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This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.

This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.
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This is a podcast for and about dedicated amateur runners. Those of us who balance our love of running with jobs, families, friends, errands, and all of life's other responsibilities.




#100 6 Lessons Learned

100 episodes. Can you believe it? I am truly grateful for the amazing guests who have come on the show. They have imparted countless pointers and lessons and in this episode I dive into the most impactful. These six have made an impression on me and I’m excited to share them. Here’s to another 100! This episode is brought to you by Mercury Mile. You can get a box of apparel and goodies that any runner will love at and save $10 by using promo code “ramblingrunner10” at...


#99 Jenn Kistler-McCoy

Prohibited from playing sports as a kid to dreaming and training for an Olympic trials qualifying time in the marathon. Jenn Kistler-McCoy is nothing if not on fire for her goals. This amazing woman is getting faster at an amazing rate and there is plenty more where that came from. In this episode we talk about that transition, her last three years of serious racing that included remarkable improvement, and the ten years of running foundation that made it possible. In addition to kicking...


#98 Natalie Mitchell

If you are looking for proof of the power of positivity, look no further than Natalie Mitchell. This 3:11 marathoner, and mother of three, is a bright shining light. Her positity in infectious in this episode as we talk about how running became a social outlet as a child and a chance to prove herself again after her third child. We also talk about her new venture,, that provides travelers with safe running routes across the country. You can learn more about Natalie at...


#97 Jenny Hitchings

If you start running seriously age 40 what would you be capable of achieving? For Jenny Hitchings that would include winning the Mountains 2 Beach marathon, setting an American 55-59 age group records in the 5k (18:02) and the 10 mile (1:01.20), and setting a huge PR. In this episode, Jenny explains how she was able to accomplish these feats and much more. This episode is brought to you by Run4Prs. If you want to reach your running potential you can learn more at and mention...


#96 Sarah Bishop

What do you call a working mother of four who sets a string of PR’s and qualifies for the Olympic Trials in the marathon? A true inspiration. Sarah Bishop is one of my favorite people and one heck of an athlete. In this episode, we talk about her evolution as a runner, picking it back up in 2014, being a serial racer, setting audacious goals, and the joy she has found in coaching. You can learn more about Sarah at You can get more info about her coaching at...


#95 Philippa Godoy

Three years ago Philippa Godoy was beset by anxiety and panic attacks. She was advised to start exercising for the first time in her life. Three years later, this amazing woman will be running the Berlin, Chicago, and New York City marathons in three consecutive months... after running two Under Armor Mountain races this summer! In this episode, Philippa also talks about overcoming mental obstacles, dreaming big, and the NYC running community. You can follow Philippa’s running journey at...


#94 Ebony Blackwell

Ebony Blackwell has big goals for herself and her community and committed on both fronts. This former officer in the Louisiana National Guard is working to complete 50 marathons in 50 states. In addition, she works full-time at an amazing youth based non-profit called You Run NOLA that teaches the value of running and community. We also discuss goal setting, parenting, and cultivating a positive/mindful mindset. You can learn more about Ebony at and...


#93 Robert Ressl-Moyer

Robert Ressl-Moyer is one of the most amazing guests in the history of the Rambling Runner Podcast. Robert lost his younger brother to brain cancer before developing a brain tumor as well. After years of recovery Robert started running and became an elite level runner in a very short amount of time. You can learn more about this incredible man at This episode is brought to you by Run4Prs. If you want to reach your running potential you can learn learn more at...


#92 Ken Des Vignes

When was the last time you decided to make a significant change in your life? Did you stick with it? If you’re like me, that change may not have lasted more than a couple of weeks. In this episode, Ken Des Vignes talks about how, when he was facing a significant diagnosis, he successfully turned his life around by overcoming a devastating car crash and subsequent surgeries, and how he walked for eight months before transitioning to running. After losing over 100 lbs., Ken is now a rare...


#91 Matt Chittim

In this episode, I hand the mic, and hosting duties, over to my friend Laura Pierce while I switch roles and become this week’s guest. Many listeners have requested this episode and I finally relented. I had a blast talking with Laura about why and how I started the show, my running goals and failures, balancing the show with my job and parenting responsibilities, my favorites workouts and races, and so much more. As you’ll see, Laura is an excellent host. I can’t thank her enough for...


