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Remarkable stories of the extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances people had to face, how they overcame them, and how you can too!

Remarkable stories of the extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances people had to face, how they overcame them, and how you can too!
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Remarkable stories of the extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances people had to face, how they overcame them, and how you can too!






#12 Jill Johnson | Facing the Loss of Loved Ones & Living with Joy Daily

Watching a loved one suffer and not being able to do anything about it is one of the most painful, frustrating, and exhausting things a person can go through. Imagine watching your spouse deteriorate, die, and then be told your son (maybe both of them) has the same terminal condition and you will outlive him as a parent. Welcome to the Jill Johnson story! Find out how Jill maintains peace, love, and joy in her life despite circumstances- and how you can too! GUEST BIO: Dr. Jill Anderson...


#11 Steve Wilmer | Making Strong Decisions & Not Weak Excuses

This episode is packed with life changing truths, motivation to get you off your behind, and the "No Excuses" mindset you need to change your life. Listen to Steve's remarkable journey from lost to found, frustrated to fun, and poor to rich. How a welfare kid from the projects did it, and you can too! GUEST BIO: Steve Wilmer grew up in the projects of Pensacola, Florida. Upon his graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After 8 years of honorable service, he returned home...


#10 Captain Kevin Miller | Creating a Culture of Excellence: Personal Accountability, Living with Purpose, & Writing Novels

In this episode, retired US Navy fighter pilot Captain Kevin Miller shares with us some of his intense naval aviation experiences, hard lessons he's learned, and how a mindset of personal accountability and a culture of excellence will help us all succeed in life. GUEST BIO: Captain Kevin Miller, a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, is a former tactical naval aviator and flew the A-7E Corsair II and FA-18 Hornet operationally. He commanded a carrier-based strike-fighter squadron, and,...


#9 Jake Jackson | Dealing with Depression: Tips on balancing a new family, startup business, and yourself

In this episode, our friend from Australia, Jake Jackson shares his life long struggle with depression, what exacerbated the issue in his adult life, how he learned to deal with it while balancing family and growing a successful international business, and how you can too! GUEST BIO: Jake Jackson is a business owner, software developer, father, husband, volunteer fire fighter, dog lover, and amateur musician (he calls it Saxophoning but his partner says he's just tooting his own...


#8 Guy Kawasaki | Christmas Special: On business, politics, wife 1.0, adoption, surfing, podcasting, and more!

So what happens when the international business mogul and "brand evangelist" pioneer Guy Kawasaki sits down with Dave Pasqualone for the 2019 Remarkable People Podcast Christmas special? Guy tells us about the valuable life lessons he's experienced, balancing work and family, business tips that help him succeed, his greatest weaknesses, surfing, Steve Jobs, wife 1.0, unicorns, adoption, and more! Learn how Guy Kawasaki thinks, the philosophies he lives by to achieve success, and how you can...


#7 Dominic Tascarella | Overcoming Addiction, True Love, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

From growing up a missionary kid, to a growing drug addiction that quickly escalated from recreational “fun” to a life threatening problem (cocaine, methadone, and more), listen to Dominic’s remarkable story of addiction recovery, his restored relationship with God, finding true love, and how he went from living paycheck to paycheck to fully retired in his 30’s from digital currency trading (Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies)- and how you can too! Check it out here on The Remarkable People...


Remarkable People Podcast #6 - Chad Williams

Did you hear the one about the skateboarding teen who was sponsored by Vans, went off the wall, and feeling the grind of life was throwing it all away partying? You know, the one where he was wasting all his talents, had this crazy idea to become a US Navy SEAL, personally trained with the Scott Helvenston, and then actually made it? Well, if you missed that one and want to hear powerful life lessons (and a whole lot more) from an elite of the elite, check it out it here on The Remarkable...


Remarkable People Podcast #5 - April Tribe Giauque

Did you hear the one about the woman who married her dream man and then her life turned into a nightmare of domestic abuse, multiple personalities, and terror? You know, the one where she had to form a plan to escape, live in hiding for years, and raise her 5 children as a single mother; three of which had autism. And that's not even half the story. Well if you missed that one, catch it here on The Remarkable People Podcast Episode 5: The April Tribe Giauque story! GUEST BIO: April T...


Remarkable People Podcast #4 - Gene M. Valentino

Did you hear the one about the teenage boy who gave up his scholarship to Syracuse to stay home and help raise his siblings, then later funded his way through college by acting in national TV commercials, and then after graduation sold insurance to the rougher areas of town where the other agents didn't want to go? You know, the one where he then used those life skills to build multiple, multi-million dollar companies, learned to fly, produced award-winning Hollywood movies, and served in...


#3 James Sisco | Perseverance & Hard Work: From Wheelchair to World Kickboxing Champ

Did you hear about the boy who was given to the wrong family at birth, raised in a severely dysfunctional environment, had to dance on the street for food, but eventually made his way to the NFL where he broke his back and was told he would never walk again? Oh yeah, and then he not only learned to walk again, but became a hall of fame Kickboxing champion, actor, stuntman, and motivational coach? Well if you missed that one, catch it here on The Remarkable People Podcast Episode 3: The James...


#2 Tabitha Christopher | Anger, Illness, Forgiveness & Healing after Abuse

Did you hear the story about the girl who grew up in an abusive environment, carried so much anger and pain in life that her heart almost exploded at age 21, but she learned to forgive, heal, and is now showing people how? Well if you missed that one, catch it here on The Remarkable People Podcast Episode 2: The Tabitha Christopher story! GUEST BIO: Tabitha Christopher is a published author, motivational speaker, storyteller and health coach with 17 years experience in building lifestyle...


#1 Show Overview | What to Expect: The Beginning & The Why

The "Who" "What" "When" "Where" "Why" and "How" of the Remarkable People Podcast. Season 1. Episode 1- The Beginning.The Why. ***** ENJOYING THE PODCAST? :) Please consider leaving us a short review on Apple Podcasts and your other favorite podcast directories. It only takes seconds and really makes a powerful difference in us booking well-known guests for you to learn from and enjoy. LOOKING FOR SHOW NOTES, PAST GUESTS, AND TRANSCRIPTS? Please visit INTERESTED...