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This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.

This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.
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This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.




#181 Jessica Dorsey

If you are feeling low-energy or need a spark then this episode with Jessica Dorsey is for you. Jessica is a force of nature who's determination in all areas is remarkable. Whether she is hauling 100 lbs stones, breaking three hours in the marathon, or starting her own EMF blocking sports bra company, Jessica is constantly on the move. We also take a deep dive into how her training has evolved over recent years. You can learn more about Jessica and her company at This...


#180 Molly Cuevas

When it comes to ambitious running challenges there aren't many greater than running across the United States. For Molly Cuevas, an All-American college field hockey player, this challenge was quite literally the beginning of her running career. Molly has been a high level athlete, first in soccer and later in field hockey, since she as little. But, she hadn't started running until she dreamed of running across the country to support others. Motivated by her belief in the Challenged Athletes...


#179 Margaret Spring

Margaret Spring has been a dedicated runner since she was kid chasing after her oldest brother. These days, people are busy trying to chase her. This remarkable woman picked up trail running five years ago. She fell head-over-heals for the sport while trying to make sure she didn't do that, literally, on the rocky and challenging downhills. A few weeks ago Margaret has a breakout performance by finishing third in her age group at the Leadville Marathon, sharing the podium with Kara Goucher....


#178 Big Announcement!

It is with immense excitement and gratitude that I announce the newest addition to the Rambling Runner Podcast Network - the Road to the Olympics Trials podcast. This new show features eight elite runners, four men and four women, who are excited about pulling back the curtain and being open and honest about their training, racing, and goals in their lead-up to the Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta on February 29, 2020. The athletes who will be sharing their journey are Jared Ward, Kellyn...


#177 Lindsay Walter

In this episode, I am delighted to speak with serial racer and former college basketball player Lindsay Walter. Lindsay has run 36 marathons and 83 half marathons over the last eight years. In fact, she is hoping to run 100 half marathons by this time next year. Amazing. Not only that, Lindsay has alopecia areata universalis, an autoimmune disease that causes total-body hair loss. She struggled with this condition for most of her life. Then, in a moment of of life changing clarity while...


#176 Ben Rosario - Coach of NAZ Elite

In this episode of the podcast I chat with Ben Rosario, coach of the famed NAZ Elite. His team features some of the best men and women runners in the country at various distances. We discuss late bloomers, what he thinks about when he hears the term "running talent", how he approaches coaching youth runners, and what he looks for when identifying runners for his team. You can learn more about Ben and his group at The Rambling Runner Podcast is presented by Mercury Mile....


#175 Molly Bookmyer

Running at an elite level is hard enough when everything goes right and luck is on your side. Very few people get to that level even in the best of circumstances. For Molly Bookmyer, her running career could never be described in those terms. She has undergone two brain surgeries, hospitalized after having a seizure on a treadmill, and helped nurse her husband back to health after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer a week after they returned from their honeymoon. In the face of all...


#174 Natalie Sanger

When Natalie finished with college soccer she needed something to stay active and provide a competitive outlet. On a whim, she ran a local 5k mud run and placed 2nd female overall. From there, she was hooked. Natalie PR’d every marathon she ran over a four year period (with a best time of 3:11) before the 2019 Boston Marathon. On that day, however, her dream race became a nightmare. In this episode she details how she dealt with that disappointment, how she overcame an eating disorder that...


#173 Hayley Carruthers

Hayley Carruthers was launched into the consciousness of most running fans when she collapsed at the finish line of the 2019 London Marathon with 2:33 on the clock. While that was an indelible moment, it does not define this remarkable woman. Hayley works full-time as a cancer research radiographer while also training full-time. She is now competing with the best runners in the world, which is an amazing feat for anyone - especially someone who ran for the first time (since grade school) in...


#172 Tanya Carrier

Have you ever met one of those people who seem to have endless energy and optimism? Tanya Carrier is one of those people. She has run 39 half marathons (PR-1:32), 14 marathons (PR-3:11), teaches first grade, and is a mom and wife. We had a great conversation about how she has improved as a runner and maintained such an energetic and positive outlook. Tanya also revealed some of the struggles that she endured as a child that led her to being there for so many others. You can learn more about...


