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025: How and Why To Do a Liver Flush

In this episode, Elaina and Kate talk about why it’s crucial to do a liver flush. Can you imagine never changing the oil in your car? How about never cleaning your toilets? Things would start to build up. We discuss how the liver functions, and what happens when your liver is clogged. I also discuss in detail how to do your own flush and all the tools and practices that will help your body and organs be as healthy as possible. Here is a link on how to do the cleanse and our guided course:...


024: How cold therapy can burn off fat

Today I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite longevity practices (bio hacks), I honestly don’t know why I do the crazy things I do! I have tried many things in the name of health. There is some strong need, some drive in me to try these things out. It doesn’t feel optional. If feels like a must. Here are a few of the things I’ve tried in the name of extreme and health: 1. 100% raw vegan diet for 5 years. What I learned. 2. Deep colon cleanse for 1 month using herbs and...


023: What you need to know about Medicinal Mushrooms- Jeff Chilton

Jeff found his passion for mushroom quite young. He grew up searching for mushrooms in the forest of Seattle and studied mycology in College. He terms his study ‘Ethnomycology’ and began learning how to grow mushrooms on a large mushroom farm in Seattle (2 million pounds every year!) Jeff spent years traveling, researching and implementing organic mushroom-growing techniques around the globe before starting his company, Nammex, in 1989. Nowadays, Jeff uses his extensive knowledge to...


022: Is Fasting Safe for Everyone? Megan Ramos

Megan’s story of disease to wellness is so inspiring! She grew up with many health challenges. She was in and out of hospitals her whole childhood while she experienced cancer, PCOS and the first signs of diabetes. She eventually healed her PCOS, dropped 60 pounds and became fertile after just 6 months of fasting just 1 or 2 or 3 days a week. Her interest in medical research at a very young age led her to meet Dr. Jason Fung who is a leading doctor in kidney disease and fasting. Fasting...


021: The Keto Diet, Plant-Based Keto, Benefits, And What to Eat

The ketogenic (keto) diet may seem like a relatively new concept in the world of weight loss, but this diet originated back in the 1920s. Back then, it wasn’t intended or designed for fat loss at all. The ketogenic diet was originally created as a nutritional guide for children with epilepsy. The diet was shown to have beneficial results for those suffering from seizures, and still does today. The popularity of the diet wore off as more modern medicines became available. Flash-forward to...


020: How your unique tendencies can help you be the best you can be with Gretchen Rubin

Do you sometimes feel out of alignment with those around you? Do you make yourself wrong or make others wrong because they are not like you? Let’s discover how your unique tendencies can help you be the best you can be! Elaina talks to best selling author Gretchen Rubin about the many ways that humans identify themselves. Listen in to start to understand that each humans way of being is right for them. Gretchen has spent a large part of her life figuring out what makes people happy and how...


019: Faster Learning and Doing What You Love with Jonathan Levi

Elaina and Jonathan Levi discuss many things that have helped both of them become more Superhuman. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, author, and lifehacker born and raised in Silicon Valley. He is the author of the blockbuster Become a SuperLearner series, and the host of the award-winning Becoming SuperHuman podcast. His passions include learning languages, musical instruments, acro yoga, weightlifting, and cooking. He lives in Tel Aviv, Israel with his superwoman,...


018: Best Ways to Fast, Liver Flush, and Dissolve Cysts Including Healing PCOS Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise

In this episode, Katelyn and Elaina talk about our last 5-day water fast we recently did together in Arizona. We wanted to share with you exactly what we did, why, and how we felt during and after. Fasting is probably one of our most asked about questions from our students when it comes to their health. Listen to the full episode to learn more. We also discuss: Liver Cleansing CourseLiver Cleanse & Fasting supplements to make your cleanse easierOxy-OxCMalic AcidDeluxe Cleanse Kit...


017: The Art of Water Fasting. Healing, Age Reversal, Autophagy, Dental healing and Stem cells with Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr. Dan Pompa discusses his journey of health from chronic fatigue, mercury toxicity from getting his fillings removed improperly, childhood dyslexia and not being able to read until he was 6 or 7 years old. He talks about why he is so grateful for all of it, and how it has made him who he is today. Everything that he experienced has made him the educator that he is today. Water Fasting, Block Fasting, Partial Fasting, Intermittent fasting daily, Valter Longo and The fasting mimicking diet...


016: Can Dry Farmed Wines be the answer to your prayers? How I can now drink wine again without any negative side effects! It’s true! My interview with Todd White

Meet Todd White, of Dry Farm Wines. We had a fascinating conversation about the wine industry and how larger companies are buying out small companies in the USA and other countries. Wine is not what it used to be. The large companies are still masquerading as smaller companies but the quality of the wine has gone down, win are buying created in large factories and the percentage of alcohol has increased to created a stronger wine for the general public. This has taken away from not only the...


