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TRP 33 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Just Say No

Just Say No. In this power edition episode of The Re-Ignite Podcast, I explore the power of saying no. You should always follow your instinct and go all out for opportunities that lie within your genius. However, saying yes to everything can cause you to pursue things not in alignment with your real desire. This what I refer to as the Shiny Object Syndrome. Protect your ”YES” by being discipline to your goals and developing the art form of just saying no. I am often asked what the...


TRP 32 | Scotty King and Leslie Medley | American Wanderlove

American Wanderlove Scotty King and Leslie Medley are The American Adventure Couple who are Ambassadors for Living the Adventures of Life℠. Together, they are the creators of American Wanderlove. They facilitate International Adventure Retreats around the world playing the role as your Adventure Guide, Mentor & Coach. Their mission is to influence millions of people all over the globe to live from a space of adventure, every single day, experiencing a life filled with love, passion,...


TRP 31 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Dream Killers

Dream Killers They are out there, and they’re deadly. Once you develop a passion. Once you’ve set your sights on your dreams and begin to pursue them, the killer strikes. These killers are not hiding down some dark alley. They are not lurking behind a tree in the park or knocking down the door of your home. In fact, it is quite the opposite. On more occasions than once you’ve probably invited these dream killers over for dinner. And is sad to say that they are probably your friends and...


TRP 30 | Manny Patrick Vargas | A Desire to Inspire

This episode features Manny Patrick Vargas. Manny is an author, speaker, coach, host, and former restaurant owner. In November of 2015, Manny hit a transformational turning point and decided to embark on a path of self-discovery to understand how he could best impact those around him. Asking questions was integral on his path to bringing more awareness of self and of others into his life. Manny has since authored his first book, "loss VEGAS- The Art of Finding Joy in Sin City.” Manny...


TRP 29 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Live with Gratitude

Live with Gratitude. Let me ask you a question? Is your problem your problem or is it your attitude towards your problem that is your problem? If you can adjust your attitude towards your problems on a daily basis, you can start to enjoy your life. How you do this is living from a position of gratitude. Living from gratitude means that you have to stop telling yourself what you can’t do and be grateful for the things you can do. Quit telling yourself it’s too hard or you’ve had too...


TRP 28 | Jean Ginzburg | An Entrepreneur's Journey

An Entrepreneur’s Journey with digital marketing expert, Jean Ginzburg. Many of you are looking to RE-IGNITE your life through entrepreneurship. Well, Jean has lived that life and is here today to share her journey on how she has navigated the process and built two successful companies,, a digital marketing education company and Ginball Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency. On this episode we discuss: More about Jean Jean Ginzburg is a #1 best-selling author,...


TRP 27 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Happiness

Happiness. We need to find a way to raise our level of happiness to the now, to this very moment. You see society has taken happiness and move it behind achievement. This has created a world where we are taught that if we work harder then we will achieve, and when we achieve THEN we will be happy. I am here to tell you that this is not how the brain works. When we follow what society has told us, that if I am more successful, then I will be happy, it creates the ultimate mental...


TRP 26 | Darin Steen | The FASTer Diet (Part 2)

The FASTer Diet with Darin Steen (Part 2) Part 1 could not contain all the knowledge Darin Steen captured in his new book, so we brought Darin back for The FASTer Diet Part 2. In part 2 of this episode, Darin takes us deep into the super hack of what it means to be Off the Grid, an integral component of The FASTer Diet; How to Fuel Your Body and Life. In this episode we’ll discuss: sleep Darin’s principles on fitness, nutrition, and just plain life are so in line with the RE-IGNITE...


TRP 25 | Darin Steen | The FASTer Diet Part 1

The FASTer Diet with Darin Steen (Part 1) In this episode, we have Darin Steen back with us to drop some serious knowledge contained in his new book, The FASTer Diet; How to Fuel Your Body and Life. Darin is going to share his favorite productivity hacks, including: Darin’s principles on fitness, nutrition, and just everyday life are so in line with the RE-IGNITE lifestyle that we carried the conversation on for too long and had to record the second part to this podcast. Today we are...


TRP 24 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Principle #3 Unbeatable Mindset

Unbeatable Mindset. Well, here we are, Re-Ignite Principle #3, develop an unbeatable mindset. To be honest, developing an unbeatable mindset is more of a target than a principle. If you go back to the origin of man, the movers and shakers, the great philosopher and scientist, the generals and the leaders of empires. All those who have achieved had many attributes, such as: All of these attributes can be bottled as individuals who had great clarity in who there were and acted with the...


