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52: Rejuvenation Biotech: An Introduction to the State of the Industry – RAADfest

Rejuvenation biotech is a new industry forming around the theme of life extension technologies. This episode provides a broad look at the state of the industry, its most promising life extension technologies and their potential timelines. Life extension - this is something I've wanted to spend time on for a while. In this episode, I interview 5 thought leaders from the life extension movement. Consider this an introduction to the current status of life extension tools and technologies, as...


Microbiome Labs: How Actionable Are They Today? In the Future?

Microbiome testing can be confusing: many companies, different technologies and a lack of standards make it hard to get actionable insights from the data. Find out how technologies and labs differ and what information is actionable from today's microbiome tests. In this episode we continue our discussion of the microbiome that we started in Episode 9 and continued with Episode 37. Today we try to help you navigate the confusing field of microbiome testing companies and discuss the pros and...


50: Machine Learning Applied to Functional Medicine – Christopher Kelly & Tommy Wood

Looking at an example of Machine Learning applied to functional medicine with the goal of helping athletes optimize performance. The question - with the help of artificial intelligence, can a 7-minute questionnaire identify physiological weaknesses and bypass the need to spend money on expensive lab tests? This episode focuses on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These topics are massively discussed in investor and entrepreneurial circles, as well as the media in general. There...


49: How Carbohydrate Intolerance Works – Robb Wolf

What is carbohydrate intolerance? Do each of us have a personal tolerance or intolerance of carbohydrates? Does this also vary by source of carbohydrate? Learn how evolutionary tools may explain appetite regulation and carbohydrate metabolism and offer ways to regain carb tolerance through diet and lifestyle modifications. In this episode, we explore how carbohydrate intolerance works. We look at the evolutionary template (basically the Paleo template), neuroregulation of appetite,...


Eran Segal & Lihi Segal: Is Your Glucose Metabolism Unique to You?

Is your glucose metabolism driven by your personal microbiome? Recent research reveals how the microbiome influences blood glucose, weight gain and weight loss. And how the new company, "Day Two", is using microbiome sequencing data to provide personalized nutrition recommendations. In this episode we discuss how personal your blood glucose response and regulation is. We look at how glucose metabolism can differ from one person to another, and how it differs based on typical measures, such...


47: Using Supplement Testing Results to Ensure Supplement Efficacy – Neil Thanedar

Recent investigations have shown supplements to not always contain what they say they do. Or at other times to have unwanted contaminants such as heavy metals. Learn to use 3rd party lab testing to select supplements that contain the active ingredients needed to provide the results you seek. Sometimes on this show, we discuss using supplements as tools to get desired results. Examples in past episodes included curcumin, activated charcoal, NT factor, Greens powder, oxaloacetate and many...


Chris Masterjohn: Fat Soluble Micronutrients Optimization

Micronutrient status is a foundation of health, performance and chronic disease minimization. This episode looks at how to optimize fat soluble micronutrients status. In this episode we look at ensuring micronutrient status. Ensuring your body has the building blocks it needs to do what it needs to do. This is an important lever to increasing your health span and current functionality and performance. Previously we discussed micronutrient status with a focus on magnesium in episode 17 with...


Dominic D’Agostino: Leveraging Ketone Bodies for Health, Performance and Longevity

Ketone bodies, whether gained from fasting, keto diets, MCTs or exogenous ketones have many potential applications with benefits ranging from performance, to health, to longevity and mitigating symptoms and risks of certain diseases. There is growing evidence that ketone bodies, whether they come from fasting, keto diets, MCTs or exogenous ketones have potential applications across many areas from longevity to performance, to health and mitigating some of the risks and symptoms of certain...


44: N=1 Experiment: Using Ketosis to Fight a Brain Tumor

Putting the body into ketosis and controlling blood glucose levels may prove to be effective therapy against certain cancers. This real case reveals one aggressive self-experimenter who used a combination of the ketogenic diet, fasting and other tools to control his epilepsy and send his brain cancer into remission. This episode examines the ketogenic diet as a tool to fight against cancer. It is a follow up of the episodes on ketosis and fasting that we have done with Dr. Thomas Seyfried...


43: Learnings from Continuous Glucose Monitoring (and the Future of Blood Sugar Management Tech) – Tim Omer

Most of us have non-optimal blood glucose regulation today.The impact? Reduced performance, and reduced longevity. We wrongly assume that it's only diabetics that are exposed to these issues. This episode explores using continuous glucose monitoring and other tech to optimize blood sugar through the eyes of a diabetic self-experimenter. How can blood sugar regulation and dysregulation be better understood? Certainly a lot of you are aware and concerned about these topics, if you haven't...


