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Experts from the world of medicine talk about mental health, mystical experiences, and the psychedelic renaissance. The show features news and discussion on how psychedelics affect our mind and the world around us.


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Experts from the world of medicine talk about mental health, mystical experiences, and the psychedelic renaissance. The show features news and discussion on how psychedelics affect our mind and the world around us.






#048 [Season 1 Finale] Thomas Heath: do we really need permission?

Psy Diaries episode summary: We talk with Thomas Heath — CEO Fortress Resort — about entering the slipstream of blue light, a new level of mental acuity, and lessons from selling a company. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:04 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Colorado boasts two measures for full-scale legalization; Going beyong science and into mystery 03:00 — What have the mountains taught you? 05:07 — The meaning of outdoor life 06:46 — What patterns does Thomas see in his past? 11:31 — Oh my God, I own a fucking mountain! 12:52 — Ray prepares for the avalanche on LSD; Thomas going public on psychedelics 24:07 — Ray and Thomas share high dose psychedelic experiences 36:09 — SOUL SEARCH: What is your ideal mix of mind-altering substances to chill on a Friday night...? Thomas Heath A visionary leader with a keen eye towards emerging trends and novel solutions to vexing issues, Thomas has a diverse business background including civil aviation, energy, intellectual property and ski resort ownership. ​ Find Thomas here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#047 Heesoo Cho: a baseline level of resilience

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary: We talk with Heesoo Cho — Managing Director of SABI Mind — about an opportunity to contemplate human existence, the paradox of space, and an overwhelming sense of something bigger. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:10 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Michael Pollan starts new Netflix show in July; learning from the LGBTQIA+ community 03:49 — Man, I love talking about this! 05:09 — As you launched mind, what has surprised you? 06:53 — How would you describe the difference between psilocybin and ketamine? 10:00 — Why did Heesoo choose to work in the field of psychedelics? 13:53 — What was your thought process when going public on psychedelics? 16:38 — Ray and Heesoo share transcendent experiences 20:27 — SOUL SEARCH: What is your ideal Friday night takeout order? Heesoo Cho Heesoo is an operational leader who previously worked in operations and strategy at large Canadian companies. He has extensive experience in strategic planning and the execution of high-complexity and multi-disciplinary programs. With over ten years of leadership experience and a track record in successfully managing and operating over $30 million in assets, he is known for developing and delivering service-driven solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. As the Co-founder of Sabi Mind, Heesoo is responsible for the company's growth and operations strategy, ensuring that Sabi Mind provides industry-leading processes and management techniques that enable best-in-class patient care. Find Heesoo here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#046 Dr. Pamela Kryskow: I'm smarter when I microdose

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary: We talk with Dr. Pamela Kryskow — Medical Lead of Roots to Thrive non profit — about "knowing before we can prove it scientifically," the wider wonder of the world, and doing what's necessary. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:14 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oakland's Zide Door entheogenic church up and running again; You have a right to explore consciousness 03:05 — What is the science telling us about psilocybin mushrooms? 05:25 — What about the stoned ape theory? 08:24 — Why do psychedelics get us singing and dancing like a child again? 11:39 — Why does psilocybin have such versatile healing capacity? 15:51 — When did Pamela open up about psychedelics? 21:57 — SB-519: Decriminalizing hallucinogenic substances 23:31 — Ray and Pamela share mystical experiences 27:03 — SOUL SEARCH: Friday night ideal takeout order... Dr. Pamela Kryskow Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health and psychedelic medicine. She is the medical chair of the psychedelic training program at Vancouver Island University and the medical lead at Roots To Thrive Non-Profit Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. She is one of the founding board members of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. Dr. Kryskow is actively involved in research related to psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, front line health care workers and first responders mental wellness. In real life she loves hiking in the forest, ocean kayaking, growing kale and daydreaming in the hammock. Her heritage includes Polish, Ukrainian, and German. She currently resides in the traditional unceded territory of the Klahoose First Nations. Find Dr. Pam here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#045 Rebecca Nicholson: where did my worries go?