TRP 23 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Principle #2 Better Sleep

Better Sleep. In this episode, I share the what, why, and how’s of sleep. This my friends are the secret sauce to living a re-ignited lifestyle. Make it your priority! When did sleep become a bad word? In college, after pulling an all-nighter, we wore it like a badge of honor. Doctors go through a grueling process of working long hours during their internship. Sorry, I want my doctor to be well rested and on his A-game! Focusing on maximizing not only my sleep quality but also my sleep...


TRP 22 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Principle #1 Less Stress

Less Stress. The podcast and the book of the same name, RE-IGNITE is based on the three principles that will set the foundation for everything you do in life. These principles are: In the episode, we’ll focus on Less Stress. Stress reduction is a critical foundational element that will support whatever we desire to do, now and in the future. Since these three Re-Ignite foundational principles are interconnected you can’t discuss one without referencing the others. So there will be...


TRP 21 | Tyler Harper | Millennials Re-Ignited

Millennials Re-Ignited As baby boomers exit the workforce and Gen-Xers take the helm of leadership, Millennials now make up the most significant segment of up and comers. Today we have Tyler Harper on the show. Tyler is a career coach at his company The Millennial Mentor. The Millennial Mentor is a one-stop shop with all the resources on how to kickstart your career. The Millennial Mentor teaches everything on how to develop the right mindset, cultivate the confidence, effectively...


TRP 20 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Master Your Good Habits

Master your habits. Your goals or outcomes are nothing more than compounded habits. There are things we know that if we can stop doing we will improve our lives. Break the habits that are not making you a better version of yourself. For things to change you have to change. For things to get better you have to get better. Then, all your results will improve around you! You are responsible for your life. Don’t sit around and expect someone to rush in and save you. Only you have the power...


TRP | Darin Steen | Fat Loss Lifestyle

We have three core principles for re-igniting; first, we have to slay the stress monster. Second, we have to learn how to sleep like a kid again and third; we have to develop an unbeatable mindset. Less Stress. Better Sleep. Unbeatable Mindset is the Re-Ignite way. This isn’t possible without establishing healthy exercise and nutrition habits. On this episode of The Re-Ignite Podcast, we are going to generate some heat as Darin Steen brings his incredible energy and passion to the...


TRP 18 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | Do Your Job

Do your job. It’s not just a cool motivational statement used in sports to focus highly skilled athletes on performing in stressful situations; this applies to all of us seeking to achieve. When we are on our journey, we need to focus on what it will take to reach your dreams and not focus in on what others are doing. Did you know that a person living today absorbs as much information in a single day than a person living 100 years ago ingested in an entire year! What this means is that...


TRP 17 | Savoi Ragsdale | Absolute Best

This episode features Savoi Ragsdale, an award-winning author, and motivational speaker. Today she brings her dynamic personality and passion for life to The Re-Ignite Podcast and previews her upcoming book, ABSOLUTE BEST. She shares how you can master your mindset to be the best you can be and be that person that is in alignment with your greater you. Specifically, she shares; “Life is about choices. To not choose is also a choice.” ~ Savoi Ragsdale Is your life just...


TRP 16 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | The Magic of Sleep

Welcome to this episode of The Re-Ignite Podcast, Power Edition, which are short chapters designed to re-ignite your life and encourage actionable recommendations to start living life with purpose and passion. Today’s episode is a recording of a live event where I discussed the magic of sleep. The setting of this live event was a breakfast speech where I spoke to a mastermind of business leaders focused on building their relationship with their partners. I talked in a short, TED-style...


TRP 15 | Kirsten Bloomquist | Feeling Powerful

In this episode, Kirsten Bloomquist will share with you the Re-Igniting power of Hypnosis and how you can take back your personal power. Kirsten will share: mediationintention Tough times in her life lead Kirsten to seek alternative ways of finding peace, happiness, and purpose. She came to believe in the power of the mind and tapping into your power within. Her work has been noted by various health professionals, including oncologists. Kirsten has spent over five years helping people...


TRP 14 | Re-Ignite Power Edition | All In

You have to be all in when it comes to pursuing your dreams and goals. There is no middle ground when it comes to achievement. There are no deep secrets that only a few select individuals possess. The process remarkably simple, but the execution requires you to be all in on your aspirations. Set your intentions and then get the necessary leverage on yourself that you become unstoppable. No excuses. Set the direction, cut off all paths of retreat, and witness the magic unfold. I hope to...