015: ARE YOUR JOB AND YOUR DIET MAKING YOU MISERABLE? With Mom and Raw Food Chef Ali Stringer

Today Kate and I talk to Ali about what it was like to completely transform her diet in 1 month and how it’s changed her entire life (career, family, and all). She went from having consistent migraines, sinus problems, and brain fog to completely rid herself of these after detoxing her body on raw food and juices. During our discussion, you'll discover: How to be a good mom and still be adventurousThe simplicity of making your own nut milk at homeHow to take the leap and completely change...


014: The Happiness Equation Author- Neal Pasricha

Today I am speaking with Neil Pasricha, author of How to get back up, 1000 awesome things- the blog and the book, The Happiness Equation and much more. I recently listened to the audio version of How to get back up and was very impressed with the quality of the content as well as the delivery of Neil reading it himself with his personal asides as well as his intellect and personality weaved into it. Our talk runs the gamut of How Neil created the best blog of the year 2 years in a row. Why...


013: How to go from Rock Bottom to Living your Dream with Dave Conley

Today I speak with Dave Conley about how he created the life he was born to live. In this episode we speak about: We talk about how once you do one good thing for your body, the rest falls into place and you begin to really care for your body (the ripple effect) Dave is a self-proclaimed “Coffee Nerd” he talks about his ritual around it We discuss the book: Will Power Doesn’t Work and what Elaina got out of it Dave’s favorite recipes Elaina made at Camp GLP: Buttery Mexican Crackers-...


012: How to get through the holidays without gaining weight with Elaina Love

In this episode, I talk about how to make a game plan for getting through November-January 1st without putting on an extra 10-20 pounds. Take digestive enzymes before each meal, especially carb meals. For scar tissue, surgery scars, PCOS, fibroids, internal scar tissue- Take 4 Reconstructive enzymes at bedtime and early morning before eating. Medicinal dose 10 in the am and 10 in the PM on an empty stomach. Keep them at your bedside table. Take 2 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of...


011: Are Candida and Pathogens controlling your mind? - Elaina Love

What is Candida and how do you know if you have it? Today in the podcast I talk about my experience with Candida and how I was able to get rid of it. I take you through a journey of how to find out if you have it, what it is and how to neutralize it and find a balance in your life. As always my goal is to educate, inform and uplift you so it may seem a little daunting to dive into this topic, but I promise you that if you heal your body of yeast mold and fungus, your life will be amazing...


010: How changing your diet and detoxing your body can supercharge your life with Bryce Henry

Bryce Henry talks about the joy of trail running in nature and how he made a huge transformation physically, spiritually and mentally by upgrading his diet and removing unhealthy habits. We talk about the power of cleansing, enemas and getting rid of toxic buildup and discuss what are some detox symptoms people experience. Bryce’s 3rd-day turning point on his detox was an enema! His Quickness and memory improved and he got rid of brain-fog. Bryce is the live-in partner of Katelyn Louise...


009: How Psychedelics, Random Acts of Kindness and Float Tanks can optimize psychological well being with Dr. Dan Engle

Elaina Love interviews Dr. Dan Engle on a variety of topics. We discuss Random Acts of Kindness, Social media and the impact on our children and on increasing depression Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) has to be one of the more exciting areas of research because the medicines that are being studied and utilized today are very good for improving the five primary psychiatric conditions- five big epidemics are chronic depression anxiety PTSD addiction and pain. Using Float Tanks for...


008: How to balance hormones naturally thru menopause and fertile years - Elaina Love

In this episode I share how I was able to hack my hormone imbalances during perimenopause and menopause naturally using dry fasting, fasting, supplementation and a clean diet. I did not use any bioidentical or synthetic hormones and no longer experience symptoms (or if I do I know just what to do). I go into some detail about what dry fasting is and who it is for or not for. I talk about eating a clean diet and what foods to avoid. My main nemesis is gluten and dairy but really, all...


007: Healing Autoimmune with Katelyn Louise

Today Katelyn Louise and Elaina Love discuss how Katelyn healed from autoimmune Celiac Disease through fasting and changing her diet. In this interview, Katelyn shares her knowledge about what it takes to heal on a healthy diet. She dives deep into her journey, from long fasts to what supplements and superfoods she used to heal. We discuss her fasting journey in Bali and the incredible heavy metal dump that took place during that time. We also discuss hormone balancing for young women, the...


006: What’s all the buzz about gluten? Riff - Elaina Love

Have you wondered what all the hype is about gluten-free foods? Is it just for people with Celiac disease, a way to sell books or just trendy? Turns out, there is science behind this food craze and people are getting amazing results from quitting their daily habit of bread, pasta, and muffins. This gluten-free guide is for you! The newly surfaced medical evidence is showing that glutenous grains can be destroying your brain! Even whole grain bread is not the healthy alternative we once...