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary: We talk with Rebecca Nicholson — CEO of 5D World — about healing in a group setting, the importance of our elders, and rewiring your soul system. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:16 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Maryland state passes bill to fund psychedelic research 03:54 — How do your plentiful past travels and experiences with nature impact you as a CEO? 06:13 — Burning off an intention to the universe 09:08 — What has your Jamaica retreat with Amanda Feilding shown you? 12:59 — Do you believe there's a way to bring retreats to the masses? 15:30 — How was Rebecca's experience going public on psychedelics? 18:39 — Ray and Rebecca share mystical experiences 24:12 — SOUL SEARCH: What is your ideal mix of mind-altering substances to chill on a Friday night...? Rebecca Nicholson Rebecca Nicholson is the CEO of 5D World and Founding partner of 5D Ventures. Her vision and creativity are balanced with a grounding force that allows her to oversee executive leadership and operations in the fast-paced and ever evolving industry of impact investing. Rebecca brings over 20 years of experience managing high-level teams and projects, leading transformation into all that she does. She is responsible for running all facets of the business at 5D World including bringing her passion, patience, and persistence to investor relations, driving company growth, development of corporate culture, team-building, projections and goal-setting, events, and fundraising. She is also on the Advisory Board for Dimensions Retreats, is a panelist and a founding member of Women Advancing Psychedelics. Before joining 5D World she excelled as an industry leader in the marketing and wellness sectors. Rebecca currently resides in Toronto and she is passionate about her two sons, exploring deep nature and building strength through her dedicated yoga practice. Find Rebecca here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#044 Jesse Gould: create brain space

Psychedelic Diaries podcast episode summary: We talk with Jesse Gould — founder of Heroic Hearts — about being pulled through the "plant portal," calling out bad players, and how his military experience makes him a better CEO. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:05 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: British Columbia decriminalizes all drugs; No bad trips 2:50 — THE EAGLE AND THE CONDOR: World Economic Forum and representation of paradigms 5:25 — Universal connection and controversy 10:03 — How do you approach post-psychedelic journey habit formation? 11:47 — Jesse shares some of his healthy habits 13:07 — What does success look like for veterans and psychedelics? 16:18 — How can communities and minorities be included in the psychedelic debate? 21:57 — SB-519: Decriminalizing hallucinogenic substances 28:20 — Ray and Jesse share mystical psychedelic experiences 31:48 — How have psychedelics helped with PTSD? 33:13 — SOUL SEARCH: What's your favorite movie and musical artist...? Jesse Gould Jesse Gould, Founder of Heroic Hearts Project, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and grew up in New Smyrna Beach, FL. In 2009 he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Economics. After working in investment banking for a short time he enlisted in the Army and became an Airborne Ranger for four years and three combat deployments. Most recently, he worked in finance in Tampa, FL. After struggling with severe anxiety for many years, he finally decided to go to an ayahuasca retreat which has had a profoundly positive effect on his anxiety and daily life. During the week-long retreat, he instantly saw the healing potential of the drink and knew that it could be a powerful tool in healing the mental struggles of his fellow veterans. This experience inspired him to found Heroic Hearts Project, an organisation that connects veterans in need of healing with ayahuasca therapy. Since its founding, Heroic Hearts Project has quickly become one of the most prominent veteran voices pushing for psychedelic based therapies. Find Jesse here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#043 Rev. Jacqui Ruiz: this work isn't easy