42: 10 Day Water Fast Results (Self Experiment)

Part 3 in our series of Fasting Self-Experiments. In this longer 10 day water fast I tracked results with a broad set of biomarkers (ketones, glucose, weight, hormones and cognitive performance panels). This is a long post - if that scares you, jump directly to what you're looking for: Why Do a 10 Day Water Fast? (The health benefits that we're optimizing for) 10 Day Water Fast Results (Weight, metabolism, cognitive performance, hormones) 10 Day Water Fast Experience (Anecdotal thoughts,...


41: How to Quantify Cardiovascular Fitness – Marco Altini

A look at how to accurately quantify your cardiovascular fitness in order to optimize endurance sports or your cardiovascular health. Is VO2Max the gold standard? Are the metrics in the current "fitness trackers" useful for this goal? In this episode we look at different ways to track fitness. Previously we have talked about VO2 max and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), along with the trackers (ex. Fitbits) which are used to quantify such physical activity markers. This episode highlights...


40: Quantifying Heart Disease Risk and Reducing Plaques in Your Arteries

Heart disease affects 50% of the U.S. population in their lifetime. Learn how to accurately quantify your personal heart disease status and risk, and if necessary, take clear actions to reduce that risk by eliminating plaque in the arteries. This episode presents an in depth look at heart disease because this is one of the most likely things to shorten our lifespan. We focus on the key topic of quantifying your real heart disease risk. One in three deaths in the United States are caused by...


39: Meditation Tech to Increase Focus and Self Awareness (Interaxon’s Muse) – Ariel Garten

Meditation - ever more popular as studies pile up proving its benefits. However, how do you assure yourself that you gain the same benefits with your meditation practice? Muse Calm is a neurofeedback device that promises accurate feedback on the quality of your meditation. In this episode we talk about improving your focus and meditation practice with the Muse Calm app. There are many benefits to meditation. Some find that it helps increase their calm. Other benefits include reducing...


38: Can Genetic Testing Give Us Precision Health? – Michael Nova

What is genetic testing able to do and not do with current services? We talk with one of the top genetic lab services to understand how technologies differ in accuracy and where it is working, where it is not yet ready and why. In this episode we look at the impact that genetics has on our health and wellness. With rapid discoveries in epigenetics, the picture isn’t as clear as when we thought genetics was everything. Epigenetic factors regulate which parts of our genetic blueprints are...


37: How the Human Microbiome Impacts Health – Dr. Rob Knight

What defines human microbiome health? The co-founder of American Gut Project discusses the differences we've found in the gut microbiome and how it influences our health. We look at tools and lifestyle choices that have been shown to change the microbiome (for good, and for bad). Our microbiome plays an important role in our ability to overcome health issues. A healthy biome can make you resilient to these challenges, while a poorly-balanced one can create or worsen health problems. We first...


36: Quantifying Cancer and Reexamining Which Cancers May be Inhibited by Fasts – Gene Fine

Water fasting or ketogenic therapies may be effective with some cancers, and not with others. Learn about the PET scan and how it can provide insights into whether a cancer is likely to be responsive or not to the water fast tactic we've covered in previous episodes. In this episode, we return to look at ketosis and water fasts as a tool to help treat cancer. This builds on the previous episodes looking at Ketosis with Jimmy Moore and the impact of water fasts on cancer with Dr. Thomas...


35: Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback as a Tool to Reduce Stress – Richard Gevirtz

An in-depth look at using heart rate variability biofeedback with slow breathing to reduce stress, enhance athletic performance and provide therapeutic support for some chronic health issues. Heart rate variability biofeedback is being used primarily to reset the nervous system and thus as an antidote to different types of stressors. These include modern-day chronic stress, aka the all-time-on syndrome, or infections or other problems in our lives. In this episode we compare the use of...


34: High Impact Endurance Upgrades – Ben Greenfield

A look at a collection of high impact endurance tools and tactics - and the top biomarkers to watch for optimization. Vetted by an endurance athlete with years of experiments and competitions behind him. Today's episode is about endurance training and using high-impact tools to get the most out of it. We look at self-tracking in diet and exercise when aiming to optimize your body to perform at peak capacity. We discuss factors playing a role in improving endurance through a healthy...


33: How to Know What Improves Your Mental Performance (in Only a Few Minutes per Day) – Yoni Donner

We strive for the best mental performance but how do you know if your routines (sleep patterns, coffee habits, etc.) are helping or hurting? The Quantified Mind is a web-based project that allows you to quickly check your cognitive function in a few minutes. In previous episodes, we have discussed and identified ways to improve our mental performance. Most recently, we explored Brain Training with Adrian Owen in episode 27. Many people try to improve their cognitive function with...