe Howard, is Janel Star Withers, mother of host...


Planning for Death and Why It Matters

In this episode, Gabe talks with editor-in-chief Dr. John Grohol about the importance of planning for the end of life. We all know that everybody dies, but at the same time, no one wants to think about their own inevitable death. Do you know how you would like the end of your life to go? What if you needed to make that decision for a loved one? Do you know what they want? Would they want to be resuscitated? Do they want to die at home or in a hospital? Do you even know what...


Children’s Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Today’s guest is Okpara Rice, CEO of Tanager Place, a mental health facility for children in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Unlike adults, children are not in control of their own environment, and anything that affects a child will affect their families, and vice versa. So, what is the best way to help these kids? Join us as Okpara and Gabe talk about the importance of a holistic approach to mental illness in children, approaches which may or may not include medication. Okpara joined Tanager Place of...


Policing and the Mentally Ill: A Better Approach

Police officers are often the first responders when someone is having a mental illness crisis. But are members of law enforcement properly equipped for this job? There are plenty of horrifying stories that would indicate that the answer is “no.” How do we change this? Join us as Gabe speaks with Officer Rebecca Skillern from the Huston, Texas, Police Department about how Houston is training its officers to respond to these difficult calls. Officer Rebecca Skillern, senior trainer within the...


Sandy Hook: Community Healing After a Large-Scale Trauma

Do you remember the disturbing images from the Sandy Hook school shooting in December 2012 after a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 first-grade children? It was traumatic for all of us, but what was it like to live there? Today’s guest worked for 20 months on the Newtown Recovery and Resiliency Team. Melissa Glaser is a licensed professional counselor and author of Healing a Community: Lessons for Recovery after a Large-Scale Trauma. You can visit her web site at...


Learn to Live with Anxiety, Stress, and Worry

Dr. Russell Morfitt explains the differences between stress, worry, and anxiety. He tells us how using the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be life changing. Listen to learn how you can free yourself from the burdens of anxiety. Dr. Morfitt is the co-founder of and the Chief Psychology Officer of He has been helping people live better lives for more than 20 years and uses that experience to infuse each program with his natural compassion and CBT...


Bonus Content: Childhood Schizophrenia

In this episode of Inside Schizophrenia our hosts tackle the topic of early onset – or childhood – schizophrenia. Host Rachel Star discusses her personal experiences with symptoms as an adolescent and Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich from Harvard Medical School discusses some of the latest research. Listen in now! Bonus Content - Visit to learn more about the Inside Schizophrenia Podcast.


Openly Discussing Suicide in Our Communities

One of the most dangerous misconceptions about suicide is that asking a loved one if they are suicidal will increase the odds that they will attempt suicide. Today Dr. Nate Ivers of Wake Forest University discusses the importance of making “the covert overt” by asking blunt, straightforward questions of those you suspect may be thinking about suicide. Dr. Nathaniel Ivers is the department chairman and an associate professor in the Department of Counseling at Wake Forest University. The...


Online Teen Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

How does on-line counseling work for teens and adolescents? Are there a lot of differences between the experiences of teens and adults? How are parents involved? What are the safeguards in place? How does payment work? Listen in to see what online therapy for teenagers is all about. Haesue Jo, MA, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of experience providing individual and family therapy. She is the community lead for our sponsor, The Psych Central...