Psychedelic Diaries podcast episode summary: We talk with Rev. Jacqui Ruiz — founder of Psilocybin Method — about finding purpose through death, addressing unnecessary suffering, and how simplicity offers confidence. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:24 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Senator's coffee spiked with psilocybin for weeks; Oregon trail-blazing 03:29 — The Condor and the Eagle 10:19 — Why do so many people sleepwalk through a life of dissatisfaction? 12:39 — What was your thought process when creating the Psilocybin Method? 14:56 — How does Jacqui's experience dealing closely with death help in her healing work? 18:34 — How does it feel to inhabit and work in such different parts of the world? 23:43 — What's one place in Monteverde everyone should see? 25:24 — Ray and Jacqui share mystical experiences 29:20 — SOUL SEARCH: What is one current challenge... Rev. Jacqui Ruiz Jacqui is “A real one” as it has been put by many who’ve experienced her personally. She has a distinct method of coaching that combines unconditional love and that kick in the butt we all need at times. She is nurturing by nature and delivers the truth. Her no-nonsense approach to love is what helps you create the results you are looking for. Her years of experience as a mortician and Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach has led her to design the unique approach to grief, loss, and loneliness. Because she understand that the timing of our lives is limited, she has embraced a no time to waste approach to love. Her relationships motto is, “we have no time to waste not letting people know what they mean to us.” Jacqui is a big sister to all, caring for you, and loving you unconditionally while openly, honestly expressing what isn’t serving you. For those like you who can appreciate an honest approach Jacqui is the . People walk away after engaging with her feeling loved and empowered, knowing they have someone they can count. Find Jacqui here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#042 Kayse Gehret: we are tools for nature

Psy Diaries episode summary: We talk with Kayse Gehret — CEO of Micro-dosing for Healing — about apprenticing ourselves, the importance of sharing psychedelic stories, and feeling quantum entanglement. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:16 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Senators send official letter to NIH questioning psilocybin status; How to deal with obsolete laws 03:02 — New Co-Host Carlos Plazola, Condor and the Eagle 09:10 — What past lessons does Kayse take with her as an entrepreneur in the psychedelic space? 11:58 — What has surprised you in remote work with psychedelics? 14:27 — How can we revolutionize access to plant healing? 18:49 — What's the role of narrative and sourcing when working with plant medicines? 22:07 — Sharing mystical experiences 26:39 — SOUL SEARCH: Who did you grow up idolizing... (32:33) Kayse Gehret Kayse Gehret - with over two decades in the healing arts - is the engaging, accessible founder of Microdosing for Healing. Her program is a nationwide virtual platform combining microdosing education and supportive community. The interactive group programs offer a unique, intimate community of individuals drawn to practice with diverse intentions... including physical healing, mental wellness, emotional balance and spiritual connection. The intention of the program is to introduce individuals to the beautiful practice of microdosing earth medicines, inspire a lifelong connection to nature, instill a reverence & respect for the medicines and create the conditions for healing inside a welcoming, supportive container. Find Kayse here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22 #psychedelic #podcast #mushrooms


#041 Pascal Tremblay: sit down and integrate

Psy Diaries episode summary: We talk with Pascal Tremblay — cofounder of Nectara — about grown men brought to tears, connecting to bliss, and the experience of being planet Earth. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:13 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Psychedelic activists protest DEA; psychedelic plot twists 03:34 — Why are conversations so different on psychedelics? 06:19 — Does Pascal get a chance to participate on the integration circles he manages? 08:18 — What is one recent hard-earned lesson as founder of Nectara? 12:02 — What would you do if Nectara suddently received 50 million in funding? 14:48 — How has your journey with psychedelics been like? 21:18 — Ray and Pascal share memories of mystical experiences 25:48 — SOUL SEARCH: If you have 15 minutes to unwind... Pascal Tremblay Pascal's life was and continues to be transformed by plant medicines and intentional community spaces. He is on a mission to help elevate access to psychedelic-assisted therapy and support as a basic human right for all. Over the last 7 years, psychedelics have helped him heal out of chronic depression and anxiety, become a better father, husband, and contributor to his community. He is dedicated to help shift global consciousness in all the little ways he can to help transform society in one that lives in harmony and balance with itself and the web of life. ‍ A founding board member of the Psychedelic Association of Canada, Pascal is a mixed race settler living in Canada, born from Syrian and French Canadian parents. Find Pascal here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#040 Tyler Bryden: ebbs & flows of psychedelic exploration