#171 Jenny Donnelly - Changing a Mindset

Often times running around on a track can serve as a metaphor for our own training. At first it may seem novel and result in fitness gains, but it can also become tiringly monotonous. Beyond that, we can also fall into a repetitive rut that finds us craving PR‘s while disengaging from the beauty of our pursuits. This is exactly what happened to Jenny Donnelly after four years of running in college and a few more working hard for new records while working 80 hour work weeks. At the prodding...


#170 Greg Macken: From 250 lbs. to sober and a 3:00 marathon

When Greg Macken began running he was close to 250 pounds. He started that run by saying to himself, “Just jog to the stop sign, once you get there you can walk.” Later that year, Greg finally made the decision to get sober and, in doing so, reversed the trajectory of his life which was headed towards “prison, a psych ward, or death.” Since then, he has completed countless road races including 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and a handful of marathons. Greg recently set a new marathon PR with a...


#169 Sarah Bishop

When runners get injured we often hear that we should cross train to maintain fitness. Sarah Bishop, an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon, took it to the extreme. After racing nearly every weekend in the fall she was sidelined with leg injuries. True to her personality, she dove into cross training with both feet. Not long after, she signed up for her first triathlon - IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3. Sarah proceeded to finish second overall and earn her pro card. In this episode we talk...


#168 Lauren Floris

Lauren Floris is an elite whose love of the sport was first sparked watching the start of the Boston Marathon every spring in her hometown of Hopkinton, MA. Lauren ran four years of Division I Cross Country & Track for Pepperdine University. During her time as a Wave, Lauren set 5 school records in the 1500m, 3000, 3000m steeplechase, 5000m, and DMR - all 5 records still stand today. Since college, Lauren has shifted her focus to the roads, but she still makes appearances on the track every...


#167 Katie Arnold

It was an honor and a privilege to speak with Katie Arnold, one of the best writers and runners in the country, for this episode. Her new book Running Home: A Memoir had an immediate and profound effect on me in many ways. An elite ultra runner, Katie is the 2018 women's champion of Leadville Trail 100 Run, where she finished 11th overall in field of more than 700 runners. She won the 2018 Jemez Mountains 50 Mile, 2014 TransRockies 3-Day Trail Run, Jemez Mountains 50K, the Mount Taylor 50K....


#166 Ron Romano

Ron Romano may be the happiest guy in running. Not only that, he’s worked hard to become one heck of a runner. He’s run 42 marathons (with a PR of 2:40) and is a veritable wealth of knowledge on all things running. After taking a nine year break from racing he roared back with abandon and is now one of the best runners in the country for his age (58). You can learn more about Ron at The Rambling Runner Podcast is presented by Mercury Mile. You can get a box of...


#165 Alys DiMercurio

When it comes to comeback stories, there aren't many better than Alys DiMercurio's. From 2011-15 Alys lived a life consumed by drug and alcohol addiction with trips to the ER, mental hospital, and jail. After all of that Alys transformed her life. Now, instead of being the patient she has focused her life on being a healer. She works as a medical assistant while studying to be a physician assistant and is also a trained EMT. She is also a newly dedicated marathoner who set a new PR of 3:45...


#164 Ramblings with Carrie Tollefson

In this episode, my friend Carrie Tollefson and I talk about some of the topics in the running community that have really drawn our attention. This is a slight departure from the normal episode that I do but I was excited to speak with Carrie given her expertise in so many areas of the sport. We touch on pressures and eating disorders that affect high school and college runners, the state of female coaching at the college and elite level, the road to the Olympic Marathon Trials, her recent...


#163 Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel

When Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel ran the 2019 Boston Marathon she competed for far more than PR or a time goal. Jordan had 26 names in her prayers, and paint on her face and legs, to bring attention to the violence that indigenous woman are facing on a daily basis. For each mile of the marathon, she said a prayer for an indigenous woman who is either missing or was murdered. Jordan was also running for Wings of America, which helps native youth to become the next generation...


#162 Lisa Etter

Special education teacher, mother of three, and consistent marathoner, Lisa Etter sets a great example for what can be accomplished in the short and long term. In this episode, Lisa talk about how and why she started going full-time into running in late-2015, successfully and unsuccessfully balancing training with the other areas of her life, setting marathon PR's from 3:52 to 3:25, and much more. You can learn more about Lisa at The Rambling Runner Podcast...