#90 Coach’s Corner with James McKirdy

In this episode of Coach’s Corner, my coach, James McKirdy, talks with me two days before a 5k I ran in July. We discuss the importance of racing during a tough training week, overcoming the mental block that has stopped me from fighting through pain in the past, and many other topics that runners of all abilities can relate to. If you want to learn more about James and McKirdy Trained you can visit This episode is brought to you by Mercury Mile. You can get a box of...


#89 Sanjay Rawal, Director & Producer - 3100: Run and Become

The most elusive, elite multi-day race in the world, the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, takes place in Queens, New York City each summer. This race is held around one square sidewalk block (0.56 miles) and requires at least 59 miles a day for 52 straight days to complete the event. In this episode, director & producer Sanjay Rawal dives into the themes that lay at the heart of this amazing documentary. The Race promises personal expansion and, indeed, participants come from around the...


#88 Heather Larson, RD, LD

If you’re like me, dialing in the proper nutrition is frustrating and challenging. What should we eat? When should we eat it? What foods should we stay away from? Heather answers all of these questions, and more. Not only that, she is also a 3:14 marathoner and mother who has learned from first hand experience. You can follow Heather at If you interested in getting a weekly meal plan and grocery list from her you can go to If you use promo...


#87 Heather Schulz

As a former scholarship runner at UCF turned 12 time sub-3:00 marathoner, Heather Schulz has gained 25 years of experience as an elite amateur runner. In this episode, Heather talks about how she chipped away at her marathon goal over a number of years, her low mileage training schedule, and why she trains more like a 5k or 10k runner. We also take a deep dive into how and why she now prioritizes a positive mindset before and during her runs. Finally, Heather talks about raising and...


#86 Jean Mike Remy

“When you want to make a change - just start. Don’t wait for a dedicated time to begin.” Jean Mike Remy looks like Mr. Universe but it wasn’t always that way. In his mid-20’s he ballooned to 265 lbs and was put on medication for high blood pressure and was on the cusp of getting type two diabetes. As Remy says in the episode, “I didn’t want to be a statistic.” That is why he made a change and turned his like around. His dedication to diet, running, biking, and strength training is remarkable...


#85 Jill Deering, co-founder of Rabbit

In three short years, Jill Deering co-founded the running apparel company Rabbit, won the Carlsbad and Mountains 2 Beach marathons, and gave birth to her son Jett. In this episode, Jill discusses all of this, and more. We also dive into overcoming barriers, mental toughness strategies, and her advice for people with entrepreneurial tendencies. You can learn more about Jill at and Rabbit at Become a supporter of this podcast:...


#84 Kaitlyn Morgan

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” - Thomas A. Edison If you think you have reached your potential then you need to listen to this episode. Kaitlyn Morgan’s running journey started five years ago when her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This shock caused her to dive head first into long distance running and she has never turned back. From running the 175 miles in seven days for MS Run the US relay (twice) to finishing 6th at the...


#83 Sam Gardner

Victim to victory. In 2005, Sam Gardner was in college and training for a half marathon. During a run while home for Thanksgiving the unthinkable happened. Sam was abducted, attacked, and raped. She was held in the woods near her home for several hours until her attacker eventually let her go. However, her story is one of hope and triumph. After years of physical, mental, and emotional recovery, Sam has transitioned from victim to victor. The moment that best represents that growth was when...


#82 Brigitte Bradford Part II

We have all had a race that was a complete disaster. But, what matters most is what you do when the inevitable happens. Brigitte Bradford experienced her disaster race at Mountains 2 Beach this spring. She expected to set a new PR. Instead, she quit the race at mile 18. In Part I of our conversation, we discussed her strong build-up to M2B, her experience grinding through a tough marathon at Boston in 2017, and the mental approach that failed her in 2018. This episode is part II of our...


#81 Brigitte Bradford Part I

“I’m not crying. You’re crying! Five weeks after a DNF at Mountains 2 Beach, I had the race of my dreams this morning! What changed? I focused on having fun. Turns out that positivity really is the best performance enhancer.” - Brigitte Bradford We’ve all been there. We have all had a race that was complete disaster. The question isn’t if we will have one, but, what will we do once it occurs. Brigitte experienced her disaster race at Mountains 2 Beach this spring. She expected to set a new...