Psy Diaries episode summary: We talk with Tyler Bryden — founder of — about signs you're doing too much psychedelics, the joyful & creative moments we deserve, and going into the Joseph Campbell-hero's-journey "void." Highlights: 00:00 — Coming up 01:05 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Field Trip Health splits into two; Manipulating time 03:46 — How does AI converge with psychedelics? 06:53 — Ray and Tyler get deep about AI 11:56 — Tyler tells about his experience with head trauma and psychedelics 15:57 — What is one of the challenges for psychonaut activism in your country? 19:03 — What are the signs of unhealthy psychedelic usage? 23:59 — Ray and Tyler share mystical experiences 30:14 — SOUL SEARCH: Who did you grow up idolizing... Tyler Bryden Tyler Bryden, the founder of, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate, Growth Marketer, Hip-Hop Head and Former Hockey player discusses speech, communication, self-improvement, life, current events, marketing, spirituality, mental health, psychedelics, and making a better life. Find Cory here: Become part of the growing Psilocybin Psoirée with promo code MUSHROOM22


#039 Cory Firth: A psychological pilgrimage

Psy Diaries episode summary: We talk with Cory Firth — Founder of Dose Day — about the "ultimate contemplation," wildly impactful connection, and balancing chaos & order. Highlights: 00:00 — Come up 01:20 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Colorado may legalize medical MDMA; A message to the DEA, FDA and Health Canada 03:57 — What is Dose Day, and why did Cory start it? 08:10 — What are two positive outcomes from microdosing that you've seen? 11:26 — Are we now able to lessen the effect of the FDA, DEA and Health Canada rules? 16:17 — Could psychedelics be fast-tracked into legalization soon? 22:25 — What is Cory's take on solo trips? 25:51 — Ray and Cory share mystical trip tales 30:14 — SOUL SEARCH: What is one company you like in psychedelics... Cory Firth Cory is a human-impact community builder and plant medicine advocate who has spent the better part of the last 5 years building communities in the mental health and wellness space, including his work as the former Executive Director of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. Today, Cory works as Chief Storyteller for the Nikean foundation and is the founder of Dose Day, a group-matching peer support community for intentional microdosers designed to match like-minded interests with real-world mental health outcomes. Cory has committed his career to a vision of the future where mental health and disease are viewed as holistic, collective experiences and the stigmatization of mental illness is replaced with compassion, transformation and community connection; a world where we all have the opportunity to reunite with our innate abilities to heal, overcome and actualize our full potential. Find Cory here:


#038 Dr. Austin Perlmutter: dimensions of cognition

We talk with Dr. Austin Perlmutter M.D. — NY Times bestselling author — about the ever-changing brain, the neuroscience of psychedelics, and a psilocybin age limit. Highlights: 00:00 — Welcome 01:30 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Fungi communication resembles human speech; Age limit for psychedelics 03:45 — What has surprised Dr. Austin as he got deeper into the psychedelic space 07:27 — Why do you think it's so hard for people to change? 11:35 — How to get started in mushroom foraging 14:30 — How would you approach proving that psychedelics can improve cognition? 19:59 — What has drawn you to speak about psychedelics? 26:40 — SOUL SEARCH: You're stuck on a desert island for 10 years... Dr. Austin Perlmutter MD Dr. Austin is a board-certified internal medicine physician, a New York Times Bestselling Author, researcher and investor in the health and wellness space. He received his medical degree from the University of Miami, and completed his internal medicine residency at Oregon Health and Science University. His focus is on helping identify and resolve the biological basis for "stuckness" in the body and brain using lifestyle interventions, and he lectures internationally on this subject. He hosts the Get The STUCK OUT podcast and is a co-producer of the Alzheimer's, the Science of Prevention Docu-series. His work on immune-mediated depression can be found in the peer-reviewed medical literature. His writing is featured online on MedPage Today, Doximity, KevinMD, Medium, Psychology Today, MindBodyGreen. He currently serves as the Senior Director of Science and Clinical Innovation at Big Bold Health. Find Dr. Austin here:


#037 Dr. Erica Zelfand: a mind that's kind and aligned

Summary: We talk with Dr. Erica Zelfand — licensed family doctor and founder of Science of Psychedelics — about balancing medicine VS the woo-woo, disrupting our patterns, and the need to retrain the medical community. Discount coupon: DIARIES22 (for Science of Psychedelics courses) Highlights: 00:00 — Welcome 01:56 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Multiple Vancouver storesfronts selling magic mushrooms in Vancouver; "taking the fork" in the road 04:18 — How to prove that psychedelics improve both mental and physical health? 09:41 — How does Dr. Erica see the movement for psilocybin legalization in Oregon? 13:51 — What does a world 5-10 years into widespread psychedelics legalization and intentional use look like? 17:12 — How was Dr. Erica's personal journey with psychedelics? 21:32 — Ray and Dr. Erica share profound psychedelic experiences 27:58 — SOUL SEARCH: Who is one person who's had a tremendous impact in your carreer...? Dr. Erica Zelfand Dr. Erica is a licensed family doctor specializing in functional medicine and integrative mental health. She facilitates therapeutic psycho-spiritual experiences for her patients and regularly lectures on psychedelic science at medical institutions worldwide. She also trains practitioners online through her CME-accredited course, the Science of Psychedelics, and in person as a lead educator with Inner Trek, one of the first state-approved programs for aspiring psilocybin facilitators. Dr. Erica loves traveling around the world, hammocks, and high-fives. Find Dr. Erica here:


#036 Matt Stang: experiences you can't unsee

Episode summary: We talk with Matt Stang — CEO of Delic Corp — about a dramatic change in mental health, lessons from cannabis, and psychedelic conferences. Highlights: 00:36 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Legal psilocybin therapy in canada; Reevaluating our relationship with alcohol 02:33 — What is there to the psychedelic space that inspires Matt's work? 06:35 — What lessons can we take from cannabis and apply to psychedelics? 14:35 — What does a world 10 years into widespread psychedelic legalization and intentional use looks like? 21:11 — What is Matt's personal journey with psychedelics? 25:03 — Ray and Matt share psychedelic experiences 28:32 — SOUL SEARCH: You get to live the life of any historical figure... Matt Stang Matt Stang was an Owner and Operator of High Times for 17 years prior to its sale to a private equity fund, and during that time he helped legalize Cannabis in multiple states, launched the Cannabis Cup in America, and helped build the legal cannabis industry. For almost 20 years he has met and interacted with all corners within the cannabis community. As one of the most connected people in the Alternative Drug space he helped found DELIC 4 years ago as the first psychedelic corporation. His expertise in business includes marketing, branding, business development and product viability. Find Matt here:


#035 Carlos Plazola: grow, gather, gift

Episode summary: We talk with Carlos Plazola — Chairman of Decriminalize Nature — about the challenge of inner work, access to the underserved, and entering the infinite. Highlights: 00:37 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Psychedelic biotechs dying off; Hazel Park, Michigan, decriminalizes psychedelics; using these medicines to improve well-being and satisfaction 2:59 — Why is it so hard for people to embrace introspection? 10:59 — Magic mushrooms are relatively easy to grow. How does that influence the efforts for decriminalization? 13:19 — Who is Decriminalize Nature's target audience? 16:52 — How does Carlos imagine a world 5-10 years into fullscale legalization of psychedelics? 19:48 — Ray and Carlos share mystical experiences 26:17 — SOUL SEARCH: You've got to live the life of any historical figure... Carlos Plazola Carlos Plazola, a Bay Area native who grew up in a Chicano household, didn't learn about plant remedies until he was 50 years old. After failing to cope with the death of his mother for several years with exercise, meditation, and yoga, he read Michael Pollan's "How to Change Your Mind," which opened his eyes to the possibility for mushrooms to help him process and come to terms with the anguish he was experiencing. Plazola tried mushrooms for the first time when he consumed five grams and locked himself in his bedroom. He describes his life in terms of before and after that adventure since it was so profound and changing for him. Since then, he has committed his life to assisting the plant medicine movement, forming Decriminalize Nature with the objective of crafting and enacting legislation that safeguards these precious chemicals and enables safe access for anyone who choose to utilize them. Find Carlos here:


#034 Daniel Carcillo: alive because of psychedelics

Episode summary: We talk with Daniel Carcillo — CEO of Wesana Health and 2x Stanley Cup winner — about psychedelics healing traumatic brain injury, the highest operating version of yourself, and unconditional love. Highlights: 00:33 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oklahoma state house bill 3414 may soon legalize psilocybin-assisted therapy and reduce punishment for consumer possession; excessive talk of sacred rituals around psychedelics 02:48 — What gets Daniel excited about the potential of psychedelics for TBI? 06:03 — How can we prove that psychedelics do improve cognition, creativity and performance? 09:24 — Looking back to the last 12 months at Wesana, what is one hard-earned lesson? 13:38 — How has Daniel's journey with psychedelics been like? 18:06 — Ray and Daniel share mystical experiences that still resonate in them 24:57 — SOUL SEARCH: How has Daniel's NHL experience helped him as a CEO? ... Daniel Carcillo Former professional NHL hockey player and two time Stanley Cup Champion turned mental health, concussion/traumatic brain injury, plant medicine and fungi advocate. He is an experienced speaker on the above topics through lived and personal experience. Daniel is a farmer and entrepreneur with a fully integrated cannabis and medicinal mushroom business and brand targeting brain and immune health. Besides Wesana, he's part of the following organizations: – Founder of Chapter 5 Foundation, a charitable organization assisting professional athletes with transition to life after the game – National advisory board member for Decriminalize Nature – Board member of Heroic Hearts project, a nonprofit that connects military veterans struggling with trauma to psychedelic therapy. Find Daniel here:


#033 Dr. Joe Tucker: psy-IP and a destigmatization boost

Episode summary: We talk with Dr. Joe Tucker — CEO of Enveric Biosciences — about legitimate psychedelic IP, navigating the DEA & FDA, and a news update for "2012-you." Highlights: — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oregon psilocybin program must use naturally produced magic mushrooms; matching the right psychedelic to one's needs (00:34) — What is coming up for Enveric that gets Dr. Tucker excited? (02:41) — What lessons can we take from Cannabis and apply to psychedelics? (06:02) — Regarding conservative regulatory bodies, what is the name of the game? (10:11) — What advice would Joe give to entrepreneurs going through an aquisition? (12:31) — During aquisition talks, should one bring up the elephants in the room? (17:25) — How would widespread legalization impact Joe's efforts? (18:41) — SOUL SEARCH: You get to relive the life of any historical figure... (32:33) Dr. Joe Tucker Dr. Tucker is a seasoned executive who has built several publicly traded biotechnology companies, currently acting as CEO of Enveric Biosciences. Prior to founding companies, Dr. Tucker was a healthcare analyst with two investment banks and has also worked in technology commercialization for a university technology transfer office. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary. Find Dr. Joe Tucker here:


#032 Jenalle Dion: when psychedelics shift your life

Episode summary: We talk with Jenalle Dion — Founder of Wakeful Journal and Director of Content at Third Wave — about custom journey journals, multiverse jumping, and when it's just flat-out easier to savor the moment. Highlights: — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oregon decriminalization law has already led to a 60% reduction in arrests; Wave function collapse and the multiverse (0:34) — What has taken Jenny down the path of creating the Wakeful Journal? (2:25) — What Jenny finds so compelling about the psychedelic industry? (5:36) — Looking back at the last 12 months at Wakeful and Third Wave, what is one hard earned lesson? (8:26) — What has been Jenny's journey with psychedelics? (12:05) — Ray and Jenny share profound mystical experiences (19:10) — SOUL SEARCH: What does the world look like after 10 years of widespread legalization and intentional psychedelic usage... (25:18) Jenalle Dion Jenalle Dion is a passionate psychedelic advocate, MAPS Canada volunteer, content creator and community builder. Her organization, Wakeful Travel, is the ceremony companion company, creating integration and microdosing journals for psychedelic seekers, brands, retreat centers, clinics, and conferences. She’s also Head of Content for the world's largest psychedelic education platform, Third Wave. You can pre-order a journal through her site:, or see what she's up to on social media. Find Jenny here: for co-branded, white-labelled, and custom journal packages for your brand


#031 Cameron Wenaus: meditation and psychedelics for self-realization

Episode summary: We chat with Cameron Wenaus — CEO at Retreat Guru — about surpassing mental health baseline, understanding the root of fear, and experiencing death. Highlights: — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Psilocybin improves health for a year; how do we support solo explorers? (0:36) — What has surprised Cameron about this psychedelic renaissance? (2:28) — Why is it so hard to let go and explore altered states? (5:21) — In the last 12 months at Retreat Guru, what was one hard-earned lesson? (9:44) — Cameron's shares his journey with psychedelics (16:12) — Ray and Cameron share profound mystical experiences (19:53) — SOUL SEARCH: You get to relive the life of any historical figure... (27:11) Cameron Wenaus Cameron is inspired by the evolution of consciousness. He has been working with retreat centers and organizations focused on many wisdom lineages for more than 2 decades. He is the CEO and co-founder of Retreat Guru – an ecosystem of products and services for a growing community of retreat seekers and professionals. He is also a meditation teacher and director of his local Buddhist center, and is curious about the connection between mediation and psychedelics and how they can support the discovery and stabilization of non-dual awareness. Find Cameron here:


#030 Zappy Zapolin: we have a right to our minds

Summary: We talk with Zappy Zapolin — Chief Visionary Officer of Psycheceutical — about shaking the sense of dissatisfaction, novel ketamine delivery, and witnessing atomic vibrations. Highlights: — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: The DEA announce the prohibition of research on 5 new psychedelic compounds; How do we find the sweet spot between the extremes of psychedelic over-medicalization and excess of woo-woo? (0:33) — Zappy compares the psychedelic climate now vs 2015, when he was filming his documentary The Reality of the Truth? (2:24) — Looking back at the last 12 months at Psycheceuticals and KetaMD, what's one hard-earned lesson and one current challenge? (4:47) — Zappy shares his journey with psychedelics, and what he learned after using them to find a new path in his life. (12:10) — What is one mystical experience that still resonates with him? (18:11) — What does a future world with widely legal psychedelic use look like for Zappy? (20:33) SOUL SEARCH: Who is one person, dead or alive, you'd like to trip with... (25:05) Zappy Zapolin Zappy Zapolin is a well-known futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and award-winning filmmaker who is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness. Zappy believes his life mission is to right the wrong of psychedelic prohibition, which began the day after he was born. He founded the Mind Army social movement, which is fighting for legalization of psychedelics via an Executive Order. Always on the cutting edge of trends, Zappy leads the vision behind this intersection of psychedelic compounds and pharmaceutical medicines at Psycheceutical, Inc. using patented, cutting-edge delivery technologies to provide safe and effective bioavailable psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines. Zappy also co-founded KetaMD, a telemedicine platform that provides affordable and life-changing at-home medical ketamine treatments, and The Ketamine Fund, which has already provided more than 500 free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD or those having suicidal ideations. Find Zappy here:


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Tim Moore, CEO of Havn Dennis McKenna, CEO McKenna Academy Peter Reitano, CEO of Gwella Dr. Keith Heinzerling, Director of T.R.I.P. Pacific Neuroscience Dr. Randy Scharlach, Medical Director of Field Trip Dr. Tom Horvath, CEO of Practical Recovery Dr. Jim Fadiman, Author of "Psychedelic Explorer's Guide" Jasper Simons, CPO of American Psychological Association